Flynns pov:

When I went to the house I did not like what I saw.

Even though everything is still moving in slow motion I knew exactly what was going on.

My mom, former police officer and proud single mother was snorting a line of coke with a man I have never met in my life.

I was only outside the window and I could smell the marijuana. And the desperation seeping off of drug headed strippers also attending whatever the fuck my mother was doing.

My fucking mother. I want to-

I want to storm the fucking gates and rip whoever that is head off the bitch slap my mom into her right mind I want to-ugh.

So wake up from pretty much a death bed a guy sets me free with...whatever he did I guess I have some sort of speed thing going on. And my mother is currently snorting cocain off of a strippers back side. In all this only one thing is on my mind:Where the fuck is Cece.

Fuck this I'm leaving fuck her, you know it never occurred to me till now but, in all of cece's visits she was never there. And if memory serves me correct she damn there put me in that hospital.

I start walking and like usual the sides of me become a blur, like the building and house merged in to the blurry line. I found myself at the Central Park everything still in slow motion.

It's 12:00a.m exactly, how I know that without a watch I'm not sure but it's midnight. It's midnight and I'm confused and pissed and confused.

What the hell happen like I was going to die I could feel it but now all of a sudden I'm the fucking flash or something.

And other then the obvious time distortion I'm in I can tell some other stuff is different.

For one the obvious seeing through things, that's weird it's on and off sometimes everything is solid sometimes everything is transparent. It's like everything is a window an un-tinted window.

Another thing is that I feel much older. Like I feel like I'm Flynn Jones but like a 20 year old Flynn Jones. Like I don't know how to describe it but I feel like mentally I aged while my body stayed the same.

I know things weird things like tomorrow is gonna be a full moon, it's gonna rain on Friday. And the kicker, something's about to happen right now.

As soon as I thought it a loud bang was herd from the other side of the park, it sounded like it was right next to me.

I could hear the sound of gun fire and wind rippling abnormally.

I turn to right to see on the far edge of the empty park a person wearing a green hoodie was in the air with another man hanging limp, he slammed the man the ground with inhuman strength. There was a woman on the side laying down she was crying.

I immediately walked over there I do t know why but I feel a certain panic and need to help this lady.

Whoever this green guy is I gonna beat the fuck out him.

When I got close I saw the green guy helping the lady up. She hugged him and and cried, she repeating thank you over and over again. Still all of this in my perception was moving at the slowest snails pace.

He gave her her stuff and dismembered the gun that I herd earlier.

And then just like the guy in my hospital room his vanished except he left behind glowing green wind.

I knew exactly who that was his hoodie covered his face but I knew exactly who that was, and now I'm shitting bricks.

Before I knew it everything started moving in its normal pace. The woman had already left and I was alone in the Chicago Central Park.

On thing was on my mind well one name.

Deuce Martinez.