"Now, now everyone... let's not jump into conclusions, or it'll get messy." The prince gulped and turned towards the Queen. "Now dear, we wouldn't want mess in our home, right?"

"Well. What is SHE doing in here then?" She pointed her slim fingers at Fionna. "She came here so fast, this cannot be a coincidence!"

"It's merely a..." He thought fast. But even despite the fact that he was skilled with words most of the time, he had problems with getting out of this one. Eventually, he came up with an excuse. Vague one at best. "...merely a preparation, yes! I, of course having your best interests in mind, decided to... um. Practice a bit! Obviously."

"That sounds a bit weird to me... hardly believable." She was somewhat confused. Still, the cogs began their work in her little, insane mind. And the more she thought about it, the more possible it seemed to her. "That's not a trick?"

"Of course not!" He smooched the air. "Like I said, it's merely a preparation for... um... for us obviously! So we can further deliver on our... enjoyment honey. Yes!"

"I'm still not so sure about this." She pondered again. The word honey caught her off guard however, and the prince noticed that almost instantly.

"So, my precious icicle, my dearest, deepest freeze? My shining axis?"

"Oh you..." The Queen giggled. It would seem that her insanity ran deep within her mind, as that was enough for her to just roll with it. "So you just used that tomboy, for me? Oh, delightful!" Her eyes narrowed a bit right after that. "However ask me next time, alright? I really, REALLY don't like to share."

"Obviously... so... how about you just leave us for a while longer and... I don't know... grab your camera so we can, you know..."

"Oh, oh, you have the best ideas! On it!"

She quickly disappeared in yet another room, leaving them alone. The vampire gazed at the two, and if the very sight could kill, his would probably tear them apart. Or at least one of them.

"So, you're trying to weasel out of it all, huh prince?" Marshall shook his head. "Shame I'm not as gullible as her. And you Fionna, that was rather, hm, disappointing."

"Dude, sorry, I..."

"Now, now." The prince coughed as he interrupted them both. "I believe it's more between the two of us at this point, isn't it?"

"Is it?" The vampire gazed at him in disgust. "You could at least pull up your pants when spoken to, my poor eyes..."

"What? Feeling distracted?" The pink one smirked. "Or do you simply feel ashamed for some reason, hm? Tongue-tied perhaps? Now, now Marshall, tell us." His teeth glittered. "We're here for you."

"Just stop with the now-now's, they're getting on my nerves!"

"Oh, on your nerves? Then it must be sooo important." Gumball rolled his eyes. "Everything fixated upon you, yes, obviously. It should by that way, why any other, right?"

"Aw, the prince is feeling cocky?" He stopped right there. "Not remotely what I... ugh, you know what I mean!"

"And even if, what about it sunshine? Think the word centers around you?" He made a step forward. The vampire was even more disturbed by his presence, the closer he got to him. "Think that you're dark, bad to the bone, and that gives you all the rights, huh?"

"It gives me rights for her, that's for sure! I claimed her firstly, and you have nothing to do with it, brocade fairy!"

"Oh, it's claiming you're after now? That's so like you... But now, now..."

"Stop it already!" He shouted, as his voice echoed through the ice chambers. "You annoy me greatly."

"Am I? I wouldn't dream about anything else, my dear, dear bad boy. To annoy you..." He gasped in awe. "It's like my dream number... well, no, that's pretty low on my entertainment list. Still, every little bit makes me happy!"

"You're quite arrogant for someone who's always picked up as a second choice. Second quality entertainment it would seem. Pheh, a second hand candy!" He poked himself in the chest. "That's why she prefers me."

"Prefers you? Oh, I would beg to differ." He nonchalantly waved his hand. "When she always simply has enough of you, she runs to me. And how many time will she have to do that, before she'll gets tired and stay around? Oh, you doubt that will happen? It will, there's not a single being quite like me I assure you. Second hand? I'm royalty. You may be the king that rotted and decayed for a thousand years, but this one here." He tapped on his chest. " This one is vigorous and quite willing."

"And you dare to say that I'm full of myself."

"Oh, the difference between you and me, is that you quite are. I'm just, as they say, certain of my capabilities." His voice resembled a sweet, victorious melody. "And being certain is not a crime. Being able isn't as well. Just as being better then you. Oh, that should simply add to the score!"

