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The Mirror of Etamluos

Luosruoy Fo Flahreht oehtnah treht ono it celferon wohsi"

Prologue: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

Albus Dumbledore nearly jumped for joy. After searching Harry Potter's entire summer break between his fourth and fifth year at Hogwarts, he'd found it. The answer to his prayers, a way to help Harry destroy Voldemort for all eternity. The only problem was that he had no clue how to help Harry obtain it.

Harry's soul mate was likely a very powerful witch or wizard, and off hand he couldn't think of many who would qualify, only very few of which were Harry's age. The first name that had come to his mind was Draco Malfoy, quickly followed by any Weasley family member, and the slightest chance that it might be Hermione Granger, though he doubted that one. He only prayed for Harry's sake it was at least someone he could get along with, and was on the same side of this war against Voldemort.

As if in answer to his pleas, an owl from the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, came in his office window. Albus quickly opened it only to grin widely at the information the letter contained.


Some idiot cast a spell on a mirror, and constructed it solely for the purpose of revealing one's soul mate to the person that looks in the mirror. I was hoping that you would be alright with us storing it at Hogwarts for safekeeping. It would be a great help to us Albus. I await your return owl.



Albus didn't even think twice, he flooed the minister through his fireplace and requested it be brought over right away. He used the excuse that such a thing couldn't possibly be left out in the open for anyone to use, as it would likely destroy happy marriages and relationships. He himself helped them to place it in the room he had once placed the Mirror of Erised. He smiled when he looked in and saw his own wife in the mirror, he'd always thought she was his soul mate, but of course they hadn't bonded on the unlikely chance that she turned out not to be his soul mate.

Well, that was one discovery he couldn't wait to tell Minerva about. Maybe they could finally have that bonding ceremony they had put off just in case. Several of the Aurors that had peeked in it had said something along the same lines about their own wives or husbands at home. Remus and Sirius both snuck glances at it and were relieved to see one another staring back at them as Remus had already claimed Sirius as his life-mate.

Now that was an interesting twist, he'd intended for Remus to be at Hogwarts once again as Defense Professor. It was only an added bonus that Sirius agreed for both Remus and Harry's sake to stay and pose as Remus's loveable dog Snuffles for the school year. A fact that would greatly help once he had Harry look at the mirror, for Harry would need to get to know, fall in love with, marry and bond to his soul-mate as soon as possible.

A soul mate, yes that was what he needed to find and quickly for Harry. Someone with which, once bonded Harry would be able to communicate with telepathically, both of which would gain power, and be able to tap into one another's power. Of course there were other benefits, Harry would have a family, perhaps children would soon follow. And there were always the fact that it would be someone Harry would love, that would return it as he or she would be able to see beyond Harry's fame.