Grand exchange

Chapter 11

Pain. That was Shizuo felt as soon as he opened his eyes and looked around him, feeling the soft mattress he figured he was on his bed, -Izaya's bed- groaning he rubbed his temples and sat up. Damn his head hurts like hell! What the fuck happened again? He closed his eyes as he recalled what happened, oh right izaya nearly killed him.

"oh you are awake I see"
blinking Shizuo looked to the doorway where Shinra was standing, carrying some pills and water as he strode and handed Shizuo the pills. "it would help to ease the pain on your head, im sorry Shizuo"

"no its fine" he said as he took the water and sighed in relief as he looked at the sheets. Its been a long, long time since he felt such incredible pain.

"shizuo, don't worry im trying my best to make the antidote, maybe next week I could complete the formula and some testing then it would be ready, you need to bear with it for a moment."
Shizuo nodded and placed the glass back in the table.

"its fine Shinra, like you said its our fault I just realized that..hey, what's wrong with the flea?"

"it seems to me that Izaya being in your body and stressing about his own body and other things that concerns him is driving him kinda off charts. And with Shizuo-kun's temper problems he probably burst out like that and.."


"err.. that's is all"
Shizuo glared accusingly at Shinra, wanting nothing more but to answer his question, and Shinra rubbed his cheeks and looked around. "Izaya called me last night, it seems you going to his house made him loose it all"

"hey, speaking about that, do you know why his parents is like that?" Shizuo asked and Shinra looked down trying to avoid the stare Shizuo.

"I guess im not the position to tell you anything Shizuo there are things that im not meant to tell without Izaya's permission, ask Izaya himself and you will know about it-"

"know about what?"

They both froze as izaya walked inside the room and looked down at his body, frowning he bent over and lifted shizuo's chin inspecting the red mark around his neck, he couldn't believe he harmed his own body, he really did lose it and channelled his anger and vented his frustration and stress at Shizuo. Shizuo winced a bit as he looked at himself frowned and he swatted the hand away.

"don't frown like that, its your fault anyway" Shizuo muttered as he swing his legs on the bed and wore his shoes.

"my fault? Half of it yeah" he kneeled and lifted Shizuo's chin again as he stared at the mark. "sorry.."
Shizuo blinked, did he just heard right? The flea said sorry? He blinked again and finally found his voice.

"you said sorry?"

"yeah I did" he smiled a bit and traced his fingers on the red mark, Shizuo froze and stared at himself, though it was creeping him out but he couldn't feel a bit of heat rising on his cheeks.
"fine, apology accepted"

"huh? im not apologizing to you"


"im apologizing to my body, so sorry for hurting you my precious and one and only body" he pouted a bit and stroked the raven hair that was blocking the crimson orbs. "this monster really had temper tantrums I can't believe I fell for it and look what ive done to you.." Izaya;s voice faded in Shizuo's ears as he concentrated on his own thoughts. The fucking narcissist stupid flea! He isn't even sorry for me! and I almost fell for that words! He curled his fist in a tight ball as he glared at the other male.

"you… fucking… not sorry AT ALL!" grabbing the nearest thing which was the lamp shade he throw it straight at Izaya who dodged it seconds before it hit him. "you stupid LOUUUSEE!" Shizuo stood up and looked around before grabbing the alarm clock and throw it at Izaya who scrambled out of the bedroom, Shizuo following after him carrying the pot of fern on his way down and throw it again.

"don't throw my things Shizu-chan!"

"who cares!" Shizuo growled and grabbed the vase near the television set..

"wahh! No that vase is expensive I bought that on the underground auction! its cost more your life you protozoan!" Izaya hissed as he stomped his feet on the carpet eyeing the vase in Shizuo's hands who was smirking coyly at him.

"is that so.. well.."


"I slipped" Shizuo grinned as he looked at the broken vase on his feet, and then glanced at Izaya's wide eyes and Shizuo kind of regretted breaking the vase just a bit, looking at his face contorting in anger before flinging the couch and growled.

"that's it Shizu-chan you did it!"
suddenly out of instinct Shizuo ran outside the apartment and into the stairs as Izaya followed him running after him as they ran through Ikebukuro and stopped on a certain alley.

"wait! Wait flea wait!" Shizuo raised both his hands as he panted and stopped resting his hand on the wall as he catches his breath, God it was different, he can't match the flea's body in this. On his body he was putting all his strength on running and picking things up and he did the same to izaya's body but he got tired easily.

"haa.. this.. fuck.. I can't breathe" he mumbled and crouched down, he was still panting and sweating.

"aww.. done already? My body isn't that weak, if you just know how to use it properly" izaya chimed "just like this! Look Shizu-chan!" Shizuo glanced and saw Izaya gladly ripping the sign post and bended it before smiling. "well then, lets continue?" the smile was enough for Shizuo to stand and started to run again. The chase started again after four weeks of its absence, Ikebukuro was convinced that the duo is back in their game.

"uwah! That was fun! Chasing Shizu-chan and to run and throw heavy things like that!" izaya jumped up and down looking ridiculous as ever since it was Shizuo's body.

"oi.. flea stop doing that!" Shizuo was still clutching at his chest and he was thankful that those stupid migraines didn't came, he gasped as izaya carried him princess style and placed him in the bench, they are currently on the park now.

"what are y-"

"stay here" he said and ran away. Shizuo sighed as he leaned on the bench to catch his breathing, well now that worked all his muscles and damn! It was trouble being chased, thinking carefully where to run and to avoid those flying object as well, minding every turn in the alley and straining your neck to look back. Okay now he understood a bit how the flea was feeling but Izaya seemed enjoying chasing flinging all the object he could get but still with a lack of practice his throw are practically five feet away from his target but nonetheless it was fun. A small smile curled on his lips and he blinked as he saw an ice cream shoved in his front.

"there, a small treat from me ne? im sure you missed sweets. " Izaya said as he handed the chocolate flavoured ice cream and sat beside shizuo, "uwah, that was really fun Shizu-chan! And I badly needed that, my stress had been relieved" he smirked and started to lick at the mint flavoured ice cream. "we should do this again when we get back to our body ne?"
Shizuo glanced at izaya and paused for a moment. Back? Back to their chases and hateful words? Somehow it made shizuo feel uneasy, why? Well he wanted to start again with the flea, to be more of a friend than enemies.

"the chase?"

"of course! we will be back to our usual game when this is over right? As if nothing happened?" izaya tilted his head waiting for an answer. Shizuo looked at the ground still having second thoughts but what do he expect? Of course it will be back to normal.

"yeah, sure whatever" he murmured and then looked at the ground before glancing at the other male. "hey, Izaya… since Shinra would finish the antidote soon why not.."

"why not what?"

"why not we became friends temporarily, y'know until shinra is done then we can go back to hating each other"
izaya blinked and stared at Shizuo and cupped his hand on his mouth as he bite back a laugh and giggled before looking away which made Shizuo twitch his brows in irritation as he rolled his eyes, he knew this would happen why did he even ask.

"nevermind! Forget I said that!"

"no! no.. ahaha.. well that was weird but anyway I might considered that" he hummed as he continued to eat his snack and started to walk, Shizuo followed after him looking up and frowned.

" Why do you have to be so short, im straining my neck always looking up at you"

"well excuse me for being short! You don't have to rub it on my face!" Izaya growled and crossed his arms.

"should yo be more kind to me now? Since it is our quote and quote "friendship week" ne?"


"don't whatever me! its your idea!" he growled and continued to walk.

Well he wondered how long this friendship thing will go..

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