The Grand Exchange

Chapter 3

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-At a apartment in Shinjuku

Shizuo growled under his breath as he felt a vibration on his jeans pocket, this is the most comfortable sleep that the monster had, the mattress itself was so soft that he felt it was eating him, swallowing him into the warmth of the blanket. The vibration is so bothersome and he felt his body shivered at the vibration on his leg since it was getting uncomfortable already. Groaning Shizuo sat up and rubbed his sleepy eyes and took out the annoying phone that he wanted to crush, who would be calling him at this hour. Looking through the clock it was 4:25 godamnit! 4:25? Seriously what the hell! Then Shizuo recalled the sad truth he was at the flea's body and the said flea was an informant who receives client calls every day no matter what the time is, Suddenly Shizuo panicked. What if it was a client what would he say? What would he do? , that thought alone made the bartender stiff, but then again maybe this is a good way to get revenge at the damn flea, screw all his client so that he could go to bankruptcy. Yep that's a good idea. Flipping the phone open Shizuo glanced at the screen before reading the name displayed.

"Baka Shizu-chan" he read out loud, then that means the flea was calling him at this hour! And his name,… his name!

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT AT THIS HOUR!" he yelled out loud as he glared at the phone he had, if he had his strength the phone might be on pieces now.

"Ouch! Don't yell at me, that's rude and it's weird hearing my voice through phone"

"Just.. just what do you want!?" shizuo ran his hand on his now raven locks and blinks as he ran his hand again and again, it was too soft like a girl's hair.

"Hey are you even listening! Jeez.." the bartender heard a sigh from the other line. "yeah what is it again?"

"I said, lets meet today, there some things I want to discuss now that we both think straight, I'll text you where and what time "

"And why would I do that?"

"Alas! You are in my body now can you at least adopt my ability to think? Of course you have to! So that we can discuss what should we do and not do to this body! If you don't want to then fine, im going to walk in Ikebukuro wearing a sailor clad high school uniform and I'll post your nude pictures on the internet!" izaya was practically screaming at the other line, and shizuo clenched his fist at the remark, the flea wanted to humiliate him.

"Don't you dare do that, or I will call your clients here and cancel all your deals, and sell your apartment and I'll go wondering Shinjuku naked!" the line was silent for a moment as if the two person was contemplating what to say to each other but the truth is they are both holding themselves on throwing their phone. Shizuo heard a small crack on the other line, probably izaya gripping the phone to tight without knowing.

"Alright let's cut the threatening let's just meet and oh I have few reminders for you w-"

"I don't want to hear your FEW reminders flea"

"just listen! Have a light breakfast Shizu-chan, I'll explain later why and th-"

"Fuck no! im going to eat if I want to I don't care if it was your body now fuck off!"

"Oh wait!"


"Shizu-chan is so bi~g" and with that said the line went dead. Shizuo stared at the wall across him and the last comment swirled on his head, then it clicked.

"That pervert louse!" he growled and threw the phone on the wall with small force before grumbling and went back to sleep.

Izaya chuckled to himself as he sat on the corner of Shizuo's bed and tossed the now cracked phone in the bed and stared at his hands clenching it into fist and opened it again.
"so this is how strong Shizu-chan is, I just barely griped the phone and its cracked… this body is insane" he muttered to himself as he sighed and went to cook breakfast, usually if he was on his body he would eat a chicken sandwich and coffee for breakfast, but now that he was on the brutes body he wondered what should he eat. Opening the fridge he found some fruits and eggs, bacon, ham and few vegetables and of course cartons of milk. Izaya raised a brow and felt sick as he stared at the cartons of milk, not only that but also the sight of a shortcake and few candies and … is that gummy bears?
"gummy bears? GUMMY BEARS? AHAHAHAHA what is he a kid?! Pft I can't imagine him sitting in the couch munching gummy bears oh god this is hilarious" the informant crouched in front of the fridge as he tried to calm himself at the new discovery. Finally getting over at the dilemma he stood up and grabbed some eggs and decided to settle himself in egg sandwich, still his usual food.

After eating Izaya went to grab a towel which was hanging on the door of the bathroom getting inside he starts to undress and paused for a moment. It was like he was undressing Shizuo instead himself, it felt so weird he doesn't want to do go and undress but of course it was needed, so izaya settled on that thought. Yup he was going to undress because it was needed and he needed to take a bath and get dressed, it's not like he was embarrassed or something. With that in mind he took the last article of clothing and stepped into the shower.
"UGH! I still can't accept this fact!"
but he didn't know that a certain someone is also having the same problem as him.