At first, Fionna felt kind of guilty. It was somewhat her fault that the feud between the two ignited. She could simply snatch the prince from here and be on her way further on. But the more she listened to their arguments, the more she heard what actually they had to say, the more mad she got. And as the anger grew within her, she finally snapped and came right in between them.

"You!" She slapped the vampire across the face. He did not expected that, that's for sure. "Shame you cannot look at yourself in the mirror. You'd love that, don't you? You, claimed me?" She rolled her eyes. "But hey, at least you're honest. Bad? Yep. Annoying? Yep! Full of yourself? Well that shouldn't be a surprise as well for you! A prick? Oh, maybe the greatest of them all. But at least you're honest!"

He rubbed his cheek, which now had her palm squeezed right at it. And as Gumball started to chuckle around, she quickly turned to him, as apparently Marshall wasn't the only one with whom she wanted to 'talk'.

"And you!" Fionna did the same, as her hand landed right on his pink face. "Well, surly he's different from you. He isn't prince charming, no, that would be you and only you. But my Glob, the way you sleaze through everything, the way you use your words to get what you want. You know what, I prefer him to use his tongue! At least there's some good out of it! Dude, grow some backbone, like, seriously!"

Both of them seemed to be quite confused, as Fionna gathered her stuff and was about to leave through the hole in the wall made not so long ago.

"Come Marshall, if prince can fend for himself, let's leave it at that." She shrugged. "If he'll decide to come, he's free to do just that."


"That wasn't a question or proposition Marshall. So come on. I had enough of this ice cage."

"Fine, fine, sheesh!"

She quickly left the place and Marshall came right after her. He simply could not pass on this very last occasion to flip out his tongue right in front of the prince. After that, feeling quite satisfied, he rushed after her, leaving him alone.

"You little..." Gumball sighted. "I need a drink."


The girls stood right outside this little ice domain, hidden perfectly from the sight of others. They were quite curious about the outcome and when it finally occurred, one of them was rather happy. The other just shook her head, quite displeased by this notion.

"Well, that went in all the weird and wrong directions..." The princess sighted. "It had such great premises! Such potential!"

"Had is the key word here. The point however is that I won. You see? I told you that will happen." Marceline flicked her on the forehead. "You cannot calculate all the things!"

"Yeah, yeah..." She took one single note on her little note pad, then scribbled some more annotations around it. "All the preparations, statistics, meh. Seems that this other me is quite incompetent."

"If your wild card was to simply get her drunk, then ya know." The vampire smirked. "You did poorly and you should admit it."

"Hey, it was called a wild card for a reason, dumdum." She shrugged. "Still, what now?"

"Now... Oh I guess we can go on our merry way or..." She smiled mysteriously. "We can linger a bit more, see what happens and then go off. In more than one way. What say you? See the point in it?"

"I always see a point in... experiencing new things."

"Well. I noticed you take quite the look at his pink point alright."

"Laugh it up."

Marceline did just that, as she rushed, chasing down the two. Bubblegum hardly had anything to say in the matter, therefore she followed her, leaving the final note on her notepad, before crushing it and throwing away...

...They moved through the forest swiftly once again, as the trees hummed their songs in the wind. This time their mood was a bit more sore however, as they hardly talked to one another. As usual, it was Marshall who decided to break the silence with his more or less appropriate comments.

"So... prince charming had his ways with you after all, huh?" The vampire smirked. "The important question however is - better or worse then me?" He was hardly subtle, as he tried to measure the length by his fingers in comprehension. "Huh? Would 'love' to hear that from you."

"You always need to be like that?"

"At times. Mostly when it's fun to me. And that's like all the time." He shrugged. "Besides, it was you who acted bad this time around, you know?"

"Did I now? Oh so now I am the bad one, if I just happened to have a bit of fun?"

"Alright, alright, sheesh, I won't ask anymore..."

"But." She bit her lip. "I still like you."

"You do?"


"Care to at least reward me after all that then?" He tried to sound sad, still, he almost burst into laughter. "All this mental trauma."

"I dunno. You said a lot of things. You really think you even deserve a reward?"

"Well..." He pondered and chuckled. "A guy like me? Obviously, always!"

