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Part 1


The Planet Giidalan, Giidalan Science Institute, 2601

"The subject appears to be functioning well," a middle-aged man says aloud, sharp ears detecting the whir of the computer recording his dictation. "Aged three years as of today, the subject has responded well to the armor treatment – his healing abilities appear to have quickened the recovery time. End. Computer, notify Head Director Mah'hesen that today's testing is completed."

The man turns away from the flat screen of the computer, hands clasped loosely behind his back as his eyes rove over the young child in the next room. Through the separation glass, which served as a barrier between the child's room and the observation room that he and other scientists used, the man can see the child gazing solemnly at the thick, black tattoos etched into his skin.

It is disconcerting, he thinks warily, that a child of this age should express such lack of emotion. Even for our race, Giidas children smile – but not him.

Buried beneath years of mental walls built to keep his emotions in check, the man had vague conflicting emotions about his occupation. Ten years ago, he had been assigned to a special unit at the Science Institute, a new unit with the sole purpose of creating the perfect being, a bio-weapon that could think, the ultimate solider. After many trials and errors, one subject managed to survive – the one in the next room. The man's emotional conflict came from the fact that the subject surviving had no name, no family, and absolutely no free-will; he had a destiny and everything this child did was designed to accomplish that future.

The man's hands twitch when the door behind him slides open; he forces his body to relax. Logically, he has no reason to be tense – he is merely doing his job. The man turns, greets Head Director Mah'hesen with a stony expression.

Ed'vard Mah'hesen's eyes are riveted on the child, carefully examining the sharp lines of the tattoos he helped design. "The procedure?"

"Exemplary," the scientist replies tonelessly. "No complications noted."

"That is satisfactory," Ed'vard replies, taking another step closer to the observation window, unblinking as the child's head swivels in his direction, a blank stare meeting his own.

"The wounds from the procedure healed remarkably fast. His body did not reject the armor."

Ed'vard tilts his head to the side, dark eyes watching as the child turns away to look at the tattoos on his arms again. A very small part of Ed'vard was pleased; this child, the only success so far, shared his particular DNA. The decision to genetically father the subject was rather simple – he would not have lost anything had the subject not survived.

But the subject – the child – did survive. Ed'vard distantly wondered how much the subject would grow to resemble him and dismissed the thought just as quickly.

"His healing properties continue to grow," Ed'vard states, casting his eyes to the scientist who overlooked this experiment. "What of his strength?"

"The subject is very strong for his age," the scientist responds. "His intelligence is years ahead, as well."

A slight orange tinge flashes in Ed'vard's eyes. "Then he can begin physical training soon?"

The scientist shifts ever-so-slightly. "Indeed." He takes a deep breath. "Sir, should the subject not have a name?"

Ed'vard blinks. "I suppose he should. He has survived long enough," he says unnecessarily, stating a well-known fact. "His official name shall be my own, as he does share genetic material with me, however little."

"His official name, sir?"

Ed'vard looks back at the child. "Correct. That will be the name on his records. But we will call him Khai."

"Khai, sir?" A highly unusual name.

"Yes. He will be a warrior, a kai. It is only logically that his name should represent who he is."

The scientist pauses, a slight downward pull on his lips. "Indeed."

It was highly illogical, but the scientist had the notion that children should be named for better reasons. However, the subject was no mere child – he was extraordinary, highly advanced, perhaps advanced enough to not care about what he was called. Perhaps, the emotional modifications they had made to his DNA would protect the subject from the harsh realities of his life.

Ed'vard turns away from the observation window completely, his posture stiff. "It would be prudent to inform you that the Federation is requesting information on the subject – on Khai," he corrects, blinking twice. "As they have funded this experiment, I find it acceptable that they are updated on his progress. Please send the Federation all of Khai's information at your earliest convenience."

The scientist nods, turning to the com-unit to do just that; he stops short when he hears Ed'vard Mah'hesen's footsteps moving towards the door. "Sir?"


"Are you leaving for the day?"

Ed'vard nods. "My duties have been completed and it is late. I suggest you also go home. Is your mate not expecting a child soon?"

The other man keeps his expression blank, silently fighting against the roiling emotions threatening to burst from their dam. "Indeed, sir. Any day now. I will be sure to leave soon."

"Good day, then," Ed'vard says detachedly, leaving on the turn of his heel.

The scientist does not respond – his eyes are drawn back to the subject. Khai's eyes are large, perpetually calm, as he watches the door close behind Ed'vard; he looks back down at his tattoos and then towards the scientist. Khai moves, settling himself into the small bed in his room, blankets pulled up to his chin.

A tiny nod from the small child, as if saying 'good-night'.

The scientist feels a small frown forming on his face. Yes, Khai understood far too much.

"Good-night, Khai," the man tells the observational window. "May the Gods watch over you."

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