-at an apartment in Shinjuku

"what the! Does this flea shave his legs or something?!" Shizuo stared at the current body he was in now, he just took off his pants and stared at the flea's hairless legs. Fucking smooth and pale this is definitely a legs that woman would die to have. He had eaten like the flea said he only ate sandwich and milk, no not coffee, it was just too bitter. So now he was on the bathroom as well and started to feel a bit anxious, but just like izaya he just thought it was just really needed, so without further ado he stripped all his clothing. "what a scrawny body, and a thin waist" he said as he placed both his hand on his waist to measure it. Carefully he took the silver rings and placed it in the sink and starts to shower and then back away from the flowing water. "wait, the flea said something about water.. what was it again.. normal temperature… too much exposure in heat will make his skin irritate …. and then weigh himself …WHAT THE FUCK!" Shizuo sighed and scratched the back of his head and grabbed the shampoo which was to his surprise a strawberry scented woman shampoo. "the hell?"

"the hell?" Izaya asked the same question as he looked at Shizuo's dresser, he was standing with a towel on his waist and head starring at the clothes Shizuo had which was all his bartender suit.

"does this guy doesn't have anything decent to wear?" Izaya shoved the white button up shirts and vest as he looked around the dresser and tapped his chin ."hmm… maybe wearing something different would be nice" the raven thought as he picked up the white V-neck shirt and closed the dresser and moved to the drawers and found a pair of blue jeans and a black jacket. "I really can't get out without jacket" he smiled and nodded as he looked at his clothes wearing them he looked at himself in the mirror and paused. Seeing Shizuo wearing this made him more…more attractive, the way the light faded blue jeans made his legs more slender that it already was and the white shirt clung on the blond. A shiver ran on his now body as he turned away from the mirror not even bother to take a look as he combed his hair. He grabbed his phone texted the brute and stormed out of the house. Now he didn't saw that feline didn't he? Well he will deal with it later and besides he left some cat food on its bowl.

He was aimlessly walking out the apartment and into the streets heading to their meeting place, but of course Izaya had noticed the stare of the people around him, due to recognition but more to admiration of his 'new look' and of course women turned their heads as he passed most of them stopping into what they are doing and gasps when they realized it was the monster of ikebukuro walking before them. Really Shizu-chan could pass up as an actor or model, speaking of which, the talent scout who hired Kasuka was really intending to hire Shizu-chan but, Shizu-chan punched the living lights out of the talent scout so he settled with Kasuka. Izaya thought as he chuckled thinking Shizuo would be a top actor and seeing his face in the billboards fuming and throwing things that would be funny, he chuckled to himself as he walked to the café. Well he is here entering the place he saw Shizuo (or rather himself) sitting grumpily on the chair, arms crossed foot tapping as he frowned.

"you know Shizu-chan I don't sit like that" he commented as he took a seat in front of him. Shizuo stared at him, totally dumbfounded as he looked at his body dressed in…

"what the hell! Why did you dress up like that!" Shizuo fumed as he pointed at the shirt "and here I took the liberty of wearing your stupid parka shit!"
izaya clapped his hand mockingly and smiled. "ohh.. such a big word you have there, have you finally been able to use the ability to think with my smart brain? Because im starting to feel pretty stupid lately.. was it because of your stupid brain?"
Shizuo growled and gripped the vase in his front he was about to throw the poor vase to Izaya when he stopped and took a deep sigh. Izaya chuckled and leaned on the table pointing at his cheek. "ohhh~ come on throw it, it's a free shot..i won't move I promise~" izaya giggled he knew that the other could not and would not harm his own body. Sighing he placed the vase down the table and looked at the flea.

"oi, izaya, do you shave your legs?"
Izaya blinked at the random question being spat out and just decided to just answer it, after all what harm could it bring. "so if I do? It has nothing to do with you"

"really? You do!?"

"what's wrong with it?"

"well that is wrong.. why do you do it?"

"why is ME shaving My legs such a big issue here? And not YOU keeping your gummy bears in the fridge with labels on what day you would eat the pack is
not?!" Izaya fumed and sighed as he saw the bewildered expression Shizuo had.

"you saw them?"

"who would not see them? They are beautifully arranged on the side of the fridge"

"just cut all the crap! And-" Shizuo stopped as a woman came to get their orders, wearing an apron and bringing a note as she smiled.

"can I get your orders sir…uh.. Heiwajima-san?" she asked and looked at the blond up and down and blushed as the blond smiled at her.

"I'll have coffee" Izaya said leaning on the table and winked at her. Shizuo clenched his fist, the flea was getting overboard.

"Just what do you think you are doing!" he slammed his now small fist in the table with rage, this is too much! Shinra should be working his ass for the antidote he can't take this torture anymore. The girl backs away and looked at the both of them then suddenly a thought crossed her mind.

"oh im sorry, is there anything you and your boyfriend want?"

"Boyfriend? He's not my fucking boyfriend!" Shizuo spat and sighed as he rubbed his temples. "I want milkshake" he mumbled as the waitress bowed curtly and went to the counter.

"Shizu-chan don't make scary face with my handsome face you know" Izaya pouted and it was just so hard to hold back his anger as he and prevent himself from throwing something at the damn flea, if this won't stop he will go insane.