I found this on some random folder on my laptop its like almost two months ago when i wrote this and completely forgotten i just had the urge to post it here,sorry about the grammar though but i hope you will like it and review of what you think. thanks!

The bright sun showed lively in the clouds as the man dressed in white looked up. A smile forming into his lips as he strode Ikebukuro bringing a plastic bag. Shinra Kishitani the man dressed in a white lab coat was done from the grocery, bringing everything that was in the list.
"ahh.. Celty is sure so precise in listing everything" he giggled as he walked the familiar alley, he was really happy since Celty proposed to cook for him today and with all the excitement he volunteered to go to the grocery. Sure Celty's cooking is the most delicious dish in the world, who knows if she put all her love in all the spices she made…ahhh that would be great I could and would taste the love dish that Celty prepared fo- his thoughts stopped as well as his feet as he stood frozen on his spot. What he saw was a vending machine flying through the air, not much of a surprise to everyone, especially to Shinra.
"my..my.." he made a face as he knew what is coming next to that flying object, soon enough the declaration of war is being announced.


Shinra took another sigh as he continued to walk. "fighting again eh? This never changed since in Riajin time." He only smiled as he thought about what these two creatures did to the school, uncertain events happened.hmmm… Raijin changed its school name to Raira after we graduate.. the school had bad reputation since this duo came mostly it was izaya's fault, like that bloody white valentines incident. Oh also the routine of the school where gasoline drums rolled every morning in the third floor corridor. Ahahaha… how fun that was. Everyone freaked out on the first day it happened. The underground doctor continued to walk.

"Though I like this two to be in good terms I mean they are destroying half of the city, not to mention the loud crashing is near …wait near?" With that Shinra turn his attention at his right where a small alley is, and with just a matter of seconds a man in trimmed fur jacket turned and climbed up into a fence landing safely.

with the usual smirk in his face Izaya Orihara looked at Shinra as he ran towards the brunette.

"Alas! Shinra didn't expect to see you here~ but I can't chat with you im reeaally occupied today, Shizu-chan's face getting more and more scarier AHAHAHAHA!" .

As the blond bartender climbed the fence, the raven informant tapped the underground doctor's shoulder as he made his way.
running away the raven smiled until he heard a something.
Izaya stopped in his track as he saw Shinra's body down the ground and a trash bin beside him. The blond bartender suddenly rushed to his friend and kneeled down.

"Sorry Shinra, i didn't mean that, you were on the way and you should have avoided it." Shizuo shook the body before him.

"ara, you missed me and hit shinra square in the face. Tsk! Now look at poor Shinra.." izaya said as he went back to inspect the doctor's state.

"shut up flea! It was your fault for not staying still!" Shizuo stood up and looked at the informant with a glare.

"ohh yeah? Alas If I stay still I would be dead, and I don't intend to die, my beloved humans will miss me, and it's a defence mechanism to avoid it.. jeezz just how many fatal blows did your head got to damage your single celled called brain. Shizu-chan?" he smirked and shrugged as he explain in a 'you're so stupid did you know that?' way.

"YOU LITTLE!" Shizuo gritted his teeth and clenched his fist hard.

"I little what? Heh? Can't even finish a single sentence?"


"mou~ I don't have time to listen to your lame insults"
As the argument continued they forgot about their lying friend on the ground, much to Shinra's disappointment the duo had totally forgotten him. Getting up slowly Shinra clenched his fist as he looked down. I had enough of this!

"AHAHAHA! Are you really stupid? Or just a plain idiot?" Izaya laughed as he skipped around.

"SHUT UP! I really hate you with every fiber of my body!"

"ahh the feelings are mutual don't worry beca—"



the duo stopped in action, Shizuo clenching the infromant's collar as the other pointed his flick blade on the bartender's throat. Shinra slowly stood up clutching his arm, looking at them or to be specific glaring at them.
they both stared in awe Shinra never glared at anyone.

"oh Shinra.."

