Chapter 31


I feel my whole body drop hard on the ground—I can't see or hear anything. Everything is so bright and loud—it's like the sun has reflected a huge glass. All I can see is the trees bursting into flames, the bushes, the branches, the vines; everything is in flames. I'm surprised I'm not in flames, but where are the rest? Over there is Katniss, lying on her back, like me—unable to get up or do anything. Over there is empty but fire. Over there will be here in a matter of seconds; in a matter of seconds, I might die. Katniss might die. Everyone might die.

So is this it? Katniss and I have destroyed the arena and now, there won't be a victor for the Quarter Quell? I close my eyes and continue to stay on my back, letting everything happen within a blink of an eye, but when I open my eyes again, I see a large object getting bigger and bigger. It's darkening everything, the whole arena, the whole clock. All I decide to do is shut my eyes again, and let everything happen. Hopefully, I won't be able to open them again; hopefully, in a matter of minutes, I'll be completely finished.

But my hopes are crushed when I open my eyes once again, and I'm no longer in the arena. I no longer see the trees, the greenery of the jungle, the vines, the lightning tree, the force field; I don't see Katniss lying a few yards away from me, but I do see Tori standing right by me.

"Tori," I say in full disbelief. "Tori, where am I? What happened?"

I can see the gray streaks in her black hair. Her small dark eyes stare right at me, and I can't help it but ask her once again, "What happened?"

"In case you're wondering," she starts, "You're alive. Right now, we're on a hovercraft."

A hovercraft?

I look around as I chew on my lower lip. Was this the huge object that was landing right on us? I thought maybe the object that I saw in the arena was another hovercraft to pick up my dead body. I thought I was dead, that I had been killed by the explosions. I thought the explosions killed everybody. But my thoughts were wrong. Obviously.

"Tris," she says, "You don't know why you're here, do you?"

I have absolutely no idea. Wait a minute, did I win the Games? Am I the victor of the 75th Hunger Games? Was I the last tribute standing? Is this what this is?

I shake my head and that's when Tori explains everything. It suddenly makes since, and again, my theory was wrong. I'm not the victor of the Quarter Quell. There wasn't a victor.

This was the plan all along. Beetee's plan to kill Enobaria and Tanya wasn't meant to kill them. It was meant to destroy the arena, but when Tanya and Enobaria cut the wire, the whole plan began to go downhill. Tanya and Enobaria didn't know about this plan; none of us did, except for Beetee, Finnick, Annie, and Johanna. That is one of the reasons why Annie didn't kill anyone, why everyone followed Beetee's plan so quickly without giving it a second thought. Tori goes on saying that the Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, has been behind all of this the whole time. As a matter of fact, he set up the plan. He's been against the Capitol this whole time—he knew about the arena being a clock, he knew which tributes were going to die. He knew everything.

When Tanya and Enobaria cut the wire, and the metal stool smashed into Katniss's head, Johanna didn't know what to do but cut open her forearm. I thought she was killing Katniss at first, that she had betrayed us, so I tried to kill her. But before she could take the tracker out of Katniss's forearm, she went after me. She quickly pinned me down on the ground—her knees pinning both of my elbows down, and she began cutting through my forearm, removing the tracker. She told me not to move and to stay in the exact same spot before she went on to Katniss and began doing the same. She fled the area before Tanya and Enobaria arrived; both of them thought we were dead already, so they kept going to try to find the rest. Beetee was near us the whole time but I couldn't move; I couldn't help him. I don't even think Katniss and he knew I was near them the whole time. Beetee tried to blow up the arena after the original plan had backfired but the force field almost killed him and he lied unconscious on the ground. Katniss tried helping him but that's when I realized that it was our job to do it now. She realized it too when she found me and walked over to me. That's when we destroyed it. The plan had backfired, but luckily, we were able to fix it.

"Where's Uriah? Where's Katniss? And the rest?" I ask.

"Uriah's fine; he's resting in the other room," she says, "Katniss is on another hovercraft; she's heading to District Thirteen."

