My very own little what if story. Please note I do not own Naruto. All respect to Mr Kishimoto for his amazing story.

Now then...what if, the night Kurama attacked Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage decided that he would be the one to seal away the 9 Tails. Kushina still passed away unfortunately, but how different will Naruto's life be with his father in it? Will Minato and Kakashi (who was taken in by Minato when his father perished) be enough to turn the boy into a great shinobi of Konoha? Or would the boy lose his drive to become Hokage since he no longer has to prove himself to the village,since they all know that he is a hero and son of the review...

Chapter 1 : Family Bonds

The night before seemed like a bad nightmare to the blonde haired jonin who woke up on the couch of his and Kushina's home. The man knew that it wasnt a dream at all,he had lost his wife as well as the third and half the only bright side he could see was that he would live to see his son grow up."thank you hiruzen,you were a great man,and kushina I will never forget you and always love you,thank you for your sacrifice to this village and its people" the man said to himself as he looked in the mirror. He had escaped the battle with only a small cut across his cheek that was already healing,but would probably scar nonetheless.

Minato quickly went upstairs to check on little Naruto. When he opened the door he was surprised to find Kakashi Hatake, His only surviving student ,sitting in the room holding the baby."what are you doing here so early?,its not like you to be the first one to get somewhere" Minato joked with his protege.

"you were pretty wore out so I figured you'd wanna sleep in a bit,cant let my little brother get lonely when he's only a day old" the silver haired boy laughed.

"by the way kakashi why are you still living all by yourself? Wouldn't you like to save your money instead of wasting it on an apartment you're hardly ever at?" Yondaime questioned his student.

"I'm not sure, I've never really thought of it, maybe I should" Kakashi replied, seriously thinking about it.

Minato knew that it would do the boy good to live here with him and Naruto. Kakashi didn't like to talk about it but his sensei could tell that the deaths of obito and rin weighed heavier on him than he let on.

"well you can think about it for as long as you need, the invitation will always stand little man" Minato said with a grin as he Teased the boy with the nickname that the young cyclops would always act like he hated but the namikaze knew better, he could always see a little hint of smile through the boys mask when he said it.

"you know I hate when you call me that sensei, I am jonin now remember?" Kakashi pleaded with his sensei, he knew the man would never stop calling him that, it was the first thing he ever called Kakashi and obito at their bell test, telling them he wouldn't even hear their names unless they passed.

"you've been little man since you were five, nothings changed, you didn't call Naruto your brother for nothing, whether you believe it or not ive always looked at you like a son, as did Kushina, i would really like you to consider moving in here" the blonde man pleaded.

"I've thought about it, and I accept" Kakashi replied in his usual calmness.

"well its decided then" The hokage smiled,he wished his wife could be here,but he was still happy to have his two and kakashi used the rest of the day to move kakashis things into the namikaze residence.

And thus our story you like the intro plz review for me and tell me fi you like where this stroy is just say naruto is gonna be pretty badass in this dont worry he wont be too overpowered or anything like he is the son of the hokage now and also has kakashi in his life (which i always wondered why kakashi didnt raise naruto?what a shitty way to help your sensei?sit back and watch as the village hated and tormented naruto) but anyways please working on the next couple chapters now.