Daniel's internal clock got him up obscenely early, he rubbed his oddly colored blue eyes and looked over at Lovino, he smiled slightly at the sleeping Pokémon. Of course he wouldn't be awake, he didn't figure anyone but him was yet. He walked silently to the window and gazed out at the sunrise.

"I wonder if I used to do this a lot before I lost my memory... I guess it's better not to think about it. It's not like it's important," he murmured to himself quietly.

"Fwaaaaaaaah..." Lovino yawned, rubbing his amber eyes with his paws tiredly, "Daniel..? What are you doing up so fucking early?" he sighed, looking up at him.

"I got up naturally early. I don't know why," Daniel said, turning to look at him, "You can go back to sleep, sorry for waking you.."

"Oh? Oh, no problem. Everyone else will be up soon for morning briefing, anyway," Lovino murmured, looking away, blushing slightly.

Daniel tilted his head in confusion, "Lovino, your face is red, are you okay?"

"Ah! Um.. Y-yeah, fine, let's just get going," Lovino stuttered, heading for the door.

Daniel was very confused by his actions and pulled him back over by his tail, "Not if you're sick, we're not," he said sternly, almost protectively.

Lovino seemed to blush worse at the action, "I'm not sick, okay! let's just go."

Daniel flinched at the harsh tone, looking down, feeling he'd done something wrong.

Lovino sighed quietly and rubbed his head against Daniel's chest in a form of hug, "I'm sorry for yelling, but I really am fine, don't worry," he muttered, nudging Daniel's arm and walking with him out of the crew rooms and out in front of the Guild master's chambers where the other early risers had already assembled.

"Eek! The rookies are already up! They are nothing like Ruka and Kouki. Kouki was woken up by Loudred every morning and Ruka sometimes even slept through him!" Sunflora said, turning to Chimecho

Chimecho laughed, sounding reminiscent of ringing bells, "True, she was always a heavy sleeper."

Lovino huffed, quickly getting tired of being compared to the elder team.

Daniel easily caught on to his partner's feelings and said what had to be said, "We are nothing like them. Stop comparing us."

Everyone just stared at him in disbelief, including Lovino.

"What..?" he murmured

"You.. Just spoke in a normal tone.." Lovino said, "That everyone could hear."

"I THOUGHT he was MUTE," Exploud said, lumbering in from the crew rooms.

"It's not that bad..." Daniel murmured, but no one heard him.

"Enough!" Chatot scolded, flapping his wings, "At this rate, you'll wake the Guildmaster. Now that the guild is in full attendance, I suppose it doesn't matter, but please refrain from waking him in the future. It could get ugly."

Some of the guild members winced at the mental image.

Lovino and Daniel merely tilted their heads.

Chatot nodded and opened the door to the guild master's chambers, "Guildmaster? It's time to address the guild."

At the sound of Chatot's voice, Wigglytuff stumbled out tiredly, "Yooom... Tah..." he yawned.

"Is.. He asleep..?" Lovino murmured, looking over at Daniel, Who merely shrugged.

"O-of course not!" Chatot flapped his wings in irritation, "Isn't that right, Guild master?"



"His eyes are wide open.." Lovino muttered, a bit repulsed by it.

Chatot sighed, a bit annoyed, and started the morning cheers, "One!"

"Don't shirk work!"


"Run away and pay!"


"Smiles go for miles!"

As expected, Daniel's "cheers" were so quiet no one could hear them and Lovino's were second only to Exploud.

"OK, Pokémon, get to work!"

"HOORAY!" everyone cheered as they scattered to do their various guild work.

Lovino turned to Daniel looking a bit nervous, "So.. What are we supposed to do now?"

"Um.. I don't know..." Daniel looked around in confusion.

"What are you two doing wandering around like that?" Chatot said hopping foreword.

"But we didn't-" Lovino began.

"Come with me," Chatot cut him off, heading for the ladder.

Lovino huffed, hating being cut off, and looked at Daniel briefly before following.

Once on the first under ground floor Chatot stopped in front of the bulletin board to their right and began scanning it for low level jobs, "You two are just starting out, we wouldn't want to send you on any difficult jobs right off the bat.."

