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"Kurama Talking/Techniques"

'Kurama Thoughts'

[Scene Shift]

Chapter 7: Game On! (Part 1)

As soon as the two Key Bearers exited the way between Worlds, they were hit by a colorful bolt of energy before they were both converted into orbs of orange and blue light. The two orbs shot into a building filled with plug-in arcade games and they both raced into a very large surge protector.

Once inside the device, they were both reformed back into their normal states, though the bluenette nearly lost her stomach content at the rapid form shifting. Meanwhile, Naruto took a look around and saw that they had arrived at what looked to be a grand hall with many different doorways that reached the ceilings. In various spots, there were large video screens with a human sized, anthropomorphic blue hedgehog talking about things that honestly confused the blonde.

Seriously, who talks about "losing a life for good" and "outside of your game" so casually?

In the very center of the hall was a large sign that said "Game Central Station". He raised a brow at the name, wondering what it meant before his blue orbs moved to a sad sight.

Before him were six creatures leaning against the wall with a poorly made sign that said "Game Unplugged. Please Help."

He gave them a sympathetic look as they were replaced with the image of a young blonde child dressed in rags holding a similar sign. Slowly, he walked up to them just as Aqua reoriented herself and turned to him. When he got close, he dug into his pouch and pulled out half of his munny that he had found in the other Worlds before he set it down in front of the orange colored creature.

"Here guys… It's not much, but it should help," he said softly with a reassuring smile, making them smile back in gratitude. "Keep your heads up… Within our deepest Darkness lays our greatest Light," he stated before he walked back to his partner.

She smiled to him as he reached her. "That was very sweet of you."

"I only did what I felt was right… No one deserves to live without some kind of roof over their heads, or without any kind of hope."

She kept her smile and kissed his cheek, making him blush at her actions while many of the various citizens of the station smiled at the sight and at the selfless blonde. The KeyBlade Master was about to speak again before everyone heard a loud crash and saw a large, single person ship rocket into the station and bounce all over the place in a frenzy. It suddenly bounced into another wall and shot at the Key Bearers before Naruto acted on instinct and shoved Aqua out of the way.

However, this left him to take the hit and he was forced to join in on the joyride as the ship shot through an opening that had the sign "Sugar Rush" above it in red.

"Naruto!" cried out the bluenette in panic as she saw the man she gave her heart to get taken away.

[With Naruto]

Naruto held on to the ship with his chakra and looked behind him as his surroundings changed drastically. He was no longer in the station but was now in some place filled with giant sugary sweets that were used in many ways; some for things that associated with normal life like homes and things of the like.

He turned his gaze back to the cockpit of the ship and saw a giant of a man with radically large arms and hands beating his fists against a large bug/cyborg hybrid that was attached to his face. From what the blonde could see, the giant had spiky brown hair, wore an orange plaid shirt, and maroon overalls with one of the straps unclipped.

He was broken out of his observing as the ship finally crashed into something that stopped it completely. However, the momentum was forced onto the three "passengers" and they were shot forward into very tall trees made of what Naruto saw to be candy canes. The giant and he both grabbed onto some branches and hung in place while the bug wasn't as lucky, hitting a tree and falling into a large mess of green goop that looked to be a swamp.

The blonde sighed in both relief and exhaustion as he dropped from the tree and easily landed safely. Brushing off any stray dust or sugar that was on his clothes, he looked up into the trees again and saw the giant scrambling to get down and race toward another tree while staring up the whole time. His gaze went further up and saw a gold medal with a blue strap at the top, making him frown thoughtfully.

"It must really mean a lot to him if he's so freaked out about getting it back," he murmured as he made his way to the tree.

He saw the giant slowly get higher and higher, and the blonde used his chakra tree walking to easily walk up the base. The two were surprised though when they heard a young girl call out, "Hey guys!"

The two looked to a branch and saw a small girl with black hair that had stray pieces of candy in it, a green sweater with red strings, a black skirt, green socks with mismatching designs, and black shoes with red soles. She was lying on her stomach with her head resting in her palms as she grinned at them.