"You do?" She smirked ironically. "It's like a weird dream, all in all!" Fionna sighted. "May as well roll with it, huh?"

Out of nowhere, the girl pinned him down to the nearest tree. She did it so hard, that it almost shook by the impact. At this point however, she hardly cared about subtleties and seeing as no one was around, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Then, she began to smooch his skin, touching it and venturing with her tiny fingers all around it's smooth surface. But that simple feeling could not satisfy her today. No, time for being patient and thoughtful passed long time ago. Obviously, his acts previously could not remain unpunished. Each time he even attempted to touch her little, hot frame, she smacked him on the hands. And as she did that, almost instantly he tried to do that again, which only made her smile. And more excited. So much in fact, that she began to hum a simple song.

"There's a bird by the tree, there's a bird by the tree, why oh why, why oh why, would you hide him from me?"

She caught him by the pelvis, straying around there for a while. Fionna seemed to be quite impressed how nicely shaped his body is. Yes, she knew that all too well by this point, as he saw it from numerous angles. That hardly stopped her from being amazed by it however, much to his content. Eventually, she put her fingers on his belt.

"Will the wolf howl?" She began to mock him. "Come on, show me how happy you are to see me." The girl chuckled. "Or should I make more obvious puns to get you there, huh?"

She began to kiss him on his belly, kneeling a bit, still holding on to his pants. And just as her tongue ventured a bit below his bellybutton, with a single, fast swipe his bottom clothes went down...

...As the prince stood alone by the ice table, he looked closely at his reflection. He pondered, as everything seemed to be right at it's place. Who could resist him just like that, now that was a puzzle worth to unravel. Needless to say, he was quite annoyed with the whole notion,and most importantly, quite displeased with the vampire. But at least there was some company around, the one which he hardly expected to enjoy at first.

"I'm back!" The Queen shouted and as she looked around, she felt quite confused. "Oh, where are the guests? They're gone already? Wanted to do a group photo..." Her eyes widened. "Or were they even here to begin with..."

Before she could even finish this sentence, pink hand grabbed her by the wrist and pulled closer to his naked frame. As he looked her in the eyes, she blushed for the first time during their encounter, as that wasn't quite the thing she would expect.

"You will do." He breathed heavily as his grip tightened. "No. You will be more than enough."

He said simply and nonchalantly, if a bit crudely, and without further hesitation he kissed her right on her cold, chilling lips. As their tongues mangled, she felt the sweetest of tastes once again. But even the Queen, despite not being the sharpest of tools, found it weird for the prince to just accept his fate like that. With every second their mouths were connected together however, the doubts slowly melted away. And as they stopped, simply to catch breath, as the steam appeared right around his bright pink face, she just gasped, both in awe and shock.

"Prince?" She asked, quite amused that finally someone gave her the admiration she carved for. "I don't recognize you! And that's a good thing! I think..." She flashed the camera right before his eyes. "Ha, caught on the act, ah-ha hah!"

"Well." He said as he picked her up by her behind. "Today I'm kidnapping you."

He dragged her all the way to the bedroom, where he delicately lied her on the ice bed. His later doings could hardly be described as delicate however...

...The two just looked at the vampire and the girl having their share of fun. Marceline constantly chuckled like a little child that caught someone on the act. Bubblegum was still hardly enjoying the notion that she lost, and seeing as her companion laughs and giggles reminded her about that constantly. The princess always was the ambitious sort however, so if she was meant to take the second place in this competition, she figured that at least she wants to do it with style. She caught her lover by the shoulders and quickly pinned right onto the ground, as the leaves simply flew around them The little vampire did not oppose and still laughed, as the pink one progressed to undress her, tossing the clothes everywhere, just to get to her consolation prize.

"Someone is feeling amorous I see?" She giggled straight in her face. "It's because you saw the other me out there? And you desired the little me right here?"

Bubblegum wasn't in mood for much talk however, as she pressed her body hard to the pale girl's frame. She knew a thing or two about hand to hand combat. And this was it's best variant...

…Fionna raised her head up, happily inspecting the effects of her work and her affection. And this time it was Marshall who tried to catch his breath, remaining speechless with his hand over her head. She knew she did her job nicely. No, not nicely. Exceptionally well.