Lovino scoffed quietly when Chatot showed him the job he'd picked, "You can't be serious. A retrieval mission?"

"I am serious. I'll have you know Team Yoake Houden started out on a similar mission."

That made Lovino stop in his tracks and glare daggers at Chatot's back as the bird Pokémon left, "That's it!" Lovino cried pinning the job they were given back on the bulletin board and went to the other one in a fit of rage and snatched a random one off the board, stomping out angrily.

Daniel followed with a sigh 'Now the fun starts...' he thought

Daniel followed him all the way to the mountainous area described on the rescue letter. A shiny Eevee with sparkling blue eyes was sitting at the entrance to the dungeon.

Lovino nudged her shoulder, "Are you the one who sent this request?"

The Eevee jumped at the sudden voice, "Ah! Yes, my name is Keiko," she said with a strained smile. It was obvious it was a fake one to hide her nerves.

"Well then, Keiko, we should get going. You said this guy is on B7F right?" Lovino verified.

Keiko nodded, looking a bit upset, "Please hurry... Please bring Tino back..."

Lovino smiled, "Of course! We're a Rescue team, after all!"


"This. Is Hell." Lovino groaned, "Why are there so many damn Ground Types here!?"

"Come on, Lovino.. There was only three," Daniel said with a small sigh, "You don't see me complaining about the Ghost Types.. I can't even hit those.."

"If our opponent is either of those types, we're screwed..." Lovino muttered angrily.

"Don't think like that, Lovino, we'll be fine." Daniel said, putting a supportive paw on his head, trying to cheer him up. He looked over at the stairs leading to the seventh floor with a frown.

"Well, there are the stairs... Are you ready for this Daniel?" Lovino asked, Looking up at him with a small smile, appreciating Daniel's effort.

Daniel blushed slightly at the smile and looked away in embarrassment "Uh.. Y-yeah, I am..."

"Then let's go," Lovino said, taking the lead, Daniel following quietly.


"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" Lovino cried, now being towered over by a 9'2" Golurk with red where the yellow should have been.

"It's a Pokémon called a Golurk!" called a Pikachu that was being held tightly by the monstrosity in front of them, "It's a Ground/Ghost Type! Fighting, Normal, and Electric moves don't even faze this thing!"

Lovino glanced over at Daniel, knowing nothing he did would work against this thing, "Daniel, you work on getting the Pikachu down! I'll try to down this thing!"

"Hey! My name is Tino, thank you very much!" The Pikachu huffed.

Daniel ignored Tino and jumped and punched the Golurk's arm. It didn't do as much as using a move would have on any other Pokémon, but his moves wouldn't have damaged it at all. Not to mention the level difference must be insane.(Lv 11 against a Lv 43 no, really?)

Lovino used Ember, causing it to growl and take a step toward Lovino, now looking angry. It dropped Tino and Lifted it's foot preparing to use Earthquake.

Daniel gasped and used Endure last minute.

All he heard was a pained scream.

"NO! LOVINO!" Daniel ran toward him, not giving a shit about the Golurk or anyone else at the moment, not even himself. His only thought was that he had to get to Lovino. Lovino was the only thing that mattered.

He picked up the limp and battered body of his friend and held him close, thanking whoever the hell Arceus was that he was only unconscious and not.. Well, he'd rather not think about that.

The Golurk started foreword and held his palm up to Daniel, about to use Psychic. That was overkill since Daniel was only hanging on by one hit point at most and knew that if this hit him, he would most likely die. Even so, he positioned himself in front of Lovino, not wanting his friend to incur any more damage and die. He would keep him safe even if it meant his life.

"Humph, don't be stupid and stand aside. Take him with you," a voice came from behind him. He turned abruptly, having not expected it. A pure white Kabutops with an ice blue scarf came up beside him.

"Are you deaf? I said move," the stranger huffed, crossing his arms in annoyance.

Daniel picked Lovino up carefully and stood to the side with Tino, who had avoided the most of the Earthquake since he was in mid air for most of it.

Tino looked at Lovino's limp body, feeling a bit bad about it.

Daniel and Tino merely watched as the stranger shot foreword with a Surf attack, knocking the Golurk over.

