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The Mirror of Etamluos

"Luosruoy Fo Flahreht oehtnah treht ono it celferon wohsi"


Chapter Twenty-Two: Attack and the Final Battle

The weeks went by and soon there was only a week of summer left. Both Harry and Severus had dark tans from spending their afternoons outside. Bradley and Brenton had light tans as Harry and Severus both tended to shield them from the sun. Severus had filled up five photo albums and two pensieves of every little thing the boys did.

Harry had to admit that having Bradley and Brenton was probably the best thing that had ever happened to both of them. While both of them had fallen deeply in love with one another, Bradley and Brenton were their reason for living. After three months with the boys they couldn't imagine what their lives had been like before having them. Minerva had gone to Diagon Alley for Harry so that he wouldn't have to leave Bradley, Brenton and Severus for the day.

The day after Minerva had gone into Diagon Alley, everyone was sitting peacefully eating their breakfast when Severus and Harry came in with Bradley and Brenton. Both boys were sitting up in their Daddies laps throughout breakfast, drinking their bottles while Severus and Harry ate their breakfast. Harry and Severus were just about to leave with the boys for a morning of swimming in the lake when Nadir, the Auror who had brought Pettigrew in, came running through the entrance to the Great Hall, skidding to a stop and barely managing out, "Attack...Death Eaters...Diagon Alley...Ministry...more supporters than we thought...Voldemort himself...he's holding Minister Weasley hostage...says he wants Potter and his husband in front of him or he'll murder the Minister. Minister wants Potter to take his family into hiding."

Severus and Harry looked at one another, kissed their sons, placed them in Sirius and Remus's laps, turned and started running towards the exit of the castle. Albus yelled out after them, "WAIT! You need to know. Both of you have to say the killing curse at the same time or it won't work."

Harry nodded and turned to Sirius, "Don't worry, we'll be back. The bastard can't kill me, remember? Take care of the boys, and please don't leave the castle, any of you. I've got enough Deaths on my hands, and I'm not about to let him hurt the Weasleys."

It took Harry and Severus roughly ten minutes, but they got to Diagon Alley only to find Severus's father, Aramis Snape, standing and waiting for them. Aramis sneered at both of them, "I see you two came to your senses. Master is waiting, it was wrong of you to stray from the path Severus. You've brought nothing but shame upon the family name and pride Severus. If your Mother didn't own most of the land you'd be disowned but as it is my land is going to your sister anyway. Marrying a Potter, and having half-blood children with one, you disgust me Severus."

Neither Severus nor Harry responded to Aramis, both knowing that any way you looked at it, Bradley and Brenton were likely at the very least, 15th generational Wizards, though neither had looked at it so they couldn't be sure. After a short walk they came face to face with Voldemort, Harry's scar was stinging and the entire time Severus and Harry had been speaking telepathically to figure out how to deliver the final blow. They, unlike Voldemort, decided they weren't going to give a damn about talking, they were just going to do it the minute they had his attention.

They didn't have to wait long, Arthur Weasley saw them and his eyes went wide before he tried frantically to motion to them to get the hell out of there before it was too late. Harry just smirked at Mr. Weasley. Voldemort turned to find himself on the receiving side of two wands, Severus's and Harry's. Before anyone could do anything they both shouted, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Severus pulled out the portkey box in his pocket; Harry reached over and grabbed Arthur's hands, while Severus grabbed onto Harry's free arm and the portkey at the same time, whisking all three of them straight into Albus's office. Arthur blinked, looked around and grabbed Harry and Severus into a fierce hug. Harry immediately wrapped his arms around both men, and while Severus was tense that the new Minister was involved in this hug with his husband, he was relieved that both Harry and Arthur were safe.

Not even two seconds after they got there, Severus's left arm started to ache and twist in pain the same way it had when he had been initiated. Severus dropped to his knees, Harry dropping to his beside him and wrapping his arms around Severus. Severus rolled up his sleeve to see what in Merlin's name was going on with his Dark Mark. What he saw almost made him pass out in surprise.

The Dark Mark was disappearing, completely. Had Arthur not seen it with his own eyes he wouldn't have believed it. Harry looked around, realized the office was empty and said, "Severus I'm going to go find the boys, Albus should have been in here doing something, we weren't gone that long."

Severus nodded, "Let me know when you find them, love."

Harry smiled, gave Severus a quick peck on the lips and left Albus's office as quickly as he could to find his sons. Albus was half way to the Great Hall when he ran into Albus, every Professor aside from Severus and both of his sons. Sighing in relief Harry smiled at the group, which promptly stopped and stared at him as if he'd grown a second head.

