Monstrous Occurrences. Chapter 1.

This is a Borderlands 2 fanfiction that follows a two character campaign that Krieg and Maya endure throughout their careers on Pandora. Takes place in an alternate setting to my previous fanfiction; Angel is still alive and Roland is successfully revived. The Borderlands 2 campaign is concluded. Rated Mature for Language, Blood and Gore, and Sexual Content. Not intended for readers younger than 18.

Summary: When Maya draws the short straw, (The Vault Hunters literally drew straws) she has to investigate a local bandit stronghold with everyone's favorite Hyperion-Experiment-Gone-Terribly-Right, Krieg.

External Perspective.

Maya followed at a respectable distance from the man she'd been practically forced to go with; just far enough that she couldn't see his eye while he turned back every so often, but not so far that she couldn't smell the blood and rotting flesh on him. Bad things happen when Krieg disappears for any sort of lengthy period of time, all of the Vault Hunters can attest to that… After several minutes of walking, Krieg breaks the uneasy silence with his ever appropriate form of interaction…

"Where are all the Meat Muscles!? I want to dine on their ribcages and garnish my trousers with their brain jellies!" He then fell silent for several moments before beginning to scream at himself. "Shut up, Little Man! You are a tick in my small intestines that I cannot eat and style upon!" Hearing this, Maya just shook her head and started to walk away slowly, holding her hand over the bridge of her nose and sighing audibly.

"Why am I here with the Lunatic of the group? I would have rather been with Salvador… At least he can make himself appear normal for several minutes at a time…"

"You're still here because the Little Man says I can't scalp you with a Salad Spoon!" Krieg blurted, his one visible eye tightly wound into a squint.

"Wait… Who is this 'Little Man'?" she asked, finally paying mild attention to the crazed man before her.

"The one who used to live inside this pain meat; the one that helped; the one that slowly gave in to me!" he said, slowly growing more and more aggressive with each word, taking a step forward as he continued. "He tells me to kill only the ugly and tasteless! I have to obey the words of a meat Popsicle I cannot slice and slurp! My Stomach is clear and my mind is full of bacon!" As he concluded his rant, he stood inches in front of the paralyzed siren, her eyes now forced to look into his one visible one. Her breathing was now fast and frightened and her heart was beating in her throat.

"I… Uh…" Maya stuttered; her eyes wide and her body stiffened by fear. In one foul swoop, he spun around with a grunt and began to walk away, leaving her to try to gather her thoughts and bodily control. She soon recovered and followed at an even farther range as her actions were now slightly conditioned by fear. Maya's fearful mind began playing tricks on her with each step and unpredicted glance at Krieg's back as she followed him. What the hell did Hyperion do to him to make him like this? She thought as she watched him start to laugh as a wave of bandits ambushed the pair, gunning him down and causing him to rage and mutate into his Badass Psycho form. She then continued to watch in horror as he took one by the face and tore him in half with one swipe of his buzz axe. He then took the lower half of the man and threw it at another, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop his rifle. He was the last Bandit alive and Krieg was closing in to tear him limb from limb. Maya phase locked Krieg's arm, knocking his swing off balance and walked up to him where he stood, her courage returning at that instant.

"Don't kill him yet, Psycho. He may have information for us…" She then ghosted a hand over Krieg's mask as he shifted back to normal and stood with an angry look in his eye. She strutted over to the bandit as he tried to shuffle away fearfully as Maya's arm still flared with power. She noticed in the corner of her eye that Krieg was brandishing his Rapier Rifle, getting ready to stab the man in the eye the moment she turned away.

Over her shoulder, Maya commented; "If you let him live, he might tell us where his friends are~. And if he does, I won't stop you from demolishing every single one." That got his attention. After her saying that, he put away his weapon and stood as straight as he could muster while bloodlust was in his eyes, grunting and groaning as he waited for her to give him the go-ahead. "Now… Where are your friends? Tell me and you'll die quick… Don't and… He'll get a hold of you…" Maya then removed his bandit mask and he glanced over at Krieg, hearing him grumble to himself before beginning to scream and clutch his head, shouting about the little man in his head telling him to stop having thoughts about her.

