A night under the Rainbow

My little pony: friendship is magic fanfiction

By Zero2o1o

I'm sorry to say this but this is the last chapter, I really am sad this one has to end. Maybe someday I'll make a sequel to this I'm not sure yet. Anyways I hope you guys'll enjoy the last chapter of A night under the rainbow!

Chapter seven: there's a wedding in Ponyville

It had been four months since Big Mac had moved in with Twilight and Rainbow Dash and the girls wedding was close at hand, As it got closer Rainbow Dash got more and more nervous which was not normal for the woman who told everyone that she feared nothing "oh man oh man oh man I can't remember my vows and the weddings in two months" the rainbow haired woman said in a panic as she sat in a tea shop with Rarity and Applejack "whoa there sugar cube there's no reason to panic, I'm sure you're remember your vows when you need to" Applejack told her best friend as she watched Rainbow Dash go on about how dumb she would look if she couldn't say her vows correctly at her and Twilight's wedding "I'm with Applejack I'm sure you're and Twilight's wedding will be absolutely wonderful" Rarity cut in while Rainbow Dash was pulling at her short rainbow hair "hey you're not the one who's getting married in two freaking months" Rainbow Dash bitched glaring angrily at Rarity knowing she had no idea what she was going through "darling I'm sure Twilight is feeling just as nervous as you are" Rarity commented calmly not letting Rainbow Dash's anger get at her "I doubt that Twi has a photographic memory, she's already remembered all her lessons for her classes at the academy" the rainbow haired woman complained burying her face in her hands. Applejack took off her cowboy hat and scratched her wheat blonde hair trying to think of what to say to her friend "hey how about we change the subject, so how's Crackerjack been doing? I haven't seen him in a few days" Applejack said cheerfully smiling at her best friend who looked up at her from her arms "he's fine, Twilight took him to Canterlot to see her parents and the castle library" Rainbow Dash replied before lying her head back on her arms "what about Big Macintosh?, how good of a father is he?" Rarity asked wanting to take the rainbow haired woman's mind off her wedding "Big Mac? Oh uh he's a great dad he looks after Crackerjack when ever me and Twilight want to go on a date and he plays with him everyday when he gets home" Rainbow Dash commented remembering all the great things Big Mac did for his son "I knew my big brother would be a good dad just like our pa" Applejack laughed knowing her father would be very proud of Big Mac. Applejack's smile quickly turned into a frown and tried her best not to start crying as she remembered her loving father "goodness Applejack why are you crying?" Rarity asked the cowgirl who hid under her cowboy hat " I...I an't crying" the wheat blonde haired woman sobbed trying to clear away the tears from her blue eyes "what ever it is Applejack you can tell us we're you're friends" Rarity sweetly told her farmer best friend who kept crying "I...I...miss my...pa" AJ cried now just letting the tears flow out of her "I know how you feel AJ I miss my dad too" Rainbow Dash said knowing how Applejack felt about missing her father since she lost her dad the same way Applejack did. Rainbow Dash pulled Applejack in for a hug where the wheat blonde haired woman started sobbing like no one had ever seen her do before "it's ok Applejack" Rainbow Dash cooed showing everyone in the shop how good of a friend and mother she was "poor dear" Rarity thought as she watched her normally cheery friend cry on Rainbow Dash's shoulder, Rarity couldn't imagine what it would be like if she lost both her mother and father it would destroy her "Applejack you don't have to be up set, you still have Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Applebloom, Crackerjack and all your friends here for you" Rainbow Dash told Applejack while she softly pat the wheat blonde haired woman on the back "I know..., but I still...miss...my Pa" Applejack sobbed holding tight to Rainbow Dash's very light cerulean shirt and soaked it with her tears "I know how you feel I miss my dad too, but if you live in the past you're never be able to move to the future" Rainbow Dash said wanting to comfort the one person who was there for her when she needed a friend besides Twilight "yeah y'all right Dash I need to stop living in regret that my dad is gone, I know he would want me to move on with my life thanks Rainbow Dash" Applejack sniffed removing her blue eyes of tears.

Once Applejack had cleared her eyes of tears, she, Rainbow Dash and Rarity left the coffee shop and walked around Ponyville "I almost forgot to ask how is your relationship with PepperBell going?, you two been going out for almost four months now" Rarity asked as she and her friends past the post office and a small restaurant that was next to it "oh it's going ok, PepperBell is a really nice guy and knows not to mess with me or get on my bad side" Applejack replied smiling at her two friends who laughed a little "hey take it easy on PepperBell I've known him for nearly 12 years" Rainbow Dash giggled before telling her friends that she actually use to work with PepperBell back in Cloudsdale "so did you two ever you know?" Applejack asked cheekily wanting to know if Rainbow Dash had slept with her boyfriend before she ever had the chance "wait me and Pepperbell?, no way I never dip my pussy in company ink" Rainbow Dash replied staying to that idea ever since she started working "do you really have to use such vulgar language Rainbow Dash" Rarity asked with great disgust in her voice "oh get off it Rarity, your to up tight sometimes you know that?" Rainbow Dash joked causing the fashion loving woman's cheeks to become a light shade of red "if you ask me you should get laid more" Dash laughed only making Rarity's face even more redder "it's none of your business how much I get laid Rainbow Dash" Rarity snapped sticking her nose in the air with a great sense of disdain for her friend's comment. Rainbow Dash soon realized that she may of crossed the line with her last sentence and quickly apologized "it's ok Rainbow Dash" Rarity told her rainbow haired friend knowing that she was only kidding with her "I wish you wouldn't act so childish Rainbow Dash, it's not a good look for a lady" the royal purple haired woman scorned Rainbow Dash who just smirked at her "really Dash" Rarity sighed rolling her eyes.

"Do I have to put you two in a corner, cause if you two start fighting again I'll tan both y'all hides" Applejack warned her friends glaring at them with great intent.

Rainbow Dash said good bye to Applejack who had to go back to her family's farm and Rarity who just remembered that she had a client coming to see some of her newest dresses. As she walked back home Rainbow Dash couldn't help but feel lonely without Twilight and Crackerjack even though Big Macintosh was still at the house "you ok Rainbow Dash?" a voice called to the rainbow haired woman who turned and saw Derpy, Ditzy Doo and her new baby Morning Star "hi Derpy, yeah I'm fine I just miss Twilight and Crackerjack" Rainbow Dash sighted putting her hands in her pockets and kicked a nearby rock "where are they?" the normally golden crossed eyed woman asked as she pat Morning Star on the back "they're in Canterlot for a few days" Rainbow Dash replied letting out another deep sigh telling Derpy she really missed her wife and son "you don't have to miss them they're be back soon" Derpy told her coworker in her usual happy voice "I know but I still miss them" Dash complained in a high pitch voice as if she was a child. Derpy giggled she knew how Rainbow Dash felt every time the Doctor went off in his tardis, she would miss him so much that her heart felt like it was breaking "I know how you feel, before me and the Doctor got married and Ditzy Doo was born, the Doctor would go on long trips to see people who were sick and I would miss him so much till he came back" Derpy explained leaving out that her husband would leave to go to other dimensions to fight evil monsters "I'm guessing when you two got married and had Ditzy Doo, the Doc wanted to take a job here in Ponyville so you guys were close together?" Rainbow Dash asked as she and Derpy sat on a nearby park bench "pretty much yeah" the blonde woman replied as she pulled out a bottle from Morning Star's diaper bag and gave it to her son.

The two women talked for a little while, while Ditzy Doo went and played with some other children in the park "hey Derpy how long have you and Doctor Whooves been married?" Rainbow Dash asked curiously as she watched Ditzy Doo play tag with some kids "mmmmmm we've been married for about ten years come next June" Derpy replied while she rocked Morning star in her arms "wow ten years, you're husband better not forget your guys anniversary" Rainbow Dash joked which made the blonde woman start laughing her head off "you got that right, cause if he does he'll be in a crap load of trouble if he forgets our anniversary" Derpy laughed now thinking of how to punish her husband in case he did forget their ten year anniversary. The two fully grown women both started laughing again only this one was hearted "so Rainbow Dash how's you're and Twilight's wedding coming?" Derpy asked causing the rainbow haired woman sitting next to her smile quickly turned into a frown "well it's ok, I need to remember my vows and I still haven't picked a maid of honor..." Dash stopped and looked at Derpy with her light brilliant vermilion eyes "Derpy could you be my maid of honor?" Rainbow Dash asked the blonde woman who's mouth dropped in shock "me?, you want me to be your maid of honor?, what about Applejack or Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy or Rarity?, wouldn't you want one of them be you're maid of honor?" Derpy asked not understanding why Rainbow Dash wouldn't want one of her best friends be her maid of honor "Rarity can't cause she's planning the wedding, Pinkie Pie is doing the wedding cake, Applejack is making all the food and Fluttershy is dealing with music so they can't be my maid of honor, please Derpy will you be my maid of honor?" Rainbow Dash begged giving her friend her puppy dog eyes "ok I'll be you're maid of honor, so what do I have to do?" the blonde crossed eyed woman replied before being hugged by Rainbow Dash "you have to take care of my bachelorette party, I hope you know how to make it fun" the rainbow haired woman told her friend raising her eye brows up and down letting Derpy know she wanted a good time at her bachelorette party "oh my you mean you want me to have strippers and lots of alcohol at your bachelorette party?" Derpy commented a blush was now all over her face "well yeah Derpy that's the whole point of a bachelorette party you know that I mean I went to your's and we both got totally shitface" Rainbow Dash laughed only making her friend's face even redder then before "please don't remind me, my head was killing me for two whole days I'm surprised I could of gone to my wedding" Derpy sighed slapping her forehead against her palm in embarrassment at how hungover she got at her bachelorette party "come on Derpy you were a shit load of fun for a girl who never drank before" the rainbow haired woman laughed remembering how Derpy spend a good part of the party dancing and joking with everyone who came to her bachelorette party.

