Chapter 2

"They are called Gargoyles."

Lizzie went over that sentence in her head once more, taking another bite of the Chinese food her mother had ordered her for dinner, the woman had said she had to leave early to meet up with a friend, and couldn't join her for the meal.

The girl hadn't told her mother about what she had seen in the kitchen, in all honestly she wasn't entirely sure about what she had seen. It just seemed so unrealistic. The gargoyles she knew about were nothing but stone statues that stood on the tops of buildings to ward off evil spirits, a little superstition that most people believed to be true.

Standing up, Lizzie walked to the kitchen with her empty container, her dark eyes glimpsing at her laptop resting on the dining table, closed and untouched since yesterday afternoon, 'What would I get if I searched for them?' she asked herself as she threw the container in the trash and turned back to her laptop.

Opening the screen, she turned it on and went to Google, 'Gargoyles' she typed and clicked the search button. She honestly didn't know what she would get out of the single word, but it seemed pretty obvious that under images there were a majority of the normal statues on buildings.

But after scrolling down a few times, she saw something that was actually different.

It looked like a painting of some sort; a giant beast with talons, large wings, fangs, and pointy ears. The being looked to be in an old Scottish painting style, complete with Celtic outer trimming; the being was painted a lavender color with a dark brown mane on his head. His large body was bowed, a sign of reverence Lizzie knew, but who was he bowing to? There was no one else in the painting with him.

Now curious, Lizzie clicked on the image; it took her to a page on Wikipedia entitled 'Gargoyles'.

The girl read on for a few moments before shaking her head and shutting her laptop, 'Why am I even looking at this stuff?' she asked herself, 'It even says it up at the top, they're fictional beings. They don't exist. What I saw yesterday was probably just some sign that I'm slowly losing my mind.' she laughed quietly as she stood up and started walking back to the couch.

And then her phone rang.

Lizzie sighed as she turned around and walked towards the loud object, "I'm coming. I'm coming." she muttered as she reached it, "Hello?" she called into the device as she held it to her ear.

"Child." she heard her friend, Kelly, on the other end, "Where are you?" she demanded.

"Home." Lizzie answered, turning back to the couch, "Why?" she asked when she was sitting down with the phone.

She heard Kelly sigh on the other end, "There's work tonight, that's why! Don't you check your email?" she asked.

Lizzie groaned, "I forgot. Yes, I saw the email, and I forgot about going tonight." she explained as she got up and went back to her room to change into something besides her sweat pants and tank top, "Is Dan mad?"

"He isn't exactly happy, but I doubt its because of you. There's not really a whole lot of people here tonight, its actually just me, Justice, and Parker with Dan kinda standing in the background talking to June." Kelly responded as the dark haired girl struggled with her shoes after putting her ever present attire on.

Lizzie finally got her converse on, reaching for her bag, "Just you guys? What are you doing?" she asked as she grabbed her apartment key and walked out the door, locking it behind her and continuing on the way to get out and onto the street.

"Waiting for your ass to show up, bitch! Now, c'mon!" Kelly cried and hung up before the detective's daughter could reply.

Lizzie shook her head as she pulled the phone away from her ear and started dialing her mother's number, 'Kelly, as much as I love you, you need to keep the profanities to a minimum.' she thought as she brought the phone back to her ear and listened to the ringing sound; then finally, "Lizard?" her mother's voice rang through the speaker.

"Hey, mom, there was work tonight," she proceeded to tell the woman all that Kelly had relayed to her.


"...Okay then, Lizzie, be safe and get home right after work, got it? I don't want to come home at ten tonight and not see you there." Elisa told the teenager as her hulking companion looked down at her with a curious gaze, "I love you, have fun, Lizzie." she said as she hung up the phone and looked up at the being, "My daughter had work tonight and forgot completely about it until her friend called to remind her." she explained.

Her companion wasn't exactly what most people would think he would be, he had called himself a Gargoyle. He was a large, hulking being; with lavender skin and a long mane of dark brown hair on his head. He had large, black and purple wings spread out behind him, a long tail that swished behind him lazily, and large hands and feet. He had two little horns over his brows, fangs, and pointy ears. His features were strong, and he easily gave off the vibe that he was in charge and no one had any real say otherwise.

