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"Ah..Okay.." Haruhi murmured, feeling his touch wander down to the elastic of her panties causing her breath to increase and her body to shake in anticipation. She found herself unable to move, unable to shy away. She clutched his bicep tighter inhaling slowly and holding it in, feeling his fingers slid under her panties.

Tamaki's fingers raked over her extremely sensitive clitoris lightly, moving in small circle, earning a half moan/half gasp from Haruhi. She was on fire. She had never experienced anything like this before, and it was so embarrassing, being touched like this, but she wouldn't say it didn't feel good. He body responded immediately, her nipples hardening and her womanhood becoming lubricated. Haruhi hadn't known her body could react in such a way. She looked up at Tamaki briefly taking in his expression before shyly laying her cheek against her shoulder and moaning.

In response to her cute display, Tamaki shifted on top of her and felt his now attentive member rub against her thigh as he got between them. He switched the finger on her clit to his thumb, and slid his middle finger into her core, easily, watching her face for any signs of protest. Instead, her small eyebrows pinched together and she and she whimpered, biting down on her bottom lip. She began to pant softly.

"Tamaki…" She whispered, watching the large grin broke out across his lips. He Propped himself on one elbow so that he could stroke her cheek with his free hand.

"You called my name." He spoke gently, intimately, crushing his lips to hers. "I'm so happy." He gushed, resulting in a few jolts of his fingers that caused Haruhi to gasp loudly.

"Ahh!" She twitched.

Tamaki rose his head in concern. "Did I hurt you, Haruhi?!"

"N—no! Just..That spot you just touched, it's really sensitive. .."

"What, here?" Tamaki stroked again.

"Oh!" Haruhi let out another high pitched squeal, chest heaving.

All of a sudden, Haruhi's body raged with pleasure. Oh, this feeling! She clutched Tamaki's upper arms, hyper-aware of her stiff nipples rubbing against his bare chest. She failed to think; her mind in a hormone and pleasure-induced haze. If this felt good, she could only imagine what she would feel when he entered her. That was the best part, right? She wasn't anxious, and she wasn't scared.

Tamaki blushed happily; he loved that he could make Haruhi feel this way, make her lose herself. With her making such a face, however, he didn't know if he could keep this up much longer. The way she was writhing had caused his erection to grow stronger, and it began to throb painfully. Groaning, he stimulated her for a few moments more and pulled his fingers out.

Haruhi felt a pang of emptiness as his hand left her, a feeling soon to be replaced with intense want as she watched him remove his jeans. She stared at his lower half shamelessly, eyeing his now prominent member poking through the thin fabric.

Realizing Haruhi's interest, Tamaki blushed madly. He watched her sit up and on her knees, causing her breasts to fall down into a perky state. All he could think about was how much he wanted to touch them again.

Haruhi stretched on small hand out and began tracing lines on the blonde's lower belly, and when they were finished, they wandered down curiously to the waist band on his gray boxers.

"I—uh… Wanna make you feel good too." She stated innocently and a little breathlessly, to which he gave a short nod, shivering when he felt her hand travel beneath the fabric and make contact with the eager skin. She stroked with clumsy inexperience, earning another groan from the princely fellow.

Haruhi watched as Tamaki's eyelids fluttered down and small noises escaped from his lips. So this is what one feels like. She mused, taking in the soft heat emanating from it. Though odd, it wasn't unpleasant. She leaned into her love, tucking her head in the crook of his neck. He responded by snaking his arms around her slim, naked waist. Haruhi heart thumped harder in her chest. It was exhilarating to be able to make Tamaki feel this way. She felt a tinge of power.

He hugged her tightly, trying not to topple over, feeling the effects of Haruhi's ministrations. He traced his fingers along her waist and up her back, forehead resting on her shoulder. He inhaled her delicious scent, slight, but beautiful, mixed with something fragrant that he didn't recognize, but immediately knew suited her perfectly. He never wanted to forget her smell. Finally, he just wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly to him

"Tamaki?" His heart soared. She'd said it again. He pulled back and cupped her tiny face between his own large hands, capturing her confused gaze.

"I love you Haruhi. And I…. I never want to let you go." He said tenderly. Haruhi's mind swam. Tamaki had only said that once, when he'd first confessed to her. Leaning into a kiss, she felt warm all over—oblivious to the rest of the world. If only they could stay like this, always.

"Can you show me?" She whispered against his soft lips. Blush sprang into his cheeks as he nodded and reached for his wallet on the nightstand, and Haruhi briefly wondered when he'd put it there. She decided it didn't really matter, but when he pulled out a condom, curiosity got the better of her. "When did you put that in there?" She wondered.

"When you first mentioned that you wanted this. Just in case you managed to force me down against my will—" Thonk! She gave him a playful bonk on the head.

"Jackass" She muttered, leaning back and slipping her panties off swiftly. Tamaki followed suit with his boxers, averting his eyes.

"You know Haruhi… This is your last chance…" He trailed off, readying himself. She grabbed the boy's face and made him look at her.

"I'm not scared."

"It's going to hurt.." She kissed him softly.

"I know."

"You'll never get it back.."

"I don't want it."

"..You're sure…?"

"Tamaki." She pinched his cheek a little. "I've made up my mind."

"Ok" He said, finally looking at her.

"Ok!" She laughed.

He pushed her down on the pillows, pulling the blanket around them both and positioned himself at her entrance. "If at any time it becomes too much, tell me and I'll stop." Their bodies were centimeters apart. "Ready?" He asked breathlessly.