"ahahaha! That's all you can say izaya? So if ive been shot and I was with the both of you I guess im dead. No one even took care of my situation."

"well you look fine when you collapse." The bartender replied.

"it's just a trash bin, if it's a vending machine I would reconsider" the informant smiled.

that's it this two is hopeless!Shinra smiled at them instead and looked at them. "well what a great friends I had! Im the one patching them up every time without any hesitation and charges, hurrying to wherever they are in whatever way I will help if I could, and just how great is that. When I was the one in help they just checked if I still breathe and then leave me unattended the worst is they continued to fight ignoring me, so what if I was dying? I guess none will help after all…. It's sad. " he smiled and walked past them.
the two buried their stare in Shinra guilt started to bubble in their stomach.

"it's your fault" the blond started.

"eh! How come when you are the one who hit him!"

"it was because you skipped damnit!"

"tch! Fighting now is useless, Shinra is upset to us now…." The informant sighed.

"yeah.. "

"now who will fix me when I need to patch up for free" the raven shrugged, a vein popped into Shizuo's forehead as he heard that.

Izaya smirked, and a smirk that Shizuo doesn't like. "hmm…'OUR' friend Shizu-chan?"
"tch!" with that the blond stormed off the other direction as he pulled out his cigarette and lit it. Inhaling the fresh nicotine as a usual hobby.

the informant looked over to where Shinra headed, seriously he was a bit worried not because no one will patch him free, but because Shinra never blurt out something like that. He had never seen Shinra so angry to the point of glaring at them, yes the doctor is weird and idiot keeps in blabbering nonsense but still Izaya considered him in his friends status, at least Shinra played a big role in his life, now he is kind of trying to make it up to the underground doctor.

-next day at a certain park

yesterday's events are so much of a pain, Shizuo sat in a park bench trying to relax, he tried to call Shinra but he never picked it up, the brunette was clearly upset. With a sigh he was about to light another cigarette when a PDA was shoved into his face , Shizuo read the contents of it.
[Shizuo are you ok?]

Shizuo looked up to the dullahan headless rider as she took the vacant spot beside Shizuo and sat down.

"well not very fine, Shinra is still upset right?"

[well how should I put it, I guess he is .. he kept on rambling yesterday about friendships and such I never saw him that upset]

Shizuo sighed and looked straight ahead as he remembered what happened yesterday.

"it was that flea's fault in the first place..tch!"

[you know I think you should apologize to Shinra] Celty cocked her helmet as if trying to remember something. Tapping the PDA she showed it to the bartender. [or at least both of you]. the bartender puffed his cigarette and looked at the headless rider who in return just shrugged.
[just apologize..] she typed and cocked his helmet on the side. The blond just sighed and leaned on the park bench enjoying his cigarette at the same time worried on what was going on the underground doctor's head.
[I better leave Shizuo…. Goodbye] she shoved her PDA back to her sleeve in swift motion as she rode her motorcycle.
Shizuo for a moment thought that he maybe apologize personally since it was his fault, no! it was the damned flea's fault, sighing again he stood up and started walking towards the underground doctors place. His thoughts were deep as if memorizing what he would he say to him standing on the door he knocked and when huffed before he sensed another presence beside him.


"ah.. hi shizu-chan" izaya said as he stood beside him and smiled, it's the closest range he had been to Shizuo with him being beaten into pulp, Shizuo gritted his teeth and was ready to knock the life out of the flea when the door was being opened by celty. Shizuo sighed and went inside the apartment followed by the raven who just smirked and looked around.

"ne, Celty where is Shinra?"

[are you both going to apologize to him?]

Shizuo nodded and looked around but the raven didn't say anything though Celty could tell Izaya wanted to apologize as well, maybe if she had her head se would be smiling now. [he was on his lab].
the informant nodded before making his way towards the said laboratory, god knows what the doctor was up to now.

