Donatello searched the fridge angrily.

"Mikey! Did you eat all of the pizza again?!" he yelled to Mikey.

Donnie walked into the living room where Mikey was. He chewed the leftover pizza, with pizza boxes laying everywhere!

"Ummm…no…?" said Mikey with a mouthful of pizza.

Instead of slapping the freckles off Mikey, he left that job to Raphael.

"Raph! Mikey ate all of the pizza again. And I mean ALL OF IT." He said to Raph.

"Whaattt?!" screamed a voice from the dojo. Raph ran straight to Mikey and Mikey started immediately running and screaming.

"COME'ERE YOU!" said Raph as he jumped on him, tackled him, and put him into a head lock.

"Ahhhh never gets old" said Donnie as he laughed at them.

Then, Leonardo walked into the living room and seeing Raph beating up Mikey, he said,

"Let me guess, Mikey ate all of the pizza again. Didn't he."

"Yep." Said Donnie, staring at pictures of April on his laptop and sighing.