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Katniss Everdeen has broken the law one too many times. Upon a deal with the head officer, she has to spend her summer at Mellark's Farm. Peeta Mellark is a good, hardworking southern boy, but once a certain braided rebel catches his eye, his world is flipped upside down. Will Katniss focus on the farm work, or will a certain blonde haired boy steal her heart?

This will be a modern day AU, and might be a little OOC at some points. This is set in the south, so they'll have slight accents. (Peeta and Katniss's wont be as bad)

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The big, burly police officer drags his regular culprit in. A place that is much too familiar for this girl; she's been here more times than she could count on her toes and fingers.

"I'd like to say I'm surprised to see you..." Head officer Crane says slowly, while taking out a handkerchief to wipe his brow of sweat. "I 'member your daddy tellin' me you were gonna be trouble. Now I'm startin' to finally believe him."

She denies to let the emotions of her father take over her, so she sets her jaw and stares down the officer.

"I didn't do it!" The seventeen year old spits out with defiance, her grey eyes steely. "Maybe it's 'bout time you actually bring in the right person!"

The head officer chuckles as the infamous Katniss Everdeen slumps down in an old wooden chair. Crane leans against his desk piled with files, most of them belonging to Katniss.

"You're tellin' me you ain't the one who shot that hundred pound deer on illegal grounds? Miss Effie Trinket says saw you with her own eyeballs."

The brunette scoffs and crosses her arms with a scowl. "Trinket is batshit crazy! She knows nothing!"

The bearded officer slams his fist down on the desk, startling Katniss. His blue eyes are suddenly seething. "Im sick and tired of your shit! This is the final straw. You've vandalized property, illegally hunted, stolen, drank alcohol, and I'm sick o'ya mockin' this town!"

Katniss can't stop herself from snorting. "In all honesty, this town isn't too spectacular to begin with."

"Shut your mouth and listen to me," Officer Crane snaps, and she rolls her eyes, but listens. Crane's eye catches a paper on his desk of a farm, and a wicked smile forms. "Either I send you off to the district juvenile house, or you agree to go work on a farm for the summer months."

Katniss's face contorts in disgust. There is no way in hell she will ever go to a home or some farm, for that matter. Plus she can't go anywhere, her sister needs her. Prim certainly cannot survive with just their mother.

"Have you forgot about my sister? I can't leave her with my mother!"

"She's got your Uncle Haymitch to look after her."

Her grey eyes roll at the mention of her uncle. Sure, he is very wealthy in this town, and he owns a few shops, but he is notoriously known for his drinking. He's a damned drunk.

"Now choose, little lady. What's it gonna be?"

"This is ridiculous! I was just survivin'. You can't jail someone for doing what they need to survive!"

Crane's eyebrows lift, forming wrinkles on his sweaty forehead. "Oh, so vandalizing Miss Trinket's property helped ya survive?"

"I sure as hell ain't going to a district house!" She yells loudly, and in her anger her southern accent comes out more than normal.

"So, farm it is?" He asks with an evil smirk. Katniss opens her mouth to argue, but he shushes her. "You have an hour to pack up while I make a phone call. Don't think 'bout runnin'."

She jumps up from the creaky chair and slams the door on her way out.

A farm? She'd much rather jump in that old sewage pond by the hill, than go to some stupid farm!

As the hot-headed girl passes Miss Trinket's cookie cutter house, she scoops up a hand full of mud and smears it all over the classic white picket fence. A sense of victory washes over the girl when she catches Effie Trinket's gaze through the window. Mockingly, she salutes the frazzled woman and flips her off.

When she walks through the door of their modest one floor house, Katniss goes straight to her mother's room. Not bothering to knock, she opens the door and blue eyes snap open.

"Listen here and listen good," Katniss barks out at the older woman. She doesn't wait for an answer before continuing. "I gotta go to some farm for a few months. You gotta be here for Prim, she needs you. You can't zone out, or God help me I'll come back and wring your neck. Are we clear?"

Time ticks by, then Mrs. Everdeen barely nods and whispers, "I won't."

She pulls the frail older woman into an awkward hug before storming out of her room and the house over to where Haymitch resides. He sits on the porch with a flask in his hand.


"Take care of Prim. Keep her fed, healthy, happy. Okay?"

"What did you do this time?" Her scruffy uncle asks with the hint of a slur. He may be a drunk, but he's reliable. "Stay alive, sweetheart." He mumbles when she doesn't answer.

Her small bag is packed with all of her clothes, and a few personal belongings: her father's old sunglasses that say "Ray Ban" on the side, a framed picture of Prim, and one of her father and herself.

Her eyes are trained on the clock, hoping Prim will come home from school before Officer Crane gets here to take her away.

The pound of footsteps rush up the front porch, and Katniss stands up just as the door swings open. The younger Everdeen with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles, but then frowns when she sees the bag.

"Hey Kat! What's that-"

"I messed up, Little duck... I am truly sorry. I'm gettin' sent away to a farm for the summer."

Her younger sister's lip quivers, and she tackles Katniss in a hug. Katniss holds back her tears as she hears her younger sister cry. She rests her chin on Prim's head and rubs her back soothingly.