The night before, after leaving one awkward conversation with her ex and entering a new one involving the incident with the rocks, Elisa had decided to take a look around the castle, looking for some sort of evidence while also trying to find her daughter in the large castle Xanatos had added, only to stumble across this being and fall off the side of the tower. Thank God the being, who was apparently called Goliath, had glided down and caught her before she could get seriously injured. He had taken her back up to the tower and interrogated her as to what she was doing there.

After that, she had met the rest of his Clan, only to be told she had to leave when the sun was coming up. She had been persistent though, saying she wanted to get to know them more. Goliath had nodded and told her to meet him at a rooftop after sundown the next evening. Elisa had left them at that, going around the castle to find her daughter and bidding Xanatos goodnight in the process.

Its funny, when she saw David again, she hadn't expected to have multiple flashbacks from back sixteen years earlier. In all honesty, in all her life, she had never truly been happier than when she was with David. He seemed to always be busy, yet when she needed something or just wanted to be with him, he put his work aside and stayed with her for as long as she wanted him to. She had told him she didn't want him to spend an insane amount of his money on her like he had done to past girlfriends, he had disregarded her request and gone ahead to buy her an imported Italian necklace that was said to have been worn by Caesar's wife, Cornelia Cinnilla; on the first Valentine's Day they had together. She had accepted the gift graciously, but had told him that she didn't want him spending all this money on her ever again (or else she'd throttle him); he had grudgingly complied, buying her a simple bouquet of Buttercups, her favorite flower, and a medium sized box of chocolates for the next Valentine's Day they had.

Elisa blushed a little bit, that had been the day Lizzie had been conceived.

Yes, its true, David Xanatos had always been there for the part where Elisa was pregnant with their daughter; hell, the woman was certain that, if she hadn't given him the choice, he probably would have stayed in both girl's lives. No, that didn't happen. After Lizzie was born, David tried, yet again, to help the woman and the baby, be there and be the father that Lizzie needed.

But he wouldn't marry Elisa.

"I just don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet, Elisa." he had told her as a reason.

Elisa had shook her head and held their baby, her baby, closer to her chest, "You signed up for that commitment the minute I got pregnant." she had turned around.

David had placed one hand on her shoulder, "Elisa, you know I love you; I just don't think we could get married right now. Xanatos Enterprises is just starting to get noticed by big name companies, if I focused on a wedding now, I could lose that and my business would plummet." he had given as his excuse.

The woman had shaken her head again, "David, I'm giving you a choice." she turned around, moving his hand away from her shoulder, "Me and Lizzie, or your company. Its your decision." she had said.

His answer was two little words, "I'm sorry." then he turned and walked out the door.

"Elisa?" she was brought from her thoughts by the rumbling voice that came from her companion, "Are you alright?" he asked her, concerned.

The woman nodded, "Just, lost in thoughts, Goliath. I'm fine." she told him as they walked through Central Park.

Goliath nodded and continued walking beside her in silence, his own memory was on a discussion he had with Xanatos the night prior.


Goliath pushed open the door to Xanatos' office, "What is it you want, Xanatos? The sun is about to come up, I do not have much time." he said as he walked in and stood a little ways away form his desk.

Xanatos stood up, "Then I'll make this as quick as possible, first off: I want to thank you for saving Elisa Maza earlier; to be honest, if anything happened to her, I don't know what I'd do." he said with a grateful smile.

The gargoyle raised an eyeridge, "She means something to you. Something.. precious." he had stated.

Xanatos looked down, "Let's just say our fire isn't permanently put out. After all, she is the mother of my child." he smiled at that fact.

"I have not seen any hatchlings around this place since our awakening, yet you say you are a father. What does this mean?" Goliath asked.

The man sighed, "Its a complicated problem." and he left it at that.

End Flashback

After that little conversation, the man had tried to get the gargoyle and his Clan to steal back some strange... What had he called it? Merchandise? Back from the people that had attacked them the same night. Goliath had refused. He had seen what those humans had done, especially how they did it with those strange new weapons. He was not willing to risk the safety of the rest of his clan for a few... disks? Is that what Xanatos had called them? Yes, he thought so.