After Derpy and Rainbow Dash had talked about when Derpy would throw Rainbow Dash's bachelorette party the rainbow haired woman said good bye to her friend and her family before going home.

"Hey Big Mac you home?" Rainbow Dash called thinking that she was alone in the house, there was no reply so Dash was right to think she was alone "(sigh) now what?" the rainbow haired woman thought walking over to the book case and cruised the case. She thought about reading her Daring Doo books, but she had read each and every book "I wonder what books Twily has in her private library" Rainbow Dash wondered walking over to the stairs that lead to Twilight's lab and private library that was in the basement. Twilight's lab was full of all the same machines she had in the library all of which had to be moved do to the fact that most of the machines could be dangerous if it fell into the hands of someone who didn't know what they were doing. Rainbow Dash's wife's private library was full of books of all kinds from alchemy to books that would be best read in private away from other people "well well well looks like my sweet little Twilight isn't as innocent as I thought" Dash chuckled as she picked up a dark blue book and opened it and saw that it was full of pictures of people having sex in several different positions, immediately Rainbow Dash felt a moist spot growing in her panties "since no ones here meant as well take care of this little problem" Rainbow Dash commented taking the sex book and went back up the stairs "now where should I do this?" Dash asked herself giggling at the idea that she could masturbate anywhere in the house "maybe my room? no that's not dirty enough, Spike's room? no that's just being mean, maybe I could just masturbate in Big Mac's room then he can catch me and fuck me" Rainbow Dash thought going down the list of places she could jack off "nay I'm tired of masturbating in a bedroom, mmmmmmmmmmm I could masturbate in the livingroom, but if I do I'll have to lock the front door all though Big Mac could just unlock the door and catch me...I know I can do it in the kitchen, I haven't masturbated in there before" Dash said stopping to think of where she could masturbate then realized she never touched herself in the kitchen before. The rainbow haired woman giggled at how bad she was being right now and how angry Twilight would be if she came home and saw her jacking off in the kitchen.

Rainbow Dash walked into the kitchen and put the sex book on the table then she pulled her pants off and stepped out of them and sat in the chair that was in front of the sex book "lets see which one of you guys going's to get me off" Rainbow Dash said to the book as she flipped through the pages and saw all the different sex positions "mmmmmmm the hinge, now that's hot" Rainbow Dash gasped as she stopped at a picture " lets see the man kneels up, leaning backwards and uses one arm to support himself. The woman is also on her knees facing away from him in the doggy style position. She straddles him, leaning forwards onto her elbows and thrusting herself backwards onto him. He can use his spare hand to caress and tease. Yum!" The rainbow haired woman read while she slipped her hand into her panties and started rubbing her clit which made her shiver. Rainbow Dash lightly pulled and rubbed on the nub that was now rock hard "oh yeah that's what I need" Rainbow Dash cooed as she felt her lust getting stronger, soon the young woman was tracing her pussy lips letting her mind be over taken by her lust. Wanting more Rainbow Dash pushed her pointer and middle finger into her vagina and began pumping her fingers "oh yes" the rainbow haired woman moaned lying her head on the back of the chair she was sitting on "damn this an't good enough" Dash complained looking around the kitchen for something she could use to ease her lustful need, after a couple seconds of looking around Rainbow Dash saw a wooden tube that was used for flattening bread dough "come to ma ma" she cheered standing up and grabbed the roller and went back to her chair "oh sweet Celestia that's the ticket" Rainbow Dash cried once she pushed the roller in her soaking wet love hole.

Rainbow Dash would of rather have one of her and Twilight's dildoes but the wooden roller she was using would have to do mainly because she was far to horny right now and she didn't want to track her love juice all over the house "need more" Dash whimpered pushing the roller farther into her soaking wet vagina, as she pleasured herself with the roller Rainbow Dash massaged her right C-cup boob with her free hand this caused her to moan and whimper in pleasure even louder then before "come on Dash you can fuck yourself harder then this!" The rainbow haired woman groaned pumping the roller as fast as she could go "mmmmmmmmm" she moaned when the roller started rubbing against her g-spot. Rainbow Dash was so into her masturbating that she never heard the front door opening and Big Macintosh calling her name "come on I need just a little more" Rainbow Dash cried before she finally it her climax sending her vaginal juices all over the roller that was in her pussy and all over the chair and floor "huff...huff...huff...that...was...exactly...what I...needed" Rainbow Dash breathed pulling the roller out of her vagina and let it drop on the floor.

"what in the world is going on in here?" Big Mac asked when he walked into the kitchen and saw Rainbow Dash sitting in the chair and the roller lying on the floor covered in her vaginal juice "oh shit Big Mac, it's not what it looks like" Rainbow Dash shouted standing up and quickly pulled her panties on and grabbed her pants and tried to put them on "it looks like you were using that roller to masturbate" Big Mac replied pointing to the roller and smiling as he did so "are you going to tell Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked in horror scared that her wife would be really angry with her "no I'm not the kind of man to tell on others unless they did something really bad, but I am going to have to ask you to throw that roller away" Macintosh answered not wanting to ever touch the roller Rainbow Dash had used to jack off with "oh sweet Celestia this is so embarrassing" Rainbow Dash said hiding her face in her hands and started to cry, knowing that the rainbow haired woman was embarrassed and hurt Big Mac walked up to her and pulled her in for a hug "it's ok Rainbow Dash you don't have to cry" the dirty blonde haired man cooed holding tight to Rainbow Dash and let her cry on his chest. Big Mac kissed the top of Rainbow Dash's head wanting to comfort the rainbow haired woman "it's ok Rainbow Dash it's ok" the large dirty blonde haired farmer cooed holding on the crying woman in his strong arm. Rainbow Dash looked up into Macintosh's kind green eyes who looked down at her which she knew wouldn't judge her for masturbating in the kitchen "you promise not to tell Twilight about this?" The rainbow haired woman asked blushing as Big Mac let her go so she could clean up her mess of love juice "what are you talking about Ms. Dash, I didn't see a single thing" Macintosh replied before telling Rainbow Dash that he really needed to go to his room cause he had something he really had to deal with "you know I can help with that little problem of yours" Dash giggled pointing at the bump in her lover's pants "hey I can deal with this, you have a mess to clean up anyways" Big Mac said smirking as he left the kitchen leaving Rainbow Dash to clean up.

Dash got everything she needed to clean up her vaginal juice off the floor and chair "oh man I can't believe how much I came, it's freaking everywhere" Rainbow Dash complained once the rag she had was totally soaked and saw that there was still a lot to clean up, she got a few more rags from the closet and cleaned up the remainder of her cum making sure that she also got rid of the roller she had used to pleasure herself "like I never even did it" Rainbow Dash laughed once she had put all the rags she used in the wash and tossed the roller in a trash can outside making sure her wife would never know about her crime "Rainbow Dash you're a fucking genius" the rainbow haired woman chuckled before putting Twilight's sex book away and then left the house to go to Cloudsdale cause she wanted to go see her friend who she had known since she was a little girl.

It was late in the afternoon when Twilight got home with Crackerjack and Spike "oh man it's great to be home" the purple dragon said as he walked into the house behind Twilight who was pushing Crackerjack in his stroller "I'm with you Spike I missed Rainbow Dash and Big Mac, did you miss mommy and daddy?" Twilight said before talking in a baby voice to her son "Hey Dashie, Hey Big Mac we're home" Twilight called out as she got Crackerjack out of his stroller "Hi Twilight, how was your guy's trip?" Macintosh greeted his friends coming into the living room and kissed Twilight on the lips which made Spike want to throw up "it was great mom and dad were really happy to see me, Spike and Crackerjack and they told me that the next time I came to Canterlot that you should come with me" Twilight told the large man who told her that he would like to go to Canterlot cause he had never been there before "really not even when you were a kid?" The purple and hot pink haired woman asked remembering Applejack telling her that the children in Ponyville would go to Canterlot for a field trip "no the day my class went to Canterlot I got chickenpox, so I never got to go" Big Mac answered wishing he had got to go to Canterlot with the rest of his class "oh that's to bad you would of really liked the palace's maze" Twilight said before telling Big Mac that she needed to go to the bathroom so she needed him to hold Crackerjack "hey there bud, did you miss me?" Big Mac asked his son as he sat on the couch and put Crackerjack on his lap "hahahahahahaha " the light purple haired infant laughed when his father started playing with his belly button "how you been doing Spike?" Macintosh asked the dragon who had been unpacking some of Twilight's books and Crackerjack's toys "I'm fine, just a little tired from the trip" Spike replied yawning while he spoke "couldn't Twilight teleport you guys to Canterlot and back?" Big Mac asked knowing Twilight had some of the strongest magic in Equestria "yeah she could of, but she wouldn't cause that could be harmful to Crackerjack" Spike explained while he put a book on the shelf "oh when you put it like that it makes sense Twilight wouldn't use her teleporting spell" Big Macintosh commented while he bounced Crackerjack on his knee.

Spike put away all of Twilight's books and then went up stairs to see if Twilight's pet owl Owlowiscious was home or was out hunting.

"Hey Big Mac do you know where Rainbow Dash went?, I looked all over the house but I couldn't find her" Twilight asked Big Mac who was playing peek a boo with Crackerjack "I'm not sure, I think she may of left a note on the coffee table" Macintosh replied pointing at the table that was by the couch. Twilight walked over to the coffee table where she found a note in Rainbow Dash's handwriting lying on the table "looks like you were right she did leave a note" the purple and hot pink haired woman commented before picking the note up and started reading it.

