Chyna and Olive: A Love Story

Hey, I'm back and I'm bringing you the third chapter of this hot story and I am gonna add Lexi so she can join in on the fun with Chyna and Olive. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter Three

"You're so fucking hot, Chyna." Said Olive.

"You're not so bad yourself." Said Chyna as she started to kiss Olive on her lips. This turned out to be the best sex ever and also the best night ever. Their night of passion started to be interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Oh no. Who's that at the door?" Asked Olive.

"I don't know but we got to get dressed real quick." Said Chyna as they both started to get dressed. The two were afraid that if they get caught they will get kicked out Z-Tech.

"Just a minute!" Yelled Olive. After the two finished cleaning their room and got dressed, Chyna opens the door and they see an attractive blonde with hazel eyes in a yellow dress, a black hair band with a sparkling flower on it and she was wearing a beautiful yellow dress and black flats. It was Lexi, she was the most popular cheerleader back in Webster High and she is now a math prodigy and is in the Ant program at Z-Tech.

"Okay you two, where is it?!" Asked Lexi as she barged into their room.

"Where's what?" Asked Olive.

"My pink dildo. Where is it?" Asked Lexi.

"We don't know what you're talking about?" Said Chyna.

"Don't play games with me Chyna. Somebody stole my dildo and I think that you two stole it and…" Lexi was interrupted as she saw a pink object under Olive's pillow. Lexi started to walk towards Olive's bed and picks up her pink dildo. "Well, well, well. What's this? My pink dildo under your pillow."

"Lexi, I can explain and please don't tell anyone." Said Olive. "Chyna and I wanted to try out having our first lesbian experience and we kinda used your dildo on each other." Lexi looked surprised as she found out that Chyna and Olive had sex with each other.

"Wow, I did not know that you two had it in each other." Said Lexi as she was impressed by Chyna and Olive. "You know, I thought it's kinda hot hearing about what you two did and I am thinking about joining you two. Chyna looked at Olive and nodded her head. They both wanted Lexi. Lexi looked really sexy in her yellow dress, her smooth, supple legs look sexy and her breasts look perfect for them to suck on and play with. Olive also had a fantasy about also fucking Lexi. Just as soon as Chyna and Olive agreed to let Lexi in on the fun, the hot sex is about to begin. Olive started to kiss Lexi on her soft lips while Chyna strips out of her clothes and started to watch Lexi and Olive making out and Chyna started to get wet by watching the two. Olive also stripped out of her clothes and she took off Lexi's yellow dress, revealing a cute white laced bra and matching panties. Chyna then went over to the bed and started to kiss both Olive and Lexi as their tongues battled for dominance.

"You two are better than my ex-boyfriend Keith and my boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Chad." Said Lexi. Lexi never kissed a girl before and right now she likes it. Olive started to unhook Lexi's bra and let it slide off of her body. Olive and Chyna took a look at her perfect sized breasts and her light brown nipples. Olive started to gently touch Lexi's breasts as Lexi closed her eyes and moaned. She started to feel herself getting her panties soaking wet. Chyna started to kiss Lexi. Lexi moaned into the kiss and her tongue started touch Chyna's tongue and Lexi was being the dominant one and her tongue dominated Chyna's tongue. Olive gently squeezed Lexi's breasts and her nipples became erect. She started to pinch them lightly while Lexi moaned while kissing Chyna.

"You're so fucking beautiful." Said Olive.

"You said it." Said Lexi. Olive left a trail of kisses from her breasts and down to her stomach and to her soaking wet panties. Chyna started to hover over Lexi's face as Lexi proceeded to lick Chyna's pussy. Olive took off Lexi's panties and started to lick her folds. Olive was getting wet herself she started to move her hand down to her pussy and just started to play with herself. Lexi's tongue started to go into Chyna's pussy as she began to tongue fuck her while Olive held Lexi's beautiful legs up and licking her pussy. Olive saw that Lexi's toes started to curl in pleasure and it was the most sexiest thing she's ever saw. Olive stuck her middle finger in her pussy and started to finger fuck her, Lexi started to moan while tongue fucking Chyna's pussy. Olive added another finger in Lexi's pussy finding her G-Spot. Lexi's pussy was throbbing and she wanted to cum so badly. Olive felt her tightening around her finger and Lexi started to finger Chyna's pussy and suck on her clit.

