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Danny's POV

I stared at the ceiling, mapping the stars in my head. I didn't know how long I had been here, if it had been weeks or months or years. I didn't know what was happening in the world outside. I didn't know what day it was, I didn't even know if it was night.

I couldn't bring myself to care.

You know thats wrong, your supposed to care, we are supposed to care!

Shut up!

Now, now, there's no reason to be rude Dan, we must listen to our humanity.

Fenton's weak!

Of course I'm weak, I'm all the emotions you couldn't handle.

Don't bicker with each other, it just makes us seem even less sane.

I think we already crossed that line.

Shut up

We settled into silence, which was bad, silence made us think, and seeing as how we had nothing to do in here we had very little else to occupy our mind.

That led to thoughts of why we were here

Here was a cage, a perfect cage in fact, it was a mixture of an iron cage and a solid ghost shield.

And I was it's power source.

Oh, sweet irony.

How you torture us.

After all who could have guessed that the monsters who put us in this prison, the one who tortures us, who experiments on us, who rips us apart to see whats inside and then sews us back together like that's supposed to fix what they do to us. And it just has to be our very own parents.

That is how Fenton and Phantom made the split, Fenton couldn't handle the agony inflicted onto him by his own parents, but Phantom could handle the pain from a pair of ghost hunters.

So we made the split so we could cope.

Don't judge.

As for Dan?

Dan was born of Phantom and Fenton's combined pain and anger at their imprisonment. He is every evil little thought inside our head.

Now you can judge.

Fenton and Dan were opposite ends of a spectrum, the extremes of the originals personality, with me in the middle acting as a mediator and the controller of this body of ours.

Where Fenton was kind, Dan was cruel, where Fenton was empathetic, Dan was apathetic. When Fenton would cry and beg for it to end, Danny would just scream and fight, desperate to get back at those who hurt us, ready to kill and main all those who got in his way.

Don't worry we don't listen to Dan.

Should I concerned that I have a tendency to narrate myself to nothing?

Compared to the other stuff that goes on in our head, a little narration isn't that big of a deal.



The sound jerked me out of my musing, seeing Jack and Maddie menacingly advance, I braced myself for the inevitable shock but was surprised when it didn't come.

Maybe they changed their minds?

You can't honestly believe that.

Hey! I can hope, can't I?

"Ghost scum! You will tell us where our son is!" Jack hissed, a few months ago I would never be able to accept that murderous expression on my happy-go-lucky father's face.

A lot has changed.

OK, I've said it before and I'll say it again, those two are dense!

. . . Yeah, they really are.

"If I haven't told you yet, why would I start now?" I let the condensation roll of my tounge.

Just tell them already! They deserve it!

Be quiet, no one deserves that, and even if they do, we could never handle doing something so cruel.

You know he's right Dan, they're concern for their son is one of the only things that makes all this bearable for Fenton.

"You might not tell us, but you'll tell the Justice League when they come." Maddie spit out at us.

It took us a second to backtrack to the conversation we were having before we interrupted it.

"Why would the Justice League care about me?" God, it was becoming weird to refer myself as singular.

"Because it was one of the conditions in our contract."

I had forgotten about that, since everyone believed in ghosts now there was a huge rush or weapons to fight them, leaving with Fenton's with more demand than ever.

And more leverage apparently.

"And what makes you think I'll tel them anything?"

"Because ghost, the League has a mind-reader, you may just be a piece of post-concionness slime but even you can be affected by a mind-reader. And don't expect that the League will be fooled by your tricks!" Jack boasted as the two left the room.

Crap, we can't have mind readers poking around in our head, they'll find out what really happened to Danny Fenton.

This was going to be trouble

For once my head was silent as we contemplated what this might mean.

Robin POV

I stood in the ops room with the team, we had been called by BAtman. Normally he tried to avoid using us, especially after the incident where Red Arrows programing came into effect.

"For what do you require us?" Kaldur asked.

Batman turned to Kaldur, "The Fenton's require an interrogator and I'll require some assistance."

"The Fentons? Teh number one manufacturer of ecto-weaponry? Those Fenton's?" Everyone else seemed equally startled, afterall the realization of ghosts as a real was a particularly nasty surprise, especially for Wally, and the Justice League had been forced into a mad dash for effective weapons from the Fenton's. Because the demand for usable weapons was so high and the number of manufacturers was so low the Fenton's had become millionaires practically overnight.

"What do the Fenton's need an interrogator for? Artemis asked incredulously.

"They've captured a ghost who has knowledge of their son whereabouts, but they weren't able to find out what he knows on their own."

We all nodded, it was common knowledge that the Fenton's were obsessed with finding their missing son, they even set up a bounty, if someone were to find the boy alive that person would become a millionaire overnight. They had poured millions into the search, even checking and re checking the site of the Amity Park Horror, shifting through the ashes of what used to be Casper High for any biological material that didnt belong/. But so far all their efforts had been fruitless.

"Who's the ghost?" asked Superboy.

"Danny Phantom."

We all fell silent, Phantom was famous, he had played hero in Amity Park before turning on them and blowing up Casper High and killing everyone inside (except, it seems, Daniel Fenton).

It was common knowledge that the Fenton's had him in custody, no one ever felt the need for jail, they just let the Fenton's have their much derived revenge on that murderer.

He was a murderer.

"What do you need us for?" I asked.

"Actually, we need M'gaan. Manhunter is otherwise occupied and I need a mind reader."