I thought there wasn't a District 13—Tori said that the Capitol bombed it after a war called the Dark Days. And now, I finally realize it. The Dark Days were the reason why the factions were formed; the Games were formed, the districts. Everyone in Panem was at war, uprising against the Capitol but when the Capitol defeated the country, they formed thirteen districts and bombed District 13. They also formed the five factions in our section, because they wanted to see how the whole society functioned. If it weren't for people like me, the Divergent, the whole country of Panem would've been brainwashed further in the future. There wouldn't be any Games—the Games are a reminder for the citizens, that because they rebelled against them, every year a male and female are reaped to show that the Capitol is stronger than the rest of them, the rest of us. This year's Quarter Quell was another reminder—not just for the citizens of Panem, and the victors of the previous Hunger Games—but a reminder to us, the five factions.

Like the citizens of Panem, the Divergent and the rest have rebelled against the government. Because our society is supposed to be perfect, and it has been falling apart because of people like me, we were reaped this year. It's a reminder that if we rebel, like the districts, we are to be forced in the Games. Also, since our society isn't functioning like the Capitol hoped it would, there will still be more Hunger Games in the future. Panem will not be brainwashed—but then again, if it was, that wouldn't be good either. Either way, we're all controlled. And pretty soon, in the near future, our factions will seize to exist, and we will have to be part of Panem. We might become another district, perhaps 14 or another 13. I don't know. However, there can still be Divergent all among us—we can't be controlled.

"Where are the rest?" I ask.

"Well in this hovercraft," Tori says, "It's you, Uriah, and Finnick."

Just us three in this hovercraft.

"What about in the hovercraft that Katniss is in?" I ask.

"In that one, it's Katniss, Beetee, and Johanna," she says.

That leaves me with another question: what about Peeta, Annie, Tanya, and Enobaria?

"Tori," I say; are they dead? "Where are the rest?"

"The Capitol picked up Peeta, Annie, Enobaria, and Tanya."

I bite my lip after she explains. We were all supposed to be rescued by one hovercraft, but after a hovercraft from the Capitol began picking others up, we had to use two hovercrafts in order to rescue us faster. But we didn't succeed, obviously.

"Just get some rest," she moves a part of my hair back, "These Games were different than the others. Just get some rest."

As she leaves, I look at the dim light hitting the room. The hovercraft that we took to the arena, it was different than this one. This one is slightly smaller, but it's designed differently; or maybe I've just gone insane.

I slowly get up and move to the next to room—I don't know who's room it is but I hope it's Uriah's. I need to talk to him and make sure he's alright. Maybe he's in a complete state of shock and can't speak… I just need to make sure he's okay, that he's completely fine. I slowly open the door and realize that I have picked the wrong room. It's Finnick and I'm not sure if I'm picturing my view right, but he's not wearing his jumpsuit, or a shirt, or pants.

"Um…" I slowly get in and shut the door, "Hi, Finnick."

He gives me a seductive smile, and I'm not sure if I should smile back or laugh. He doesn't look hurt or anything.

"How are you?" he asks.

"I guess I'm fine," I say, "You know where the rest are at, right?"

He shrugs his shoulders.

I can't stop looking at him—I haven't seen him this revealing and for some reason, I can't look away. I want to, but I just can't.

"What are you looking at?" he smiles, "Why does this distract you?"

I shake my head. He doesn't know that Annie has been picked up by the Capitol. He still thinks that all of us are in this hovercraft. Should I break the news to him? I know that I should tell him, but he seems blissed that we were able to get through the plan. He seems overjoyed that we're all alive, and I don't want to be the one to break it to him. I know I should but I just can't and will not.

I'm just not sure if it's a good or a bad decision.

"Just get some rest," I repeat Tori's words to him and smile a little. "You worked hard to protect us and you deserve some sleep. Just get some rest."

"Ha," he says as I'm about to leave the room, "You wouldn't be saying that if this wasn't distracting. Ha, you're dirty, Tris."

He laughs and I can't help it but laugh as well.

"Whatever, Finnick," I take another look at him, "Just go to sleep."

Before he can say anything else, I shut the door and head to the next room. If Uriah isn't in this room, I'm probably just going to lose it. I take in a deep breath before I open the door, and see Uriah lying on the small bed.

"Uriah," I smile, "You're all right."

"You're all right too," he smiles as well. "Come here."

He holds his arms out and I don't hesitate but quickly rush over and let him pull me in for a hug. His arms squeeze me so hard that I can feel his heartbeat—it's beating fast. I can feel the sweat on his neck against the side of my head, but I don't care. All I care about is that he's fine, that he's alive.

"I'm glad you're okay," he says.

"I'm glad you're okay too," I say as we both release each other.

