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Raven awoke early the next morning when the sun was below the horizon but still lighting up the starry sky in brilliant shades of pink and light blue. Unfortunately, the sun would be on the other side of the island in the mornings and the heat of the day would turn the side of the beach they were on into a hot griddle. It wouldn't be a problem for the two titans as long as they found a source of fresh drinkable water and plenty of shade.

She rolled over on her side, half asleep, resulting in a mouthful of warm fur that smelled slightly like tofu. Her body jerked up and she coughed out a mouthful of green fluff. She ran over to the ocean water in a pathetic attempt to rinse all of the hair out, not fully awake enough to understand what she was doing. The strong taste of the salt water almost made her stomach turn and she instantly spat it out, coughing even more. After a few minutes, she regained her composure and looked back over at the giant green bear that had been sleeping next to her the entire night. He hadn't moved an inch.

How nice of him... She thought as warmth crawled up to her cheeks to form a blush. She shrugged it off and looked down the shore. We need food... She entertained the idea of fishing, but knowing her companion wouldn't approve almost instantly steered her into a different direction. She decided to grab her cloak and walk down the beach while thinking of ideas for food. Her stomach let out a growl, and she suddenly felt like her mouth was on fire from the dried ocean salt. Drinking water would be the most important necessesity. A few feet away she noticed a couple of aged soda cans that had remnants of salt water inside. She removed her cloak again and wrapped it around her waist in a way that her hood formed a decently sized pouch similar to a fanny pack then grabbed the cans and placed them inside.

After walking further down the beach, she noticed an odd dark shape that appeared to be an animal crumpled up on the shore from a distance. When she got closer, she noticed that it was another person and broke out into a run.

"Hey! Are you okay?" As she approached, the human lazily turned around to face her and she stopped dead in her tracks. She recognized who it was right away as soon as that black and copper mask turned to stare her in the face.

"Surprised to see me?" He said, his voice sounding raspy from lack of sleep.

"Slade." Raven amazed herself with how much she sounded like Robin. A black aura surrounded her hands.

"Now then Raven, you're not low enough to hurt someone who's already injured-" He was cut off by surprise as the black aura surrounded all of his body for the exclusion of his face and forced him to stand upright. It disappeared and he didn't stumble once.

"You look fine to me."

Slade shrugged. It had been a few years since she had last seen him when he was involved in summoning Trigon. The last she even heard about him was when Robin told her the story of how he and Slade worked together to save her and how they had gone separate ways so Slade could get "something that was very important" back to him. What that was, they didn't know.

"What are you doing here?"

Slade brushed himself off and slowly approached the violet haired teen. With every step he took towards her, she took two back. "I don't remember all of it, but what I do remember was that you stubborn brats were the cause of-" He was once again cut off, but this time by a green blur that hit him hard in his side, knocking him to the ground and causing him to let out a grunt. Beast Boy pinned him on the ground in crocodile form, snapping his teeth in Slade's face. "As I was saying." Slade freed his arms and used his strong hands to close Beast Boy's mouth. He used his arms and rolled the green teen on his back, rendering him useless. Slade let go and Beast Boy morphed into his regular form.

"DUDE! This is so not cool!" He gripped his nose in pain and felt a trickle of blood coming out of his nostrils.

"So when is the rest of your team going to come to haul me away?" Asked Slade spitefully. He once again stood up and brushed himself off as if nothing happened.

"We were hoping you'd know." Replied Raven, equally spiteful. Suddenly out of no where, a loud growl came from Beast Boy's stomach. Both Raven and Slade looked over at him and he shrugged. Slade simply shook his head and walked over to a tree and pulled out two things that glimmered in the morning light. He tossed what appeared to be a fish to each of the Titans. Raven raised an eyebrow. "Why are you doing this?"

"In case you didn't realize it, we are on an island in the middle of no where left with nothing but our devices to survive. We may both learn to benefit from this experience if we work together." Said Slade as he walked back to the tree and grabbed another fish.