"Will you come back?"

"Of course, Little duck. I'll be gone just for a little while." She pulls away from the younger girl, and attempts a smile for her. "You gotta promise to be good. No filling your belly with sweets every night, and no boys."

Though her cheeks are lined with tears, Prim giggles and nods. "Did ya tell Gale?"

Katniss shakes her head and shrugs. "He's out working in the next town over 'til Friday. You be sure to tell him for me?"

Prim nods, and then the screen door opens. Officer Crane leans against the frame and points to his watch. "Time to get a move on."

The youngest Everdeen latches onto her older sister, and she gently gets pried off by the older.

"Prim, give Haymitch hell." She says with a wink, and Prim wipes at her tears with a weak nod.

"That's no way to talk about your lovely Uncle, sweetheart." Haymitch waltzes into the house and slumps on the old couch nearby. "Now get goin'."

"Bye Katniss! I love you, don't forget about me!" Prim calls out from the porch as Katniss lugs her bag to the cruiser. She gives one last wave before sliding into the front seat of the car.

The sun blinds her as Crane drives down the old gravel highway, so she digs through her bag and pulls out her father's sunglasses. He gave them to her two years ago before he had died. Claimed that they were good for hunting, that they kept the sun from your eyes. Now it's the only thing Katniss has left of him.

"I don't want ya causing trouble for these folk. They are good people, and you best treat 'em with respect. You got me?"

Katniss slumps further in her seat. "Got ya. Are you done pretendin' to be my father now?"

"Tone down your attitude, Katniss, we're here."

Her grey eyes look out the window to see fields and fields of crops from corn to wheat to barley to other vegetables. There's a wooden barn just off to the left corner of the land, near where the rows of crops start. A gravel worn in path leads right up to a two story home with another smaller building a few yards behind it.

At least I can enjoy the scenery, Katniss thought as Crane came to a stop just in front of the now older looking house. They both exit the car, and Katniss takes in a deep breath of nature's clean air as she slings the bag over her shoulder. The hot suns beats down on her neck and she already starts to feel sweaty.

Southern summers are most definitely hot.

In the distance she hears a machine start up, as well as the annoying bleats from the sheep and goats.

"Well, hello there!" Katniss looks up to see a tall, broad shouldered man with blonde hair and blue eyes. Crane walks over and shares a firm handshake. "Officer Crane, good to see ya! How's ya been?"

"Very good, Joel. I'm bettin' all's well here!" Crane turns his body and motions Katniss over with a curt wave. She trudges over, and stands in front of the tall man. "Katniss meet Joel Mellark, who you will now take orders from. Joel meet Miss Katniss Everdeen."

Joel sticks out his big, calloused hand and gently shakes Katniss'. "Hello, Katniss. Good havin' you here! My sons and wife will be out in just a moment."

Crane looks at his watch. "I must be heading back to the town. Joel you got my number in case she causes any grief."

He gives Katniss one last look, then walks over to his car. He zooms down the gravel path, leaving a dust cloud in his wake.

The rebellious girl stands awkwardly, and tries to ignore the sweat forming between her sunglasses and nose. Before the silence gets too awkward, the front screen door creaks open and two boys that look almost identical to Joel shove each other playfully.

"You can't ride that bull for shit, Peet! You ain't got the skill."

"Next Saturday I'll show ya I'm better, Trav. Just wait-" The younger Mellark stops talking when his blue eyes land on the mysterious rebel in front of him. His cheeks flush, and Katniss slides her glasses onto her head, wiping the sweat away in the process.

"Travis, Peeta, this is our new helper. Her name is Katniss, and I want y'all to treat her nicely." Joel Mellark tells his sons.

Travis Mellark, being his cocky, jokester self, smirks and nods at Katniss. "Hope you can handle it out here, town girl."

Katniss locks her jaw and gives a stiff nod. "I can."

"Feisty-" Peeta Mellark smacks his brother's arm and gives him a pointed look.

The youngest with the bluest eyes, sticks out his hand. Katniss tries to avoid staring at the way his toned muscles ripple under the sleeve of his white t-shirt. She takes his hand, and he gives a light squeeze.

"Hi...I'm Peeta."

"Katniss." She can't help but notice the slightest southern accent to his voice. Sounds like hers, the southern drawl only noticeable with certain words. Her insides turn at his voice, his blonde sort of wavy hair and his incredibly blue eyes. He's very handsome. Her cheeks flush slightly when they both lock eyes, but her red cheeks can be easily passed from the heat.

The front screen door slams closed, and a blonde woman with her lips in a thin line walks down the steps.

"So, you are the no good trash that we had to take in." She spits and glares daggers at Katniss. "I'll have you know, I ain't tolerating any of your shit, so you best behave on my property."

"Helen," Joel hisses under his breath at his wife's rude behaviour.

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of being disrespectful. Seems like you do enough of that."

Peeta and Travis cover their mouths to keep from laughing at Katniss's comment. Helen Mellark just stares at her before making a noise of anger and storming back into the house. The two boys laugh under their breath, and Katniss is glad she put that witch in her place.

