I do not own Twilight, all rights belong to Stephanie Meyer, the only thing that is mine is this story. Enjoy!

"Mom! Dad! Where are you!" I screamed running all through the castle.

I couldn't find them anywhere, they were missing! How were the king and queen of Misserica Volturi missing?! No, this couldn't be happening!

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed even louder. I scoped out the building, and they just weren't here. How is this possible. My parents missing. I ran out into the woods, and saw them both laying there, in the huge pile of smoke and fire, i tried pulling them out, but I got burned in the process. My parents! My mother and father! Isabella, and Emmett Volturi! Why!

"NO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn't believe this, I wouldn't believe this. I had just turned fourteen also, the legal age by grandfather to rule the Misserica. But what was the point. I didn't have my mother or father here with me. How could they just be gone. Just like that. It was the worst day ever, the worst day of my life, and it was my birthday!

I was supposed to start training and everything with mom and dad today! And now I never would get to! All because they are gone. Forever.

I will be the Queen. I will be cruel, mean, vicious. I will get my revenge on every vampire and human or other wise in the process. I will not. And I am one-hundred-and-ten percent honest. I will not let them get away with this. I will stay on the case of my parents until my last day on earth, then someone else will take over for me.

I will never forget any of this. Ever.

"Jake!" It was happening all over again. The same thing that had happened with my parents.. He was missing. My husband is gone. I ran straight out to the field where I found mom and dad laying in the fire, and sure enough, there he was my husband and the father of my child Emma. In the forest, on the floor, surrounded in flames.

It happened again, and next they would try for Emma, and I wouldn't let whoever it was have her. My daughter is all I have left, and I will not lose her. I ran back inside the castle, crying. I ran right into the room that my daughter had set up just for her.

I walked over to her baby crib, she was only four months old.

"My baby Emmaline Rosealice. You are my world, and I will keep you out of harms way for as long as you shall live. No one will ever harm you."

This only made my revenge want to grow. My father had told me the stories of a broken angel who got healed by the person she least expected. I am that broken angel now, but I will not show any pain, and grief, and hurt or sorrow or any negative, or even positive emotion. Nothing but blankness will reside on my face at all times, unless I am with my dear Emmaline.

I had pieced the stories mom told me about her and dad, and dad's story about the broken angel together. Mom was his broken angel. I decided to make this all a mission that I had to complete, and what is a mission without a name? So I have decided on my mission name.

Mission #304 Revenge of the Angels