Topeka, Kansas. Big city filled with lights and drama like any other. But something that Topeka was filled with was its horrific crime rates. Each year ascended the next and the police force wasn't holding the bastards down. But as mellow dramatic it may seem, there was one beckon of light. A single light illuminated the streets and every dark and violated alley. His name was the Trickster and this is the story of his rise and fall.

Gabriel Milton was well aware that he wasn't special. He wasn't beautiful like the models that seem to mold the definition of beauty (no matter how ridiculous). He wasn't an Einstein though his pranks were something of Weasley standard if he did say so himself. But what he was was something much more. He never saw that though.

He was a soldier, one who had seen his friend's mutilated corpses rot before his eyes. He was a survivor. He was a man coming home to an empty house and who for once in his life saw the glass half empty. Gabriel returned from the world scarred but not broken, not completely at least. He just needed time or a new hobby, or both. Maybe then, he would be able to look at the scars that danced along his chest without cringing. Maybe then he wouldn't jump at loud noises or be constantly looking over his shoulder as if to check that a foe wasn't waiting to stab him in the back. He didn't share his story with anyone, not even his family. He told them that he was put out on honorary discharge instead of the truth, the truth that he had been a prisoner of the war on terror for five months. He didn't want pity or to be babied. He wanted people to see himself not a bundle of broken parts. He returned to Topeka as soon as he was declared healthy enough to go home, keeping his secret with him.

He was living on the family estate though his family was long gone, split up and moved on. All because of arguments and rising tension, that left everyone on bad terms. Gabriel, himself, was always good at staying out of the way when things got complicated. He couldn't pick a side, he was too young and he didn't want to. Who was he going to side with? Luci, the brother, Luci, the one who taught him how to be himself or, Micheal, the one who protected him? One of his biggest regrets was being too much of a coward to stop them from tearing their family apart and ran away to the army.

His parents and Michael were in New York and of course, they called as soon as Gabriel was sent back to the states. They even offered to take him in but Gabriel decided that he wanted to go home, his real home. He didn't talk to Michael. Lucifer and Micheal raised him more than his parents did and his brothers fought like an old married couple as well. Gabriel remembers nights when he would run outside just so he wouldn't have to hear their arguments. He had heard that his brother, Lucifer, was causing chaos in Los Angeles but besides that he hadn't heard a pep. Raphael is in Chicago, caring about his business and leaving his family in the dust. It was funny how you could know people for their entire lives and they still don't give two shits about you.

The only family member who seemed to actually care was Castiel, his cousin. But then again Gabriel practically raised the kid even though they are complete opposites of each other. Castiel was a few years younger than himself with messy black hair and blue eyes. He was a curious kid from the start, who tended to stare at things for too long and miss pop culture references. So in other words Castiel is a blitz, but don't tell him that because he doesn't even know what that means. But hey, he's family. More importantly he's the only one who came for him. Cassie picked Gabriel up from the airport and drove him home though he had to rush to his shift at the library so they didn't have time to chat.

Gabriel waved to Cassie as he drove out of the parking lot of the estate toward work. The estate hadn't changed. Grande, made with white marble, and had rows upon rows of classic windows. There was an arch way above the front door. The wooden doors were twice his size and carved to perfection. He wanted to see the beauty of the estate, he wanted to see it so badly but instead he just saw a house plagued by the ghosts of the past. These ghosts were taking form and dancing throughout the estate, recreating the scenes of his memories.

To the right of the garden, there was an allusion of a tween version of himself and high school Lucifer. The young boys had a large tool box before them and a look that screamed of maliciousness. They were giggling like the school boys that they were. He remembered moments like these clearly, moments when he and his brother would bond and laugh together. Those days were long gone.

To the left in the green room, there was Michael and himself. Michael was older than himself about ten years old meanwhile Gabriel was less than five in this allusion. The two figures of the image are bowing their heads as they observed a beautiful flower within the eldest arms. Michael and he shared an odd relationship, it didn't possess the affection of his and Lucifer's but there was something comfortable about it. Free, easy. But it wasn't the same anymore.

He then noticed out of the corner of his eye, the garden bench that he and Raphael used to sit on together and the memory took form. Gabriel was nine years old in this memory while Raphael was twelve. Raphael was reading to him some fiction novel, which gripped his interest. His younger self was leaning against his brother, smiling and mouthing every word. His relationship with Raphael wasn't friendship but a mix of admiration and companionship. It was all they needed but now such a bond has unraveled over the years and the miles.

