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As Raven regained consciousness, the first thing she noticed was the heat. The sun was high in the sky. Its powerful rays were beating down on her and being absorbed directly by her black leotard, making her feel like she was on fire. She squinted and grasped the hot earth around her and it fell loosely between her fingers.

Sand... she thought, not giving it much though as her mind was still clouded. Suddenly, her hearing returned and she heard the sound of waves crashing all around her. She sat straight up and observed her surroundings. There in front of her was a beautiful, clear, sparkling blue ocean that seemed to go on as for as the eye could see. The ocean continued on either side and behind her was a forest of aged palm trees along with several spots of multiple colors that appeared to be wild flowers. The scent in the air was cool and fresh, a huge change from the polluted city in which she and her friends took residence. The thought suddenly hit her. There was not a soul around her. She stood up and looked around for her fellow Titans.

The last thing she remembered was seeing Starfire flying off with her arms interlocking Robin's while Beast Boy was in pterodactyl form carrying off Cyborg in his feet. What followed seemed to be a blinding flash of light and a mind numbingly loud sound, then everything went black.

She brushed the loose grains of sand from her body, lowered her hood to reveal her pale face, and walked along the beach. She grasped the orb that kept her cape together by her neck and called into it.

"Raven to all titans. Is everyone okay?" she asked in her usual monotone. She couldn't allow her emotions to go completely out of whack or else she'd just be in more trouble. When she released the orb, all she heard was static. She pressed a button on the back to turn it off after a few minutes and continued along the pale beach.

After about ten or so minutes of walking, she noticed a large killer whale that seemed to have beached itself. She squinted and noticed something strange about it. Upon further inspection, it was clear that it was completely green and groaning in pain. She quickly levitated over to it and put her hand on its face.

"Beast Boy! Are you okay?" She asked, concern escaping in her words. He morphed back into his human self and fell into her arms.

"I'm beached!" He rubbed his eyes and sat up. "Where are the others?" His emerald eyes met Raven's somber amethyst ones. She simply shrugged and looked down.

"No one's answering their communicators. Hopefully they're okay." Beast Boy nodded and a loud noise erupted from his stomach. Raven raised an eyebrow while he blushed.

"Umm... So we can just fly back right?"

Raven looked out over the ocean. "If you want to exhaust yourself flying, yes. There doesn't seem to be any visible land from here."

"Psh, let me handle this!" Beast Boy exclaimed as his arms turned into feathers and he morphed into a hawk. He flew high into the sky and observed the land and the ocean around them. There were no signs of any other land masses or people. He landed in front of Raven, morphed back to his regular form and sighed as his belly let out another sound of desperation.

Raven looked up at a nearby palm tree and noticed a single coconut hanging below its leaves. She used her telekinesis to bring it down in front of Beast Boy. "Is this vegan enough for you?"

Beast Boy's eyes got as big as dinner plates and he started to drool. "Oh yes! This is perfect!" He took the rough coconut in his hands and slammed it as hard as he could against the ground, resulting in sand flying everywhere. Raven rolled her eyes and brushed off the sand that decided to cling to her. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and took it over to a nearby rock and tried slamming it against it, cracking it in half. He carefully took a half in either of his hands without spilling much milk and handed one over to Raven while turning back into a human.

"Thanks," she said while gratefully taking it and blushed ever so slightly. Beast Boy smiled and took a huge gulp of his prize.

"So, now we just wait for the others to show up then." Said Beast Boy in between slurps. He leaned back against a nearby palm tree and put a hand behind his head.

"We should just search for them."

Beast Boy shrugged. "We're on a pretty island livin' the life! C'mon Raven, just try to relax for once in your life, will ya?" He slurped the last of his coconut milk and tossed the remnants aside.

"Well if you're just going to be too busy being an idiot, I'm going to go look for them along the beach." Raven stood up and unbuttoned her cape, letting it fall to the ground and revealing her defined features. She looked over at Beast Boy and noticed that he wasn't paying attention so she started walking along the beach. She noticed several aluminum soda cans and plastic bottles washed up along the shore as she walked and shook her head.

Beast Boy looked over at Raven as she walked away and admired her body. I never knew she had such a nice ass, he thought, and caught himself staring as she walked away. He glanced behind the tree he was leaning against and noticed several larger palm trees that all had bunches of coconuts on them. He turned into a rhino and rammed into one. Three of them fell and he gathered them all up. All super heroes need a break at some point or another...

As Raven scoured the shore for her friends, her hope continuously decreased. She levitated in the air to move faster, but it was still no use. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg were no where to be found. When the sun was only about a half hour away from meeting the horizon, she noticed that the scenery was familiar, and she saw Beast Boy slumped against a tree with several empty coconut shells sprawled out on the beach around him. He waved when he noticed her.

"Any luck?" He asked as he stood up and brushed himself off.

Raven shook her head. "No sign of any kind of civilization either. This island isn't very big." She looked down at the empty shells on the ground. "How was your snack?"

Beast Boy let out a belch and wiped his mouth. "I saved some for you," He turned around and picked up two halves that still had liquid in them. She gently and gratefully took them and sat down in the warm sand. Beast Boy looked over to Raven as she took slow sips. "What are we going to do for tonight?"

Raven looked into his eyes. "I don't know, but this sand doesn't look terribly uncomfortable at the moment," She turned to look into the wilderness. "though, we should probably be weary."

"Never fear! You have Beast MAN by your side, pretty lady!" He stood up and turned his arms into that of a gorilla's and flexed in several positions. Raven rolled her eyes, finished her milk, and tossed the empty shell aside. Beast Boy sat down and leaned against the palm tree again. He closed his eyes, but kept one opened very slightly to secretly admire her uncovered body again.

Without noticing, Raven yawned and picked up her cloak. She lied down in the sand a few feet away from Beast Boy and used her cloak as a blanket. There she lie on her back, staring at the now appearing stars in the sky. He looked forward and closed both of his eyes, then dozed off.

At some point in the night, a cool ocean breeze started blowing in the air, dropping the temperature significantly. The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind caught the attention of Beast Boy and he rose his head, alert. He looked around and sighed once he realized it was just the wind. He looked down to his right at Raven, who seemed to be shivering underneath her cloak. Now's the time to have the super hero moves! He thought as he morphed into a bear. He carefully approached her, lifted up her cloak, and lied down against her, his soft fur against her cool skin. She almost instantly stopped shivering and he happily dozed off.

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