She woke up from hypo sleep with one hell of a headache. She pulled her naked body drenched in some quasi amniotic type fluid and reached for a towel. God, she needed a cup of coffee even if it was concocted by recycling well, what they'd eaten and drunk before they went into hypo sleep.

The ship hummed softly, normally without Mother barking any commands at them like a martinet. All the other hypo chambers were shut closed meaning she was the first to awaken. She ran the towel through her damp hair, rubbing it dry. Then she went to find her clothes. While others slept in some variation of briefs, panties and a wife beater shirt, she wore nothing.

In the depths of space, she didn't want to forget she was all female. Not butch looking like Ripley, the only other female on the Nostromo who wasn't a computer. She didn't know how much of the headache was the after effects of hyper sleep and how much had to do with the party they all had before going under.

At least all of them except the science officer Ash, who didn't seem to be interested in anything outside of his research. She'd fancied him for a while but after hitting the stash of nonrecycled Scotch, she'd moved on to Kane.

Not the most handsome of men but in deep outer space many light years from earth who cared? She'd go for Dallas but she was pretty sure Ripley was boffing him. They'd played some classic rock, some hard punk and country western which she favored and drinking the endless night away.

They had just finished a six month job mining ore off on some god forsaken rock circling just another gassy giant sun. They loaded heaps of it in the storage holds and they were all ready for some serious bonus pay and credits on top of their regular salaries.

She heard a whirring noise and saw Dallas climb out of his chamber also soaking wet, the whorls of chest hair pressing against his chest. He wore boxers and scratched his thigh while reaching for his towel. He glanced over at Lambert.

"Hell of a party wasn't it?"

She nodded slightly though she hadn't seen him for most of it. Then he frowned.

"I'm so damn hung over. I thought the sleep would get rid of that…Mother would clean the junk out of our bodies before waking us."

Lambert stepped into her jumpsuit.

"Yeah I thought this nap seemed a bit short…though time is meaningless until we check Mother's clocks."

He nodded, knowing that she'd go do that as navigator on the team. When she went to do that, she nearly bumped into a fully clothed Ash.

"I didn't see you get up…"

He looked at her in that noncommittal way he had towards his crewmates.

"I was roused by Mother to get up and check some data," he said, "I don't think we've quite reached home yet."

Lambert arched her brows.

"What do you mean? Mother wouldn't awaken us unless…"

He looked at her pointedly without blinking his eyes.

"There was some form of emergency," he said, "I suspect that's what happened because Mother's not one who glitches her programming. I will try to find out more information."

She shrugged.

"You do that…"

She moved on to grab her shirt and then her hat to move onto her work station which faced a huge window looking into outer space. Now most of the vastness of the galaxy looked the same to her but she frowned, something should be looking familiar. Like the solar system…which they should be at about the distance of Jupiter by now.

But the gaseous want to be star turned planet was nowhere to be found. Instead she saw a couple huge gassy giants not too far from one another, one adorned with what looked like three sets of rings around it. She could see that its gravity had pulled in some smaller planets.

Damn, this just didn't make any sense. But then Kane walked up to her, sliding his arms around her waist from behind. Clearly remembered what had happened before they all went to sleep. To them, it seemed like a blink of an eye's worth of time had passed but if they were anywhere near Earth, then she and Kane had done the deed six months ago. If the Company hadn't outfitted her with a contraceptive implant then she could have been looking at childbirth in three months if she'd slipped up with him.

"Hey baby…you ready to patch us into Weyland dispatch yet?"

"Just got here. But I don't see anything out there I recognize."

He chuckled.

"Hey it's outer space…everything looks the same out there."

She shook her head.

"Not to a navigator and I'm telling you I don't see Jupiter or even Saturn for that matter."

"You sure baby?"

She sighed, putting a hand on her hip.

"Yeah Kane…I see a bunch of stars that I don't recognize," she said, "Where the hell are we anyway?"

Then she heard a deep voice behind them speak up.

"That's a hell of a good question and I'm going to ask Mother about it."


She nodded.

"Get back to us when she briefs you on what happened," she said, "Ash mentioned that he was roused earlier by her."

Dallas frowned.

"Well he's the science officer. Maybe it has something to do with science."

Lambert rolled her eyes. Dallas though the ship's highest ranking officer wasn't the brightest bulb in the box. Honestly, except for his hardened body that could make a woman drop in front of him, she didn't know what Ripley saw in him.

Dallas left them and she turned back to Kane who plopped in a seat next to her.

"So what did you think about my offer?"

Annoyance flashed through her as her memory caught up to the present. The party had taken a serious tone when she'd shagged Kane.

"Kane…I can't. I have no interest in working in some stupid mine on a backwater moon off of Oedipus. I'm sorry but I thought you understood…last night…well before hypo sleep that was all about getting off."

He didn't look too pleased by that.

"But baby…"

"It's Lambert now that we're back on the clock," she said, "or the calendar."

Ripley walked up to them, her dark curly hair around her shoulders in damp ringlets. The warrant officer had a manner that didn't warm up to most people. Lambert didn't like her much for a litany of reasons. But since they spent so much time in computer controlled hibernation, it didn't matter so much.

"You ready to get started working?"

Ripley was all business the instant she stepped out of the sleeping chamber. She wore her uniform neatly and she could just slide into her chair and be fully functional the next moment. If Lambert didn't know better, she'd think the woman was an android.

But Ripley had let loose at the party after some rounds of Scotch that Dallas had stashed away and had been bumping and grinding with Dallas to "Tracks of My Tears." So that made it clear she was human.

"I'm already here," Lambert said, "I just don't know where 'here' is meaning the Nostromo."

"Did you ask Mother?"

Annoyance flashed through Lambert.

"Yes of course…but she's not responding right quick about producing coordinates."

Ripley frowned.

"Maybe you're not asking her right."

Lambert gritted her teeth. God, it never took her long after waking up to remember why she hated the bitch.

"I'm asking her right. She's not answering," she said, "Dallas will get the answers out of her if it' something for his eyes only."

Ripley seemed to consider that.

"I see…well we need a list of all the known checkpoint times to cross-reference coordinates in hyper sleep, you think you can do that?"

God she so wanted to kick the warrant officer's ass. Hopefully it was all a mistake and they'd be returning to the chambers soon until they were closer to home…or she'd be kicking some ass pretty soon for sure. Ripley looked tough but Lambert believed it was all for show.

Suddenly Dallas showed up trailed by Ash.

"We need to have some chow in the mess," he said, "When we're there, I'll brief you on what Mother just told me."

Lambert picked up a cautious tone in his voice.

"Is it something…bad?"

Dallas paused.

"No…but there is a reason and it's valid," he said, "but I'll tell you the rest as soon as I round up Parker and Brett to join us"

Ripley arched her brows.

"Sounds serious."

Meaning that if they were letting the basement dwellers, aka the engineers to sit in the meeting, well it must be something majorly important. Lambert would call her on it but she knew that Parker and Brett had bonded in part over their derision for Ripley.

No one liked her except maybe Dallas when he needed a warm body. That's what she thought as she got her ass out of her chair and went to the mess.

Not realizing that her whole life was about to change.