Naruto couldn't help but grin back, happy to meet someone so spirited. "Hey yourself!"

"Man," began the giant with a small chuckle. "You scared me kid." He then looked down to see Naruto standing sideways on the tree and giving him a small wave. "And I didn't know I was being followed."

"Actually, you ran into me on your little joyride, big guy," explained the blonde with a chuckle of his own.

"Hey!" yelled the girl, getting their attention again. "What're your guys' names?"

"Uh… I'm Ralph; Wreck-It Ralph," answered the newly named giant as he turned his gaze back to the medal at the top of the tree.

"The name's Naruto Uzumaki," greeted the Key Bearer. "What about yours?"

"I'm Vanellope," answered the girl as she stood on the branch and pointed her thumb to her chest proudly. "You two aren't from here, are you?"

"You could say that," the Uzumaki answered. "I was actually with my friend before he," pointed to Ralph, "crashed into me with some ship gone loco. I ended up here like he did."

"Actually, I'm just not from this…uh this area. I'm just doing some work around here," Ralph said with a slight stammer.

Naruto shook his head with a chuckle while Vanellope nodded unconvinced and asked, "What kind of work?"

"Oh, it's just some routine candy tree trimming. You probably wanna stand back; in fact, this whole area is technically closed while we're trimming," explained the brunette giant, unknowingly digging himself into a metaphorically deeper hole.

"Who's 'we'?" asked the girl with a small smirk while Naruto moved to sit next to her on her branch.

"Candy Tree Department," immediately returned Ralph, hoping to end the conversation as he resumed his climb towards the medal.

"Oh…" began Vanellope before she made a show of looking around with Naruto joining in for kicks.

He even decided to add his two cents and ask, "So, where's everybody else?"

"Uh, it's just me today," answered an increasingly nervous Ralph.

"So, you just meant like the royal 'we'?" asked Vanellope.

"Yep," Ralph said before he silently added, "That's right." To Naruto, it seemed like he was just trying to reassure himself that his fib was working.

Suddenly, Vanellope shot up to a branch right next to him, hanging upside down by her legs, and queried, "Hey…are you a hobo?"

Ralph raised a brow at that and slowly answered, "No, I'm not a hobo. But I am busy, so you just go…go home."

"What's that?" she asked while cupping a hand to her ear. "I couldn't hear you. Your breath's so bad it made my ears numb."

"Listen," began a growingly impatient Ralph, "I tried to be nice-"

"I tried to be nice," returned Vanellope in a tone that horribly failed at trying to match his. However, Naruto snickered at her actions.

"You're mimicking me," stated Ralph to which she repeated in the same tone as before. He frowned and declared, "Okay… That is rude, and this conversation is over."

As he resumed his climb, Naruto once again sat next to Vanellope as she righted herself on the branch. "Uh, I wouldn't grab that branch if I were you," she warned cryptically as Ralph reached for another branch. Naruto noticed, as he looked up, that the branch had twice as many stripes as most of the others.

"I'm from the Candy Tree Dept, so I know what I'm-"

"It's a double stripe," finished Vanellope just as Ralph grabbed it, making the branch flash twice before suddenly disappearing. The shock of its absence made him lose grip and fall down to just below hers and Naruto's perch. "Double stripes break, a-doy!" she teased, making the blonde laugh at the situation.

He watched their banter grow into a race for the medal after Vanellope noticed it near the top. The race resulted in them slowly tumbling down, but Vanellope ended up catching the medal and safely getting down as Ralph was left hanging on the lowest branch inches above the green goop.

After he finally admitted that he lied and that the medal was his ticket to a better life back home, Vanellope hugged it close and declared, "Yea, well now it's mine!"

The strangest thing happened though. Her entire form seemed to flicker and distort, along with her voice, before she was normal again and left with a cheery farewell.

As Ralph yelled out that he'd find her and take back his medal, the branch he was hanging off of flashed twice and Vanellope called back, "Double stripe!" resulting in Ralph plummeting into the goop.