Harry grinned and said, "Headmaster, The Minister is in your office safely returned to us, Voldemort's dead and we think for good as Severus's Mark just faded. Aramis Snape was the Death Eater that lead brought us to Voldemort."

Albus blinked, looked at Harry and said, "But you've only been gone twenty minutes."

Harry smiled, "The joys of portkeys..."

Sirius raised an eyebrow and Harry continued, "I just came to get Bradley and Brenton."

Sirius and Remus handed Harry the two smiling and gurgling three month olds, and Harry turned back towards the Dungeons with the boys. Both were flapping their arms around. Harry mentally called out to Severus, 'I've got Bradley and Brenton, and the rest of the teaching staff is coming straight for you, just to warn you. We're going back to our rooms though.'

Severus mentally responded almost immediately, 'Alright, how are Bradley and Brenton?'

Harry snickered slightly before saying, 'Flapping their arms around and trying to beat me up. But they're both smiling and giggling. I don't think they even realized we were gone, Caro.'

Two hours later Severus managed to break free from all the questioning and get back to Harry, Bradley and Brenton. All three of which were out cold on the couch in front of the fire in their sitting room. Harry was holding Bradley and Brenton, who had one fist grabbing onto Harry's shirt and one hand clutching the hand of the other twin. Severus smiled, took a picture, and gently pried the boys off Harry.

After settling Bradley and Brenton into bed, Severus made his way back to Harry, and rather than move his husband, joined him on the couch. Harry wrapped an arm around Severus as if he felt the change. They both laid there sleeping, until the twins woke them up a while later reminding them both that though they had just managed to finish what could have been a long, hard war in what was possibly the simplest thing they'd ever done, they still had a war going on at home with the boys over sleep.

A week later the Wizarding World was in near hysterical circumstances, thrilled with the defeat of Voldemort, though no one wanted to admit that it was a former Death Eater that they owed their lives to. Harry and Albus ended up not having to vouch for Draco but for one time to say that he was indeed a spy for the light side the entire time he was a Death Eater. However on the day that the students came back to school, Bradley and Brenton were in the true essence of the word, being little brats.

Severus and Harry went into the Great Hall ten minutes before the students were to arrive, both sitting as close to the exit for the doors as possible in case one or both boys needed to leave during the feast. Soon after they finally got the boys settled down and occupied with their bottles, their Godfathers arrived, however upon the nasty glare they received from Harry, Remus and Sirius merely sat down and did nothing to provoke the three-month- old boys.

Harry smiled watching his friends come in, knowing that for two years his class wouldn't have to worry about insane teachers trying to kill them, or Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Once everyone was seated the first years were lead in by Minerva, and Harry vaguely wondered if bringing the boys to the opening feast had been a good idea or not. Albus stood to give his start of term notices before the sorting and the entire hall fell silent.

Albus smiled at the first years and said, "Only a week ago, we were still faced with the threat of a restored Lord Voldemort and his followers. Only a week ago, your very own Potions Master, Professor Snape, and the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, Harry Potter-Snape, delivered the final killing blow to Lord Voldemort together. Those of you here from last year will remember their binding and marriage ceremony was almost exactly a year ago. And the birth of their sons, Bradley and Brenton. We owe both of these Wizards a great debt that may never be repaid, but I ask that you repay it in your own way by leaving the couple alone. Both have been in the spot- light more than either has ever wanted; let's let them in peace this year."

Albus looked around the room before continuing, "Also, the Forbidden Forest is still Forbidden to all students. With that in mind, enjoy your year and watching the sorting. First Year Students, I'd like to be the first, well, the second or maybe the third in some cases to say. Welcome to Hogwarts, I hope you enjoy the years you will spend here learning along side the rest of the students."

Severus smiled, and put his hand on Harry's on top of the table. Harry turned his hand so that their hands would be holding one another and he intertwined their fingers. Half way into dinner the inevitable happened. Bradley and Brenton started screaming at the top of their lungs. Harry and Severus didn't even bother asking one another what to do, Harry turned to Remus, said their goodnights and they both stood and left with the boys.

Severus and Harry lived almost completely at Hogwarts from then on and only left during the summer to travel to one of their many Villas with their children. Regardless of how they would have fallen in love, Harry had never been more thankful for Mirrors and the idiots that build them then he was now. All he had to do was look at Severus, or one of their children to know that things in his life were truly just beginning to look good. And Harry knew that he wouldn't have changed a single moment along the way.


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