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Cece's pov:

Nobody knew her; she was one of those kids that just, were there, no personality, no random burst of laugher, nothing.

I was relatively popular… okay I'm being modest, actually I was quite popular, well in other people's eyes, I didn't really see it though.

People would say that I was rambunctious, hot-headed, I could see that. My mom's a cop, my little brother's a manipulating, jokester, and I'm a cheerleader (captain), so I have lots of steam built up.

I believe that taking a chance pushes you to something great, that's why I joined cheerleading.

Any way's back to her, I don't know, there's just something about her that just stands out, which is ironic sense she very unnoticed.

But what really got me curious about her is the fact that: I always see her in the weirdest way.

For instance, on Thursday I was walking out of school to go meet up with some friends when all of a sudden I see her fall to the ground, as if she jumped of the roof.

I know what you're all thinking oh my god she tried to commit suicide but when she got up, her expression leaked shock and excitement; I don't remember suicidal people being happy

You know it's actually kind of sexy how her lips curls up when she smiles hmm…back to her being weird

A week ago I saw her I guess trying to move a car with her hand, and she was seriously into it, then I came to the best conclusion: she's absolutely crazy.

That's when I realized (helping out mental people can really get you into good college's) so my goal now was to talk to her and gain some kind of community service.

My first attempted was in the cafeteria at lunch time, my table was unanimously considered quote on quote the 'cool kids' table.

Deuce Martinez was on the right of me, flirting with Tinka Hessenheffer, ya know ever since her brother went back to their home country, her appearance got… well normal, she wore light blue skinny jeans with slight rips in them, a yellow and light gray striped blouse, and yellow van boots, and ya know what with her blond hair down and not in some ridiculous hairstyle, she looks incredable.

"So what, your just gonna go over there and talked to her" Deuce asked jokingly "well yeah I guess, I mean it cant be that hard, I've done it before" I assumed "well you better go now" Tinka said "why?" I ask "cause little miss elvis is now leaving the building" Deuce countered " what" I turned around to see the girl was gone "dammit Deuce why didn't you say anything" "I thought I did" he jokes.

Rushing into the hallway I become very frustrated because, she wasn't there, people stared at me confused but I was to busy trying to find lady Hudini. I finally went outside to the back of the school to catch my breath, and to see if she was out here, but she wouldn't be, no one comes back here. I was about to leave when something fell on me, it was a wallet, I opened to find an ID, it said Raquel blue 16, driver's licence and the picture revealed it to be the girl im looking for.

'Wait but how did it get here, and how did it fall on my head' I look up to see something, that would send Gandi to an insane ward. I found the girl, but she was floating . in . the . sky .

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