It groaned, getting to it's feet and used Stone Edge, which the stranger easily avoided.

The Kabutops used Ice Beam mid dodge to finish off the Golurk and turned to leave.

Seeing as Daniel wasn't going to say anything, Tino called after him, "What is your name?"

"Hershel," he called back, not bothering to turn around.

Daniel nodded, indicating that he heard and held Lovino close, feeling as if his world depended on Lovino being alright. He shuffled through the things they'd picked up on their way there and gave Lovino the seed he'd called a Reviver Seed, hoping it would do as the name implied. He let out a sigh of relief as Lovino showed signs of consciousness immediately. He buried his muzzle in Lovi's short fur, holding him close, never wanting to let go.

"D-Daniel..?" Lovino murmured as if waking from a bad dream.


"Daniel, where did that Gol-whatever go?" he asked, looking around in confusion.

Daniel simply pointed at it, not in the mood for talk at the moment, "Lovino, You scared me.. Never do that again.."

"Daniel..." Lovino murmured with a blush. He nuzzled Daniel's cheek comfortingly, "I'll try, but no promises."

"If you guys are done, can we get out of here before that thing gets up?" Tino said, rolling his eyes, brushing a tuft of fur out of his face.

"Oh, shit, umm.." Lovino blushed horribly, scrambling out of Daniel's lap and searching for his explorer pin, "Y-yeah, let's go."


"Thanks so much for saving him!" Keiko smiled happily "We'll be waiting at the guild with your reward," she said as they left for the guild.

Lovino sighed, "That was a nightmare... " he muttered after they were out of sight.

"This wouldn't have happened if you had just taken the retrieval mission," Daniel reminded him, Beginning to walk back to treasure town.

"Don't remind me.. It's all that cheeky bird's fault!" Lovino huffed, passing the blame.

Daniel rolled his eyes, smiling slightly, unaware they were being watched though the bushes.

Duplico laughed quietly "Look at these idiots, Shadow! The Vulpix obviously likes that Riolu. We should mess with them!"

Shadow rolled his eyes at the Ditto.

"Oh, c'mon, It'll be fun!" Duplico pouted at his temperamental Poochyena friend.

"Fine, fine, but this one's on you, I'm not doing anything."


"Oh fine!" He muttered, hating how easily Duplico could break him.

"Yay!" Duplico smiled, turning into Lovino and ditching his scarf. He nodded at Shadow, knowing his partner knew what he was getting at.

Shadow sighed slightly before screaming "HELP!"

Lovino's head shot up and dashed that way without a second thought.

"Lovino..?" Daniel looked over at him as he disappeared through the brush in confusion. He sighed and followed slowly, still in pain from not healing properly after the fight with the Golurk. There was a brief commotion behind the brush before Lovino reappeared.

"Pfft.. They ran off.. Cowards." he huffed angrily before smiling at Daniel, rubbing his head against his chest and licking his cheek.

"L-Lovino..? Wh-what are you doing..?" Daniel stuttered, blushing like crazy.

"Oh, nothing~" Lovino smiled flirtatiously.

"This isn't like you.." Daniel looked away, thinking this was some sort of dream.

"Yes it is. I like you a lot." He stated as if it were obvious.

Daniel was flipping out a bit, not sure what to make of this sudden turn of events.

Meanwhile in the bushes Shadow was watching his best friend flirt with that Riolu while he sat there making sure the Vulpix didn't mess up whatever the hell Duplico was doing to the poor guy.

He dug his claws into the ground when Duplico licked the guy's cheek "that's going a bit far.." he muttered jealously. before he really knew what he was doing, he released Lovino.

"Daniel! That's not me! It's a Ditto!" Lovino hissed, sprinting out of the brush.

"Wh-what!?" he looked between the two of them and stuttered, not knowing which was which. One of them had to be fake right?

"C'mon, Daniel, you know that's not me." the fake Lovino smiled confidently, "He doesn't even have the right accessory."

The real Lovino looked around his neck and found that the fake was right, he was now wearing a red scarf and the fake was wearing his team bandanna.

Daniel blinked, trying to calm himself down, and noticed that when his eyes were closed he could feel waves of energy. Auras. When he opened his eyes he sighed and walked slowly toward the fake.