"Travis get to tendin' the barley. Peeta show Katniss where her room is, and around the lot."

Travis grumbles and marches off to the crops, and Joel goes back inside the house, leaving Peeta and Katniss alone.

Katniss expects the boy to lead her inside the house, but instead he starts walking over to the smaller building. "Me and Travis sleep out here."

He pushes open the door, and it resembles a small cabin. There's a couch by an old fire stove, and an old TV. A wide hallway just past the couch has four doors, one at the very end being a bathroom.

Peeta guides Katniss to the hall and stops at the first door. "This is Travis' room." He continues on to the second room on the right. "My room, and lucky for you, you're right across the hall from me and closest to the bathroom."

Katniss simply nods. "Is there something wrong with your house?"

The blonde boy's cheeks turn pink and his eyes are downcast. "My mother doesn't like us livin' in there."

"Seems like a real bitch."

He shrugs. "Little hard to swallow, yeah."

She raises her eyebrows and gives a disbelieving laugh. "A little? More like a hell of a lot."

Peeta opens the door and Katniss follows him into the average sized room. There's a double sized bed with a worn blanket, a nightstand, and a dresser by the window. The wood panel walls and ceiling give off a nice piney smell, making Katniss relax.

Peeta notices the brunette's relaxation. "Like the smell of pine?"

"Love it."

Katniss sets her bag on the bed, opting to unpack later at night. Peeta leans against the doorframe and remembers he needs to show Katniss how to do things around the farm.

"So what's the plan for the rest of the day?"

Peeta smiles and motions for her to follow him. "Ever milked a cow before?" He looks back to see her shake her head. "Well I'm gonna teach ya."

"Goody." She mumbles as they walk into the barn.

As much as Katniss is going to hate this, she will not back down. Her pride is much too strong to let some farm work stop her.

The two walk into the barn, and Katniss looks around with confusion. Where are all the cows? Peeta senses her confusion and laughs as he grabs two buckets and two stools. He walks over and slides open a huge door, revealing a big fenced space with cows grazing grass and hay bales.

"Oh..." Katniss mumbles and follows the tall blonde out to a cow with tiny black spots.

She takes a seat on the small stool next to Peeta's and he sets the bucket beneath the udders.

"Okay, so you gotta pinch the udder with two fingers...and squeeze, then you pull... And there ya go." He says as white milk shoots out. "Try it."

Katniss awkwardly grabs the udder, and suppresses a shudder at the feel of it. She follows Peeta's instructions, but nothing comes out. She huffs in annoyance.

"Here, like this." Peeta reaches out and puts his hands over hers, guiding her through the steps.

Katniss's eyes widen. Who does he think he is-putting his hands on mine? She thinks bitterly and pulls away just as milk squirts out.

"What do you think you're doing, farm boy?"

His blonde brows knit together. "Uh, showing you how to milk a cow?"

"Yeah, well don't touch me, got it?" She snaps, and tries to not notice the hurt and confused expression on his face.

"Hey, if you ain't one for milking cows, then fine. But don't go yelling at me." He says calmly, and Katniss feels guilty, but of course she won't admit that to him.

She sighs and looks around the open pen. "Is..is there somethin' else I could do?"

He points to a shovel resting against the barn. "Gotta pick up the animal shit. Feel free to do that instead."

Katniss groans, and grabs her bucket and stool, going to another cow. After a few attempts, she manages to get the hang of it. Her bucket is almost half full, and she throws a glance over her shoulder at Peeta. Her eyes widen when they land on three full buckets.

"How the hell do you milk that fast?"

Peeta looks up and shrugs with a grin. "Been livin' on a farm my whole life."

She watches the way his hands move with ease and gracefulness, with a hint of confidence. He sticks his tongue out slightly while working, and Katniss tries to shake the weird feeling that overcomes her as she watches the farm boy.

Peeta suddenly looks up and catches Katniss looking at him. She quickly averts her gaze to a nearby cow, but Peeta clears his throat, making her look back at him. "I'm sorry 'bout what my mother said to you. I thought you were pretty badass to set 'er straight."

Her eyebrows lift. "Badass, huh?"

"Sorry, if that offends you..." he says quickly. "I didn't-"

"It doesn't." She says with a shrug.

"How old are you?"

Katniss turns back to milking. "Seventeen."

"Me, too." Peeta calls back. "So, what does a seventeen year old gotta do to end up at some farm?"

Katniss's guard comes back up. Why does this boy want to know so much about her? He doesn't need to know her. She's just working at their farm, that's it.

"What business does a seventeen year old boy want with a girl's personal life?"

"I was just curious. That s'all."

Katniss doesn't say anything back. She doesn't want to. This boy doesn't need to know who she is and what crimes she's committed. The calming feeling that the farm gave her is now gone. It's been replaced with something of a hateful feeling. And she can't wait to get out of here, though that won't be for a while.

She loathes the farmer's witch of a wife only after a few minutes of conversation.

She's annoyed by the cocky eldest son.

And mostly, she doesn't trust the farmer's son, no matter how bright his eyes shine and how kind he looks.

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