Carly Shay sat up in the loft with her Pearbook going through the comments on the latest icarly episode. Most of them were positive with the few negatives and suddenly she got an IM from Sam.

MommalovessasuagE4: Hey, check this out. [Submissivebeingtaughtlesson: Play]

Mangolover16: Um, Sam this better not be another porno.

MommalovessasuagE4: It won't. C;

She sighed and clicked on the video. Immediately she saw a short big breasted redhead spread out on a table. She growled in frustration and went to x out with something caught her eye. A man walked up to her and brought a whip down hard on her stomach. The girl yelped out in shock and received anathor above her cleanly shaven snatch. Carly unintentionally leaned into the computer, her hand making its way down her flat stomach as the blows to the red head came faster until it landed on top of her clit making her gasp and moan in pleasure.

Carly slipped her hands slowly across her own wet folds teasing her clit gently. The man walked around and placed the girl on his lap and began delivering blows to her supple ass. The redhead counted them off trying hard not to moan. Carly now started to plunge her finger slowly in and out of her snatch. With her free hand she reached up and played with her nipple which was now like a pebble between her fingers.

The girl was flipped back over and a large dildo was plunged into her, her arms and hands bound as the man lapped away at her nipples. The girl moaned and whimpered bucking her hips off the table. Carly quickened her pace and came to her release the same time the man allowed the girl in the video her release.

She shut the pearbook and laid her head back on the bean bag chair. She took shallow breaths still trying to process what happened.

"Carly, dinner's ready." Spencer called from down stairs.

She got up and washed her hands before meeting Spencer in the kitchen for spaghetti tacos feeling accomplished as she had found herself a new hobby.