Dear Twilight or Big Mac

I went to Cloudsdale to go visit Sunshine, who I've told you guys how we're been friends since we were little, anyways I'll be home later tonight that's if Sunshine doesn't ask me to go clubbing with her if that happens I'll stay the night and come home in the morning.


Rainbow Dash

"I hope Rainbow Dash is going to be ok" Twilight said in a worried tone cause she didn't trust Sunshine "I'm sure Rainbow Dash will be fine, she can handle herself better then most guys I know" Big Mac said as he continued to play with his seven month old son who was laughing and giggling "I know she can handle herself, I'm just worried about Sunshine she's not exactly my biggest fan cause I married Rainbow Dash" Twilight replied sitting down next to Big Mac and started chewing her finger nail "so did Rainbow Dash and Sunshine date or something?" The dirty blonde farmer asked wanting to get more details on Rainbow Dash's relationship with Sunshine " they did a long time ago before I moved to Ponyville, but they ended their relationship cause they felt that it meant ruin their friendship" Twilight explained remembering what Rainbow Dash had told her about Sunshine and their short lived relationship "and you think just because Rainbow Dash is visiting her ex girlfriend she'll want to go back to her and leave you and Crackerjack" Big Mac said chuckling a little cause he knew the rainbow haired woman wouldn't do such a thing "I know I shouldn't think that, but Sunshine has a lot of things I don't have she's not only beautiful, she like to party and dance and she can fly and she's funny too. In other words she out matches me in a lot of ways" Twilight told Big Mac while she tapped on her knee caps "Sunshine may have all that, but you know what Rainbow Dash picked you as her wife not Sunshine, so you need to stop worrying about Rainbow Dash leaving you" Macintosh said giving Twilight a kind smile letting her know that Rainbow Dash would remain loyal to her "I still trust Rainbow Dash but Sunshine on the other hand I trust as about as far as I can throw her" Twilight told Big Mac taking Crackerjack from him and went to change his diaper.

Twilight put her son down for a nap then went down to Sugar cube corner to ask Pinkie Pie if she could make her a couple lemon pound cakes "hi Twilight where have you been I've missed you and Crackerjack" the puffy pink haired woman told her friend while she hopped up and down in her usual excited way "I told you Pinkie Pie I was going to Canterlot with Crackerjack" Twilight replied shaking her head as she watched her friend skip around Sugar cube corner "I forgot" as all Pinkie Pie said before being asked by Twilight to make her lemon pound cakes. Pinkie pie got to work on her friend's order right away cause she knew there was a time to party and a time to get to work "oh before I forget how's mine and Rainbow Dash's wedding cake coming along?" Twilight asked as she watched Pinkie Pie mix the lemon cake batter "I've decided to make your guy's cake a three layer cake with all kinds of different flowers on it, I'm also going to have to custom make your wedding topping cause we only have groom and brides toppings" Pinkie Pie replied now pouring the batter into a couple trays "how much is this all going to cost?" the purple and hot pink haired woman asked even though her mother and father were paying for the whole wedding "the cake is going to cost $466 and the custom made wedding toppings will cost $120, but I talked to Mr. Cake and he'll give you a 15% discount cause you're my friend" Pinkie Pie answered while she put Twilight's lemon pound cake in the Sugar cube corner oven "thanks Pinkie Pie" the purple and hot pink haired woman said happy the baker could give her parents a 15% discount "no problem Twilight it's the least I can do for one of my best friends" Pinkie Pie replied in a sing song voice while she went around the store icing cupcakes and cakes.

Twilight and Pinkie Pie talked while they waited for the lemon pound cake to finish cooking, they talked on several different subjects from about the wedding to helping Pinkie Pie find a boyfriend who didn't just want sex.

Once the cake was finished Twilight paid for it and left to go see Rarity about her wedding dress, as she walked down the road that lead to Rarity's Carousel Boutique she ran into Cheerilee who was on her way to a date which was set up by one of her friends "so what's this guy's name?, maybe I know something about him" Twilight said giving her friend a small smile "his name is Timeclock, he has a clock shop on the corner of Daisy Rd. & Cherry street" Cheerilee replied as she and Twilight walked down the Main Street of Ponyville "I bought a clock from there a few months after I moved here, so I've met Timeclock a few time so he could repair or replace parts in my clock" Twilight commented remembering the tall thin man with ginger hair and dark yellow eyes "he's a very nice man, who also has a lovely smile" Twilight kept speaking blushing when she spoke of Timeclock's charming smile "if I didn't know better it sounds like you fancy Timeclock" Cheerilee joked which made Twilight blush even harder then before "hahahahahahaha I'm joking Twilight, I can't believe how easy it is to mess with you" the light ceriseish gray haired woman laughed only making Twilight blush even harder "it's not like that Cheerilee I'm a married woman" Twilight said with a great sense of hurt in her voice "I'm sorry Twilight I didn't mean to be rude" Cheerilee apologized realizing that her joke had gone a little to far "it's ok Cheerilee and anyways there's only one man I do fancy and that's the father of my son Crackerjack" Twilight replied a smile returning on her soft lips "you're talking about Applejack's big brother Big Macintosh right?, I have his little sister Applebloom in my class" Cheerilee commented not surprised that she knew someone who was related to Crackerjack in her class since Ponyville was a small town and didn't have a lot of people in it. Twilight nodded letting Cheerilee know that it was Big Mac she had been talking about "you know how lucky you are to have gotten a guy like Big Mac to father your child and want to help raise him, unlike Caramel who tried to kill his daughter Playnote four months ago" Cheerilee said remembering seeing the royal guards taking Caramel away in handcuffs after he tried to murder Octavia and Playnote "I'm very lucky to have Big Mac as my son's father and I know I'm lucky to have Rainbow Dash as well" Twilight replied now wondering when her wife would be home from Cloudsdale.

Cheerilee noticed the worried look on the purple and hot pink haired woman's face "what's wrong Twilight?" Cheerilee asked hoping she could help her friend "oh I'm just worried about Rainbow Dash, she's going out drinking with a friend and she can drink more then she can handle" Twilight replied before telling Cheerilee about Sunshine and how she used to date Rainbow Dash "I'm sure Rainbow Dash will be fine, I should get going Timeclock is waiting for me" Cheerilee said before running off cause she didn't want to be late for her date.

In the Carousel Boutique Rarity was working on a dress for a client that lived in Canterlot "ah prefect I really out did myself this time" the royal purple haired woman cheerfully commented once she had finished the dress "hello Rarity I'm here to see how my wedding dress is coming along" Twilight said making Rarity turn away from her work "Twilight darling I'm happy your here I need you to put on your wedding dress so I can put on some last minute touch" Rarity replied leading Twilight to the back where her wedding dress was.

Twilight's wedding dress was snow white with a long veil that covered her face "Twilight you look so beautiful" Rarity said when Twilight came out of the changing room "thanks Rarity" Twilight replied blushing a little cause she knew Rarity was right "it's true Twilight you look lovely and Rainbow Dash is going to be stunned when she sees you" Rarity told her friend who was looking herself over in a mirror. Over the next hour Rarity fixed Twilight's wedding dress all the while they gossiped about some of the other people who lived in Ponyville "that should do it Twilight" Rarity told her best friend once she was done with her work "thank goodness my legs are killing me" Twilight bitched stepping off the stool she had been standing on "why don't you go and change and I'll make us a pot of tea" the royal purple haired woman commented but was told by Twilight that she had to get back cause Crackerjack could wake from his nap at anytime and Big Mac had no idea how to make Crackerjack's bottle.

After Twilight changed out of her wedding dress she said bye to Rarity and headed home where she found Big Mac playing a game of chess against Spike and Crackerjack was still asleep in his bed "what do you guys want for dinner?" Twilight asked when she came back from checking on Crackerjack "how about we have pizza" Macintosh answered as he took Spike's rook "actually that sounds like a good idea, cause I don't really feel like cooking tonight" the purple and hot pink haired woman commented sitting down next to Big Mac "hey Big Mac can we pause I got to pee?" Spike asked before getting up and ran to the bathroom "hey Twilight I've been writing a really great poem you want to hear it?" Macintosh asked the beautiful woman sitting next to him "yeah sure Big Mac" Twilight replied giving her son's father her full attention, the tall dirty blonde man cleared his throat then he started speaking "Oh, good gigantic smile o' the brown old earth,

This autumn morning! How he sets his bones

To bask i' the sun, and thrusts out knees and feet

For the ripple to run over in its mirth;

Listening the while, where on the heap of stones

The white breast of the sea-lark twitters sweet.

That is the doctrine, simple, ancient, true;

Such is life's trial, as old earth smiles and knows.

If you loved only what were worth your love,

Love were clear gain, and wholly well for you:

Make the low nature better by your throes!

Give earth yourself, go up for gain above!" When he was done Twilight had a stunned look on her face, she had never heard a poem so beautiful "Big Mac that was a wonderful poem when in the world did you have time to come up with it?" the purple haired and hot pink haired woman asked amazed that Macintosh could be come up with a poem like the one he just made "well I have a lot of time to myself when I'm out working in the farm and I think up all kinds of different poems" Big Mac explained blushing cause he had never told anyone that he thought up poems "well if you ask me you should write down all you're poems and sell it" Twilight told the tall man before leaning over and pulled him in for a kiss "you really think anyone would want to buy a poem book from some simple farm boy?" Big Macintosh asked thinking no book publisher would want to buy his book "actually I know a publisher in Canterlot who would love to read you're poems" Twilight told Big Mac before telling him that they should to Canterlot after Big Mac wrote up some pages.

