these are the characters for the star trek Version of grease some of the characters i made up myself though like rachel Kirk if you have ever read the story who's that lady then you've heard of her so i hope this one will be enjoyable remember my authors note

Star Trek
Star fleet high
note: I don't own Star trek or grease the musical I own a few minor characters but that is all, the rest belongs to J.J Abrams and Gene Roddenberry also to the writer of grease there isn't any profit off this story but I would love to have some reviews

Leonard McCoy as Danny
Rachel Kirk as Sandy
Jackie Thomas as Rizzo
Jim Kirk as Kenickie
Sulu as Doody
Chekov as Sonny
Scotty as Putzie
Christine Chapel as Frenchy
Janice rand as Jan
Diana Barrows as Marty
Mrs. Eloise as principle McGee
Spock as the teen angel
Vicky flash as Vi
Spock as Vince fontane
Captain Pike as Coach Calhoun
Carol Marcus as Mrs. Murdock
Ariel Procter as Blanche
Nyota Uhura as Patty simcox
Darrell barns as tom chimsum
Miley McCoy as Nurse simpkins
Roxy frazz as cha cha diagregio
Klingons as the scorpions

Ladies and gentlemen please put your paws, claws, hands, tentacles, and everything else together for the trekkies in Star fleet High