He has small cuts all over his face. He's sweaty and his lower lip is a little swollen.

"I want you to have this," he says before he pulls out a shiny small knife. "Here, it's yours."

I gently grab it and examine it a little. It looks brand new—it's like nobody has used it. Perhaps he got it from the Cornucopia before the arena exploded. Perhaps he found it or something; I don't know. But I grin a little and thank him for it.

I've never felt like this about him—it's not like that, but I trust him once again. I didn't trust him the whole time in the arena, I mean, when he found me and dragged me to another section of the jungle, I thought he was going to kill me or something. But I know that I can trust him now; I know that I can trust my best friend once again.

"I love you," I quietly tell him.

He smiles a little and looks down before he finishes it saying, "I love you, too."

We don't say anything after that but just as I'm about to leave, he leans in and I feel his lips kiss my cheek. They're chapped and cracked but I still like the feeling of them. They somehow feel smooth to me. We look at each other for a moment and that's when I touch his hand one last time before I leave the room. I never thought that anything like that would ever happen between the two of us. I never thought that I would actually tell Uriah that I love him. But I honestly do; however, not like that. I just love and care for him—the kind that I can trust him and I'll do anything to protect him. I'll even sacrifice myself for him. I know I can do that because if he can do that for me, I can do exactly the same.

My hands feel cold all of the sudden when I walk back into my room. They were warm and everything when I was with Uriah, but they're freezing now. I push my hair back and make my way for the bed again. I don't lie down but stay seated—I don't feel tired all of the sudden. I'm not sleepy and I don't feel weak. But I don't feel too strong either.

The feeling of just getting out of the Games just feels relieving, but strange at the same time. It's a good and bad thing; I just don't care though. At least we made it out alive. I mean, even Annie made it out alive—her luck is just not strong enough as she was picked up by the Capitol. Why did they pick them up anyway? Are they going to kill them because the Games didn't succeed? Are they going to hurt them?

I bite my lip to keep myself distracted from all the thoughts I'm thinking. But I bite my lip too hard when the door opens and I see someone familiar walking in. I see his dark eyes, his lower lip bigger than his top. I see him; he's here. The guy with four fears is here. The guy who I thought was going in the Games with me is here. But how'd he get here?

"Tobias!" I shout and quickly get up for him to wrap me in his arms. "How did you get here?"

"That doesn't matter," he says, "What matters is that I'm here with you."

I blink repeatedly to keep my tears away but I can't help it. He's here. He's really here and I know it's not just a simulation.

"I thought I was never going to see you again," I say as he sits me down on the bed.

He doesn't say anything, but instead, he pulls me towards him again and this time, he kisses me on the mouth. I haven't felt his soft lips in a while—I almost forgot how they felt and tasted.

"Oh Tris," he quietly says against my ear. "I can't believe I'm finally seeing you again."

I sit on the bed again but he stays standing. He folds his arms across his chest and that's when I know that something isn't right. His expression suddenly changes.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

He shakes his head. "I don't know."

Something's up—he wouldn't be acting like this if it was nothing. It's like he's trying to tell me something but doesn't want to, or the opposite. I don't know.

"Something's wrong," I tell him, "What is it?"

He shakes his head again.

"Have you seen Christina?" I ask.

"She's fine," he says in a low tone.

"What about Peter?"

"He's fine as well."

Then if everything is fine, what's wrong with him? I stare at him, waiting for an answer. But it takes him a while and I start to get impatient. I need to know. Did President Snow takeover the factions? Did he decide to combine them and create a whole new district? What is it?

"Tris," he finally says. He sighs.

Before he can say anything, I close my eyes once again and try to picture everything. I try to remember everything, everything that has gotten me to here. It's everything. He finally begins and I look down. I never expected this or even thought about it. Maybe my latest dream makes sense; maybe that dream was a sign or a hint. Something. I just wasn't thinking straight and still am not. That one person he's talking about isn't dead. That one person didn't die. I hallucinated or something, I don't know, but all I want to do now is bury my face into my hands and scream. I want to shriek so loud until my voice gives out. Maybe if I do scream loud, this hovercraft won't be able to take it and it'll crash into something. This is all wrong; this doesn't make any sense. This means that, that person is still among us. That person will probably kill us if President Snow doesn't. That person is exactly who I saw getting stabbed in the stomach by Tori. That person is…

Jeanine Matthews.


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