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Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are Stephanie Meyer's. I just like making them do some freaky shit.

"Mom, seriously, why do I have to go with you guys?" I whined, picking my head up from the pillow I had my face stuffed in. Mom rolled her eyes at me from the open doorway to my bedroom.

"Edward is bringing his kids, that's why. Your father hasn't seen his best friend for 3 years and you need to be there to watch over Brody and Gavin. They're just little boys, it will be fun for you. I know how much you love children." I pouted, rolling over on my bed to snatch up my cell phone. "Seriously, Bella." Mom scoffed. "I don't know why you have to act like such a brat. Your father does everything he can for you and now, when he asks you to do one thing for him you repay him with attitude. Next time you want something I'll make sure he says no."

Scoffing, I glowered up at her. "I didn't say I wouldn't do it, Mom. I'm just texting Angela to tell her I can't go to her birthday party, okay?" Mom pursed her lips before nodding.

"Okay honey, I'll let you pack now." I gave her a curt nod and watched as she slowly closed the door to my room and left. With a huff of annoyance, I sprawled myself out on my bed and glared up at the ceiling. It wasn't fair. Angela and I had been planning her birthday party for weeks, and now I can't go.

I threw my arm over my face and groaned. Now I have to spend the weekend babysitting some little brats because my dad wants to hang out with Edward and continue their little bromance. I don't know why Edward doesn't just bring his wife along to watch them instead of trusting a 16-year-old kid to babysit them at a waterpark of all places. I mean isn't that how it usually works with family vacations?

Knowing I didn't have a choice in the matter, I got up and started throwing random articles of clothing into my duffle bag. I made sure I had my favorite bikini before zipping it up and tossing it out into the hallway. I could hear my parent's voices drifting up from downstairs as I made my way to the bathroom.

"I know, Renee. It's just that Edward really needs some time away from that woman." My dad growled and I'm pretty sure he had his signature 'Charlie-is-flustered' face on, judging by the tone of his voice.

"I just don't get it, Charlie. If he knew she was crazy all along why did he bother marrying her in the first place?" I leant up against the wall by the stairwell to continue my eavesdropping.

"You know how Edward was, well is still actually. He's always been so shallow when it comes to the women he dates. He married her because she was beautiful." I scoffed quietly, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well, that she is." My mother insisted. Yeah right, I thought sarcastically. If you're into gingers with big fake boobs. "He should have known the whole thing wasn't going to work out when she insisted they slept in separate rooms because of his snoring. Hell! You snore like a chainsaw, but I still sleep in your bed every night!" I could hear my dad's good-natured chuckle in response to her jest.

"Yeah, well we saw the signs. All Edward saw was a pretty face, a nice rack, and the potential for beautiful children. Thank god he's filing for divorce and so he can be free of that psychopath. Honestly, I don't know why he waited so long. I would have left with the kids a long time ago if I were him."

"But I don't blame him for trying to make it work, Charlie. They have two little boys together, and this divorce is going to be extremely messy. I would have toughed it out like him…" Mom trailed off, "but I'm glad that he's finally seeing that nothing is going to make their relationship better. I mean, since there wasn't anything good about it to begin with."

"I feel bad for the next man who falls into that succubus's trap." My dad sighed. My mom giggled in response.

"I would usually defend a woman who is being called that name, but Tanya really is a succubus. Poor Edward. Poor Brody and Gavin. I just hope this little vacation gives Edward the relaxation he needs before all hell breaks loose in that house." I chose this moment to start making my way down the stairs to inquire about dinner. My parents immediately stopped discussing Edward's pending divorce once they saw me wander into the kitchen. Unbeknownst to them, I had heard it all.

* * * ~ DILF ~ * * *

The next morning, dad loaded our luggage into the back of his Tahoe. I emerged from the house wearing gray baggy sweats that I rolled up at the waist and a white tank top with my hair piled up on top of my head in a style I liked to call the 'top knot.'

"Why do we have to leave so early?" I grumbled while buckling my seatbelt. Dad's eyes met mine through the rearview mirror as we waited for mom to lock up the front door.

"Because I said so, that's why." I wrinkled my nose at him.

"You're so combative." I mumbled, crossing my arms over my chest. Dad stuck his tongue out at me through the mirror just as mom opened her car door.