"N-No... Daniel..." the real Lovino murmured, looking as if he would cry.

Daniel hid the faintest of smiles at that and shot foreword at the fake, pulling the team bandanna off of him, "You have no right to wear this."

Daniel turned to the real Lovino and smiled at him, motioning him over.

Lovino ran to Daniel, nearly toppling them both over as he tried to hug him upright, "D-Daniel, you ass hole!" he cried, hiding his flushed face in his chest.

Duplico reverted back to his original form and smiled at them. Shadow joined him and sat next to him possessively.

Daniel took the scarf off Lovino, watching it turn from red to a rust color and gave it back to Duplico, where it turned white.

"C'mon Duplico," Shadow muttered, " That's enough 'Fun' for one day."

"Aww, Shadow.. You're such a downer," he pouted, following anyway.

Daniel fastened Lovino's team bandanna around his neck and hugged him, smiling, "Let's go back to the guild. It's getting late."

"Mmhmm.." Lovino murmured, not leaving his side the whole way back.


When they finally got back, Chatot was there waiting for them along with Keiko and Tino. He did not look happy.

"What did you think you were doing!?" he yelled at them, "You could have been killed at your level!"

"But we didn't..." Daniel countered.

"By the skin of your teeth if your appearance suggests anything," Chatot spat, "And while I am impressed that you survived that encounter, it was still unbelievably stupid of you and I expected you to have a little more sense than that."

Daniel flinched and looked down, causing Lovino to glare at Chatot accusingly.

"Leave the guy alone! I'm the one who switched our jobs without looking at it first. So leave Daniel out of it!" Lovino hissed, stepping in front of Daniel defensively.

"...Well.. I suppose if you've learned your lesson, then there's no need to punish you, but don't let it happen again!" he warned.

Keiko came up as soon as they were finished and set out their reward.

"Oh my god, 3000 p!?" Lovino gawked at the large sum of money, "Are you sure!?"

"You saved my partner, of course! It should probably be more!" she said as if it were obvious.

Lovino smiled at her gratefully and Daniel looked at the shiny coins happily. He liked that they were shiny.

Keiko and Tino then said their goodbyes and Chatot came up to them once more, "Now hand over the money, if you please,"

"What?!" Lovino cried, not believing this douche was putting them through anymore hell by taking their money.

"Most of the money made by missions goes to the guild," he said, shuffling through the coins, "Your share comes to about this much."

He handed them 300 p.

"But that's like 10%!" Lovino protested

"Those are the rules of the guild," Chatot said, hopping off with the remainder of the money.

Lovino glared as he left and followed, mumbling curses under his breath. Daniel put a paw between Lovino's ears on that bun thing and smiled comfortingly.

Lovino and Daniel kept to themselves mostly while waiting for dinner, unlike the rest of the guild that were mingling with each other. The other guild members were either put off by Daniel's silence or scared off by Lovino's colorful language.

"Alright, everyone, dinner's on!" Chimecho called, throwing the door to the mess hall open to avoid being trampled.

Everyone ate in a rush except for Daniel, who honestly didn't see the point in eating ravenously like an animal. Awkwardly enough, he was the first one done and headed for the crew rooms, but paused by the door, waiting for Lovino. He came a little while later.

"You didn't have to wait for me you know," He said, Looking up at him.

"I wanted to," he said simply, going in to their room and laying on his bed.

Lovino blushed slightly and followed, laying on his own bed, feeling it was a bit further away from Daniel than he'd like. He pulled his bed closer to Daniel and smiled, slightly embarrassed. To Lovino's surprise, Daniel smiled back.

"We should get some rest, Lovino. Today was a busy day," he murmured tiredly, looking as if he'd drift off right there.

Lovino nodded, deciding he'd put Daniel through enough today and to hold off on his nightly bitching until tomorrow since Daniel was tired.

"Alright, goodnight, Daniel.."

Hershel - Lord of Ice Termina

Shadow and Duplico - twilightcrystalflame

Keiko and Tino - shippofan2k

A/N: I apologize in advance if anyone of the people above did not like how I Wrote their characters! just pm me if you want it fixed and I will fix it as soon as possible!