Chapter 26. Epilogue.

"Gilbert," a voice called and Gilbert was roughly shaken out of his awesome dream.

"What?" Gilbert groaned, barely opening his eyes.

"We've landed," Ludwig stated and Gilbert was immediately on his feet.

"You need to tell me these things sooner, Luddie," Gilbert patted him on the back. It had been months, several long months, since he'd been in America-Canada. He'd been through all the stupid, rough training that came with being an actual King and he still wasn't done, but he had actually managed to get Ludwig to let them go on "vacation."

Gilbert didn't even wait for the door to be opened for them before he was off the plane. Last time he did this, he had crash landed and it was nice to see the slick, black car waiting to take them to New York City.

"You need to learn to be more patient," Ludwig sighed, following him into the car.

"What if I told you I was able to pull a few strings and your little boyfriend was going to be here, too?" Gilbert smirked.

"You got Feli to come?" Ludwig asked, unperturbed by Gilbert's teasing as he was used to it by now.

"And Franny and Toni," Gilbert stretched happily, his arms clanking slightly as he did so. But he was used to the noise by now. "I figured we might as well have fun, right?"

"How did you get them to come?" Ludwig asked.

"Well, Toni apparently has nothing better to do," Gilbert shrugged. "Franny needs to de-stress from trying to get trust again all the way in France, and Feli was more than happy to see you again. Besides, Lovi's got Italy covered for a week on his own."

"You should learn to sit up straighter," Ludwig sighed, but Gilbert knew a "thank you" when he heard one. They were hard to come by with Ludwig.

"I can sit however I damn well please," Gilbert smirked and slouched more in his seat.

The two continued as the car went through the city, gathering attention, before it stopped in front of the castle. Gilbert could vaguely see a group of people in front of the entrance and immediately tore out of the car. He was slightly blinded by the brightness around them, but he could easily see his target in the group and ran right for him.

Matthew (his target) looked pretty startled at first, but just stood there and allowed himself to be scooped up by Gilbert into a massive hug.

"Birdie!" he chimed happily before pulling Matthew into a kiss.

"Hey, Gil," Matthew panted as they separated. "You do know the paparazzi are out here, right?"

"Oh, then maybe I should give them more of an awesome show," Gilbert winked before tripping Matthew and pulling him into a dip. Matthew yelped slightly and Gilbert finally noticed the flashing of cameras around them.

"Quit embarrassing my brother," Alfred sighed behind them.

"Si, let's get inside," Antonio laughed slightly.

"Alright," Gilbert swiftly picked Matthew up, princess style, receiving a squeak from the poor Prince.

"I see months of training to be a King has done nothing to you," Arthur's voice sighed behind him as they entered the castle and the doors closed with a resounding thud behind them.

"Brows?" Gilbert asked and swiftly turned around. He actually got a good look at everyone that was there. There was Francis, Antonio, Matthew, and Alfred, of course. But there was also Alfred and Elizaveta, who was holding a camera, happily taking pictures. Gilbert gave her a glare before setting Matthew down. "What the hell are you still doing around here?"

"I've been, uh, keeping him company," Alfred chimed, wrapping an arm around the former genie.

"Get the hell off me," Arthur snapped at him and elbowed him in the gut.

"More like Al's been annoying the hell out of him," Matthew laughed.

"Hey!" Alfred whined.

"You are rather annoying," Arthur smirked.

"Says the one that destroys the kitchen every time he tries to use it," Alfred stuck out his tongue at him.

"So, Birdie, what did I miss?" Gilbert asked.

"We're all over the news," Matthew rolled his eyes. "You should know."

"And I've been Prince training like nobody's business," Gilbert sighed. "TV comes rarely in-between sleep and knowing which fucking fork I need to use."

"Hm, well, I still have some work to do, since you didn't bother to tell me you all were coming," Matthew sighed. "So, you're going to have to find something to do while I'm busy."

"You didn't warn them?" Ludwig sighed.

"It's a surprise visit," Gilbert smirked. "You're not supposed to warn people ahead of a surprise visit."

"You do when they're royalty," Matthew chuckled. "Sorry, but I do have to go."

"Party pooper," Gilbert grumbled, but gave Matthew one last hug before he left with Alfred, who was dragging Arthur back with him.

"And I am going to leave before you three do something I know I won't like," Elizaveta sighed, looking at Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert.

"You wound us, mademoiselle," Francis put a hand up to his heart.

"I remember clearly what happened last time," Elizaveta stated. "And just for that, I keep my frying pan close."

"And we won't bother you," Gilbert chimed, not wanted to be whacked by that devil frying pan again.

"We should go with Eliza, Ludwig!" Feliciano chimed happily.

"Stay out of trouble," Ludwig gave Gilbert a harsh glare and Gilbert put up one of his pinkies.

"I promise, Luddie," Gilbert sighed, but still smiled.

"Gut," Ludwig nodded and followed as Feliciano dragged him after Elizaveta as they went off somewhere in the castle.

"So, what do we do now?" Antonio asked.

"Now…" Gilbert thought for a second. "We drink."

The castle had its own bar. But the Bad Touch Trio (a nickname the three had picked up after a short amount of time) found that idea boring, so they went to a bar in the city instead. Immediately upon entering, they were bombarded by people who wanted to gawk at them and paparazzi that seemed to follow them everywhere. Even the bartender had "nonchalantly" raised the prices for all the drinks.