We nodded, it made sence, M'gaan was the only one with telepathic abilities, she would be the one most capable of finding out the Fenton boy's location.

"Zattanna, Robin, and Red Arrow will accompany," said Kaldur.

Batman nodded, and we remained silent as Megan pulled up her ship.

M'gaan POV

I landed her in the street in front of Feton Works, I had seen it in the news and once again in the file Batman had given us, but it was still a little much.

After all I still had a hard time believing that people actually lived there.

Even if it wasn't for the giant Hollywood version of a UFO looking thing on the top of the building, there was still the giant lit 'Fenton Works' sign going down the side.

We all paused outside, needing a second to brace ourselves for the kind of people who would live in there.

Batman knocked on the door.

"GHOST!" The door was flung open and the dark night was suddenly covered in florescent green goop.

No one made a sound.

We all knew Batman'd kill us if we laughed.

The one who had fired the offending goop was none other than Jack Fenton himself, a large man with graying hair wearing a florescent orange jumpsuit. I had seen pictures, read reports, but, once again, it still took a second to process.

From behind him steeped out a smaller female figure in a blue jumpsuit, "Oh, no Jack, these are the people the Justice League sent."

Jack burst into a huge smile and promptly pulled in Batman for a giant bear hug.

None of us was dumb enough to make a sound.

"Come in, come in!" Maddie Fenton ushered into her house, seemingly unaware of the bazooka rested on her shoulder.

"So your here to help us get the location of our son out of that abomination?" Maddie Fenton said cheerfully.

" . . . Yes." replied a still watchful Batman.

"Wonderful! Lets go down to the lab." Mrs. Fenton then proceeded to usher us down a set of stairs, "Now the containment devise it is kept in is a very complicated piece of equipment, unfortunately I cannot allow you to actually enter the cage to speak to the ghost, but we have all the equipment necessary for you to interact with it from outside of the cage. The cage is actually very simple, it is a mixture of an actual iron cage and a crystalized ghost shield, and we never have to worry about he power going out because the shield is fueled by the ghost itself. That way if the ghost power fluctuates we are never caught off guard, in fact in the time we've held the ghost the shield has almost quadrupled its initial power. Its a scary thought that it has grown so strong, but you needn't worry, the shield uses it's power against him." Maddie beamed, and I didn't know whether to be frighted at how stong an already catastrophic ghost had become, or sad at how it's increase in power was only used against it.

But when I saw the murderous ghost, I settled on sad.

It was curled in on itself in the corner of the cage, staring at the ceiling, eyes unseeing. It was covered in it's own ectoplasm, his suit ripped, his hair dirty, and his eyes held no sparkle. It looked weak and drawn, never mind about how it's power had increased, it looked so very weak. He seemed abnormally thin, like he was malnourished. It seemed to be carrying it self gently, like it hurt to even remain still, worse of all, it, for all appearances, looked like a teenage boy around my age.

This was not what I was expecting.

I was expecting the beast that killed all those people, for the evil ghost that the world hated, not some broken looking boy.

"Look who's here." said Maddie to the ghost, when it didn't respond she grabbed a lever and pulled down. Suddenly the ghost was alight with electricity, its body writhed in agony, his-its mouth open wide in a silent scream. "Stop pretending, you aren't fooling anyone, we know ghosts can't feel pain." Maddie accused.

This knowledge strengthened my resolve, and I began my work.

I peered at the ghost that was currently staring lazily at Batman, my mind working my way to his. I was surprised by some impressive walls when I saw him suddenly change focus, his eyes suddenly clear as they bore into mine. Still, I did not stop forcing my way int his mind, it was hard it seemed that the layers of protection were endless, every time I managed to make my way past one there was a new blocking my way. Suddenly t was all gone, I was so shocked by the sudden surrender I wasn't even able to stop his ow intrusion.

Suddenly everything was white.

. . .


. . .

Thank you

. . .

Then the world exploded, I was back in the lab, but now the alarms were blaring, there was pandemonium. I turned to see Robin yelling at me.

"What h-happened?" I asked weakly.

"You let it out!" He screamed at me.

I turned again to see the cage, the door was open, the shield was down, and the ghost was gone.

The world faded to black.

When I woke I was in the infirmary alone.

"What will we do?!" I heard Artemis shout.

I gingerly slid off the bed, I was undamaged aside from the pounding headache.

I walked out of the infirmary and toward the ops room where I could hear more shouting, hopefully someone could fill me in on what I missed.

"Whats going on?" I asked. Int he ops room was the whole team, including Wolf, my uncle, Batman, and Red tornado.

"That is what we would like to ask you, Megan." said Kaldur.

"What do you remember?" asked my uncle.

I thought back, "I was trying to enter its mind, but the defences were phenomenal, I was having trouble until suddenly all the walls were gone. Then everything turned white, and when color came back I was back in the lab and the Phantom had escaped. Why what happened while I was out?"

"You let it out, you were staring at it when suddenly your eyes glowed green and you typed in the password and released the shield." said Red arrow gruffly.

"It busted its way out, smashing all the equipment before it left, when we tried to pursue it in your ship it wouldn't let us. If I didn't know better I'd say your ship liked it better than us," said Robin.

"It does," spoke a haunting voice.

We all turned to see the fugitive.

In our Ops room.

Floating calmly.

Carrying a duffel bag.

"So, where do I put my stuff?"