Title: Perceptions of Truth

Author: Christy

Rating: FR 18

Fandom/Theme: Highlander/Supernatural/Buffy

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters featured here. They belong to their respective creators and production companies.

Distribution: and TtH

Series: Alissa's Interests #9

Chapter: 4/5

Spoilers: During Season 6 of Supernatural

Summary: The Winchesters look for some help finding Eve

Author's Note: Sorry this chapter is so short, but the last one is gonna be a bit more involved...and not to worry, not trying to have this be Dean/Alissa centric...more going on that just the sex, but that's for the next chapter ;)

Sam woke up the next afternoon as Faith parked the Impala outside a nice house framed by palm trees. "Come on, sleepyhead; time to see the seer," Faith goaded with a chuckle.

Shaking his head and rubbing his face as he got out, Sam snagged the keys when she tossed them to him. He opened the trunk and pulled out one of the .45s and silver and regular bullet packs. Faith merely cocked a brow at him as he closed the trunk and headed towards the house.

After she knocked, Faith turned to him and warned "Let me do the talking- Caleb's the gun-shy type when it comes to people he doesn't know well."

The door opened and the diminutive redhead took one look at 6'4" Sam and shrieked in terror, trying to close the door, but Faith slapped her hand on it first. Caleb jumped and looked over at her as if he hadn't realized the Slayer had been there. Babbling, he pointed at Sam as Faith lead him back into the house and motioned for Sam to follow.

"L-Lucifer! H-he's the vessel for Lucifer!" he yelled and Faith laid a gentle hand on Caleb's shoulder to calm him and glared askance at Sam as he closed the door behind him.

"Yes, I was, but Lucifer is locked in a cage right now- I'm not taking him back and he can't possess me without my consent," the hunter explained, arms held wide. Breathing a sigh of relief, Caleb had them sit down before asking why they were here.

"Well, Moose over here and his brother are trying to find the Mother of All Evil- lots of signs point to her being back on the mortal plane," Faith explained.

Caleb glanced over at Sam, shaking his head. "Man, when you Winchesters go out, you boys go all out. Okay, here's what I saw- the dragons took one virgin and she became imbued with the essence of the Mother. They call her Eve, and all else I saw was you two and a couple others at a diner arguing with her. I can't see her face, but she'd bad- and ruthless. I've heard some rumors that she's mad at the King of Hell, whoever uthat/u is, over him torturing her babies."

Sam looked a little ill. "I've got an idea who that could be. So, we need to find this diner. Any other clues where it might be?"

Caleb took a sip of his drink before responding. "I'm guessing Midwest, since she can't hide her second generation vampires in big cities- the older, demonic vamps tear 'em to pieces every time. Other than that, I'd just say start looking for large demonic activity pockets- weirder than normal activity, I mean. That, and the extradimensional demons you Slayers deal with? They'll be steering WAY clear of wherever she is cuz she doesn't like them any better than the Hell King."

Everyone stood up and Faith went to shake Caleb's hand, but the moment she touched him, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he would have fallen to the floor if Sam hadn't been there to catch him. He looked over at Faith, concerned. She held onto Caleb's hand as he shook from the force of the vision for a moment before coming out of it.

Well used to Cordelia's post-vision run through, she quickly had aspirin, pen and pad ready before Caleb could voice the request.

Taking a sip of water, he glanced over at Faith and they helped him back to the couch. "He's trying to come back," he told her. "My twin doesn't like you guys any more than he used to." Seeing Faith's confusion, he gripped her hand firmly, as if to communicate the urgency of the vision through touch. "He's going after his twin and he's got a lot of help doing it. Ethan Rayne's not finished, either- he's in Virginia right now."

Faith stared at him. "He's still in jail," she started, but Caleb shook his head.

"Hasn't been for a while, but ask Alissa- she'll know more."

Thanking Caleb and making sure he was comfortable, the duo headed back out to the Impala. Sam sneaked glances at her while Faith wrote down what Caleb had told her before whipping out her cell and pressing a speed dial button. "Hey, Red. I need some help here. Caleb had a vision and was talking about his twin, but last time I checked, he's an only child," Faith said, explaining the vision before putting the phone on speaker mode.

"Well, Faith, my guess is that maybe he's not referring to a literal twin at first, but another Caleb. If that's the case, we've got bigger problems than just Eve. So Caleb has a twin- if we knew where he'd grown up, we might be able to find the priest's twin," a feminine voice uttered.

"Yeah, but the other guy could be ANYWHERE, Willow," Faith countered. "And you can't do your locator whatzit because that damn priest's body's buried fifty feet under the Sunnydale crater!"

Willow sighed. "Not only that, but we don't know if Caleb's twin is a guy or girl," she reminded the Slayer, who cursed vehemently.

"Not only that, but fucking Ethan's still breathing free air? What the fuck?"

"Giles told me after the incident at the DC House. We just didn't know he was somehow communicating with Caleb. I'll let everyone know, but for now, you guys try and get this Eve chick."

"Will do, Red. Thanks."

Dean had been up for half an hour, cleaning his gun, when he felt the bed move and turned around to see Alissa staring at him, the sheet up over her chest. "You don't need to stress so much, Dean. Take it from someone who's been around the block a couple times- sometimes you can't help who you love."

Dean whirled on her. "I do not love Cas!" he blurted out before realizing she hadn't mentioned anyone by name. Thankfully, she wasn't smirking, but that patient MOM look was about as bad.

"How did I know? Well, between your act of valor between the angel and myself at the hotel and the fact your thoughts kept bouncing back and forth between enjoying me and thinking that you hoped Cas was okay?"

"Wait- whose- how did you know what I was thinking?" Dean demanded angrily.

Alissa chuckled. "I told you- I'm a telepath," she reminded him as she sat up=.

Dean just glared at her. "Stay out of my fucking head!" he spat.

Now she smirked. "Listen here, cowboy, just because I can read minds doesn't mean I peek. That's like a guy who can see under clothing scanning through everyone."

Even through his anger, Dean saw the humor in the comment and raised a brow in her direction.

"Oh for Goddess sake!" she exclaimed, grabbing a robe and throwing it on.

"Hey, no need to dressed on umy/u account, Princess," he told her snidely, still smarting over what she'd pulled out of him.

"Get over yourself, cowboy," she shot back, marching around to his side of the bed to slap him before heading out, but he grabbed her wrist in a steely grip. Glaring at her through eyes gone cold, he set his gun off to the side and said "I don't care HOW good your intentions are for peeking around in my noggin, but it stops now! If I wanna deal with how things are with Cas, I will in my own time, but I'm not fucking in love with him."

Alissa smirked again and snorted before purring "Me thinks the little boy protests too much," and he stood up, wrist still in his hand and went to slam her up against the wall. She twisted her legs, and, rather than being against the wall, they ended up lengthwise across the bed, his hands around her wrists, but she was on top.

"I don't fall for the same trick twice, Winchester," she growled, pissed herself now, before he flipped her over and off the other side of the king bed, knocking the wind out of her.

"Neither do I!" he shouted, trying to hold her still by holding her down with his hips before realizing that might not be the best idea. His distraction was enough for Alissa to wrap a leg around his and use the leverage to wriggle out from under him, but he grabbed hold of her ankle before she could stand.

She glanced back at him in disbelief. "You're a real piece of work, Winchester. I think you need to let that aggression out before you get someone killed."