After taking one look at Krieg, the man started to scream and spilled everything he knew. Maya then glanced back at Krieg, who freaked out and started banging his head against a rock. She momentarily loosened her grip of the man's jacket and he started to sprint as fast as he could to escape with his life. Krieg heard the man trip on a rock and went into his Rampage and threw an axe into his spine, causing him to explode instantly as it hit and erupted into a massive dynamite explosion, splashing Maya with the blood and bone splinters, causing her to faint in surprise immediately after glancing at Krieg. Her last thought before losing consciousness was how much Krieg's name was appropriate.

One Hour Later

Maya awoke to feel something smooth, sturdy, but slightly soft under her stomach, along with a mild pain in her abdomen. She opened her eyes slowly and noticed that she was moving. She looked around and realized that she was being carried, and not only that, but she was balanced on Krieg's shoulder like she'd been carried out of a fire and he was her rescuer, carrying her down the fire ladder. Being as close to her face as he was, Krieg heard her breathing kick and felt her muscles cringe at her position; so he dropped her onto her butt, screaming; "Get back on your Meat Haunches!" Bewildered, she looked up at him as he walked past her without saying another word. Sitting on the ground, slowly regaining her awareness and ability to reason, Maya blinked several times before standing up and starting to follow Krieg as he made his way to the bandit stronghold that the bandit told them about. The journey was silent and long aside from their breathing as they sprinted there and the sounds of several unfortunate creatures on the receiving end of Krieg's Buzz Axe.

When they arrived, bandits were standing and sitting around the opening, minding their own business and toying with their weapons. Krieg took one look around and sprinted in, screaming at the top of his lungs as he looked square at an Ultimate Badass Nomad; "I'll show you what a Badass is!" And with that, he charged in without a second thought, jabbing with his Rapier Rifle's attached blade and gaining direct fire from the surrounding bandits as he hacked away at the Nomad. Maya again watched through the scope of her rifle, taking pot shots at several of the weaker bandits to try to keep them from killing her ally as he began to lose his control. Soon, however, the familiar sound of bones cracking and Krieg's screaming growing deeper and more monstrous filled the air and he began to slice away at the Nomad, ripping into shoulder flesh and shattering his shield and killing the midget attached to it in a bloody explosion. After the Nomad fell, Krieg turned his attention to the others, whose resolve began to falter and their firing momentarily stopped as they looked on in horror before starting to fire again out of desperation and fear. He swung wildly at every bandit that crossed his path, leaving swathes of blood and gory sinus in his wake. Soon, all of the clan was dead and the camp was empty. Realizing that no more bandits were left, Krieg made his way back to Maya at a leisurely pace, wiping blood and various fleshy bits from his skin, laughing maniacally. "I feel glorious in that my love could not satiate their lust for life." He said in a slow, slightly less aggressive tone of voice.

"Um… What?" Maya replied, her eyebrows furrowing in sheer confusion.

"The sounds of their screams made me feel proud of my flesh-sickles." he reiterated. His eye opened with mild confusion at her lack of understanding and he looked back at the carnage behind him. "Do you not understand? Pain is life, and I dispense life to those that wallow in happy indignity."

Again, Maya was at a loss for words and barely understood the insane drabbling of her companion.

"You are a mind walker with flesh; why do you not understand? Even the Little Man understands…" Krieg muttered his last words, clenching his fists. (Because she's sane, you monster; she's immune to your insanity.) Krieg's inner voice said. "Nyah! Get Out Of My Head!" Krieg shouted, smacking himself in the face with his Buzz Axe. Maya looked on in horror and mild disgust as blood began to trickle out from under his mask and he continued to hit himself. "Argh! Let me loose!" he shouted, hitting himself again. Before he landed an eighth hit, Maya stopped him with a hand on his, her face steeled with determination. Krieg looked into her stoic eyes with confusion and annoyance when a soft yet firm voice penetrated his mind.

"Stop this… If you'll allow me, I can give you peace…" The voice called in a distant tone.

(Who's there? How can you speak to me? I'm inside his head…) Krieg's inner voice replied, confusion filling Krieg's mind.

"I can interact with people's minds… One of the benefits of being a siren… Now please allow me to interact with yours… I can help the both of you…" She said in a soft voice, her eyes never leaving Krieg's single visible one as he stared at her blankly.

(No! Get out of here! Now! His mind is too dangerous for you! Get out before it hurts you!) His inner voice shouted back at her, worry filling its near whisper.

