Rockys pov

"We have to talk about it" Ty said


"No we don't" I answered growing irritated at his pestering.

"Rocky. Your chick friend or whatever is pregnant and is currently levitating over your bed right now" Ty said raising his voice in a 'are-you-fucking-serious-right-now tone'.

I turn to Cece who was in fact floating over my bed right now " fuck" I say pulling her down.

We were in my room circled around my bed.

Ty being the astronomical nuisance he was entered in expectedly during my morning routine.

"We can talk about it when she wakes up, right now I kind of want to avoid any Sifi shit for today at least a fucking hour" I say getting up to finish brushing my teeth.

"Your babymomma is pregnant and floating" he screamed in a rushed grunt.

" Shut, the fuck up Martha is down stairs and these walls aren't sound proof" I say before going back into the restroom.

I close the door and stare at myself In the mirror. I'm wearing a black bra and black joggers.

I am also wearing a facial expression of utter panic and anxiety.

What the fuck what the fucking fuck fuck?!Like seriously what the actual fuck?!

I started off a loner in high school with a fucking teen movie crush on Cece now, fucking now!

Oh my god what the fucking fuck fucking fuck fuck.

Needless to say I was too emotionally disjointed to brush my teethe so I was reduced to staring in the mirror having an inner world war 123 and fucking 10 in my mind.

I herd a knock

"Rocky" I herd Cece slightly scratched voice on the other side "Ty told me he wanted to talk about the whole situation, he said you said to wait till I woke up...well I'm awake"


"Uh-I'll be out in a second babe" if I don't try to kill myself right now.

I take twenty deep breaths in and out, woooosaaaaahhh. I open the door for death to take me.

The talk.

" Now look you guys this is some serious shit and we have to clear some stuff up" Ty started it off seriously which made me cringe a little.

"Look you Rocky" he turned to me " your gonna have to except something's, some really big and important things about your...origin" he said.

" The fuck are you saying?" I asked bluntly and annoyed.

"I'm saying that" he takes a deep breath "we aren't from this world" he said.

Okay no fuck that shit I can't I absolutely can't, I just I can't " okay fuck this shit I need a breather and a fucking cigarette and a fucking lobotomy I gotta go get some air" I open the window and fly off putting some distance from the house and me.

I mean okay It's not to say I didn't see this whole of another race Jor-el shit coming it's just, with Cece being pregnant and me being the ...oh god. No fuck the lobotomy I need an entire brain transplant.

Cece pov:

She flew off and I wanted to chase after her we'll fly after her. On instinct I started floating over the bed.

"Seriously chick your gonna have to start getting the hang of that" Ty said pulling me down to the bed.

"And also that earthquake stuff I herd about" "you herd about?" " I eves dropped about is also gonna have to get controlled, can't have you ya know fucking causing a 0.5 when you get your period or whatever.

" I mean can please explain like the actual fuck about all this. I mean this is like way too much like so much dude" I mean okay Rocky being a-whatever the fuck Ty was alluding to, that makes since. She can fly move things with her mind, turn into fire for god sakes, I wouldn't be surprised if he said they were from freaking krypton. But this shit with me and the whole...woosh! I can't.

" Look I can only paraphrase the truth, you and rocky need to be present for the whole thing" he said seriously.

"Just give me something" I said exhausted at all of this, and because I just woke up.

" I'll give you this. You and rocky that's prophecy that baby" he points to my stomach "that's legacy. the end result..." he then starts smashing his hands to together making laser sounds with his mouth.

" Ty?" I ask while he continues, he stops mid hand smash then makes a oh-you-don't-understand-what-this-is facial expression.

" The fuck are you doing" I ask monotoned.

"I was-hmhm never mind, but yeah that's the short version" he said calming down.



"You know you didn't explain anything" my mind is completely fucked as of now.

Ty was about to say something but his phone started to ring.

When he answered his face went from goofy to serious for a quick second then back to goofy.

"I uh have to go uh talk to a monkey about a heart" he said giggling then flew out of the window leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Literally what the fuck has my life come to.