"What, no foolish remarks, aw, it's almost not like you. But I don't want to dibble just yet you know, so..."

Before she could even finish, he threw himself on her. As much as she wanted to mock him a little more, she was unable to as the aspect of ferocity began his work. His tendons trembled, his veins pumped, his claws driven into the very soil. But even that could not contain him, as he began to unleash his potency over her small little frame. She was hardly a defenseless sort however, as she began to slap him from time to time where she saw fit. Her hits were quick and decisive, almost like those of a beast handler, taming his wild animal...

...It was like conquering a glacier and Gumball enjoyed claiming things for himself no doubt. She couldn't recognize him. Always shying away, always escaping her grasp, it was now it was he who initiated the movement of the floes. And what a movement it was, it could shake the very foundations of an ice berg, not to speak about her slim, perfectly shaped figurine. Her fingernails, like ice cycles ran through his body, through his chest, leaving marks all around his pink being. He didn't cared at this point. Why should he? He was both aroused and mad, and the latter gave him strength to be dominant. 'Grow a backbone, pheh!' he thought to himself. 'I will show you backbone, and more, I am more then capable of shattering the ices!' His movements grew more and more rapid, like friction of ice. And despite the cold, he simply haven't had enough. For the first time in a while, the Queen was speechless as well, apparently enjoying herself greatly. Isn't that what she strove for all this time? Admiration of her deal Gumball? And now he did more than just admiring her. He had his way with her and it was far more joyful than the winter sleet. He was no mere black ice, that she could tell for a fact as her eyes began to white-out...

...And they swirled, like two snakes of a different color, tangling around. Sweet and spice, as their melodious moans echoed through the forest. No one could hear them however, as no one really cared at this point about anything but himself. So who were they to make it otherwise? As Marceline's teeth drove into her lover's gummy skin, as her hair tangled around her naked, dulcet body, as they both sang the songs made of gasps and tweets, at times they reminded themselves off their counterparts and Fionna. And that only made them more aroused. Was it bad to put things in motion? They hardly cared, as long as the motion itself was pleasant. Was it bad to push someone into things he would normally hesitated about? Well, if someone hesitated about it in the first place, maybe that's what he needed. And as Bubblegum stroked her partner's spine, bone after bone, smudging her pink fingers around, the vampire had different goals, different ideas, and with her tongue and teeth, she planed to put those into motion...

...Marshall moved like a beast, with his hands on her hips. His tongue, much like she predicted, was an useful contraption. It twitched, it raveled, it tangled, and when unleashed on her warm, hot skin, it made wonders, unspeakable wonders. Neck, shoulders, bosoms, thighs, she didn't mind, she did not care. She simply hungered for it all. Where? It hardly mattered. On the grass, by the tree, by the bubbling river, under the sky or in the shadows. Everywhere was fine, just with him, just underneath him, underneath his thick body, underneath those arms, underneath that chest. With her legs around him, with her hands embracing him, with his scent near enough to feel it, with his scent near enough to taste it. With his eyes fixated on her and only on her, with his eyes wanting more, with his eyes fully ignited just for her. What was she thinking? Someone else than him? Someone else than this ferocious beast? Someone else attempting to tame her? No, that simply could not happen. He was all hers and that was the thing that mattered. That, and his body, mixed with the scent of the soil, with the refreshing dew. That drove her insane previously. It drove her insane now as well. She once again found herself drooling, while he, he was the wild element her eyes tried to fixate on...

...Her blue body bend to his will, as he reached for the hills. And those were no knolls. His sweet tongue sometimes paid a visit her lips, only to lean closer towards the other parts that amazed him greatly. Was that because the thoughts in his head, or was it the long hidden desire? He could hardly tell, as his mind seek only one, certain thing within her. Pleasure. And that, she delivered in greater amounts. Who would have thought, that they would fit so perfectly. Maybe it was all that it took, a more mature company, completely dependent on him. Completely devoted to him. Yes, complete devotion, that was the thing turning him on. And as he thrust, as he bend her to his will, as her body for the first time in a long while felt warmth both from the inside and outside, he decided that it would be only natural to expand his horizons, way beyond this chilling sea. And as he flicked her around, as the motion started again from the different angle, as he could lean from time to time to cover her spine with his sweet influence, that very dominant notion pleased him greatly. That, and the firm glaze before him...