"Shinra?" Izaya called out as he entered the lab looking around suspiciously, meanwhile Shizuo shivered he didn't like laboratory just thinking shinra experimenting here with his blood is just too nauseas.

"Shizuo? Izaya?" Shinra peeked through his mask as he placed a red liquid on a test tube. "what are you doing here?"

"well I just wanted to apologize" Shizuo said as he looked at the underground doctor who smiled at the.

"well me, I wanted to apologize too even if it was Shizu-chan's fault" he pouted as he shrugged, shizuo looked at the informant with a scowl.

"it was YOUR fault!" Shizuo hissed.

"me? you are the one who threw the machine not ME its YOU" izaya smirked.
SHinra sighed and rubbed his head, well he really can't do anything to these two? But of course Shinra had already forgiven them, he knew how hard for the both of them to apologize. Shizuo is a kind of person who would apologoze if he knew he was wrong and Izaya would only apologize to a worthy person. As Shinra thought about them he didn't notice that the two had already been arguing until Izaya made shizuo snap.

"its your fault for being a monster that you hurt everyone around you! Its your fault! Its always been Shizu-chan!" izaya smirked as he saw the look of hurt in shizuo before the monster growled and grabbed the nearest thing which is the table, making all the chemicals and glass tubes scatter around the place, izaya dodged the flying table as he ran.

"no! no!" shinra yelled and tried to grab the earlier experiment he was doing, that red liquid on the bottle but before he could grab it shizuo caught izaya and tackled him on the floor. Shinra ran as fast as he could and saved the bottle gripping it in his hand before his footing slipped and the bottle fell on Shizuo's head. Broken pieces of the this glass scattered as its liquid flowed down the blond's hair and forehead, the red substance dripped from his hair to izaya's face as he looked at Shizuo who was hovering him. The raven winced as the red liquid kept on dropping on his face and before the raven could react how gross it was he already lost his consciousness as well as the blond who pass out above him. Shinra is panicking he really is panicking, pacing back and forth as he looked at the two people who was lying unconscious on his laboratory. "nooo im gonna be killed!"

Shizuo slowly opened his eyes and groaned, that was a fucking terrible headache he had rubbing his eyes he stared at his hands, for a moment he paused and stared at it curiously, his hands was small and so smooth? It looks feminine the nails were also properly trimmed and .. and a damn nail polish! Raising his arm he finally noticed the fur on the jacket. This are the flea's jacket! Looking around he saw himself on the other bed and shrugged looking back at his hands. Wait! That's! looking back at the bed, it was indeed him but how?
"what the fuck? Huh.. i.. I sounded like someone I know..shit! oh no.. no" bringing his hand he slowly touched his face and felt the small and smooth skin again, he had an idea now but he don't want to admit it. Looking to the wall he saw and mirror and he saw izaya's face starring at back at him


Shinra came running towards the room and looked at Shizuo "Izaya are you alright?" Shizuo clenched his fist the damn doctor called him izaya. "what the fuck is this Shinra! Why am I in the fleas fucking body!"

"shi…shizuo?" Shinra dragged Shizuo out the room into the living room where celty was rubbing her helmet.

"what he hellappened explain to me now" Shizuo crossed his arms as he plopped himself in the couch and glared at the underground doctor. Shinra shivered
seeing Izaya glaring at him is scary but of course he was aware shizuo is doing it.

"it was my new experiment, it was made with some of Celty's magical powers and some spells that she cast so I was very careful about it, ive been trying it to some animals and the success was only 50/50 at some time today it was a huge success.."

"it means.. on my body the… the flea is now in my body?" Shizuo asked with a mortified look in his now new face. Shinra nodded and shizuo sighed rubbing his temples and sighed again."please make the antidote as soon as you can"

"I will don't worry, im glad izaya is still passed out"


"if izaya found out about this im sure he will go hysterical and throwing fits .. well you know how he always react right? Just like a-"


the trio in the room looked instantly at the room, now Izaya is awake and he is the hardest person to deal with in this cases.