"What makes you think we'd ever work with the likes of you?" She asked. In front of the tree was a pile of what looked like dry wood. Slade pulled out a box of matches from his pocket, lit one, then placed it near the wood and watched as it instantly ignited. He grabbed a stick and speared the fish, holding it over the flame.

"Unless you want to die a slow painful death from a food borne illness, I suggest you'd at least consider the offer," he said, his voice less raspy and more dark like they remembered him.

To the side, Beast Boy stared at the deceased fish in his hands in horror. Its lifeless eye stared up into his. He wasn't paying a single bit of attention to the conversation that was going on because his mind was racing with countless scenes of how this fish could have faced its demise. He thought about how this fish may have had a family and that it was removed from all of its relatives and friends against its will.

"No thanks." Raven said as she tossed her fish at Slade's feet. She used her telekinesis to release the fish from Beast Boy's hands and did the same. She grabbed her shocked companion and dragged him back to a section of the beach that was far away from Slade, but close enough to have a constant visual on him.

"Dude, did Slade get the memo? I'm a vegetarian!" Beast Boy yelled as he ran to the ocean water to rid his gloves of the fishy smell. "I'll eat weeds before even looking at a dead fish!"

Raven looked over at the jungle behind them then looked over at Slade on the other end of the beach, who was roasting his fish over the fire. To her, that fish was starting to sound very tasty. "If you want to make yourself useful, go collect a bunch of dry wood and bring it back here." She placed the few soda cans and plastic bottles by their camp.

Beast Boy waved his hands in the air to dry them then looked over at Raven. "What'll you do?"

"I'll hunt." She stated.
"But that's a man's job!" Beast Boy put his hands over his mouth, expecting to be slapped.

"What? Is your weed salad less appetizing all of a sudden?" Raven raised an eyebrow.

Beast Boy gulped and looked towards the forest. Sure, he was a vegetarian, but he knew that Raven loved meat. If he could be brave, maybe she would be impressed and not so sarcastic with him for once. He was a little annoyed that all she did was slap him around when they were in Tokyo the year before. "I'll do it." He choked out.

"Meet back here before the sun goes down."

Raven was about to fly off when Beast Boy grabbed her arm. She jumped at his touch and gave him a glare. "Be safe." He said in probably the most serious tone Raven had heard from him.

Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "You too." Beast Boy let go and she levitated off into the forest to collect wood. He turned to see Slade at his own camp still and then faced the ocean. I won't fish... He looked in the opposite direction on the shore and noticed a collection of something green on the ground. Running up to it, he almost immediately realized it was seaweed. Alright, alright. This will be pretty tasty... What else... He picked up the seaweed and placed it behind a tree at his and Raven's camp out of Slade's view. He glanced back into the jungle and took another gulp. He heard soft footsteps in the sand behind him and turned around. Slade stood, at eye level with Beast Boy. The grass stain had grown a bit taller as the years progressed and soon found himself towering at Starfire's level within a year. He had also slightly bulked up a little. "What do you want?" He demanded, getting in battle stance.

"I have something that may be of value to you." Slade held up a clear plastic cup filled to the brim with what looked like cooked wild rice. In his other hand, he held up a dark green pear shaped object.

"Is that... an avocado?" Slade simply nodded.

"We can work together you know. We all have things we can do for the benefits of each other. All you have to do is get that stubborn girl friend of yours to agree." Slade placed the food at his feet and walked back towards his own camp. Beast Boy looked down at the items as if they were poison.