"Ew, Charlie! Don't make that face!" Mom laughed, strapping herself in. Dad chuckled good-naturedly and backed out of our driveway. I quickly popped my headphones into my ears to block out the world. Curling into the door, I quickly fell back asleep for the entire duration of the 5-hour drive from our home in the Florida Keys to the resort we would be staying at in Disney World.

* * * ~ DILF ~ * * *

My head lolled around my shoulders as we pulled to a stop in front of Disney's Beach Club Resort. Mom reached back and jostled my arm in order to wake me up.

"Bella, honey, we're here." I peeled my eyes open slowly and yawned. Seeing that the valet was waiting for me to get out, I struggled with the door and almost fell face first onto the ground as I tripped on my baggy sweats. Dad chucked at my expense and nudged my flaming face with a hairy knuckle.

"Such a klutz, just like your mom." He laughed, swinging a long arm around my shoulders. "Come on Belly, we're in Disney! Try to smile and act like you're happy to be here." I pulled back my lips and gave him a ghastly smile while rolling my eyes.

"Is this good enough for you?" I asked sarcastically while kicking back the foot closest to him to whack him in the butt as we walked into the lobby.

"You just look constipated." Dad laughed, shoving me away from him to wait in the line at the front desk. I blushed as several people turned their heads to watch our childish encounter.

"Real mature." I mumbled at my dad as I passed him, flicking his face. He scrunched his nose and batted my hand away. I busied myself by sitting next to mom in a plush chair in the lobby. Taking out my phone, I scrolled through the newsfeed of my Facebook and liked a few pictures that people had posted recently.

The loud shrieking of an excited child made me glance up from my phone, and then drop it on the floor with a loud clatter. The most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on was strolling into the lobby like he owned the place. From the looks of him, he very well could have. My mouth went dry as I surveyed him from head to toe. His light brown hair was a bit longer than I was used to seeing on men and was an unruly mess on top of his head. His face looked like it was chiseled by the gods, and I couldn't help but want to fall to my knees in front of him to worship him. He looked extremely out of place in his charcoal grey colored suit amongst the overweight and sweating tourists. I watched, almost drooling at this point, as he pushed the pair of dark aviator glasses from off of his nose and into his hair.

The only part that didn't fit in this picture of perfection in front of me was the two little boys that were clinging to his pants leg. I watched as he picked the littler of the two up and kissed his rosy cheek while he extended his other hand to the older one to hold as he made his way through the lobby and to the line at the front desk. He was a DILF if I've ever seen one. I licked my lips in appreciation as I watched how his suit pants cupped his perfect ass as he walked by.

I quickly glanced over to my mom to see if she had noticed my drooling and was surprised to see that she was making her way towards the front desk. My mouth fell open as the DILF walked right up to my dad and clapped him on the back, his face morphing into the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen. Mom quickly scooped up the little boy who was standing awkwardly next to his dad and began peppering his ruddy face with kisses.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was the DILF dad's childhood best friend Edward? Jesus Christ, how can this man be the same age as my father? He looks like he's 25, not 34! Not that 34 was old or anything. My parents are probably the youngest couple at my school. My mother had me when she was 16 and my dad was 18, which is why my parents are so protective over me when it comes to dating. I'm not allowed to date until I'm 18… not that that has really stopped me from doing just that. I'm certainly not a slut, but I am no virgin.

The shrieking of a child brought me out of my confused daze. And then I was unsuspectingly mauled by a drooling child. I almost shoved the kid to the ground when I felt his little hands grab me around the neck and pull my shocked face towards his. Who the fuck lets their kid just molest someone they don't even know? I must have made a horrified face because the DILF was suddenly in front of me, pulling the kid away gently.

"Gav lets not go kissing girls who don't want to be kissed, buddy." I wiped the disgust off my face and traded it with a smile. The DILF glanced down at me quickly and apologetically. "Sorry, he's in his terrible 2s and has no self-preservation when he spots a pretty girl." My heart jumped into my throat at his words and my face flamed.

"No, it's alright." I laughed, shifting in my seat. The DILF's eyes wandered up and down my sitting form, which made my face heat up even more.

"You here on vacation alone?" He asked, shifting the kid onto his other hip. My eyebrows scrunched together; does he not know who I am? I nibbled my bottom lip and his eyes followed the motion unashamedly.

"I'm here… with my, uh, family." The DILF's eyebrows pulled together slightly as he continued to check me out. From over his shoulder I could see my mom making her way over to the three of us with the older of the two boys still in her arms.

