Chyna and Olive: A Love Story

Hi, sean. here and I am bringing you my first M-rated A.N.T. Farm story and this is a femslash. Warning: Contains sexual content. I Do Not Own A.N.T. Farm. Requested by m1tt.

Chyna and Olive were enjoying life at Z-Tech. They're the best of friends and they're also roommates. Olive has always wanted to be roommates with Chyna, there were also times when Olive started to have lesbian fantasies about Chyna and there were also times when she's alone she starts to masturbate. She kept thinking about how it would feel to kiss her on her lips, kissing her soft, nubile skin, licking and fingering her pussy, and also fucking her. Chyna enters the room and she sees Olive studying.

"Hey Olive." Said Chyna.

"Hey roomie!" Said Olive. Olive's heart started to beat fast as she saw Chyna. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her. Olive started to bite her lower lip as she was looking at Chyna.

"So, what are you studying for?" Said Chyna.

"I am studying for chemistry." Said Olive. "What are you doing?"

"I'm about to work on a new song for music class." Said Chyna. Olive saw Chyna laying on her bed as she started to write a new song. Olive had never felt this way before about Chyna. These were those types of feeling that Olive was experiencing in her teenage life.

"Chyna, I read an article on the internet that most girls experience their first kiss with each other in their teen years." Olive said.

"Olive!" Chyna exclaimed looking shocked at Olive.

"Well, most girls have their first lesbian experience before they're 13, but we're both 13 and I was thinking…" Olive said.

"Wow, Olive." Chyna said.

"I want to have our first lesbian experience with each other." Said Olive looking down at her shoes. She was really worried at what Chyna will say to her and she is also worried that Chyna will not date her.

"Are you sure you want to try it with me?" asked Chyna. Olive started to walk towards Chyna's bed. She sat down next to Chyna and moved towards her face slowly and started to kiss Chyna. Chyna's heart started to beat fast as she felt her best friend kissing her. Olive stopped kissing Chyna, her cheeks turned pink as Chyna looked at her.

"So, what do you think?" Asked Olive.

"I like it." Said Chyna. Olive was surprised to hear that Chyna enjoyed the kiss. "Let's see if I can do better." Chyna cupped Olive's cheek and tilted her head and started to kiss her. The best friends were kissing passionately with their hearts desire. Olive was turned on by Chyna kissing her she felt herself getting wet. Olive's tongue skimmed Chyna's bottom lip until she gave her entrance. Their tongues were touching each other and it turned them both on.

After their heated and passionate make-out session, Chyna and Olive were took off their clothes and they were both in their bra and panties: Chyna in her matching silk purple bra and panties and Olive in her cute matching baby blue bra and panties. Olive climbed on top of Chyna and started to kiss her, while she was kissing her she started to touch her left breast. Chyna moaned to Olive's touch and she started to get really wet.

"Let me take off your bra for you." Said Olive. Chyna nodded as she let her best friend take off her bra. After Olive took off Chyna's bra, Olive started to look at her perfect breasts.

"Wow Chyna, your breasts look beautiful and natural." Said Olive smiling at Chyna.

"Thanks, Olive." Said Chyna as she started to blush. Olive started to lick Chyna's left breast while her hand is cupping the other. Olive started to lick her nipple and sucking it, making it hard.

"Mmmm Olive." Chyna moaned. While Olive continued to lick and suck on her nipples, Chyna moved her hand down to her panties and started to rub her wet pussy. This was turning Chyna on so much she wants Olive to lick her pussy. After licking her nipples, Olive moved down to Chyna's pussy as she started to take off her panties and Chyna was completely naked. Olive started to lick Chyna's pussy. She wanted to taste her friend and it is finally happening.

"Oh god Olive." Moaned Chyna as she was watching her best friend eating her out. Chyna stared into Olive's beautiful blue eyes while Olive was going down on her. Olive stuck a finger in Chyna and started to finger fuck her. She also added another finger in and started to lick her clit at the same time giving Chyna extreme pleasure. Olive started to feel Chyna about to cum as her wall started to clench.

"Fuck! Olive I'm about to cum!" Yelled Chyna as she started to cum all over Olive's mouth and fingers. Right after Chyna came, Olive removed her fingers from Chyna pussy and started to lick her sweet juices off of her fingers.

"You taste good Chyna." Said Olive teasing Chyna. Olive stuck her fingers in Chyna's mouth so she can taste herself. Olive then moved towards Chyna's lips and shared a deep, passionate kiss with her having. Chyna was turned on by tasting herself on Olive's lips, if that was possible."

"Do you know what time it is?" Asked Chyna.

"What?" Asked Olive.

"Payback time." Said Chyna as she laid Olive on the bed. Chyna started to take off Olive's bra and saw her natural breasts and her perfect pink nipples.

"Wow Olive, you really blossomed." Said Chyna. Olive started to blush when Chyna complemented on her body. Chyna placed some soft, caressing kisses on Olive's body as she proceeded to lick Olive's nipples. Chyna started to lick Olive's left breast while cupping the other with tender care.

"Oh god Chyna, that feels so good." Moaned Olive. Olive could feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting really wet. After Chyna licked and sucked and pinching on Olive's nipples, she moved down to her panties.

"Oooh Olive, are you getting really wet for me?" Asked Chyna.

"Yeah." Said Olive. "Please, lick my pussy Chyna. I want to cum in your mouth so badly."

"Don't worry baby. I have some techniques to use on you." Said Chyna. Chyna took off Olive's soaking wet panties revealing her adorable pussy that was glistening with her juices. Olive started to spread her legs and held them up giving Chyna a really sexy view of her pussy. Chyna started to lick her pussy passionately, giving her an amazing feeling.

"Oh fuck Chyna." Moaned Olive. Olive's moans started to turn on Chyna as she started to play with her pussy. Olive watched as Chyna inserted her tongue into her pussy and it began to go in and out.

"Ooh baby, keep fucking me with your tongue." Moaned Olive as she felt even more turned on by feeling Chyna's warm, wet tongue going into her pussy. With a pit of inspiration, Chyna stuck her finger in her mouth, coating it with her saliva, and started to play with Olive's hot, tight ass. She even started to finger her ass while licking her pussy. Olive was having the best feeling of her life as she watched Chyna finger fucking her ass and licking her pussy at the same time.

"Keep fucking my ass, Chyna. Mmmm baby it feels so good I'm so close." Moaned Olive.

"Cum for me baby, cum for me." Said Chyna. Olive started to cum in Chyna's mouth and Chyna licked up all of her cum. This was the hardest orgasm that she have ever had.

"Wow, Chyna that felt good." Said Olive as Chyna moved to Olive's lips and started to kiss her.

"I love you Olive." Said Chyna as she laid her head on Olive's breasts.

"I love you too Chyna." Said Olive.

Well, that's it for my first M-rated A.N.T. Farm story. I have never written an M-rated story before mostly because I have written stories that were K-rated so I thought I could try something new. If you like it, please review (no bad reviews) and if you have any requests for a different pairing from the same show or a different show, leave it on the review page. Until next time, ladies and gentleman.