…The girls still had their ways with one another, but seeing as Marceline enjoyed to be the one dictating the notion of the play, she quickly found herself on top, just to pin the princess to the ground and apparently, to whisper numerous things right into her ear.

"So, you're mad that you've lost?" She breathed heavily. "Oh you're such a sore, sore looser Bonnie." The vampire nibbled on her ear a little. "So imagine now." She said, much aroused. "I want you to use your little, pink head you enjoy using most of the time..." She blew a kiss on her neck. "And just think about those things, alright?" The grip on Bubblegum's hands tightened. "So let me begin now. Imagine, that right now, right behind this green wall, not far from us. He is having his ways with her. But no, not just 'like that.' No..." Marceline shook her head. "Imagine as he dominates her. Imagine as she warbles right after that. Imagine as his incentive body slips in. Imagine as she feels every bit of it. Every slightest inch. Imagine what she must feel with his every move. Imagine how intense it must be. That pulsing, thick..." The vampire chuckled. "Oh, I'm not subtle enough for you?" She playfully winked. "I can be even less. Imagine the melodies she played the sweetest of melodies on the spiciest of flutes. Imagine as now, she can play not only with her lustful lips, but with her thighs as well. They're like fire. Her whole body is that way. Just to be bend by him, just to be used by him, just to feel the thrill. Now that's a feature you won't see everyday, huh? No doubt she'll come for more after that. And he will deliver. Oh he will. Unlike some, hah!"

She began to laugh but her chuckling ended almost instantly, as the princess fingers reached the spot. Usually words occupied her quite well. Not this time however…

…And despite that, despite each hit on his masculine body, despite each playful poke and jab, he was beyond stopping. He was like an engine without the idea to hold. And she expected nothing less from him. So what could the girl do, if not just give in completely. Marshall was the king after all, what would that make her? His royal dish? That very notion made her giggle. No, of course not, she was far more than that. It was also this very notion that made her drive her fingernails into his back so hard that he almost began to bleed.

"You play rough today babe." He gasped in between his momentum. "But I can be rough as well."

"Wouldn't accept anything else from you."

"Wouldn't give anything else to you babe."

"Then do it, don't talk." She smirked. "Unless talk is all you do nowadays." She pulled his head closer. "Come on dude, step it up." The girl whispered. "I'm quite defenseless now. I thought that someone like you would make a full advantage of that..."

Words are just words most of the time. Those however only increased the prurience. Frame to frame, skin to skin, waist to waist. He was like a waterfall, like a force of nature, unleashed upon the girl. And after her words, he couldn't even contain himself. In his wild mind only two notions occurred, the crave for pleasure, and the thrill of something new. So just like that, he stood up. The girl was quite confused by this notion, so she almost instantly followed him in his steps.

"Standing right in the middle of..." She inspected him closely, especially around his hips. "...stand up like that?" Fionna chuckled. "Attention!"

"Very funny. I've been thinking however..."

"...That's something new. Usually other things act before that."

"You know what, I shouldn't even bother asking. You like to have an animal, let's act like animals."

Without further questions he bent her, to his will obviously. And he began to act fast, seeing this as a new possibility. The very notion of his presence slipping in, into her mind of course, gave her all the new thrills. The only downside was that she was no longer able to see him. But that wasn't all that necessary, as she felt his every move, as every leaning bite on her neck gave her chills and finally, as his hands ventured to places where he rarely visited. And that alone gave her much thrills. Besides, she could figure out easily how he looked like now, tense and focused. And in the end, the wolf howled after all...

...The draft thinned, as their frames pressed on. The calve was close to the hinge zone however. And as it snowed on the glacial axis, as the they both seen their auroras, dancing playfully before their eyes, so bright, so colorful, as they lied a top of each other on the arid ice, they became somewhat fond to one another. And despite her cold nature, despite the ice walls and their smooth glazes, there was much heat in the fjords that day. But there was still much to see in the ice. He may be in a beset made out of glaciation. But there was still a lot to conquer. There was still an avalanche to kindle for the prince...