He entered the house, with a soft smile on his lips as he looked about it. It was in the same state as it was left, thanks to the house keeper and her husband. He set his bags down at the door. "Honey, I'm home." he called to the silence. His smile faltered. He closed the door behind him, half hoping that the ghosts would disappear. He grabbed his bags and went toward his bedroom. He opened it.

God, how long had it been? Five years? More? His parents hadn't touched anything from the looks of it. Doctor Who posters still hung on the walls alongside comics and not to mention some "Mature" ones. Covered with post-it's where necessary, of course! His soldier demeanor seemed to have crumbled down within that second because he found himself content. For the first time since he had left the hell, he was content. A rush of youth kicked in and he smiled. He tossed the duffle down on the bed and ran about his room, looking at everything and anything. He allowed for the memories to take form and put on a small play of his life. Memories of; long nights writing, jamming out, laughing, awkward moments of teenage sexual adventures, dreams, and daydreaming. It's interesting how the room of a boy could richen in love when he returns home a man. This was what he needed, he decided.

He spent the night with his reading glasses on, a hot RAMAN noodle in his left hand and papers in the right as he shuffled through everything in his room. He had forgotten what it was like to smile, to have fun, to be honestly happy. But there was still something missing. There always has to be something missing. He didn't let it shake him too much though. Returning from war was all about recovery and that's what he was going to do.

Gabriel showered and changed into a simple white shirt and white pants. Gabriel was in the kitchen, making some tea, he may not be British but he did have good taste after all. When a women's cry disturbed the peace of the evening, Gabriel dropped his mug and ran to the door. He followed the cry to a darken alley within a jogs radius of the house. His eyes fell on a pair. One was a struggling girl, who tried to get away from the larger man. The other was attempting to pin her down while tearing at her clothing. Gabriel's eyes narrowed as he dashed forward, swiftly pulling the man off of the woman. The man glared and sprang toward him. Gabriel jumped up, catching an apartment's fire escape ladder and kicking the man in the face, sending him falling back against the alley wall.

"Run!" he shouted to the girl who obeyed and dashed off, clutching at her torn clothes. The man growled and was obviously ticked off. Oh and let's not forget that the man was about twice Gabriel's size but that was a disadvantage. The larger the mass, the slower reaction rate. Yes, a year of physics and that was what he remembered. The man punched Gabriel, which sent Gabriel falling back with blood dripping down his nose. Gabriel returned the assault but utilized a different weapon, his legs. He sent a sharp stomp to the giant's foot, sending him back and losing his offensive position. Gabriel took his chance, sending another kick straight to the beasts face. The kick was a success and sent the giant colliding with the bricks of the apartment building. Gabriel dashed forward, grabbed the monsters by the collar with his right fist ready to give the man a well deserved punch. The man attempted to push Gabriel back but failed, receiving a punch instead. Now that they were in the light, Gabriel could see the man. He was tall, blonde haired but his eyes were black like coal. The man was of a muscular built but obviously lacked training unlike Gabriel. As the man shifted his body in response, Gabriel heard the familiar sound of pills being shaken in their container. He searched the man and swiftly found the drugs.

"Did you use these? On that girl?" there was a pause. "Answer me." he slammed the beasts head back against the wall.

"Yes. I did. I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to. I'm drunk, sir. Let me go, sir." The beast pleaded.

"Shut up." he demanded and the man fell silent. Gabriel glanced at the drugs and added.

"What kind of drugs are these? Answer Now."

"Ruffies." The man replied with trembling hands as he saw his life flash before his eyes meanwhile Gabriel's eyes only narrowed.

"Take one."


"Are you stupid? I said take one."


"I'm a fan of irony. Now take it." Gabriel's tone was horrifying; he didn't have to raise his voice for it to become lethal. In fact if anything, the volume of his voice decreased but there was something behind it that could scare any man. It possessed a power that made it obvious to the hideous beast that this man had killed before and wouldn't be ashamed of doing it again. The monster took the drugs and looked at the man with frightful eyes. Gabriel held onto the larger monster until the drugs took control. Once he—it went weak in his hold, he used the opportunity to go and grab rope. He tied the man up to a telephone pole and then heard police sirens blaring. His eyes widened, he swiftly rubbed the pill bottle clean and then set it to the side of the man before running to the house. He didn't say a word until he locked the door inside. A smile erupted on his face. He had actually done that?! It was a real thing! He had helped a girl and maybe some other girls too. The empty void inside his chest then closed just the slightest. That was it. That was what he needed! To help people! That would fix everything!