Tamaki's hear pounded against his rib cage He could barely contain himself. It took all he had to go slow, so as not to hurt her. He slid in slowly, but easily, observing the obvious pain on his love's face. He laid down on her fully, covering her face in butterfly kisses. He squelched the intense feeling it gave him as her walls closed around him, giving her a chance to get used to the feeling.

"Haruhi—Oh my Haruhi, I'm sorry. I promise never to hurt you in this way ever again."

Haruhi resisted the urge to cry out. Yikes, it was painful. But she wouldn't chicken-out and ruin this. Despite the pain…She was so so very happy. She was sorry that Tamaki had to worry about her. How could just his finger feel so good, but when it came to the real thing, it hurt like hell? The pain began to dissipate and eventually subsided altogether. She tilted her head and kissed Tamaki's ear. "It's okay." She whispered.

Tamaki accepted the green light and began to move in and out painfully slow, savoring the sensation and kissing Haruhi's neck, busying his hands at her chest.

After a bit of time had passed, Haruhi began to feel little bursts of pleasure between thrusts. Tamaki groaned and she felt it all throughout her body. "Mmmphh!" She whined, throwing her arms around the boy's neck, clutching him closer with her thighs as well. Her body was flushed with heat, the friction of their bodies and the physical exertion causing beads of sweat to form on both of their respective bodies. Haruhi's mind was a mess. She wrapped her legs around Tamaki's slow-moving waist. More.

"F—Faster," Her mouth spoke clumsily. Tamaki took the request gratefully, pumping faster. Tamaki was in heaven. He'd never experienced such an intense, passionate feeling before. He held Haruhi firmly, but gently, loving her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly, nails scratching ruthlessly at his back. She moaned and whined in his ear, egging him on. He enjoyed thoroughly making her feel just as good as he felt just then. He noticed her becoming more frantic, making him think that she was close.

Haruhi panted. She had been met with a strange feeling; like she was at the peak of a mountain, waiting to base-jump from it. It was terribly suspenseful, as if she were waiting for a 70% sale to start at her favorite supermarket. She noticed that Tamaki held her tighter. Not that she was complaining. She leaned further into him, (if at all possible) loving the feeling of his hot flesh on hers. Moaning louder and louder, she felt herself launch from the edge of that mountain and she arched her back. "Ahhhhhh!" She cried out, climaxing hard.

Tamaki felt her get slick with new fluids and felt her contract around him, which brought him to his own climax. He groaned into her hair loudly.

They lay intertwined for a few minutes, completely exhausted. In a second, Tamaki rolled off of Haruhi and seized the condom, pulling it off and disposing of it in the little waste basket next to the bed. He slid back over to Haruhi, still coming down, and took her into his arms. In response, Haruhi snuggled into his chest.

"Are you okay?" He murmured, kissing her forehead

"Better than okay…" She replied, out breath.

"Fine? You're not hurt? You don't…regret it?" Tamaki said anxiously, earning an eye roll from Haruhi.

"Yes, no, and not one bit."

"Haruhi, look at me for a minute." Haruhi sighed and pushed away from him, sitting up, pulling the sheet around herself and gazing back at him.

Tamaki took in Haruhi carefully. Her big, amber doe eyes and long eyelashes peering at him shyly, her soft cheeks still tinged a dark pink, and her lips red and kiss-swollen. Her hair tousled around her slight shoulders, moonlight illuminating her pale skin… Tamaki didn't think she knew just how resistible she was. He only smiled at her, hardly believing that she was all his.

"What is it?" He sat up and pecked her on the nose, deepening her perma-blush.

"Nothing. You're so beautiful" She shook her head and leaned heavily on his chest, pushing them both back down.

"Shut up." She ordered, though Tamaki heard the smile in her voice.

He stroked her arm lazily with his nails, giving her goosebumps. His eyelids felt heavy. This was too perfect.

Haruhi sighed. This was too perfect. She hadn't been this happy since—well, she'd never been this kind of happy before. Her smile widened and she rose quickly, grimacing at the head rush she received. She dipped down and kissed Tamaki's cheek, then his lips. She pulled back a bit and flushed, surprised at her own forwardness. Tamaki's eyes widened a bit in shock and an easy smile played at his lips. He raised an eyebrow, tugging on her nose with his thumb and fore-finger playfully.

"Such a cute girlfriend I have." He said in English. Haruhi heard "cute" and "girlfriend", but he spoke to fast for her to understand his context. She pretty much caught his drift, pinching his cheek.

"Stop with this cute business." She grumbled, glaring a bit at him.

"You understood that?" He asked in awe.

"Well, I only heard "cute" and "girlfriend"."

"Progress none-the-less" He quipped. She reclaimed her position on his chest.

"I'm gonna fall asleep on you."

"That's fine." He chuckled, groggy himself.

"Shouldn't you get home..? I mean, your dog.."

"Oh, that's right! Antoinette's already here!" He exclaimed happily.

As if on cue, the golden lab jumped on the bed. "Was she here the whole time?!" She exclaimed in embarrassment.

"Of course not! My Antoinette is not an invader of privacy, you know."

"How did she even get in here?!" Haruhi cried as the dog made herself at home at the foot of her bed.

"I installed a door for her in all the doors to your apartment apart from the bathroom. She adores you, you know." Haruhi punched him square in the chest muttering an insult under her breath. There was just no stopping Tamaki when he wanted something. She closed her eyes and drifted, feeling a little sad that the night had ended. She held him a bit tighter, reluctant to go to sleep; wanting to savor the moment a few minutes more. "I love you." She whispered finally. No matter how hard she tried though, her exhaustion won out and she fell into a peaceful sleep, Tamaki following right after her.

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