"I'm a siren; I can handle myself… Don't worry about me…" Maya replied in a somewhat more playful voice.

Just then, Krieg shouted loudly; "Argh! Now the pretty lady is inside too!? I will not tolerate such an invasion of my gorgeous bacon! You will get out now, Lady, or I'll take your body for my next meat bicycle!" Krieg then took several steps toward Maya while she was in her trance to interact with his mind. Her eyes opened instantly and Krieg began to feel his muscles getting heavy and his body hard to move.

(Remember what I told you? Never an innocent… Never someone who didn't deserve it… You touch her; I end us…) "Ragh! I will not listen to you forever, you whispering infection!" Krieg shouted, walking back to where he was.

Maya stepped up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look into her eyes. "If you two allow me to help; this would stop…"

"Never help me… I will not liquefy your juice and bone flesh for speaking in my head, but you will never help me… The Little Man agrees…" Krieg said in a rare moment of speech that Maya could understand.

"How about I just use this connection to understand what you're saying?" Maya countered in a low, sarcastic voice, causing Krieg to turn from her with a soft grunt. "I'll take that as a yes…" she called blandly behind him.

Krieg again led the pair; his body language cold and slightly less friendly then before – if that was possible. "Alright, bug guy… The map says that the next camp is in that direction. We'll need to jump into it from that large rock there…" Maya said slowly, pointing to the large, jagged rock that looked like a ramp in the middle of The Dust on their map.

"Then find a movement machine so we can have dinner there!" He shouted with mock enragement as he walked over to one of the vender machines to sell some of his items. Maya walked up to the teleporter in The Highlands where they were and booted up the screen for The Dust, waiting for Krieg to finish. Soon after, he was done and exited the menu, allowing Maya to activate the travel. Then in less than several seconds, they stood in Ellie's Garage in The Dust. "Get the saw box… I want to hurl my freedom at the blasphemers…" Krieg grunted, pulling out his Buzz Axe as he stepped up to the garage entrance. Maya reluctantly did as he asked, or rather commanded, and spawned a Bandit Technical for them, hopping into the driver's seat. Krieg followed suit without another word, jumping into the back seat of the technical and pulling out his cursed shotgun. With that, the pair sped off into The Dust's many rolling dunes and expansive sandy perils. They passed several Spiderants while leaving, offering Krieg the opportunity he wanted; He then raged and started throwing axe after axe at the Spiderants, leaving nothing but more blood and fleshy paste in the Bandit Technical's wake. "I love Spring Cleaning!" Krieg shouted with glee, his voice deep and menacing. His rage then wore off and they continued on through the desert. After about another few minutes, the pair reached the rock ramp that the map indicated, and beyond it, the bandit town that they were looking for; so in a rare moment of making sense, Krieg said, "I say we charge those bloody meat sacks and make Salad dressing…" Maya cracked a smile at that and started the afterburner in the Technical.

As the technical reached the end of the ramp, Krieg jumped out, landing on the outer edge of the town while Maya and her car landed in the center of the town, gaining most of the bandits' attention. The car was not exactly standing up to the constant fire of the bandits and she was forced to run out and find cover while her health regenerated. Her Flame of the Firehawk Shield only took about five shots to shatter and only four more to nearly kill her on the spot as she made her way to a large piece of metal for cover. She then readied her sniper rifle so she could keep them at a range as she allowed her shield to replenish.

Meanwhile, Krieg was raging on the outskirts of the area, tearing into several Goliaths with his axe and laughing as they barely hurt him through his damage reduction. "There's no fence on this fence!" he shouted, his massive arm ripping a chunk out of the last goliath in his way. As the former opponent fell to the ground in a heap, Krieg heard the sound of gunfire and screams of peril. He smiled a wicked smile under his mask and charged forward without a moment's hesitation, screaming at the top of his lungs as he ripped into every bandit he passed on his way to the other screams and the now more apparent sounds of Sniper fire and dying bandits. Within seconds, he reached his mark and began hacking at enemies as their attention was foolishly drawn to Maya while she picked off one after another. After taking down about five or so, an Ultimate Badass Nomad exited one of the shacks and started to focus Maya, pinning her down in cover. Krieg didn't even notice that the Nomad was attacking her; he just wanted to kill him. "I can't wait to taste your lungs!" he shouted, swinging his axe and clipping the Nomad in the arm that was holding his shield, ripping it away from his body along with his shield. He released a heavy grunt of pain before spinning around and starting to rifle-butt Krieg in the chest with his weapon. Maya was now able to exit her cover long enough to realize that there were two Goliath Blasters getting ready to fire at Krieg while he fought the Nomad; so she fired at each; removing their helmets and leaving them to rage and fight one another while the other bandits were defeated. Only several moments were needed to take care of the rest of the enemies while the Goliaths fought and soon, they too were killed off and the loot was divided.