He was suddenly distracted by the slight rustling sound in the bushes; standing stock still, Goliath listened closer to his surroundings, his head moving every so often to catch another sound.

Elisa stopped and looked up at him, "Goliath, what's wrong?" she asked.

As the dart was fired from the bushes and Goliath roared in outrage, the woman couldn't help but wonder exactly what she had gotten into.


'..Just keep to the back ways and avoid every person out there and you should be fine, Lizzie.' Elizabeth thought in an attempt to calm her nerves; walking down the sidewalk of New York City on her way to work at night time wasn't exactly the best thing to do.

The girl turned another sharp corner in the back alley, this little network of places was what she used frequently to get around the city. There were much less people in here than there were out in the actual street area, just the odd homeless person here and there.

She looked up at the sound of footsteps on the other end of the alley, stopping in her tracks at the sight of the two shadowed figures standing there, staring at her. Lizzie looked back down at the ground, 'Just ignore them and maybe they'll leave you alone.' she told herself, backing up a few steps and turning another corner, only to stop again when she heard another set of footsteps. Looking up, she saw another two shadowed figures on the other end of this alley, too.

And they were walking closer to her place.

Slowly, Lizzie found herself backing up to try and get farther away from the two coming toward her, 'Remain calm, they might just be passing by. Maybe they're like Kelly and Parker, always tag-teaming in just about every hallway at the haunt to scare the customers. Yeah, that could be it. This could just be a prank that people play on random people because they were bored. Oh, God, I hope thats what it is..' she trailed off in her mind when all four of the people were suddenly much closer to her than she thought, to the point where she was backing up into a wall, 'Or not.' she gulped nervously at the lecherous grins the beings were giving her.

One of the beings stepped into the dim light of the alley, revealing a male with a dark brown Mohawk on his head and sunglasses over his eyes despite it being night, "Goin' somewhere, doll?" he asked her.

Lizzie, her lips parted slightly and her breaths coming in small, inaudible little huffs, looked down at the ground and tried to blend in with the wall behind her, a vain attempt to get away from this situation, but it was all she was capable of. She couldn't really defend herself unless she had a gun somewhere on her person, or a tazer. Really, both of those would have done something more than try to disappear.

She gasped when the top of her hair was grabbed and yanked back painfully, the back of her head making contact with the brick, her eyes meeting her reflection in the black shades as the male leaned closer to her, "Asked ya a question, doll. You gonna answer, or what?" he waited for another twenty seconds for her to speak, his grin looking a bit more forced now, "Not very polite to ignore me, sweetheart." he said as he dug into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a switchblade, "Gonna have to fix that now won't we?" his grin turned more relaxed as he raised the blade up close to her face, the light of the street lamp glinting off the silver blade.

Lizzie's eyes widened as she stared at the weapon fearfully, her mother's ex boyfriend, while he had abused her, he had never used any weapons on her before. She had never felt what it was like to get cut by a knife, nor was she even curious about it like most teenagers her age would be; to this day she had no idea why people would willingly take a knife to their wrists and cut until they bled.

Her breath hitched in her throat when two of the boys behind this one suddenly grabbed her wrists and held them above her head, the last one leaning down to hold onto her legs, a precaution, she guessed, just to make sure she wouldn't kick out.

As the male with the knife pulled out a strip of duct tape and started coming towards her mouth, she pushed down her fear of men just once, to turn her head and call out a frantic, "HELP ME!" with tears starting to form in her eyes.

The only thing that she got in response was a swift slap across her face before her chin was grabbed roughly by a calloused hand and pulled back to face the now angry face of the male with a knife. He placed the strip of tape across her mouth as he shook his head in disappointment, "Tsk, tsk. Can't have you callin' out like that, now can we?" the grin was back again, "Don't worry, you'll learn soon enough not to speak." he said, his companions all started laughing at this, as if it were some sort of inside joke they shared. The flat of the blade was pressed to her cheek, catching a tear that had slipped from her eye, "Not like you'll be talkin' anymore, though.." he laughed as he drug the knife down from her cheek, over her neck, and onto her jacket, slowly bringing that down until it was at the bottom, "Hold still. Wouldn't wanna cut you...yet." he laughed when she had tried to squirm her hips away from his blade as he cut an inch up through the material.