Macintosh got some paper and started writing some of the poems he thought up while he was out working in the field, Spike was disappointed that Big Mac wouldn't finished his game of chess but the farmer wanted to write down his poems before he forgot them "come on Big Mac the pizza is going to get cold" Twilight called from the doorway of the kitchen "yeah one more minute Twi I'm almost done" Big Mac called back while he kept writing down his poems. Twilight walked up behind Macintosh and wrapped her arms around his neck while she pushed her B-cup boobies up against the farmer's back "hey that isn't helping" Big Mac complained smiling as he felt his girlfriend's breasts rub against his back "well you better get your cute butt up cause if you don't I won't stop" Twilight cooed into Big Mac's ear before lightly biting his ear clearly teasing him "oh come on you two, you know I'm here right" the two adults heard Spike shout from the kitchen which made them break apart and turn crimson "it's not like that Spike!" Twilight replied trying her best not to yell at the purple dragon "it sure look like you two were about to get it on right here in the living room" Spike commented before being told to go to his room.

Big Mac ate his pizza all the while he talked to Twilight about the publisher she was going to introduce him to, after he was done the farmer went to the bathroom and hopped into the shower, as he washed his large strong chest Big Mac couldn't believe his luck Twilight was going to help him get a book publish and with the money he was going to get from the book he could help fix up his family's farm and maybe he would buy Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Crackerjack something nice or take them on a family vacation. He liked the idea of going somewhere nice with the girls and his son it would be a nice change from Ponyville that's for sure, it wasn't that he hated Ponyville it was just he been in that damn town for far to long and he had to get out of Ponyville for a little while. Once Big Macintosh was done cleaning himself up he turned off the shower and dried off, he then went down stairs so he could finish working on his book.

The next morning Rainbow Dash came home, her head hurt from her hangover "you ok Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked her wife getting a grumpy glare from the rainbow haired woman "I'm going to bed" was all Rainbow Dash said before going up to her room where she slept for most of the day.

A few days later Big Mac and Twilight took the train to Canterlot to meet the publisher the purple and hot pink haired woman had told Macintosh about "Twilight I can't tell you what this means to me" Big Mac told the beautiful woman sitting next to him "Big Mac you're my friend it's the least I can do" Twilight replied pulling the farmer in for a kiss even if there were several people looking at them. Twilight knew people were staring at her and Big Mac but she didn't care, she loved this man the father of her child the man who would do anything to protect her "well damn Twilight that was some kiss" Big Mac gasped taking in air as he spoke "I thought you like my kisses?" Twilight cooed batting her eyes at Big Mac who just smiled at her "I do, just you nearly sucked all the air out of my lungs" Macintosh chuckle before noticing the people staring at him and Twilight "hey mind y'all's own business" the farmer told the other people in the train cart who turned away from him and Twilight.

The train got to Canterlot in the afternoon and Twilight and Big Mac decided to stay at Twilight's parent's place "Twilight I can't believe your back so soon?" Twilight Velvat said when she opened the front door and saw her only daughter standing there with Big Mac "me & Big Mac are meeting a publisher meant want to buy Macintosh's book" Twilight answered before telling her mother about how Big Mac wrote some of the best poems she had ever read "really may I read some?" Twilight Velvat asked before being given a thick black leather book "I. Dear, had the world in its caprice

Deigned to proclaim ``I know you both,

``Have recognized your plighted troth,

Am sponsor for you: live in peace! How many precious months and years

Of youth had passed, that speed so fast,

Before we found it out at last,

The world, and what it fears? II. How much of priceless life were spent

With men that every virtue decks,

And women models of their sex,

Society's true ornament,-

Ere we dared wander, nights like this,

Thro' wind and rain, and watch the Seine,

And feel the Boulevart break again

To warmth and light and bliss? I know! the world proscribes not love;

Allows my finger to caress

Your lips' contour and downiness,

Provided it supply a glove.

The world's good word!-the Institute!

Guizot receives Montalembert!

Eh? Down the court three lampions flare:

Put forward your best foot!" Twilight Velvat read aloud stunned at how good the poem was "oh wow Big Macintosh this is wonderful" the older woman told the dirty blonde man who couldn't help but blush a little "you really think so?" Big Mac replied surprised that Twilight's mother actually like his poem "of course Big Mac you have a real talent for words, you sure be proud of that" Twilight Velvat commented making Big Mac to blush even harder then before.

After Twilight Velvat had embarrassed Macintosh enough she let Twilight and Big Macintosh go up to Twilight's room to unpack "so this is you're bedroom?"Big Mac said happily as he looked around Twilight's room "eeyup this is my room" Twilight giggled as she put her clothes in the dresser "you know we could have a little fun before we head out for the publisher" the purple and hot pink haired woman cooed giving Macintosh a lustful stare and started pulling at his shirt "we could, but your mom is home and she would hear us" Macintosh replied not wanting to face the embarrassment of being caught by Twilight's mom or dad "oh Big Macintosh you do know I can cast a spell that will make my room soundproof right?" Twilight giggled before her horn glowed her royal purple glow which coated the bedroom "now y'all all mine" Twilight said with a southern voice as she took off her shirt and started unhooking her bra, Big Mac knew Twilight was teasing him with the southern accent it was a really good turn on "so what if I am, what you planning to do with me?" Big Macintosh laughed as the mother of his son unbuttoned his button up shirt "I can think up a few things" Twilight chuckled now trying to unbuckle Big Mac's belt and undid his pants "whoa there I just realized I don't have a condom and I hate having to pull out, so what are we going to do now?" the dirty blonde farmer complained only to notice that Twilight had a wicked smile on her face "uuuhhh what's with that look?" Big Mac asked getting an uneasy feeling in his gut "you mean this condom?" Twilight asked before there was a popping noise and a lime green condom landed in her girlish hand "where did...you know what never mind" he said but then realized that the condom most likely came from their house all the way back in Ponyville.

Both the adults got on dressed and got on the bed, Big Mac was on his back while Twilight sat on her knees near the farmer's already erect cock "I've been wanting to show you this new trick I learned for like a month" Twilight cooed taking the condom out of it's wrapper and put the rubber in her mouth "I'm liking where this is going" Big Mac cheered knowing the trick Twilight was about to do very well since many girls he been with had done the same thing. The purple and hot pink haired woman bent over making sure her mouth was over Macintosh's dick, she lowered herself onto the farmer's penis pushing the condom around the male member "how was that?" Twilight asked wanting to see if her bedmate enjoyed her act of love "that was great specially for your first time" Big Mac told the beautiful woman who fell on top of him and hugged him "really Big Mac?" Twilight asked while she rubbed her vagina up against the farmer's throbbing cock "ye...ah...that...was...great" Big Macintosh replied in a broken sentence cause the feeling of Twilight's hot wet pussy lips was driving him mad with lust. Twilight let out a high pitch cheer before dropping down on Big Mac's penis "fuck your pussy is tight" the dirty blonde man shouted forgetting that Twilight had put up a magic barrier so he slapped his hand over his mouth, this made Twilight giggle but her giggles were soon turned into moans of pleasure "oh...yeah...oh...yeah...oh...yeah...that's...the...fucking...spot" Twilight screamed at the top of her voice as she bounced up and down on Macintosh's dick.

"I...can't...believe...how...incredible you're...pussy...feels" Big Mac panted as Twilight rode him like a wild bull.

Twilight gasped and panted as Big Mac's dick hit the opening of her womb "fuck...I love...your...cock"the purple and hot pink haired woman groaned lying on top of Macintosh while she kept moving her hips "fuck...me...harder...fuck me...like...I'm...your...little...bitch!" Twilight said in a labored breath as she moved her hips along to Big Mac's humping "you...got...it" Mac replied in just as heavy breathing before bucking his cock as deep as it could go into Twilight's birth canal.

Big Mac wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out from Twilight's unstoppable fucking "shit Twi...you're...doing...amazing" Big Macintosh commented trying not to cum right there and then "and you have an awesome thick cock" Twilight yelled pulling Big Mac in for a passionate kiss, as she kissed the man who fathered her son Twilight kept humping the hell out of Big Macintosh's penis letting her vagina walls hug the male member "ahhhhhhhhhhh yeah" Twilight screamed when an orgasm rocked her entitle body and her vaginal juices sprayed all over Big Macintosh's cock, balls and thighs "hey don't quit on me now I'm not done just yet" Big Mac chuckled flipping Twilight on her back and kept fucking the purple and hot pink haired woman's soaking wet love hole "oh Macintosh" Twilight cooed when the farmer sucked on her nipple and rubbed her clit.

Twilight's bedroom smelled heavily of Big Mac and Twilight's musk and the room was full of noises of the bed rocking back and forth "I love you Big Mac" the purple and hot pink haired woman yelled as a second orgasm hit her, by now Twilight's pussy walls were becoming raw and each hump was starting to hurt "hurry Mac I can't take much more" Twilight told her lover as some tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

Big Macintosh saw that Twilight was in pain, so he started moving his hips as fast as he could till he hit his own orgasm filling the tip of the condom up with his seed "fuuuuccccck" the blonde man screamed pulling out and fell on his back next to Twilight "that was amazing" Twilight gasped hugging her sweaty naked body against Big Mac's body "you got that right" the dirty blonde haired man replied kissing the top of Twilight's head. After a brief rest Twilight took down her magic barrier and when she did she heard a knock on her bedroom door "Twilight is everything ok?" Night Light asked in a worried tone telling Twilight that her father had been knocking for a while "yeah everything's fine dad, we were just...sleeping that's all" Twilight lied getting out of her bed and put on her bra, panties, pants and shirt back on "well ok, you're mom wants you guys to know that dinner is ready" Night Light replied getting a feeling that his daughter was lying to him "thanks daddy" Twilight said in a sing song voice before going back to Big Mac who was going into Twilight's private bathroom "mind if I join you?" The purple and hot pink haired woman asked in a sexy voice "Twilight I don't think I have it in me to go another round" Big Mac replied already in his underwear and had the shower at the prefect heat "we don't have to have sex I'm to wore out" Twilight replied getting undressed and got into the shower with Big Mac.

