Chapter 3:Ogon no Kage

(golden shadow)

"This would appear to be some solid Intel linking danzo to several heinous crimes" Minato said as he looked through the stack of papers Kakashi had brought him.

"yes Hokage Sama it would seem we finally have the evidence needed to put an end to that evil old man" Itachi stated

"What should we do sensei?" Kakashi asked

"don't worry I've got a plan, Itachi go and get me hiashi hyuuga , Your cousin Shisui, Shikaku Nara , And Asuma Sarutobi" the Hokage said to the young Uchiha and in instant the boy was gone.

"Kakashi I need you to gather Tenzo, Yugao and Hayate" He finished

"yes sir right away" Kakashi replied and then shun-shined away.

"You're going down today danzo, Hmm ill have to remember to ask jiraiya-sensei about this akatsuki group later" the blonde thought to himself.

About a half an hour passed before all the Shinobi he had requested arrived, with Kakashi arriving last as usual, along with Might guy.

"Sensei I figured we could use guy as well" Kakashi stated noting his sensei's confusion at the green jumpsuit's presence.

"I,ve called you all here because Kakashi brought me some very troubling information" Minato said as he set the papers down on the table " Not only is he behind many kidnapping and murder cases throughout these lands, but he also was attempting to target my son and the other jinchurikki in partnership with a mysterious group known as akatsuki" He finished

"So what are we to do Lord Hokage?" Shikaku questioned.

"It's simple, We set a trap and end his miserable life" Kakashi was the one who spoke this time

"I've got it all planned, Danzo is set to partake in a diplomatic mission to the land of whirlpool, and we will strike on the way so as not to involve the village" Minato stated as he laid a map.

"Now he is only supposed to be bringing two ANBU guards on this mission, but I think we all know that some of his root lackeys will be close behind, the plan is to take them out first,any questions?" The Hokage announced

"do we know how many we will be facing?"hiashi asked

"I actually want you , Tenzo and Itachi to figure that out for us, I need you to follow them in the morning and use you're byakugan while Itachi and Tenzo cover you" Minato laid out that phase of the plan.

"once we find out I would like to capture as many of them as possible Shikaku, and Yugao will focus on that. Kakashi, Guy and Asuma will serve as my backup as I confront the traitor" he finished

"Well planned Lord Hokage" Shikaku said

"Thank you,now all of you need to go home and rest,be ready at 0400 hours"Minato said as he watched his team shun-shin towards their homes.

"Just you wait Danzo, your time is coming" He thought as he used his signature Flying Thunder God technique to teleport to the kunai he kept in his home at all times.

"Naruto I'm home" Minato stated as he arrived

"Dad, how was work today, Can you make me ramen" Naruto asked as he came flying down the stairs towards his father.

"sure son but then its bed time, i have to go on a mission in the morning with uncle Kakashi: The blonde man said to his son.

"awe but dad I start the academy the day after,why do u gotta go on a mission now?" The boy pleaded, knowing his fathers missions usually lasted longer then a day.

"don't worry son, ill be back for dinner its a quick one" Minato replied

"OK dad u better be here to take me to the academy, i cant wait to show you my moves at the entrance exam, im gonna kick butt" Naruto said

"i am sure you will son, I'm sure you will" Minato said. The Hokage was very confident in his sons skills, After all he had been learning from the infamous Golden shadow of Konoha (his new nickname since settling in as Hokage),as well as Kakashi and various others. in truth the boy was probably already genin level shinobi.

So he made the boy his Ramen and then the two of them went to bed,minato preparing himself for the task to come.

At roughly 0330 hrs, all of the Hokage personal squad were assembled on top of the Hokage mountain.

"do you see them yet Hyuuga Sama?" Itachi asked

"Yes ive picked him up,hes got a sensor type with him as well as some guy with a very weird chakra signature but I haven't picked up their guests yet,lets get ready to move,but dont get too close" hiashi warned, And with that the three of them took off in the direction danzo and his men departed in.

"That idiot probably thinks he's going to be perfectly safe, he doesn't even know about Torune yet"Kakashi said to Minato

"yes but he is a very paranoid man,have you noticed the two he has watching us yet?" Minato asked

"I had sensed them but hadnt pinpointed their positions yet,ive got them now,want me to intercept?"kakashi answered

"Go for it" Minato gave the order and then the silver haired boy disappeared, and as if they knew he was coming for them the two root members retreated from their hiding spot and tried to escape, unfortunately Kakashi had dispatched of one quickly and the other was escaping fast, " shit I'll never catch him hes too fast" Kakashi thought to himself. as if by a miracle the man seemed to stop dead in his tracks.

"you should know that you cant outrun me" shisui stated before he ended the root operatives life.


"Shit he just stopped and turned around,what the hell is he doing?" Hiashi said as he noticed Danzo and his guards turn around.

"Hiashi come in,this is kakashi,did you find anything yet?" the cyclops asked

"Yes he just turned around and started heading back,what happened" The hyuuga clan head replied

"Shit return to Konoha now, i think this just became an all out battle" Minato said as he took of towards danzo's direction.

Minato came to a halt as he could see the silhouette of the elderly danzo and his henchmen traveling at full speed towards him and the village.

"I will not allow you to live another day Danzo" Minato warned as the men got close enough to hear him.

"you are foolish to think you can stop me" The old man said wit an evil grin " Especially all by yourself young foolish minato" he Finished , as soon as the words left his mouth nearly twenty masked anbu members surrounded them

"well iwondered if you'd fight or send your henchmen to die" Minato said and with that his reinforcements were still outnumbered but both danzo and minato knew that the old war hawk was outclassed by far. The old man went to make his escape, but minato caught it and moved to stop him. An enemy moved to block him but was killed by asuma's chakra knife, cut almost in half.

Finally Minato had caught up to the old man,ironically enough they were at the valley of the end...

"your evil existence ends here danzo,what do you have to say for yourself" Minato questioned.

"Nothing I cant say at your obituary child" he replied...

To Be Continued

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