So people have been wanting me to Pair Karkat/Nepeta together...I just have one problem...I not very good at writing her and I'm afraid it would turn out weird...I do not want anyone to be mad at me.. Sorry...I'll put dow the pairings that I can do. Karkat/Equius, Karkat/Gamzee, Karkat/Tavros, Karkat/Sollux, Karkat/Terezi.

Threeway love, Gamzee/Karkat/Sollux, Gamzee/Karkat/Tavros, Equius/Karkat/Tavros.

Sorry this isn't much of a chapter...

Karkat opened his room door, trudging in and slamming his door shut. Nepeta always had to bring his mood down with those names. He starched his head, well he supposed they were kinda cute...but he is Karkat. And Karkat can not find anything cute!

He sat down on his pile, making a small nest in the middle with his blankets and pillows. When he was down he let out a happy sigh.

Laying his head down he let out a comfortable happy purr, He blinked. "I really do purr like earth cat...shit.."

He tried to stop his purring but gave up and cuddled more in the blankets, the warmer he felt the louder the purring became. This, he thought, was the best idea he has ever had.

Without realizing he began rubbing his head into the pillows and curled up in a ball.

What he didn't know was that when he slammed his door it didn't shut all the way and there was crack where someone could see through. The troll on the other side of the door was having a hard time suppressing a smile.

Told ya wasn't much of anything. Well I put this up with the hope of having some fluff or sumfin next chapter. So let the mothercrackin voting began!