The three did have a lot of fun there, though. Messing with people and kicking out the paparazzi. Antonio and Gilbert even managed to get Francis so drunk, he fell over when he tried to sit down.

"Gilbert," a soft voice sighed behind Gilbert and he leaned back as much as he could and tipped his head back to find an upside down Matthew.

"Hey," Gilbert smiled at him.

"What are you doing?" Matthew asked.

"Having a good time?" Gilbert laughed and sat upright before turning around to look at Matthew properly.

"Don't tell me you're actually drunk," Matthew practically pleaded.

"Nah," Gilbert said with a wave of his hand. "It takes a lot to get me drunk, I'm German. Francis, though, is long gone," Gilbert couldn't stop himself from laughing as Francis tripped again and let out a long line of French curses.

"Why did you have to go into the city?" Matthew sighed and Gilbert could see plenty of paparazzi looking at them expectantly, as if waiting for another moment, especially now that Gilbert was "drunk."

"It's more fun," Gilbert chimed happily, placing a hand on his shoulder. "We can go somewhere more quiet if you want."

"Where are you thinking?" Matthew raised an eyebrow.

"It's a surprise," Gilbert hummed. "Hey, Toni, think you can take care of Francis while I go out with Birdie?"

"Si, I think I can," Antonio stated, staring in interest as Francis tried to get up off the floor. "As long as he doesn't drink anymore."

"I think you'll be better off if he does," Gilbert laughed, sitting up from a barstool. "Then he'll just pass out."

"Good idea," Antonio laughed and Gilbert grabbed onto Matthew's hand and pulled him out of the bar, a lot of people following them.

"Think you can still run like you did when I met you on the streets?" Gilbert grinned.

"Only if you can keep up," Matthew smirked and they started off running.

Gilbert reveled in the feeling of running through the crowds again. Having to weave through in hopes of not bumping into anyone that could stop him, to have the adrenaline rush back after having everything done for him for the past couple months. It was refreshing, more so than anything Gilbert had felt in what felt like forever. His metal limbs were keeping up pretty well, too, and he found that he actually got less tired than he would have without them.

When Gilbert knew they had lost anyone following them, he turned a sharp corner behind a building and stopped. Matthew was there only a few seconds later, panting.

"What are we doing?" Matthew asked and Gilbert looked up the side of the building, happy that it had a fire escape.

"Reliving old times," Gilbert smiled and started for the fire escape, pulling down the ladder.

"Don't tell me we're building hopping again," Matthew laughed as he followed him up the fire escape.

"We can see if I still know how to get that great view," Gilbert laughed. "And this time we won't have someone to come and arrest me. You know, hopefully."

Matthew just laughed and soon they were on top of the building. Gilbert loved the feeling of the wind rushing past them and the feeling he got looking down the building and seeing where he would drop if he missed a step.

"Do you trust me?" Gilbert asked, holding out his hand.

"Yes, I think I do," Matthew smiled and took hold of the metal. They started running and jumped the first gap, onto the next building. Gilbert couldn't help but cheer out loudly at this new found freedom. He never would have thought he would miss living on the streets.

Matthew was better at this than the last time, Gilbert noticed, only almost falling once and Gilbert easily hoisted him back onto the building. They continued, the sun beginning to set around them. Luckily, they had gotten to their destination just when the sun disappeared behind the taller buildings around them.

"Should I tell you to close your eyes?" Gilbert smirked as they panted and walked to the end of the building. Below them was the plaza, where no matter what time of day, there were people bustling around like their lives were ending. Lights were up everywhere with the falling sun and it had a beautiful air about it.

"This totally tops the roof of the castle," Matthew laughed, sitting down on the edge and letting his feet dangle.

"I've tried to find a view like this in Germany," Gilbert sighed, sitting down next to him. Matthew laid his head on his shoulder. "But Luddie won't even let me try climbing a building there."

"He almost acts like the older brother," Matthew giggled.

"There was also one other thing I was missing in Germany," Gilbert smirked, looking down at the top of Matthew's head.

"Don't be sappy, Gil," Matthew laughed, but Gilbert knew he was blushing anyway.

"When the hell is that wedding of ours, again?" Gilbert asked, glancing at his hand where the ring rested.

"A few months," Matthew sighed. "Once you actually become a King."

"You do know that the world doesn't believe the bullshit of marriage to ally the two countries, right?" Gilbert smirked.

"We're saying that because a lot of people still don't like the idea of the people ruling them being gay," Matthew looked up at him, locking their eyes.

"They just don't know how to deal with the awesomeness of the idea," Gilbert smirked. "It is just a royal thing right now, after all. Eventually, the world will catch on to the trend and we'll all be gay!"

"Whatever you say, Gil," Matthew laughed.

"They'll all have to turn themselves into girls first, though," Gilbert said proudly. "Otherwise they're not really gay."

"What about the girls?" Matthew chuckled.

"They turn into guys, of course," Gilbert stretched. "Which'll be good for them. Being a girl's a pain in the ass."

"But you were only a girl for a few days," Matthew giggled.

"And it sucked," Gilbert stated. "Never do it."

"But wouldn't I have to turn into a girl to be a part of your gay club?" Matthew laughed.

"Just wear a dress at the wedding and we'll call it good," Gilbert cackled.

"Mm…no deal," Matthew pulled away slightly.

"You're no fun," Gilbert smirked before pulling Matthew into a kiss.

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