While Twilight and Big Mac showered they talked about one day having another child, but they decided to wait at least till Crackerjack was two or three years old. Once they were done cleaning themselves the couple went down stairs to have lunch with Twilight's parents who had a pretty good idea what their daughter had been doing up in her room with Big Mac "so Mr. Macintosh my wife told me you wrote a book and you're wanting to get it publish?" Night Light asked giving the young man a interested stare "yes sir, I'm hoping the money from the book will help fix up my family's farm and with what's left after the repairs I can take Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Crackerjack on a vacation to a nice beach" Big Mac replied before being hugged by Twilight who told him that going on a vacation with him, Rainbow Dash and Crackerjack would be great "oh I almost forgot to tell you Cadance just had her baby, it was a girl and they named her Golden Crowd" Twilight Velvat cheered trying not to cry for joy like when she first heard that she now had a granddaughter "that's wonderful I'll make sure to go to the Crystal empire with Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Crackerjack and Spike so we can all see Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza's baby" Twilight said with a sense of joy cause she now had a niece "you really want me to come with you?, I mean I'm just Crackerjack's father I'm not really part of you're guy's family" Big Mac commented looking down at his plate cause he didn't want to be somewhere where he wasn't wanted "of course I want you to come with us Macintosh, you're not just Crackerjack's dad you're part of my family too" Twilight replied leaning over and kissed Big Mac on the cheek which made them turn a light red "yeah Big Macintosh you may not be married to our Twilight, but you're still apart of the Sparkle family" Night Light told the big man that was sitting across from him and his wife "thanks Mr. Sparkle that's very kind of you to say" Big Mac replied wrapping his big strong arm around Twilight girlish shoulder.

The Sparkle family and their guest ate their lunches while they did this Twilight told her parents about her idea of having another child when Crackerjack was two or three years old, which her parents were happy to hear only they wanted another grandchild sooner then two or three years and told their daughter that she and Big Mac should hurry up and have another baby "come on Twilight you should really think about having a second child, me and you're father an't getting any younger" Twilight Velvat complained hoping this would change Twilight's mind on waiting to have another baby "mom it's not just up to me, Big Mac and Rainbow Dash have a say about it too" Twilight told her mother as she picked up her glass and took a drink from it "I know darling and you three should really talk about giving Crackerjack a sibling" Twilight Velvat told her youngest child really wanting another grandkid "Mrs. Sparkle I know you want another grandchild, but you have to remember how much pressure a pregnancy can put on Twilight and Rainbow Dash and me. What with their wedding coming up and raising Crackerjack I think we really should hold off on having another baby at least till the girls come back from their honeymoon" Big Macintosh explained hoping not to upset Twilight's mother "he does make a good point dear, Twilight and Rainbow Dash have a lot on their hands right now and maybe it would be ok for them to wait to have another child" Night Light told his wife who finally agreed that it was ok she was willing to wait for another grandkid.

When everyone was done with their lunch Twilight and Big Macintosh left for the publisher "you ok Big Mac?" Twilight asked when she noticed the nervous look on her lover's face "uh yeah I'm fine just a little nervous that's all, I mean a person I don't know is going to see if his or her company will want to buy the right's to my book it's a little nerv racking" Big Mac replied as he tapped his foot on the oak wood floor that was under him "everything is going to be fine, I'm sure the publisher will love you're book" Twilight calmly said patting Big Macintosh on his lap to help ease his mind. The farmer gave the purple and hot pink haired woman a loving smile letting her know that her words helped "Mr. Big Macintosh Mr. Book Saw will see you now" a short fat woman with grey hair and dull blue eyes said as she looked around the waiting room for whoever that name belonged to, Big Mac and Twilight stood up and followed the short woman to a large office that had several chairs and book cases in it "ah you must be Big Macintosh it's so nice to meet you I'm Mr. Book Saw and is that little Twilight Sparkle hey how have you been I haven't seen you in ages" a man who was sitting at a big desk and was about Twilight height and had almond colored haired and jade green eyes greeted Big Mac then got out of his seat and greeted Twilight by giving her a friendly hug "now let's get down to business Mr. Macintosh you brought a book you want me to look at right?" Booksaw asked before being hand a book by Big Mac. The book publisher read a few pages of Macintosh's book then looked up at the farmer who smiled at him "well Mr. Macintosh I've read a few page and I have to say I'm very impressed I would love to publish you're book" Book Saw told Big Mac who's couldn't believe that someone was actually going to buy his book "really?" Macintosh asked wanting to just hop up and down like a child. Book Saw reinsured Big Mac that he really wanted to publish his poem book and that he was going to pay the farmer $12,000 for the rights to the book and he also told Macintosh that he would be getting a 75% cut of the sales of each book sold "I'm so proud of you, congratulations Big Mac" Twilight cheered after the dirty blonde man signed the contract Book Saw put in front of him "congratulations Big Macintosh, you can give this paper to my assistant and she'll cut you a check" Book saw said shaking Big Mac's strong hand and then gave the farmer a piece of paper "thank you Book Saw this means a lot to me" Big Mac said the other man who was told him that it was nothing.

Twilight and Big Macintosh stayed in Canterlot for a few days, while they were there the two adults had sex making sure they used protection. When they left Twilight Velvat told her daughter that she and her father would be in Ponyville a few days before her and Rainbow Dash's wedding.

Once Big Macintosh and Twilight were on the train heading back to Ponyville the purple haired woman was telling the farmer that he should take his family, her, Rainbow Dash, Crackerjack and Spike on a fun vacation with the check he got from Book Saw "yeah that would be fun, but with your wedding coming up shouldn't we hold off going on a vacation?" Big Mac replied not wanting to put any stress on Twilight or Rainbow Dash "actually Big Mac a vacation is exactly what me and Dashie need" Twilight said before telling the dirty blonde haired man how stressful all the wedding planning was "oh well when you put it like that maybe a vacation would be a good idea" Machintosh chuckled now scratching the back of his head and started laughing. Happy to hear that Big Mac was willing to take her and Rainbow Dash on a vacation Twilight let out a high pitch cheer and hugged the large man around the neck nearly cutting off his air support "Twil...ight...I...can't...breathe" the always kind man gasped trying to get air into his lungs "oh sweet Celestia I'm sorry Big Macintosh" Twilight apologized letting her son's father out of her grip, Big Mac took a minute to regain his composure then told the blushing woman that was sitting next to him that there was no reason to apologized he had lived through tighter hugs from his mother when he was little.

Twilight still blushed which just made Big Mac laugh "stop laughing at me" Twilight whined slapping the farmer on the arm a few times which didn't even hurt Big Mac "oh come on darling you look so cute when y'all embarrassed" Macintosh told Twilight, this only made the purple and hot pink haired woman blush even harder then before "you're so mean picking on me" Twilight said angrily turning away from Big Mac who figured he had hurt Twilight's feelings, but before he could say anything a royal purple glowing around his hands and they were locked together "what in the world is this?" Macintosh asked trying to break free from the magic handcuffs "I'll show you what happen when you mess with me" Twilight told the now imprison man who was still trying to get free "hey hold on a minute Twi we can talk about this" Big Mac tried to plead with the woman who was now sitting across his lap "there's no talking out of this one big boy" Twilight giggle placing a kiss on Big Mac's lip "we can't do this there kids here" Mac told Twilight eyeing a couple little children sitting nearby. Twilight just smiled before teleporting both herself and Big Macintosh off the train and into her bedroom back in Ponyville.

On the train the passagers that were still on the train were stunned by what they had just saw "they must of been newly weds?" A man said to himself remembering how frisky his wife was when they first got married,

Rainbow Dash was walking into the house when she heard the noises that she knew was the sound of sex "what the hell?" Rainbow Dash asked putting Crackerjack in a high chair and went up stairs with a baseball bat in hand. The noise was coming from Twilight's bedroom which made the rainbow haired woman madder then hell "the fuck you think you're...holy shit what the fuck" Rainbow Dash yelled but when she saw Big Mac's ass moving up and down and saw Twilight's legs wrapping around the farmer's body the rainbow haired woman dropped the bat and covered her eyes "Oh...uh...crap...hi Rainbow...Dash...we...didn't...know...you were home" Twilight panted looking at her wife with her lust filled eyes "I thought you guys were in Canterlot?" Rainbow Dash asked finally able to look at the two people in the bed "well we come back after I got my book publish" Big Macintosh said before being hugged by Rainbow Dash almost crushing poor Twilight "really holy shit this is great I'm so proud of you" the rainbow haired woman cooed kissing the man on the face over and over again "guys get off you're to freaking heavy" Twilight groaned pushing on the adults to get them off her "shit we're so sorry Twily" Rainbow Dash apologized getting off her wife along with Big Mac "I can't believe you really got you're book publish" the rainbow haired woman said hugging the farmer again this time making sure she didn't knock him over on Twilight "yep and I'm going to take you, Twilight, Crackerjack and my whole family on a vacation" Big Mac told the rainbow haired woman who for the third time hugged him so tight the farmer almost lost consciousness.

When Big Macintosh told his family that he was taking them on a vacation they nearly killed him with their hugs "why is everyone trying to kill me with their hugs?" The dirty blonde man asked himself when Applejack finally let him out of her back breaking hug.

After Rainbow Dash and Twilight had got time off from their jobs they left with Big Mac, Crackerjack and the Apple family to the beach which was a lot fun for the whole family.