Naruto chuckled at the outcome and decided to find a way to end the debacle between the two. But first, he helped Ralph out of his predicament and back onto solid ground.

"Thanks," the giant mumbled as he removed the remaining goop on his clothes.

"No problem. Listen, just what is the reason for your need for the medal? I doubt it will really get you the 'better life' you spoke of."

"Well, back in my game, I'm actually the Bad Guy and all of the medals won in that game go to Felix; the game's Good Guy."

"You've lost me," Naruto honestly commented, prompting Ralph to look at him in confusion.

The blonde sighed and explained how he and Aqua were not from any of the games and were actually travelling to many different Worlds to handle the Darkness that threatened them. The game character was still confused, but he got the gist of it before he explained how his World worked. He explained about the arcade they lived in, the different games that were plugged in, some of the rules and consequences the inhabitants face, and finally the titles of "Good/Bad Guy".

"Okay, so you want the medal so that you could prove that a Bad Guy can earn something reserved for the Good Guys…"

"Right," confirmed Ralph. "I go back home with that baby around my neck and get everything I always wanted, and what I feel I deserve since I'm just as important as everyone else."

The blonde sighed and sat down on a nearby gumdrop while Ralph did the same. "You know…I was a lot like you are now when I was starting out in my life. I was mistreated and seen as nothing more than a waste of space; or as a Bad Guy. I wanted to prove them wrong so many times and I ended up doing stupid and risky things just to do so. It wasn't until I finally realized what I needed that I stopped trying to win them over."

"What you needed?" asked a confused Bad Guy.

Nodding, the Uzumaki explained, "Everyone feels like the respect of others is the most important thing, and they go about their entire lives trying to win it. But, that's not what they need… What we all need is to respect ourselves and see just how important we are to ourselves. You could have everyone's respect, but what if you had to do something you weren't proud of to earn it?"

The giant looked down in thought at the question. A slow frown formed on his face as he imagined that kind of scenario before he answered, "I'd probably hate myself for it…"

"Not probably; you would, Ralph. You'd realize that you did something so wrong and that they cheer for you for it. That doesn't make them right, and it doesn't make you respectable. It just shows you how much they can manipulate your desires and how foolishly desperate you are to be accepted." Placing a comforting hand on the Bad Guy's arm – since he was a whopping 9ft. tall and that was all Naruto could reach – he finished, "Take it from me, Ralph; if they don't accept you, then don't change who you are to try and 'win them over'. Just know that you are important to yourself."

Ralph sighed at the blonde's words while the Uzumaki left him to think it over. He heard the sounds of someone talking about a race about to begin. Maybe someone would know how to get back to Aqua…

[With Aqua]

"Please, just let me in!" begged Aqua to the blue tinted, human-looking male known as the Surge Protector. "My friend was hit by a ship and forced into there!"

"Sorry ma'am, but I can't just let anyone into other games without express permission. Besides, we're having our proper authorities handling it."

The bluenette growled in annoyance and was about to yell at him before another woman beat her to it. "Step aside, Sparky! I'm heading into that game before that Cy-Bug that Sir Wrecks-a-Lot brought with him on his little joyride reduces it to a damn hive!"

The Surge Protector looked downright terrified of the armor covered blonde woman. "B-But Calhoun-"

"That's an order!" she bellowed, interrupting him and making him leave immediately in a flash of blue lightning. She then turned to Aqua and raised a brow. "Never seen you around here before. What's your game?"

"I'm just trying to get my friend back after he was hit by the ship you said was taken on a joyride."

The blonde took a good look at the bluenette, gauging her appearance with a critical eye before she smirked. "Alright Girly, you can tag along with me. I'm hunting that Cy-Bug that was on that ship before it multiplies and devours that game."

Aqua, having been informed about the World she was in from a kind yet flirty Italian plumber, nodded and jumped on the hover board Calhoun set up. It wasn't even a couple of seconds later that a short man in a repairman's outfit stopped them and convinced Calhoun to let him join as well. He said that Ralph's messes were his job to fix – seeing as his name was Fix-It Felix Jr. – and he wouldn't let anyone else take that job from him.