"Edward," she laughed, tickling the little boy under his arms, "I see you've met Bella, Charlie and I's daughter. It's been a while since you've seen her." Edward's face paled as his eyes shot up to mine with such intensity. My chest felt hot from embarrassment. Why did I let him flirt with me?

"Your wha—yeah." Edward saved himself, shifting the little kid in his arms again. "Bella and I were just talking. What has it been, 10 years since I've seen her?" Mom smiled and nodded at the two of us.

"Yeah, since your wedding. She's never even met little Brody and Gavin." I tried to paste a smile on my face, but I was too embarrassed to even look up from my hands that were folded in my lap.

"Yeah…" Edward trailed off. I quickly flicked my eyes up to look at him. He was staring off into the lobby with a pained expression on his face.

"Bella, here hold Gavin for Edward. He needs to go help your father with checking in." The small, blond child was thrust into my lap. I glanced up quickly to watch Edward's stiff back retreat towards the front desk. I bounced the little child on my knees, absentmindedly running my fingers through his curly white blond hair. God, why didn't I say something? I just let him eye fuck me like it was perfectly fine for him to do that. He's dad's best friend! Oh my god, what the hell? How could he not know who I am?

I watched dad and DILF interact as little Gavin sucked the collar of his shirt. Looking at them both, I just didn't get how they were even friends. They grew up right next door to each other in the Redlands of Homestead. Edward's parents were extremely rich and had a huge house surrounded by acres of land, while my father's family lived in a small one-story home that made Edward's house look like a castle. Initially, they didn't get along. Edward came off as a spoiled only-child to my father, who was the oldest of 4. But after Edward beat up a couple kids who were bullying my uncle Matt my father and Edward became thick as thieves.

Dad and Edward joined us almost as quickly as they had left us. Edward seemed like a whole other person, his tie was loosened, his jacket was thrown over the crook of his elbow, and his shirtsleeves were rolled up. Other than the physical changes, he appeared to be feeling much happier. His smile was so radiant, and never left his face. It felt so wrong to hold his child and caress Edward's beautiful face with my eyes like I was doing, but I couldn't find it in myself to care. I just hoped my mom didn't notice the way I was drooling over him. She has the infallible ability to see through what is on the surface and look deep within you. I can't hide anything from her.

"Ney, we're living large this weekend!" Dad exclaimed, wrapping an arm around mom's waist as he laid a loud kiss on her cheek. "Edward's upgraded all of us to a 2-bedroom suite. 2 queen beds, 1 king bed, and a day bed. It sleeps 7, isn't that perfect honey?" My mouth dried up as I glanced up at the DILF. He was staring off into the lobby again with his eyebrows pulled together. What was he thinking about right now?

"Oh yes! More time to spend with these little darlings. Edward, why have you been hiding these sweet boys?" Edward quickly snapped out of his haze and his luminous smile spread across his face quickly.

"What sweet boys?" He laughed and picked Gavin up from my lap without even glancing at me, "You can't be talking about my spawns. These boys are demons." My mom rolled her eyes at him and scoffed, hugging little Brody closer in her arms. I just sat there with a goofy smile on my face, watching it all go down. Maybe this weekend won't be so bad after all.

* * * ~ DILF ~ * * *

It felt like my parents spent forever down in the lobby socializing but it probably was only around 5 minutes. Deciding that it was time to head up to the room to change, I got up from my seat and stretched my arms out above my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Edward's eyes on me as my tank top rode up and exposed my stomach and pierced bellybutton. My heart hammered in my chest as he licked his bottom lip then slid his teeth across it. I'm guessing he realized what he was doing was wrong because he scrunched his eyes shut and shook his head several times.

I followed them silently to the elevators and up to our room. As the door to our suite swung open I giggled, watching the two little boys scurry into the room. I followed them inside, letting the door slam shut behind me. The main room housed a kitchen and a large seating area in front of a flat screen TV, and then there were 2 rooms off of that. One of them had a giant king sized bed and TV, the other had 2 queen sized beds and a day bed.

After some quarrelling, we settled on my parents staying in the room with the King bed and Edward, the boys, and I staying in the other room. I could hardly control my breathing as I dropped my duffle on the bed closest to the door. I was going to be sleeping in the same room as him.