"Man that was a amazing vacation!" Applebloom cheered when she and all her family got back to Ponyville "you got that right" Applejack agreed amazed at how tan she was thanks to all the time she spend on the beach with her friends and family "ugh Big Mac you really need to shave" Twilight told the tall dirty blonde man who had a manly goatee "come on Twilight I like it" Macintosh argued rubbing the face hair on his face "I'm with Twily that goatee is incredibly ugly" Rainbow Dash agreed with her wife which made Big Mac roll his eyes "fine I'll shave the damn goatee" Macintosh groaned shaking his head cause he was being bossed around by Twilight and Rainbow Dash, the girls giggled as Big Mac mumbled under his breath that he shouldn't have to put up with Twilight and Rainbow Dash's bitching he was a full grown man and he could do whatever he wanted "stop y'all complaining Macintosh" Applejack told her older brother who just kept mumbling under his breath "stop y'all damn mumbling boy" Granny Smith snapped hitting her grandson in the head with her cane which cause the tall man to let out a pain filled yelp "ow damn Granny why you hitting me?" Big Macintosh asked now trying to protect his head from another cane attack "what I tell you about swearing around Crackerjack" Granny shouted smacking Macintosh in the side and all the parts of his body he wasn't protecting "ow ok I'm sorry Granny now please stop hitting me with your stupid cane!" Big Mac cried before hiding behind Twilight who was holding his son Crackerjack knowing his grandmother wouldn't attack them "ok Mrs. Granny I think Big Mac has had enough" the purple and hot pink haired woman told the old woman who was trying to get around her. Granny Smith Apple glared at Twilight who stood her ground wanting to protect the father of her son "y'all one lucky man to have a woman like Twilight willing to protect you from me" Granny Smith told Macintosh before walking out of the train station "thanks Twilight I owe you one" Big Mac gratefully said to the beautiful purple and hot pink haired woman kissing her on the cheek "think nothing of it Big Mac" Twilight cooed returning the kiss and then told Macintosh that they should get going she had told Carrot top that they be back around 1:00pm.

It was four days till Rainbow Dash and Twilight's wedding and the whole town was a buzz about it, as the wedding got closer some of the high class guests from Canterlot came into Ponyville "oh boy oh boy oh boy I can't believe you're guys wedding is only four days away" Pinkie Pie cheered in her most over excited voice any of her friends had ever heard "hey Twilight if Derpy is taking care of Rainbow Dash's bachelorette party?, who's taking care of your bachelorette party?" Applejack asked the purple and hot pink haired woman who had been grading some of her student's papers and not totally listening "oh uh Princess Cadance is dealing with my bachelorette party" Twilight replied not looking up from her paperwork "really?, are you sure you want you're sister in law to deal with running your bachelorette party?" Rarity asked drinking some of her tea after she spoke "yes I'm sure I want Cadance to deal with my bachelorette party, I mean Cadance didn't really get a bachelorette party of her own" Twilight answered now wondering what her sister in law had planned for her premarital party "so how we going to do this?, half of us go to Rainbow Dash's bachelorette party and the other half go's to Twilight's party?" Pinkie Pie asked wanting to know how she was going to do her partying "well I figured Pinkie Pie and Applejack would come to my bachelorette party cause they're more willing to have a wild time and Rarity and Fluttershy could go to Twily's bachelorette party cause let's face it Fluttershy isn't really one for heavy drinking and Rarity just doesn't really fit in with my kind of crowd" Rainbow Dash commented getting agreements from Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Now that the girls had agreed who was going to who's bachelorette party they headed off to go shopping just for the hell of it.

The next day Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Big Mac and Crackerjack went to the Ponyville train station to pick up Twilight's parents Night Light and Twilight Velvat "hello Twilight darling" Twilight Velvat greeted her only daughter went she got off the train and saw her daughter standing waiting for her and her husband with Rainbow Dash, Big Macintosh and Crackerjack "hi mom" Twilight greeted her mother running up to her and pulled her in for a hug "what no hug for your old man?" Night Light joke holding his arms out for a hug "sorry daddy" Twilight giggled before walking up to her father and gave him a great big hug "now where's that grandson of mine?" Night Light asked after his daughter let him out of her hug and the middle age man saw Crackerjack who was being held by Rainbow Dash "here he is, Crackerjack say hi to you're granddaddy" Dash said making the infant in her arms wave at her father in law "look at how big you've gotten Crackerjack" Twilight Velvat cooed taking her grandson from her daughter in law and started kissing little his face "how have you been Rainbow Dash?" Night Light asked the rainbow haired woman who had been watching Twilight Velvat baby over Crackerjack "I've been good, I've be busy ever since we got back from our vacation" Rainbow Dash replied as she smiled at her father in law and scratched her shortly cut rainbow hair "that's good to hear, at least you're get to go on your honeymoon and take a break from you're work" Night Light cheerfully said while he and the rest of the group left the train station.

"so Macintosh how's your family doing?" Twilight Velvat asked the dirty blonde farmer as she and the rest of the group walked through Ponyville "they've been good, we've been mighty busy with our harvest and making the food for Twilight and Rainbow Dash's wedding" Big Mac replied giving the older woman his always kind smile "you know my Twilight is very lucky to have gotten such a kind hearted man to father mine and Night Light's first grandchild" Twilight Velvat told Macintosh making the big guy blush really hard "well heck ma'am that's very kind of you to say" Big Mac smiled as his blush only got redder and redder "well it's true Macintosh, you're one of the kindest men I've ever met" the light purple haired woman said patting Big Mac on his large strong shoulder. Big Mac couldn't help but look at Twilight which made him frown a little "what's the matter Big Mac?" Twilight Velvat asked worried it had been something she had said that made the farmer upset "I can't help but feel a little lost, I had a child out of wedlock and I can't help but feel that there are people in Ponyville that are judging me and Twilight for having Crackerjack and not being married or even engaged" Macintosh replied looking at some of the people who were looking at him as he walked pass them "when the hell have you ever cared about what some jackasses think about you?, Twilight I understand but you come on Big Mac" Rainbow Dash said over hearing Macintosh's conversation with her mother in law "last time I checked you are the biggest and strongest guy in Ponyville, I'm pretty sure if anyone was judging you its because they're just angry you got a hot egghead like Twilight and the greatest flyer in the country to love you" Rainbow Dash continued giving Macintosh a loving smile then made the dirty blonde man stop walking and kissed him on the lips in front of everyone "haters just be hating" the rainbow haired woman cooed when she broke her kiss with Big Mac, this made Macintosh laugh he loved how simple Rainbow Dash could make a bad matter seem so easy "hey Dash don't hog him I want some of Big Mac too" Twilight said pushing her wife aside and planted a kiss on Macintosh's lips "girls if you can't share Big Macintosh I'll take him away from you two" Night Light joked while the two women who were arguing over who would get to kiss Big Mac next got a little heated "sorry" Twilight and Rainbow Dash apologized as if they were little girls being told off by their father, the two women who had been arguing apologized to Big Mac then the group went off to the house.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash's bachelorette parties were some of the wildest parties Ponyville had ever seen, some of their friends were arrested for charges ranging from being drunk in public to assault and battery, even Fluttershy had a good time after she drink enough alcohol that no one who didn't know her would of thought that she was one of the coolest women in Ponyville. When the parties were over the girls went home only to wake in the morning with some of the worst hangovers they had ever had.

The day of the wedding finally arrived which meant Twilight and Rainbow Dash had to get up early to get ready "come on Dashie it's time to get up" Twilight grumbled as she woke up to Crackerjack's crying "give me 20 more minutes I was dreaming that I was out flying all of the Wonderbolts" Rainbow Dash replied her eyes were still close and she tossed their blanket over her head "you can dream of beating the Wonderbolts on our honeymoon" Twilight cooed pulling the blanket off her wife's head and kissed the rainbow haired woman's forehead "yeah I can beat the Wonderbolts at anytime" Rainbow Dash laughed pulling Twilight in for a loved filled kiss. Once the couple broke apart Twilight and Rainbow Dash got out of they're bed and went to get ready for one of the biggest days in the two young women's lives "come on Big Mac it's get up, you don't want to miss the wedding" Rainbow Dash said as she knocked Macintosh's bedroom "you kidding me Dash I've been up since dawn" Big Mac replied as he came out of the bathroom that was in his bedroom "oh yeah I forgot you always get up that early" Rainbow Dash commented feeling like an moron, Big Mac got dressed and went down stairs with Rainbow Dash to the kitchen where they had a big breakfast with Twilight, Spike and Crackerjack "man Derpy sure knows how to throw one hell of great party" Rainbow Dash said still getting over her hangover from her bachelorette party which was two days ago "yeah I heard Mary wheat was arrested for flashing her boobs in the middle of the street" Twilight said wondering what else happen at her wife's bachelorette party "hey that was the least of what else happen" Rainbow Dash laughed before telling Twilight and Big Mac what she could remember. Once she was done Big Mac was surprise that the rainbow haired woman sitting at the table with him hadn't ended up in jail while Twilight wondered if that party was Dash's way of telling her that she had got all the party crazy out of her "what's going in here?" Night Light asked as he and Twilight Velvat walked into the kitchen and saw everyone chatting about something "we were just talking about mine and Twilight's bachelorette parties and some of the crazy shit that happen them" Rainbow Dash replied as she pour herself a bowl of cereal and started eating.

The family ate breakfast then Twilight left for the hair dresser where she was going to meet up with Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie while Rainbow Dash met up with Applejack at the local spa.