...And thus it was their last swirl and their last notion. As the leaves flew around them in this motion, as they tweeted silently, eventually the two colorful butterflies laid low to have their little rest. From time to time, they gazed from their little hideout, just to see how their precious lovebirds are doing, still tangled together is doing in their ravels. Pretty good, considering all the odds. And thus, without further words, they ended their plays, achieving precisely what they wanted. Each of the instruments played his role, each of them played it's tunes. It was time for them to renew their recital and then perhaps, someone will gasp for encore.


Prismo sat down, quite occupied with doing absolutely nothing. He kind off liked those peaceful moments, as he was the loner type most of the time. The only company he enjoyed was hardly ever around, as the owl had it's own doings and the dog had a family to take care. When he sometimes thought about it, it was kind off sad really. Then again, he had his pickles. Preparing them and making them taste so fabulous was not a joking matter. And just as this share notion warmed his thoughts, the two girls jumped right into his room.

"Oh. You two are back." He rolled his eyes. "Took you a while."


They both stated happily. Their clothes were quite ruffled and they could barely catch a breath. The vampire even had some grass still stuck around her hair. Still, the master of the multiverse with all his might and power, was hardly sharp in terms of interpersonal relations, so to catch what they did exactly was beyond his comprehension.

"So, like, I hope you two didn't do anything nasty, n-n-nasty?"

"Nope." Said Marceline, leaning towards the princess

"Not at all." Bubblegum said, smirking to her companion.

"Because you do realize that screwing up with things in other words can be dangerous?"

"Of course!" Bubblegum stated surly. "I know much about science, and other dimensions, and I would never ever do such foolish things!"

"I think he knows more then you do on this one Bonnie."


"I don't know." She shrugged and giggled. "I stopped listening after he said screwing."

"Mature as always."

Prismo just looked at them. Females always confused him for some reason. Perhaps that's why it was so hard for him to get in any kind of stable relationship. And looking at those two, he hardly wanted to change that state.

"So, what was your goal and purpose anyways?" He scratched his two dimensional chin. "Like, what shazz you were doing out there?"

"Not much. We needed to check some things..."

"...Important things, you know, things that make us think about life choices..."

"...Specially life choices of others."

"Right. Life choices. That's quite the jazz. And the conclusions you made? Those are always interesting to hear."

"Well... We'd like to keep those for ourselves..."

"...If you don't mind."

"Well. Being honest, asking just to be polite. Gonna re-watch what you did either way." He sighted and seemed pretty bored by the very notion. "Job is a job. And it needs to be done, sadly. Who ever made up those rules was stupid." He shook his two dimensional head. "So. I know I'll regret it, but, want to stick around? I have pickles and crackers, we can, like, have a wonderful evening. I even have a jacuzzi here."

"Oh, you're gonna watch..."

"...We're quite in the hurry actually."

"No offense, you know. Princess stuff..."

"...vampire stuff as well. So off we go now, send us back."

"Fine, fine." Once again, he sighted. "I don't know how you ended up in here in the first place, making your demands. Girls..."

He flicked his fingers, and they were off. At least he had something to occupy himself with while consuming his precious pickles. Seeing as one of them was rather the scientific type, he didn't really expected much from it. Numerous people like her passed by, just to prove their wicked quantum theories. Nothing exciting about that, but at least they usually avoided being messy.

"Alright, let's see this..."

He said to himself, as he began to watch their doings. And the further it went, the more confused he got. Eventually, his two dimensional eye widened.

"Oh my..."

"So this is our farewell to you all! We decided to make it in one part since, bah, cutting things in the middle is just silly."

"Hopefully you spent your time swell and well, enjoyed the read."

"And that everything went the way you wanted as well."

"For now, it's time to say our goodbyes! We'll be working on the main story on our profile..."

"...That includes, well, us. If you're curious, you can always have a read as well, but!..."

"...Since we kind of like those characters and so on and such... we may cook up something in the nearest future, without us this time!"

"Or rather, we surly will cook something, mainly connected to Marsahll and Fionna, we just don't quite know when yet..."

"...And, needless to say it will be bit more serious, with more focused plot, instead of random things ending with pleasantries."

"Since while there's nothing wrong with that, a complex story is always fun-fun!"

"But for now, cheerio!"