Edward quickly strode in and deposited his luggage on the floor beside the dresser along with a smaller duffle which I'm guess held the boys' clothes. Brody and Gavin ran in screaming behind him, their faces red with excitement.

"We goin' swimmin' daddy?" Brody asked, struggling to climb up on the other queen bed. Edward grabbed him under his arms and tossed him onto the bed with a chuckle.

"Uh huh, buddy. Where do you wanna go? Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?" As he was asking this, he scooped Gavin up in his arms and nuzzled his little chubby cheeks.

"Welllll… Isn't a blizzard cold, daddy?" Edward smiled at the 6 year old and turned to look at me over his shoulder.

"It sure is, buddy. Why don't you ask Bella which park she wants to go to?" Brody looked up at me and blushed; he shook his head quickly as his little lips pressed together tightly. Edward glanced down at his son and laughed. "Come on, Brody. Ask her!" Brody shook his head again and then buried himself in the pillows.

"Oh my gosh!" I cried, smiling wide, "he's so cute!" Brody giggled into the pillow upon hearing what I had said about him.

"You hear that buddy?" Edward laughed, "Bella thinks you're cute." Brody giggled again. "Now stop hiding and lets get ready to go to the park. It's already getting late and the park is going to be packed by the time we get there." I watched as Brody emerged from the pillows, his light brown hair rumpled and looking exactly like his father's. My heart broke for these two kids knowing what they were about to experience.

* * * ~ DILF ~ * * *

We rode one of the resort buses over to the waterpark together. After shameless flirting, I finally got Brody to sit on my lap on the way there. The sweet boy was sitting on my lap playing angry birds on my iPhone, his face a mask of concentration.

"So Edward how is work going for you?" Mom asked from across the isle from us. Edward looked up from his cell phone and shrugged.

"Work is work. I'm making money so I can't complain." Dad smirked at him and crossed his legs.

"So being a sports agent is all you've wanted it to be then, Edward?" Edward shrugged his shoulder and nodded.

"Yeah, it's definitely something I enjoy, Renee. It certainly pays the bills." He glanced down at his phone with finality. Sheesh, he's touchy.

"How are Carlisle and Esme doing?" mom asked again. Is she being real right now? Obviously the DILF doesn't want to be bothered anymore, but here she goes again with all the questions. I glanced up at her and rolled my eyes, hoping she'd take the hint. Unfortunately for Edward, she didn't even notice me.

"They're doing great. My mom finally convinced Carlisle to move out of the Redlands. They just bought a house on Old Cutler, in Palmetto Bay." Mom nodded, pretending to understand where he was talking about. She rarely made the trip up to Miami, preferring to stay cocooned in our little islands. "Carlisle is making a lot of good money right now. The move has been really great for business since he's closer to the office now." Mom nodded again.

"Yeah, I was thinking about getting a little work done actually." Dad glanced at her quickly, frowning.

"When were you going to tell me this, Ney?" Mom shrugged, biting her lip. Edward glanced between the two of them with a faint smile on his lips.

"My dad would definitely prefer it if you used him as your surgeon if you decide to get something done, Renee. Although, I must say you definitely don't need the work." The corners of my lips turned down in a frown. Was he hitting on my mom?

"You hitting on my wife, Ed?" Dad chuckled as the bus came to a stop outside of the waterpark. Brody scurried off of my lap, still attached to my cell phone.

"Of course I am, Charlie." Edward quipped, shooting my dad a cocky smirk and a wink. Then snapping back into daddy-mode, he grabbed Brody's little arm before he could run off with my phone. "Wait, buddy." He laughed, his eyes crinkling in the corners. He pried my phone out from Brody's little fingers and glanced at the screen quickly before handing it back to me. My face drained of all color when I saw what he was looking at. I quickly pressed the lock button and swallowed down my embarrassment. It seemed like the world was adamant on embarrassing me today.

As we were making our way off of the bus, I tried to lag behind our group to wallow in mortification. A shoulder bumped into mine on my way through the isle and I looked up, my cheeks flaming. Edward was staring down at me intently, and he leaned towards me.

"Nice." He murmured, nodding towards my phone. "You better not let your dad see that or he'll have your ass." He gave me a cocky smirk before straightening up and striding away from me. My mouth popped open as I stood there looking at his retreating form in surprise. "You coming?" He laughed over his shoulder, his eyes twinkling with laughter.

No, I thought. But with a little help from you I most definitely will be.

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