"Why the hell is Rarity always talking so highly about this?, it's just damn mud hell my pig pen has this same shit in it" Applejack complained hitting the mud she and Rainbow Dash had been sitting in for the last ten minutes "this mud isn't like the mud you have at you're farm, this mud has special minerals in it that are good for your skin" Rainbow Dash replied giggling at how mad her friend was for just sitting in this mud "well special minerals or not we paid $125 to sit in this crap" the wheat blonde haired woman bitched kind of pissed she had to pay over $100 to sit in mud "stop you're bitching AJ and just enjoy the mud bath" Rainbow Dash told her best friend before resting her head on a pillow that was behind her and closed her eyes, Applejack grumbled and mumbled before following Rainbow Dash's suit and laid her head on the pillow behind her. After they were done with their mud bath Rainbow Dash and Applejack got a very relaxing massage which the cowgirl really needed "boy howdy this feels really good" Applejack cooed as the spa employee worked on a knot in her back "maybe I'll come here more, Celestia knows I've earned a special little something for all my hard work" the cowgirl said but then let out a large sigh when her knot was taken care of "don't let Rarity hear you say that she'll never let you hear the end of it" Rainbow Dash joked which made Applejack blush a little "and you should make yourself look sexy for PepperBell, I mean maybe someday he'll ask you to marry him" the rainbow haired woman kept joking only making her friend's face turn a darker shade of red at the idea of PepperBell proposing to her in some nice restaurant or somewhere very romantic "come on RD, PepperBell wouldn't want some damn farm girl like me" AppleJack replied looking over at Rainbow Dash who smiled at her "actually he be lucky to get a woman half as good as you and if you ask me you need a punch in the head for thinking otherwise" Rainbow Dash told the wheat blonde woman lying on the other massage table next to her "wow Rainbow Dash you really think PepperBell is lucky to be dating me?" Applejack asked before being told by her best friend that she meant every word "and if for some stupid reason he dumps you I'll break his legs and break his dick off as well" Dash commented reminding Applejack what happen to her last boyfriend before she got together with Twilight "didn't you get arrested for assault and battery for what you did to SafeWay?" Applejack asked remembering having to bail Rainbow Dash out of jail after her fight with her ex boyfriend "yeah, but the royal guards later found out that SafeWay hit me first so the charge was dropped" Rainbow Dash explained happy she didn't go to jail for beating the shit out of SafeWay.

Applejack was happy to hear that Rainbow Dash didn't have a criminal record after what happen with SafeWay.

Meanwhile across Ponyville Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity were at the hair dresser having their hair done and they're nails painted "man Twilight you look beautiful, I can't imagine how beautiful you'll look once you're in your wedding dress" Fluttershy said once their hair were done and their nails were painted and now were leaving to go to have lunch before going to city hall "oh boy I can't wait for your wedding" Pinkie Pie cheered jumping around Twilight and her other friends "calm down Pinkie you're going to wore yourself out before the wedding even starts" Rarity told the puffy pink haired woman bouncing around her and the others "I doubt, that Pinkie Pie would never run out of energy, she's like a never ending source of energy" Twilight laughed as she watched Pinkie Pie talk about all the fun she was going to have her at wedding "you have a point Twilight Pinkie does seem to have a endless energy about her" Fluttershy giggled amazed at how high her puffy pink haired friend could jump.

The girls stopped at a small restaurant to have a quick lunch "are you feeling nervous Twilight, I hate to see you get cold feet and do something you're regret" Rarity asked not wanting her friend to hurt Rainbow Dash by leaving her at the pulpit "of course I'm nervous, but I won't be getting cold feet that's for sure" Twilight replied before taking a bite out of her roast beef sandwich "that's good to hear cause if you left Rainbow Dash at the pulpit, not that you would do that it would kill the poor dear" Rarity told her friend never wanting to see Rainbow Dash in a suicidal depression "you got that right I would never leave Rainbow Dash at the pulpit I love her way to much to do something that awful" Twilight snapped sicken by the thought of leaving Rainbow Dash at the pulpit "I know you wouldn't" the royal haired woman said realizing that she was upsetting Twilight.

The four women ate their lunch, while they did this Twilight told her friends about how she was thinking about maybe having another child "that's a wonderful idea Twilight" Fluttershy softly said hiding behind her pink hair like always apart from when she was drunk "yeah that means Crackerjack will get to have a little brother or sister" Pinkie Pie cheered hopping up and down on her chair "have you talk to Rainbow Dash and Big Mac about this?" Rarity asked as she took a drink from her tea cup "yeah I have, but Macintosh thinks we should wait till Crackerjack is two or three years old" Twilight answered smiling at her friends "ahhhhhhh I was hoping to see another new baby" Pinkie Pie sighed with bit a sadness in her voice "Pinkie Pie why don't you find someone to have a baby with?" Rarity asked the puffy pink haired woman who froze where she was "mmmmmmmmmm I could, but I don't want to have to find a boyfriend" Pinkie Pie commented now thinking of how she could get a baby without having to date someone "you could always do an artificial insemination" Fluttershy offered up figuring no one was listening to her "Fluttershy that's a brilliant idea" Pinkie Pie cheered hugging the smooth pink haired woman nearly crushing her with her huge D-cup boobies "Pinkie...Pie...I...I...can't...breathe" the smooth pink haired woman gasped trying to get air into her lungs "he he sorry Fluttershy" Pinkie Pie apologized letting her kind soft spoken friend out of her grip "it's...ok...Pinkie"Fluttershy panted breathing heavily with her hand on her chest "are you sure you want to have an artificial insemination?, you'd have to raise your baby alone" Rarity asked wanting to make sure her friend really wanted to have a baby without a father "well yeah I'll think about it of course I'm not going to do something crazy like get myself pregnant without really thinking about something this big" Pinkie Pie answered laughing a little as she spoke "that's good to hear" Twilight said before finishing off her lunch.

Twilight met her parents at city hall and got her wedding dress on "oh Twilight you look so beautiful" Twilight Velvat told her daughter who came out of the dressing room "thanks mom" Twilight replied spinning in front of the mirror looking herself over "I can't believe my little girl is getting married" Night Light commented fixing his bow tie and trying not to cry for joy "don't cry daddy cause if do you I'll start crying" Twilight told her father drying her dark purple eyes of tears "I'm sorry Twily, I just can't believe I have to give you away today" Night Light apologized walking up to her daughter and hugged his little girl "I love you Twilight" the middle age man told his daughter lovingly before kissing her on the cheek "I love you too daddy" Twilight replied kissing her father on the cheek. A minute later Rarity came into the room wearing bright pink dress was matching shoes "it's almost time Twilight" Rarity told her friend in the wedding dress who thanked her "are you ready Twilight?" Twilight Velvat asked her daughter before being told that she was ready to marry Rainbow Dash.

Princess Celestia stood behind a pulpit with Rainbow Dash, Derpy and Applejack on her left hand side "you ready RD?" Applejack asked her best friend who was wearing a snow white tuxedo, shoes and a dress shirt with black neck tie "ready as I'll ever be" Rainbow Dash replied fixing her tie nervously while she looked at the door Twilight was going to walk through at any minute "don't worry Rainbow Dash you're be fine" Celestia told the rainbow haired woman giving her a friendly smile. Soon the music started playing sending a chill up Rainbow Dash's back and everyone else stood up and looked at the doors, at the end of the row the doors opened and Night Light and Twilight were standing there "she looks like an angel" Rainbow Dash thought as Twilight and Night Light were now making their way up to her "wow she looks beautiful" someone said in the crowd as Twilight and Night Light walked pass them.

At last Night Light and Twilight got to the pulpit and the middle age dark blue haired man handed his daughter over to Rainbow Dash "wow Twily you look stunning" the rainbow haired woman commented blushing without meaning too "thanks Dashie" Twilight replied giggling at her lover's red face "are you ready?" Rainbow Dash asked Twilight who told her she was ready to be with her for the rest of her life "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash in holy matrimony. It is a beautiful thing to witness the love between two people coming in full bloom" princess Celestia said as the two women looked into each other's eyes.

marrying the love of her life and she knew Rainbow Dash loved her with all his heart.

"Do you have the rings?" Princess Celestia asked Rainbow Dash who looked over at Applejack.

Applejack pulled a ring from her pocket and handed it to Rainbow Dash. Twilight looked at the ring that her lover held and chuckled. The ring had a big dark purple diamond on it that had been cut perfectly.

"Rainbow Dash, repeat after me", princess Celestia said. "I, Rainbow Dash take you, Twilight Sparkle to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." princess Celestia told Rainbow Dash, who had a big smile on her face.

I Rainbow Dash, take you, Twilight Sparkle to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." Rainbow Dash repeated as she put the wedding ring on Twilight's ring finger.

Princess Celestia then turned to her former student "Now, Twilight repeat after me", princess Celestia said. "I, Twilight Sparkle take you, Rainbow Dash to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."princess Celestia said as Twilight tried not to cry in total and absolute joy.

""I, Twilight take you, Rainbow Dash to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." Twilight repeated as princess Cadance gave her Rainbow Dash's wedding ring.

Twilight slid the ring onto Rainbow Dash's left finger as princess Celestia continued.

"Let this rings symbolize the marriage between you two. You have declared your consent before your friends and family. What I have joined, men must not divide. By the power vested in me as the ruler of the great land of Equestria, I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride." princess Celestia commented before Rainbow Dash and Twilight kissed becoming wives.

"it is with my great honor to Introduce for the first time Mrs. & Mrs. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle" the princess of the sun told the crowd who all stood up and clapped and cheered happy for the two women standing in front of them. Rainbow Dash and Twilight walked down pass the chairs while they did this people called their names and wished them the best of luck in they're marriage "I can't believe my little Twilight is married" Twilight heard her mother sobbed in her dad's arms "it's ok darling" Night Light cooed patting his wife on her back "Congratulations you two" Shining Armor cheered making his daughter Morning Star wave at his aunts.