The blonde sergeant had to respect the little man's boldness and allowed him to join in. When they flew in, they quickly began to track down the ship while Calhoun decided to ask Felix about why Ralph did what he did.

The repairman Good Guy didn't have an answer other than noting that the wrecking Bad Guy was acting funny the night before. "I never thought he'd go Turbo…"

"Go Turbo?" asked Aqua in confusion.

"That's right," Felix absently noted as if he'd just remembered something. "Not a lot of people know."

He then went on to explain the story of Turbo, a racing character who loved the attention he received as the main character of the 'most popular game'. Unfortunately, when a newer racing game was plugged in, he abandoned his game in hopes of taking over the other. The result was him glitching the newer game beyond repair, and putting both games out of commission due to his Code – or game character Life Force – being destroyed in the glitch. It was then that everyone else gave the action of abandoning your game for another the moniker "Going Turbo".

Aqua and Calhoun frowned at the story, abhorred at how a person's selfish desires could ruin the lives of others – even if they were just video game characters to Aqua.

They all were brought out of their thoughts when they dropped from a double striped candy bridge and fell into a pit of what a sign noted as "Nesquik Sand". Felix tried to hop out and grab one of the vines far above them, due to naturally having a much better jumping performance than them. Unfortunately, the chocolate powder based quicksand held strong and kept him restrained, causing him to panic.

Calhoun grew worried as she noticed his struggling make them sink faster. "Get a hold of yourself!" she yelled as she backhanded him.

That did two things; make him stop, and make the vines laugh loudly and stretch down toward them, revealing their true nature as Laffy Taffy. Seeing it as a way out, Felix had her keep striking him to make the taffy laugh and stretch down more. Aqua, not wanting to be left out of getting them free, took the liberty of healing Felix with her Cure magic every time he was hit.

Once they were free – and after an amusing, to Aqua, moment of the taffy forming a heart shape around Felix and Calhoun – they went back to the ship for Felix to fix up.

Once he did, the two game characters took the ship while Aqua used her Glider to search for her friend in a different direction.

[With Naruto and Vanellope]

The blonde was seen leaning on a large jawbreaker while the racing female worked on her self-made kart. When it was discovered that she had given the "gold coin" needed to race, the ruler of Sugar Rush, King Candy, decided to postpone it while he "handled a problem". Naruto was still wary about the sugarcoated ruler's tone and how Vanellope's entry was reacted to, so he decided to stick around and keep an eye on her.

"Pass me the wrench," she called to him with her hand outstretched. She didn't mind having the blonde with her. He was already much nicer to her than anyone else in her game and he didn't see her as a "mistake" or a "glitch".

"Here ya go," he said as he gave her the tool. "So, you excited about the race?"

"Of course I am! And I'm gonna win that race for sure! I can feel it in my Code!"

He chuckled at that, happy to see that she was still so spirited even after the obvious dislike for her entry from the other inhabitants. He then perked up as he heard footsteps and saw Ralph heading toward them with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Hey big guy!" he greeted, making the giant look up from his staring at the ground.

"Oh, hey," he greeted quietly, still seemingly in thought.

"Hiya, Ralphy!" gleefully exclaimed Vanellope. "Thanks again for the gold coin! I couldn't have entered the race without it!"

"You did what?!" he asked in total shock.

Naruto, seeing where this would lead got between them with his hands in a placating motion. "Now Ralph, before you get mad, hear her out. She can win your medal back, right?"

The last question was met with a questioning look toward the girl and she nodded immediately. "Yea, all the coins go to the winner."

"See?" asked Naruto. "She was borrowing your coin to race." He then motioned for the giant to lean down so that he could speak quieter. "I think she's doing the same thing you were trying to do with that medal. Let me try and talk to her about it, okay?" Ralph looked displeased but reluctantly nodded. "Good… In the meantime, let's help her make a winning kart for the race."

"Fine, but she better win!"

"I promise you that I will, Ralphy," she declared while holding out her small hand to shake his – which was easily bigger than her entire body. She was only able to shake one finger of the hand offered back to her, but the deal was still made.

