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Percy watched kids running up and down with swords outside of the pavilion in which he was eating breakfast. Annabeth, sitting beside him, had her head deeply into the thick book which she was reading and Percy sighed as his raised his fork to take some of her pancakes.

"Don't try it." Annabeth said quietly without even looking up.

"It's a wonder Chiron is letting me sit at this table, and I'm sure that will change if I take out my dagger and -" Percy feigned interest as he chewed on her pancake bite mischievously.

"Aw come one Wise Girl, you know you can't touch me-" Percy insisted.

"Oh, I beg to differ." Annabeth retorted, as she closed her book and looked at him with her stormy grey eyes. She finished off her last bits of breakfast before standing up and casually fiddled with her dagger.

"Oh you're asking for it, Chase." Percy grinned as he reached in his back pocket for Riptide...which wasn't there. He glanced up nervously at a smirking Annabeth, with Riptide in her palm. Percy groaned as Annabeth took off into the woods laughing.

Two tree nymphs later, Percy had Annabeth cornered by a rock near a little river flowing beside it, and he reached for it, grabbing her hand, but also pushing her against the rock and kissing her. Annabeth dropped the pen into the water and Percy looked at her mischievously.

"You're gonna get that for me." Percy began.

"You're the son of Poseidon-" Annabeth replied, but it was too late. Percy shoved her into the stream, chuckling before jumping in with her, grabbing her waist and pulling her towards him while willing Riptide to come to him and putting it in his back pocket. He put his hand in the water and felt around for what he was looking for. Annabeth was looking at his curiously, when he brought his hand up, holding a beautiful, sparkling, and circular pearl and gave it to her.

"Almost as beautiful as you", her mumbled in her ear.

"Trying to be smooth, Jackson?" she chuckled, but it was evident that she was captivated in the beauty of the pearl as well, fingering it gently. She turned around and gave him a gentle kiss before he pulled her out of the water, drying both of them, and began walking back to the main area of camp in a comfortable silence.

As they were nearing camp, Annabeth tripped him from behind, making him stumble.

"That was for shoving me into the water." Annabeth grinned.

"I'll get you for that one later", Percy warned, with a gleaming look in his sea green eyes.

"I'd kill you any day, how's today?" Annabeth retorted.

"Then, you'd come for me in Tartarus." Percy laughed.

Annabeth smiled and reached up to kiss him again, earning the whistling from a few campers walking by. Annabeth threw her dagger at the tree that the campers were walking past, behind Percy's back.

"Maybe I'm the one who would have to go looking for you in Tartarus first." Percy whispered.

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