She whimpered around the tape over her mouth and turned her head away from the sight, this can't be happening. A few more tears slipped from her eyes as she shut them tight and begged everything to just stop.

"Ya know, we're new to this whole time, but I doubt that's any way to treat a lady." her eyes snapped open at the sound of a new voice. It sounded familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had heard it before.

Her captors pulled away from her, turning around to look into the darkness of the alley way behind them, "Who's there?" the male with the knife demanded, waving the weapon threateningly, "I swear, you come any closer, and I'll gut you." he growled. It seemed he was the only one of the four with an actual weapon, the other three had turned around to find something that involved being thrown at the intruders.

Lizzie reached up and grabbed at the tape around her mouth frantically, her legs slowly guiding her to crouch on the floor as they wouldn't stop shaking; when three pairs of glowing white eyes suddenly shined like beacons in the darkness surrounding them, followed by animalistic growls of warning, "Step away from the girl and we won't hurt you as much." another voice, this one a little scratchy and more high pitched than the earlier one, spoke from her right as the three pairs of eyes moved around them in a tight circle.

She looked up at the chuckle from one of the males, the only voice she had heard was the one with a knife, this one, a tall shaggy blonde with a stray board of wood, looked down at her with the coldest brown eyes she had ever seen, "Fat chance of that happening," he looked up and smirked evilly at the eyes, "she's ours. We found her wandering our alley not too long ago. Finders, keepers, if you will." Lizzie shook with disgust, she wasn't anybody's to own.

"Somehow, I doubt that." one of the eyes spoke up, it was a deeper voice than the other two, and it had come from her left, it was followed by another growl of warning. This only prodded the girl to tug even harder at the tape strip, silently rejoicing when it finally pulled away from her lips.

The first voice spoke up again, "Look, we'll give ya one more chance to get away from her and leave the area, or we will attack, and you won't be able to do anything to help yourselves." it said, it was coming from directly in front of her, more like in front of the male with a knife.

"We'll take our chances." the knife guy said, dropping down into a defensive position in anticipation, waiting for the first move.

"Suit yourselves." the voice to her right said so casually.

Snarls suddenly erupted in the darkness, followed by screams of terror as the three people on either side of her were grabbed by the wrists and pulled into the shadows, leaving her and the knife guy alone.

The knife guy turned his entire body this way and that as sounds like grunting and cries of pain, along with strange growling and snarling, cut through the dark, "Ricky? Bobby? Mac? You guys okay?" he called when all noises ceased so suddenly, you'd think someone had pressed the power button on a television set. He turned around and stared down at Lizzie, the street lamp light reflecting off his shades, "You ain't worth it!" he cried suddenly, throwing down the blade and charging off into the dark, the sound of his footsteps echoing behind him as he ran with all his might. At the sudden scream followed by the loud roar, she guessed he hadn't gotten far before her saviors caught him.

When there was nothing but silence again, Elizabeth twisted her head around, sweeping the darkness for any sign that the other three beings were still there, she hoped not. Don't get her wrong, she wanted to thank them for saving her from those guys, but she was incredibly freaked out, their eyes had glowed! That's just not normal!

"Are you okay?" the first voice asked.

"They didn't hurt you did they?" the second, more high pitched voice piped up.

"She's got a bruise forming on her cheek, they must've hit her." the third, deeper voice put in.

"Was that all they did?" the first voice asked again.

Lizzie brought her hand up to her cheek and lightly tapped the area she had been slapped, it was tender and still stung a little bit, but it didn't hurt as much as she remembered a slap would hurt. Knife guy must've been much weaker than Mark was. She turned her head swiftly to look out at the sound of shuffling feet coming towards her. On impulse, she scooted back again, only to collide with the wall once more.

"Its okay, we won't hurt you. We promise." the first voice spoke again.

"We just want to help you." the deepest voice said.

She just stayed silent and held her hand to her cheek as she stared out at where the voices were coming from, her eyes wide as they finally stepped into the light, then she suddenly remembered where she had heard that first voice from.

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