"Thanks for showing up when you did… They would have killed me off… Death is not something I'm particularly fond of…" Maya said, shuttering slightly while she remembered her ordeal with the order. She looked softly at Krieg as he made several grunts of mild discontent while she spoke.

"Don't move your meat flaps so much… I have enough interns to spank…" he said in a soft, low tone as he started to look around for a place to kill more enemies. Maya just shrugged and walked up next to him and began to scan the horizon for something else for Krieg to demolish in order for him to continue to be reasonable, or at least somewhat reasonable. "Look over yonder, young meat maiden, more blood bags to pulverize!" Krieg shouted, pointing with one of his large fingers toward a group of Spiderants.

"As much as we'd like to let you get all that rage out of your system, Soldier, you two have more pressing matters to attend to… There's a group of Bloodshots attacking Tina's place… She's handling most of them quite well, but more and more just keep coming so she will be overwhelmed…" Roland said over the Echo.

"Alright, we'll be there shortly…" Maya replied with a soft tone of voice.

"Argh! I wanted to spread the hate!" Krieg shouted at no one in particular.

"Relax, Soldier, you'll get your chance soon…" Roland said, deciding to try to reason with the Psycho as to make Maya's work with him easier.

"Grah! Stop Talking To Me!" Krieg blurted out, smacking his head against a piece of concrete several seconds later.

"Sounds like you two are getting along famously… Usually he doesn't do the head thing until you've known him a few days…" Lilith said, entering the call.

"He and I have an… Arrangement… I let him do all the killing, or at least most of it, and in exchange, he and I can have… somewhat… civilized conversations. Ones that don't involve Meat bicycles… It was actually very easy to get him to agree to it, just had to enter his mind to talk with his inner voice…" Maya replied, looking at Krieg as he continued to smack his head against the concrete.

"Now the little man won't shut up! (Don't pretend you don't like it…)" Krieg then shouted, taking hold of his helmet and ramming into the nearest wall. He hit so hard that he fell to the ground. "It hurts! Ha haha! Ha! It hurts!"

"Sounds like he's getting rather comfortable around you, see you two later." Lilith said to Maya, signing off.

"Get moving Soldiers, Tina needs help…" Roland said authoritatively, also leaving the call.

"Alright, let's go…" Maya said slowly, picking Krieg up by one of his large hands and helping him to his feet. He looked at her with a look or sheer bewilderment.

"Why aren't you stabbing me?" he asked with confusion in his voice.

"Because I'm actually starting to enjoy hanging out with you? And just because you're insane doesn't mean that I would stab you." Maya replied, laughing softly as he stood straight up before her. She then shook her head lightly and turned away from him to lead them for once. The truly interesting fact was that for the entire trek to the Tundra Express, Krieg was silent; this was worrying to her as she thought about it. Krieg is never silent; silence means that he's thinking, and thinking for him is never a good sign. Perhaps trying to hang out with a psychopath was a bad idea… and now he's about to snap and attempt to kill me? Or maybe he's thinking of ways to get out of speaking to me? She thought. She really didn't know, and that's what scared her; out of all the Vault Hunters, he was the only one that was as unpredictable as Jack was. And she was stuck with him until further notice.

Meanwhile, Krieg was thinking some much different thoughts; (You know; you're actually much more peaceful when a girl has peaked your interests… Maybe you should start dating… I think she's into you…) his inner voice commented. Nyah! Your brain words make my rubber bands stutter! Now shut up before I have to kill her to shut you up! Krieg shouted at his inner voice.