"Oh fuck, Olive. Keep fucking my tight pink hole." Said Lexi as she was ready to cum all over her fingers while Chyna did the same as she came all over Lexi. Olive removed her fingers out of Lexi's wet slit and started to lick her juices off. Lexi started to taste Chyna's juices and licked the juices off of her fingers.

"You tasted so good Lexi." Said Olive after giving Lexi's pussy one big wet lick.

"Thanks, Olive." Said Lexi as she smirked Lexi. "Now Olive, I want us to feel pleasure at the same time. Olive started to kiss Lexi as they both started to watch each other masturbate. Lexi started to finger her wet hole as Olive started to rub her pussy hard in a circular motion. Chyna takes Lexi's pink dildo and started to watch Lexi and Olive masturbate as she started to masturbate too. After Lexi finished fingering her pussy, she spreads her legs wide and removed her fingers from her pussy and inserted them in her anus while Olive climbed on top of her in a 69 position. Olive started to finger Lexi's pussy while Lexi continues to fuck her own ass hard with her fingers and started to lick Olive's slit with her tongue. Chyna continues to fuck herself with the dildo and getting turned on by watching her roommate and her rival eating each other out.

"You like fucking your own ass your naughty little slut?" Asked Olive as she continued to finger Lexi's pussy. Lexi was really turned on by Olive talking dirty to her and she really liked it when Olive called her a naughty little slut. Lexi continues to lick Olive pussy real passionately and started to suck on her clit. Lexi loves the feeling of her own fingers in her ass while having Olive finger her. To give herself some extra pleasure, Chyna started to rub her clit while she was fucking herself. Chyna was ready to cum while Lexi and Olive were both ready to cum.

"You ready to cum for me, baby?" Asked Olive as she was about to cum.

"Yeah, make me cum Olive!" Yelled Lexi. Both Lexi and Olive made each other. Lexi continued to fuck her ass hard with her fingers she came really hard. Chyna also came hard too and her warm juices squirted all over the dildo. Chyna then walked over to Olive's bed and joined Olive and Lexi in a heated makeout session. Lexi wanted to watch Chyna fuck Olive with her dildo as Chyna started to lick Olive's nipples. Lexi started to squeeze her breasts and pinching her nipples making her extremely wet. Chyna takes Lexi's dildo and rubbed Olive's nipples and moved it to her lips. Olive started sucking on the dildo while Lexi watches the two. Lexi was extremely horny as she started to rub her pussy.

"You two are so fucking hot." Moaned Lexi as she continues to rub her pussy hard in circular motions. After Olive finished sucking on the dildo, Chyna moved the dildo to Olive's pussy and started to fuck her with it.

"Mmmm fuck Chyna." Moaned Olive as she watched her best friend fucking her pink hole. Lexi held her legs up and inserted two fingers into her hot slit as she started to finger herself hard. Lexi was getting really turned on by watching Chyna fucking Olive with her dildo. Olive started to rub her clit as she continues to be pounded by Chyna.

"Oh fuck Chyna I'm about to cum!" Yelled Olive. Chyna kept fucking Olive hard until she started to squirt all over the dildo. Lexi's toes started to curl as she felt her muscles tighten around her fingers as she started to cum all over her fingers. After Olive came and Lexi came, Chyna and Olive kissed each other and Lexi joined the two as the trio laid in bed and cuddle.

"This is definitely the hottest night of our lives." Said Lexi as she smiled at Olive and Chyna.

"Yeah, this sure is." Said Olive.

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