Don Daper in: The Maddening

Chapter 1

Don gets a new thing

don was at his deks. He was playying some scrapple game on his android tablet computer, which he was using while he waited for his ipad to fixed.

"Hey fuckheads." he said over the intercom. "android sucks you dicks. fuck whoever said that. I bet it was one of them fuckin dames, wassn't it?"

Peet came into the room.

"It was the one chick with the haircut." peet said.

"Skeet skeet, peet peet." Don said. Peet laffed and laffed so hard with a smiley on his face and pants that he whizzzed and shizzed all over himself.

"Well this just won't do." Peet said. "I better nakedify myself and change my clothes."

"Dont do it in front of me faggot. Fuck off." Don said laffedly as he slapped his own balls in amusement. "Get that broad in here."

peet took his clothes off as he left handedly left. the lady came in.

"don im sorry I was busy watching game of thrones and was too busy to notice how much android fucking sucks."

"well you fuckin sucks. Im ready to say get this fekkin brad outta heeeeeeeearh, but there is one thing you can do that fucking sucks but doesn't fucking sucks if you know what I mean. I mean fuck and suck me."

"mr. drapes that's fucking sick you greasy and creasy old basterd. fuck off."

don smacked her one good and she got fired and later died.

"lol" don said.

then some old dude showed up.

"don I builded a time Machinarine. it's a submarine time machine. want to come to the ocean wif my wrinkly old ass?" roger said.

"sure I guess I dunno." don was high on smoke-a-wanna, a special weed that was really fucking cool and legit and shit so he didn't know where he was.

they went into the ocean and had a swell time.

the end