"Great!" Naruto exclaimed with a clap of his hands. "Now all we need is to-"

He stopped abruptly when he felt a chill go up his spine and Kurama appeared in his hand in a flash of orange light. All around them, puddles of black, dark blue, and violet appeared before the very creatures that Naruto witnessed devouring Sasuke and Obito appeared.

He growled as he readied his KeyBlade. "Heartless…"

"W-What are those things?!" Vanellope asked as she backed up next to Naruto. Ralph looked worried as well, but he readied himself in case they were hostile.

"These things are called Heartless. They roam the Worlds in search of Light to consume in hopes of filling up the void where their hearts should be."

The Shadow Heartless, totaling in seven, readied their clawed limbs and spring into action. Naruto was quick to intercept three while the other four went for Ralph. Vanellope was quick to cling to Naruto's back and hang on.

The blonde weaved through the Shadows, evading their claws and tackles with ease before he struck with his weapon and obliterated one into flecks of dark dust. The other two kept their distance at that, seemingly wary of his weapon of Light.

Ralph was quick to smack aside two of his enemies with his incredibly large hand. They smacked into one of the jawbreakers and slid back down to the ground before going flat with the surface. One let out a small cry and the others complied with ones of their own. They quickly spread out to surround the three, leaving no way to escape other than jumping over them, going under them, or fighting them.

Naruto was about to use a spell on them before he felt a tug on his mind. Ralph felt one too and looked to his current partner. The two spiky haired men nodded in unison before their forms were outlined in a dull orange. In Naruto's mind, he heard a whisper of, "Limit Break."

"I'm gonna wreck it!" both of them yelled at the same time before Ralph slammed his fists to the ground and Naruto slammed his Key. The result was a large quake that sent the Shadows airborne. Naruto was quick to act, following the commands of the tugs on his mind, and skillfully knocked down every Heartless towards Ralph who knocked them back with continuous punches from his large fists. The "tennis match" between the two kept up for a few seconds before Ralph leapt up next to Naruto with his fists above his head. Naruto's Key glowed orange as he surrounded Ralph in a sphere of light of the same color and slammed him down. Once Ralph was close enough, he struck the ground with the combined momentum as they both cried out, "Game Over!"

The discharge of energy obliterated the remaining Heartless and the two were left slightly winded from the combined assault. Vanellope let go of the blonde and looked to the two in shock.

"Whoa… That…was…awesome!" she exclaimed as she gushed over their display while "reenacting" it with exaggerated sounds and motions, making Naruto and Ralph chuckle at her.

"That was pretty cool what we just did," Naruto commented.

"Yea, but how did we do it?" asked the "Bad" Guy.

Naruto frowned in thought as he looked to his Key. Kurama moved his head in a way that said "Don't ask me", making Naruto's frown deepen slightly.

"I'm not sure… This weapon of mine is still a mystery to me. I haven't learned all of its abilities yet."

"Well whatever it was, it sure was useful. Those Heartless things didn't stand a chance."

Naruto grinned and nodded. "They sure didn't!"

"Oh no!" cried Vanellope, making the two look to her before they looked shocked.

Vanellope's kart was destroyed and reduced to nothing more than broken pieces of the sweets she used to make it. She held one piece in her hands before she tossed it away and looked to them sadly.

"Now what do I do?"

Naruto sighed guiltily at the sight. He knew that the final attack he and Ralph used was the reason for her destroyed kart. Kneeling down next to her, he rubbed her head reassuringly and grinned when she looked to him.

"We'll just have to make ya a new one! Only this time, we'll make it faster, bigger, and way better than the old one!"

His reassurance sparked a glimmer of hope in her eyes and she jumped up with her fist pumping. "Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go to the Kart Factory!"

Naruto smiled at her reignited spirit and held out his fist. She got the idea and quickly bumped hers with his while he did the same with Ralph who looked ready to help.

'I just hope we can make her a working kart before the race… And I hope Aqua-chan is alright,' he thought worriedly as he followed his two new friends to the Factory.

(End Chapter)

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