A limo was waiting outside city hall for Rainbow Dash and Twilight, the driver, a young man with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes stood by the door holding it open "right this way ladies" the driver said to the two women giving them a low bow "thanks" Rainbow Dash replied before helping her wife into the limo. When the door was closed Twilight knocked Rainbow Dash over and started kissing her over and over again "hold on Twily you're going to ruin your wedding dress" Rainbow Dash giggled as her wife kept kissing her "I can't help it Rainbow Dash we're finally married" Twilight cheered hugging her wife as tight as she could. Rainbow Dash started giggling herself she had never seen Twilight as happy as she was now "Congratulations by the way" a voice came from the front of the limo "thank you Mr...what's your name by the way?" Twilight replied but realized she didn't know the driver's name "oh my name is Zero, yeah I know it's a weird name" the driver replied wanting to be as friendly as possible "it's not that weird Zero" Rainbow Dash chuckled knowing some people back in Cloudsdale with some weird ass names "thanks Mrs. Dash" Zero commented before noticing the surprised look on the rainbow haired woman's face "is something the matter?" Zero asked before being told by the rainbow haired woman that she wasn't use to being called Mrs. Dash just yet, Zero started laughing but he made sure to keep his eyes on the road "so is there a Mrs. Zero?" Twilight asked wanting to see if she could make the young man driving blush "no ma'am I'm not really the kind of guy who likes the idea of getting married" Zero replied hoping Twilight wouldn't think he was some kind of womanizer "you're one of those guys who likes a one night stand?, I use to be like you but someday your find that special someone" Rainbow Dash laughed remembering how she use to do the same thing before that night over a year ago.

Zero drove in silents he wasn't sure what to say to Rainbow Dash's last comment, he had never really thought about marriage he was only 24 years old and was kind of self centered at times something no woman would like in a husband "I think you said something to upset him" Twilight whispered in to her wife's ear after seeing the look of a man who looked lost in his thoughts "ah crap I didn't mean anything by what I said Zero, I'm sure you're make a awesome husband one day" Rainbow Dash apologized hoping the driver would forgive her "don't worry about it Mrs. Dash" Zero replied looking back at the rainbow haired woman through the rear view mirror "hell mine mum been telling me that I should find a girl and settle down" the dirty blonde man laughed shaking his head as he spoke "your mum?" Rainbow Dash asked having no idea what that was "it's british for mom" Zero asked before he started laughing like a crazy man "are you even from Equestria?" Twilight asked having a feeling there was something not right with the man driving her and Rainbow Dash's limo "nope, I'm from a far off country which you've never heard of" Zero replied moving his head from side to side as he spoke "are you alright in the head?" Rainbow Dash asked getting the feeling that the driver meant be a bit crazy "Mrs. Dash I haven't been alright in 16 years, but you don't have to worry I won't hurt you two I don't harm women it's against my code" Zero laughed as he pulled up to Green Apple Acres then got out and opened the door "here you are ladies Green Apple Acres" Zero commented giving the two women another low bow like he did earlier. Twilight and Rainbow Dash thanked Zero who told them he would be waiting to take them to their honeymoon he then got back in the limo and drove off.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight walked to where their wedding reception was and were met by their friends and family "there they are!" Pinkie Pie cheered pointing at Twilight and Rainbow Dash, everyone clapped and cheered as they walked up to the newly married couple and Congratulated them "Twilight you are a beautiful bride" princess Luna said hugging the purple and hot pink haired woman then hugged Rainbow Dash "thank you princess Luna" Twilight said returning the hug "Congratulations you two" princess Celestia commented never as proud of her student then she was right now "I'm so happy for you Rainbow Dash and Twilight" Rarity said giving her friends another hug "it's time for your guys first dance" Night Light told his daughter and daughter in law who walked over the the dance floor.

Their was a small band on a stage who were now playing a slow and loving tone, then a familiar dirty blonde haired man with hazel eyes walked onto the stage "isn't that Zero?" Rainbow Dash asked Twilight who told her that it was their limo driver Zero.

Look into my eyes – you will see

What you mean to me.

Search your heart, search your soul

And when you find me there you'll search no more.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight started dancing surprised that Zero had this beautiful singing voice.

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.

You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for.

You know it's true:

Everything I do, I do it for you.

As the two danced Rainbow Dash and Twilight shared a loving kiss while their friends and families watched them.

Look into your heart – you will find

There's nothin' there to hide.

Take me as I am, take my life.

I would give it all, I would sacrifice.

Twilight couldn't believe how happy she was at that moment, she was finally married to Rainbow Dash and she had a baby boy who could become princess Celestia's next personal student, she also had Big Macintosh who was willing to have another child with her. Her life was totally perfect.

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for

I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more

You know it's true:

Everything I do, I do it for you, oh, yeah.

There's no love like your love

And no other could give more love.

There's nowhere unless you're there

All the time, all the way, yeah.

"Can you believe that they finally got married?" A guest of the wedding asked a fellow wedding guest who had been watching the newly married couple dancing.

Look into your heart, baby...

Oh, you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for.

I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more.

Rainbow Dash dipped Twilight then brought her back up for another loved filled kiss.

Yeah, I would fight for you, I'd lie for you,

Walk the wire for you, yeah, I'd die for you.

Zero was really getting into the song which he had sang along to several times before, but he couldn't believe he was singing this song at Rainbow Dash and Twilight's wedding "man this shit is insane, but shit I'm awesome" Zero thought realizing that he had another great song to sing after this one.

You know it's true:

Everything I do, oh, I do it for you.

Everything I do, darling.

You will see it's true.

You will see it's true.


Search your heart and your soul

You can't tell it's not worth dying for

I'll be there

I'd walk the fire for you

I'd die for you

Oh, yeah.

I'm going all the time, all the way.

Zero finished the song clapping for the couple who told him he did awesome "oh I'm not done just yet ladies and gentlemen" Zero told the crowd before tell the band something then started singing again.

On the floor of Tokyo

Or down in London town to go, go

With the record selection

And the mirror's reflection

I'm dancing with myself

This song had an fast and rocked fill beat which cause everyone to start dancing.

When there's no-one else in sight

In the crowded lonely night

Well I wait so long

For my love vibration

And I'm dancing with myself

Fluttershy grabbed a nearby man and started dancing with him which surprised all her friends who had never seen their shy friend so willing to dance with someone she didn't know.

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

Well there's nothing to lose

And there's nothing to prove

I'll be dancing with myself

If I looked all over the world

And there's every type of girl

But your empty eyes

Seem to pass me by

Leave me dancing with myself

Even Applejack and PepperBell were dancing like everyone else, but their dance was wilder then anyone else.

So let's sink another drink

'Cause it'll give me time to think

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

And I'll be dancing with myself

As Zero sang he danced in a circle and rocked his head back and forth "holy shit they fucking love Billy Idol" Zero thought as he looked out at the crowd and saw how good of a time they were having.

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

Well there's nothing to lose

And there's nothing to prove

I'll be dancing with myself

If I looked all over the world

And there's every type of girl

But your empty eyes

Seem to pass me by

Leave me dancing with myself

"Who is that guy?, his an amazing singer" princess Cadance asked her sister in law as she danced with Shining Armor "he's our limo driver, he's great isn't he" Twilight replied as Rainbow Dash spinned her in a circle.

So let's sink another drink

'Cause it'll give me time to think

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

And I'll be dancing with myself

Night Light and Twilight Velvat sat On the side lane of the dance floor holding Crackerjack and Morning Star as they watched their children dance with their spouses "you ever think about us having another kid?" Night Light asked his wife who looked at him in surprised "we're a bit old don't you think?" Twilight Velvat replied as she bounced Morning Star on her knee "none sense sugar lips, we only as old as we think we are" the middle age dark blue haired man cooed leaning over and kissed his wife on the cheek.

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance


Dancing with myself

Dancing with myself

Dancing with myself

Dancing with myself

Everyone was having a wonderful time even Applebloom was dancing with Spike who was wearing a blue tuxedo.

If I looked all over the world

And there's every type of girl

But your empty eyes

Seem to pass me by

Leave me dancing with myself

So let's sink another drink

'Cause it'll give me time to think

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

And I'll be dancing with myself

"Go Twi" Rainbow Dash cheered when her wife started dancing by herself. Everyone couldn't help but clap and cheer as Twilight danced.

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to dance

When the song ended all the wedding guest cheered making Zero give them a low bow "you rock" someone called out which made several other people say the same thing "thank you, hey give it up to my band" Zero said pointing that at small band that was behind him "Zero you were amazing, I thought you were just some odd limo driver" Rainbow Dash said the the dirty blonde haired man as he walked off the stage "thanks Mrs. Dash I don't know what came into me" Zero laughed rubbing the back of his head "hey pal could you preform at my son's birthday party next week?" a man asked as he walked up Zero and shaked his hand "uh I don't know I kind of have a lot of work ahead" Zero replied remembering that he had a lot of writing he had to do "hey I'll pay you $10,000" the man told the dirty blonde haired man who's mouth dropped open at the price this man was willing to pay him just to sing "to pal I'll pay you $15,000 to sing at my wedding next month" another man said before a brunch of people ran up to Zero asking to sing for them. "Well I should get going my limo is waiting for me" Zero commented getting ready to leave "what no please stay Zero" Twilight pleaded taking the young man's hand in her own "yeah Zero you have to stay" Rainbow Dash said taking Zero's hand in her own hands and started dragging him to a table where their friends were sitting.

Soon the newly married couple cut their wedding cake while a man took lots and lots of photos "here Dashie" Twilight cooed as she fed her wife a piece of wedding cake "thanks Twily" Dash replied while she gave Twilight a different piece of cake "how's you like the cake?" Pinkie Pie asked as she watches her friends eat her work of art "it's amazing Pinkie" Twilight told the baker who cheered happily.

Twilight looked around and saw all the people that meant the most to her then she looked at Rainbow Dash and couldn't help but remember that night under the rainbow and how that one night of please was the happiest night of her entitle life.

The End

Well guys that's it that's the end of one of my best stories I've ever written. I want to thank y'all for all your amazing reviews and comments it really pushed me to keep writing my story. All the songs and poems I used belong to whoever wrote or sang them I don't own them in anyway. Peace out y'all!