"Um… Hey, Krieg?" Maya's soft yet stern voice beckoned him to look her in the eyes while she spoke. "I was wondering… Do you consider me a friend? Because I was a little worried that you would try to attack me or something… And I don't want to kill you…" she said, her voice adopting a rather predator-like sound. Krieg's visible eye widened as he looked deeply into hers for several moments before beginning to speak.

"Friendship is lies; pain is truth… Love the pain and you'll stay golden…" (Smooth, Cazenovia… Real smooth…) his inner voice chided, laughing softly at him. "What did I tell you?!" Krieg blurted out, smacking himself with his axe again. (Dude, what are you doing?) His inner voice said.

Maya was confused by what she'd heard when she decided to listen in to Krieg's thoughts to try and see what he'd meant. "Um… Krieg? Do… Do you like me?" she asked, drawing his attention away from the voice in his head and his self-mutilation.

"You do not cause my blood to bite at my brain and your words don't make me scream inside, so you need not open your fear flavor packet…" (That's his way of saying that he likes you…) his inner voice interjected, causing Maya to blush slightly while she heard his thoughts. Krieg saw her reddening and looked at her quizzically, wondering what was happening to her. "Your flesh bag is changing bloody… Why do you not die from this!?" he asked in a loud, confused voice. (She's embarrassed, you dolt!) His inner voice commented. "I said silence, you little piece of sadness!"

"I… Uh…" Oh great, I had to be stuck with the observant lunatic, she thought, her cheeks burning and her heart racing while Krieg shouted and muttered in rapid succession.

"Your meat flaps make me confused; why are you not speaking?! Your questions yield no birthday cake and your answers offer only questions!" (Stop scaring the girl!) Krieg's inner voice interjected, pulling his attention away from Maya yet again. "She and her happy brood are free of my mischief, NOW SHUT UP!" He fired back, slamming his head down on another rock. (Fine! I'll leave the two of you alone for a minute! Jease, Stop killing us! Just remember our rule…) His inner voice said before falling silent. Krieg then stopped hitting his head for a moment, thinking to himself before smiling dangerously. He turned to Maya and said… "The cockroach is safely back in his saloon, time to speak freely, soldier!" He then took hold of her hand and pulled her to an empty building. When he entered and dragged her with him he said "Speak to the me that stands before you, not the whispering sausage in here…" he then gestured to his head and held eye contact with her.

"I… Um…" Maya stuttered again, looking away with an embarrassed smile on her face. "I don't know what to say to you, Krieg… We're two completely different people…"

"Then say words like those that splatter the walls of other meat popsicles… The sayings about the skies and the wars in your inner minds!" he demanded.

"Wait… you want to talk about the weather?" she asked, confused and a little suspicious.

"I want to feel what you meat bags carry on about; the boring and sorrowful; the constant and painless!" he then stopped mid-rant and settled down a little. "I want to test the blood in the waters to salivate over life or lust…" he continued, his voice quieter and less aggravated.

"I'd be happy to help you, but you need to try to be a little less intimidating… It's easier to talk to you when you're not screaming about blood and meat…" Maya replied, holding out a hand for him to take. After several moments, he did and spoke.

"I am unused to the emotions I am currently feeling…" Krieg said in a soft tone.

"That's good; at least you're feeling something other than rage and bloodlust… I was thinking earlier that you actually aren't that bad as long as you can vent that anger of yours…" Maya said in a calm voice, looking back up into his eyes.

"My anger is my waffles of joy, without them, I am nothing… A bag of bloody pulp and nipple salads…" he muttered, looking down uncomfortably into his and Maya's hands.

"That probably sounded saner in your head, but I understand; you don't like change… Your rage is your constant… It's what you've always known… But sometimes, it's not necessary… Like right now…" Maya replied, causing him to look back up to her, his eye scanning her features for something to register.

"Whatever this is, this melancholy warmth, it is more quiet than it is screaming inside me… I don't know what pancakes to use…" Krieg said, his eye looking slightly pained by confusion.

"I think this is enough for now… I'm somewhat relieved to know that you're able to feel something more than rage and pain… Let's go do something that you like… Up for killing some more Bandits?" Maya asked, her smile growing soft and slightly inviting.

(Oh, yeah… She's definitely into you…) Krieg's inner voice said, causing him to grumble and hold his hand over his eye hole.

Chapter 1: Reasoning with the Beast. End.