'Could Kyoya actually be cute, the leader of a gang, cute?' Thought Ginga.

When Ginga snapped out of his thought, he was still on top of Kyoya, who was still blushing.

While Ginga was staring at Kyoya, before Ginga could do anything Kyoya pulled Ginga onto his

back, then got on top of him.

"Do you honestly think I would let you top?" Kyoya asked Ginga, but now Ginga didn't think

Kyoya looked cute, he looked scary. His eyes looked darker than normal and he had the

most sadistic smile on his face.


Instead of answering him, Kyoya pulled Ginga in for a rough kiss, while pulling off Ginga's

orange tank top and touched his chest. Ginga let out soft moans while trying to push Kyoya

away, but Kyoya was too strong.

"Nn, Kyoya, st-stop…it doesn't feel good…st-stop."

"Why should I?" Kyoya asked while breathing in Ginga ear, making Ginga moan at the feel of

Kyoya's warm breath on his ear.

"Ky-yo-ya" Ginga moaned.

"Doesn't sound like you want me to stop." Kyoya said while pulling off Ginga's pants and Ginga

tried to resist.

"You can't resist." Kyoya said, biting Ginga's ear making him cringed and let out a soft moan.

While Kyoya was biting Ginga's ear, Ginga pulled Kyoya's shirt off then Ginga blushed at Kyoya's

body. Ginga finally got the courage and unbuckled Kyoya's belt, but couldn't find the courage to

take his pants off.