He slowly approached the cup of rice and picked it up. He sniffed it with his sensitive animal senses and didn't smell anything out of the ordinary. He also picked up the avocado. Raven would not approve at all if she knew its source, but he could tell her a little white lie. He grabbed the seaweed and put it next to the rice and avocado. I need a knife... He gathered his ingredients and placed them on a nearby flat rock that worked as a kitchen counter. Morphing his hand into a bear paw, he sliced the skin off of the avocado and sliced the green fibrous fruit itself into thin slices. After putting those aside, he grabbed the seaweed and carefully weaved it into what looked like a flat piece of green paper after more than a few tries. He put his leftovers into a separate pile on the other side next to the collection of aluminum and plastic. Taking the cup of rice in his hands, he took a handful and spread it over the seaweed as evenly as possible. He took a few minutes and enjoyed a couple slices of raw avocado to keep his hunger away. With the remaining few pieces, he placed them in the middle of the square piece of work. He then rolled the seaweed mixture up and squished it together so it was just a seaweed cylinder. Morphing his hand into a bear paw again, he used his long sharp claws to slice it into eight pieces, creating a very simple sushi like item, without the fish. Surely Raven would be impressed by his work. He looked up at the sky and noticed the sun was once again low. Weaving the seaweed square took a great deal of time.

As if on cue, Raven appeared from over the jungle above with a large ball of dry wood surrounded in her black aura following. Once her eyes came in contact with Beast Boy, they both smiled. "I was worried about you!" Exclaimed Beast Boy as he ran up to her and gave her a hug. Almost immediately realizing what he did was a mistake, he instantly let go and backed off. "S-sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay," She directed the wood to the ground in front of their tree, placed it, then sat down under the shade by the tree. Out of her makeshift pouch, she grabbed a handful of leaves and two plastic bottles filled with what looked like water. Beast Boy joined her. "I found some mint leaves. Want some in your water?"

"Sure... Oh, wait here!" Raven took both bottles and placed ripped up pieces of mint leaves inside while Beast Boy ran behind the tree to grab his creation. "Close your eyes and hold out your hands." He demanded.

Raven did as she was told as Beast Boy placed four pieces of the veggie sushi in her hands then took a seat next to her. She looked down at them and raised an eyebrow. "Where did you find rice and avocado?" She took a bite out of one then handed a bottle of water to her companion.

"You see, I found some plants in the jungle!" Beast Boy nervously put an entire roll in his mouth as an excuse not to talk. Raven swallowed her bite.

"And I suppose the rice cooked itself then?" Her green companion kept chewing. Raven looked over to where Slade's camp was and noticed he was no where to be found. "Just keep an eye out. Just because he's giving us dinner doesn't mean he's on our side."

Beast Boy listened carefully for any signs of disturbance in the jungle, but it was relatively silent aside from the usual sounds of crickets and birds chirping. The two sat silently and ate, staring out into the mural of a sunset painted before them. The sun appeared to be spewing out brilliant shades of light yellow and orange, all of which reflected on the clear ocean water below. The sun had already sunk a little over halfway into the horizon, and its last remaining sliver was still sinking slowly. Raven looked over at Beast Boy for a moment. "Thanks for last night."

Beast Boy looked back down into her deep violet eyes. The last bit of the sun lit her eyes up in a way that made it appear as if they were glowing. Her pale skin hadn't tanned a single bit in the time they were out in the sun, but it still looked smooth and young. He took this chance to raise his ungloved hand to her cheek and was surprised by how soft she was. He expected to be slapped right away, but was surprised even more when Raven didn't move at all. In what felt like instinct, he lowered his head and slowly moved it closer to hers.

At this point, Raven's emotions were all over the place. As he closed the space in between them, a few coconuts fell off of nearby trees, and one further away even uprooted itself. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around Beast Boy's neck and made her lips meet his in a passionate kiss. Surprised, he put his arms around her waist and held her close as a few more trees were uprooted and the coconuts flew around them. After about a half a minute, they broke apart, panting heavily while still clinging to each other.

Across the beach stood Slade at his camp, shaking his head in disgust. Young love never ceases to amaze... He thought as he picked up a coconut that Raven's powers knocked off of a tree. He gathered a few more and brought them to his camp, creating a stock pile. He tossed one over to them, breaking them apart and startling them, yelling, "Keep it up, lovers. I could get used to the free food."

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