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Should Have Knocked

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I should have knocked, but I didn't think the Major would be in the middle of changing his clothing.

His jeans and underwear were around his knees. He was shirtless, his nipples were cold, and…I saw it…I saw his manhood.

The Major's eyes were wide in shock, lips slightly parted, and his cheeks turning pink.

Of course I snapped out of it when he tossed a hair brush at me. His cheeks now deeply flushed in the color red and he yelled furiously at me, but not sure exactly what because I was in shock. I swiftly shut the door. I sat down against the outside of the door.

"What happened, Z?" A asked me in a worried tone of voice.

"I..didn't…knock." I said in a low voice and looked up at him. "I saw it…the Major's….manhood..He was in the middle of changing.."

A gasped in horror. Major opened the door.

"If it's an emergency do not knock, but if it's not a big fucking emergency knock on the damn door." The Major snapped, his cheeks still flushed, and arms crossed across his chest. "Now tell me what the hell did you want to tell me, Z? It better be good."

"…I forgot." I muttered. My mind is almost completely and utter blank. The image of the Major's nude body keeps popping up inside of my mind. Jeans and Underwear to his knees, his chest exposed, his nipples hard due to the cold, his manhood in plain sight, and….

"A take Z to a hospital. I think he is feeling under the weather." Major stated firmly and walked away shaking his head. My cheeks are burning. A grabbed me by the arm.

"What is wrong, Z?" A asked me.

"I don't know." I replied to him. A and I walked silently to the hospital.

I'm sorry Major, but my mind won't stop having dirty thoughts about you. It keeps on replaying over and over again in my mind. I recall your reaction: eyes wide in shock, lips slightly parted, and cheeks turning pink in embarrassment. I recall your chest, hard nipples, stomach, your cock, and your lovely thighs. Jeans and Underwear around your knees. I didn't see your ass.

This is bad…really bad…I hope the Major doesn't discover my dirty thoughts about him..

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