I was in the club, and I was hit with his smell. Jake, the one from, the one that looked so much like my Jake, the one that was killed and kidnapped. It was not real, and I was thinking that someone had just messed with my mind. He walked over to me, and we started talking. I went to the bar, and got drinks. We sat there, for a while, getting drunk, laughing, talking. It was fun, and I was all to happy to see him again. I knew something would happen where I would see him again, and it was a little funny how it was here.

We ended up dancing, and he was shocked at how well I could dance. I was grinding, and dancing all over him. He would occasionally lean down and kiss my neck, and it would make me shiver. He smirked and we kept going like this. Then, he turned me around, and pulled my lips to his. I smiled, and it was funny, because I kissed him back, and he tasted just like my Jake did. I looked at him, and then kissed him again. As we were going out the door, I was met by a scent. It was a vampire.

Jake fazed into a wolf, and we ran after it. I was at the shack from what Emma showed me. It was amazing how much accuracy she had made with her little vision thing. I played it all out like I had in her vision, except we never lost the man's scent. We ran all the way back to another shack. And I smelled two of my favorite scents in there. It was my mother and father's scents. I saw the man, the man who was known as Justin Biers. He was right in front of me, and I knew it would be a fight.

I looked from my parent, ALIVE, and back to Justin, and then to Jake. It was definitely going to be a fight. With my power, I couldn't do anything. I had no advantages. At all. I could however do one thing. I flashed Jake to Volterra, and flashed Jane, Alec, Dimitri, Felix, Heidi, Claire, Alex, Justin, and Faye all to my side. Alex was already working his power, and so was Jane. Biers was on the floor, and Claire was using her power on him.

Felix, Heidi, Alex, Justin, and Faye were the best fighters, along with Jasper and Emmett. I decided to also flash those two here, since they are on my team as well. Claire can make anyone silent, Alec blocks all senses so they wont know if they are being attacked, Dimitri is a fighter and a tracker, and Jane can make people feel excruciating pain.

I walked over to Justin, being my cold, cruel self. I spoke to him like I would speak to any other rule breaker in my castle when I was without my parents.

"My, my, my. You seem in pain. Are you?" I asked, in my icy tone, and my mother flinched. He screamed. I laughed, and nodded.

"Good." I said, and laughed again.

"You see, you know who I am. I am the Queen. The cold, ruthless, killing Queen. And I don't give second chances." I said, and they all stopped using their powers on my command.

"Yes your majesty, I know my Queen." He said, on his knees. And I laughed again. My parents were truly scared.

"So, you know I'm gonna have to kill you right. Not only did you deprive me of my childhood, and my parents, but you took away my HUSBAND AND MY CHILD'S FATHER! YOU MADE ME INTO THE MONSTER I AM!" I screamed at him, and then, my voice was quiet, but deadly chilling, and I think everyone in the room was scared of me.

"You don't deserve to live, you don't deserve anything. Just like your father, and grandfather, and great-grandfather Riley Biers. You do not deserve to live. So you wont." I said, and walked forward, slowly, carefully. And took one hit. He was dead. I took a lighter, and said a few last words.

"Rot in hell you miserable excuse of an immortal."

And light him on fire. When he was dead, my mom and dad regained their paleness, and their eyes got color to them, they were back. I looked at them, and they broke out of the chains that had been wrapped around them. I was wondering why he had given up so easily. Was he just ready? Or did he already know he had no chance.

I flashed us all back to Volterra, Volturi. I ended up in the front, and when I got there what I was staring at was the most surprising thing ever. Jake, the werewolf Jake, he was back to my Jake. He was holding Emma, and he was pale again, with red eyes. How did that happen? Was it another trick like he put on my parents?

Everybody had a HUGE family reunion, and we all dry-sobbed, and all of that. I transported every member of Misserica here, and we all were having a huge baby fest where we all sobbed, and laughed, happy to have my mother and father home. After everyone was settled down, I went to ask Jake what happened.

"Justin took me, and put an enchantment that made me a werewolf. He made me think I had grew up in La Push my whole life, and remember you as a baby, and we were just friends. It was all real to me, until just now, and I remember every detail of it. Speaking of baby, you look hot, and your so sexy when you dance on me and kiss me at the club. He spoke, and I laughed. I told him he was always sexy. To which he replied I was always beautiful.

We had talked, and then Aro called order. He declared that the princess of Volturi, was back from her mission, and that his daughter, former ruler of Misserica, and former Volturi princess, along with her husband were back. He also re-throned me, and Jake both. Declairing us as the prince and princess of Volturi, and Queen and King of Misserica. We were all happy, and the family was back.

Emma would get her whole family, including her father. Life couldn't be better for me. I was happy, and nothing could stop that ever again. I refuse. Me and my family went back to Misserica, where we bonded, and caught up. Mom made sure that I would never act like that again, and I promised. And then our family was complete. It was my happily forever after.

The End!

That is the end of Revenge of the Angels, and Broken Angel. Edward and Rosalie finally got married, and they were happy, and didn't mess up again. Everyone ended up happy, and I am done. I regret saying that it is over, but I have sort of lost intrest in this story over the months, and I am just happy to get it done. I hope you read my other stories, and I want to thank all my followers, and favorites who stuck with me through out the Broken Angel book, and even some for the Revenge of the Angels. BYE from these two books!