The Grand Exchange

Chapter 8

"I told you already don't come to that dinner!" Shizuo screamed from the moment Izaya went to his apartment after two days to get some important files from his drawer. He ignored the bartender that was on his body and proceeded to get his files sitting on his beloved swivel chair completely ignoring the other.

"oi!" Shizuo stomped towards the informant and yanked his shoulder though it did nothing really izaya looked at the bartender and sighed as he leaned on the chair.

"what now Shizu-chan?" Izaya looked up to meet an angry gaze from the other male.

"what did you do? Huh?"

"look I did nothing okay? I just went there and ate that's all.. why are you so fuzzy about?" he rolled his eyes and surfed through the internet lazily. Shizuo

clenched his fist as he looked at the other, Kona was rubbing herself in the smaller males leg to comfort him. "and you bought that pet of yours in my apartment" Izaya snorted.

"well you are not taking care of her so I bought her here! Just make sure you didn't do anything funny there? knowing you I know y-"


Shizuo glanced at the crushed mouse on the informants hand as he growled.

"how many times do I have to remind that protozoan brain of yours that I didn't do anything!" standing up Shizuo looked at him with a confused look, noticing something wrong with the other. "here!" throwing something at the smaller male Shizuo caught it with both hand and stared at the book. "your father gave that, im going to Shinra I can't stand being in this body any longer by the way if any invitation is given to you don't go no matter what" with that said he left the place and a confused shizuo, placing the book in the table he glanced at the monitor blinking as the monitor displayed a various type of china tea set.

"what's wrong with him?" he murmured and sat on the couch skimming through the pages and later on surrendered tossing it on the table he lay down on the couch as the feline jumped on his stomach and decided to rest there as well, Shizuo continued to stroke the orange fur ball until his eyes felt heavy and slowly slid close.

"hey, do you want to play with us?" a red haired girl asked the raven boy that was sitting on a park bench a book on his lap as he stared at the girl and a smile broke his face, somebody just asked him to play it was overwhelming, he placed the book beside him and was about to take the hand when another hand yanked his wrist away rather harshly and he yelped in pain as he felt his bone twisted.


"what are you doing!" she hissed and glared at the girl who in turned run away back to her friends.

"I just wanted to play with them"

"how many times do I have to tell you! You need to focus on your study! Playing is waste of time and effort!"

"but.. Kururi and Mairu are playing wi-"

"are you defying me?!"


"then stay and study!" with that said he went back to his bench and took his book earlier looking at his two year old sisters running around with other kids, he was nine and he never played with anyone before even when he was young. looking at the girl she looked at him the invitation still open but Izaya shrugged it off and started reading trying to ignore the happy laughter echoed on in his front.

"somebody… please save me"

" you seemed grumpy today izaya" a man in white lab coat stated as he set a tea in front of the blond who was crossing his arms with a frown.

"Shinra I'll be honest, how much long would it take before you finished the damn antidote?" he glared at the brunette who held his hand up in the air defensively.

"look Izaya, Shizuo came here two days ago implying the same question and I nearly was sent to the gates of death"

"im not that brute, so just answer my question like a civil person you are.. I asked nicely you know" another glare was delivered to the brunette. "glaring isn't even nice" Shinra murmured under his breath as he looked away.

"you are saying anything?!"

"no! nothing at all! So to answer your question… the truth is well I haven't really completed it but it was on the process"

"I don't know if I should be relieved or not, relieved because it was on the process but at the same time worried at how long would it take to complete it."

"actually im quite surprised how relaxed you are izaya" Shinra said and nodded to himself.

"actually im pissed beyond belief since two days ago.. one wrong move or comment and you won't be able to finish the antidote and celty would gladly take care of your coffin" izaya said and picked the cup sipping it slowly and eying the wall .. no not eying, glaring at the wall. Shinra gulped and looked at Izaya or rather Shizuo's face the obvious look of annoyance was visible.

"izaya what's wrong?" Shinra asked and he heard a deep sigh. Thus the rant started that Shinra kind of regretted that he asked.

"it was stupid! I mean Shizuo is a monster and I don't understand why his parents took it as if nothing is wrong with their son!" he flail his arms in the air for more exaggeration "if it was me I would have cursed to have someone with such strength! Knowing the destruction he caused im sure their family is on debt with the city and .. and its just not right, he shouldn't be accepted like that because he isn't a human, he is a monster shinra a monster and a monster doesn't need to be accepted in the society because he cause destruction and violence! A mons-" he stopped his rant as he felt a punch from the other male, it doesn't really hurt it was just like he was being poked probably the hand that punched him hurts more than his cheek but the initial shock was it was Shinra who did it.

"stop it izaya its not really nice" Shinra said as he rubbed his aching fist

"did you just?"

"yes I did.. I punched you, you both are my friends and I know you both are not in good terms but that words coming from you .. no coming from Shizuo's body and voice saying stuff like that really is upsetting I thought you would understand each other as to what happened"

"then you shouldn't have asked me in the first place… im just saying what I want to say"

"are you really that upset? Because Shizuo's family loved and accepted him even with his monstrous strength while you even tried to be the good son didn't even accepted and-"

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO SAY THAT! YOU… YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" Izaya practically screamed losing his cool for the first time, Shinra noted that its probably because of Shizuo's temper tantrums that izaya had adopted it since the exchange.

"because you never talked to me! you never share your problems!"

"why would I do that?" and awkward laugh broke the silence by Shizuo's voice, Shinra who was listening to the informant laugh brought worry to him.

"Izaya .. are you still maintaining your medicine?"

"I don't need your damn medicine! I don't need your help! I don't need anyone's help! Im fine by myself , I don't need anyone!" he gritted his teeth and chuckled. "I don't need anyone"

"but are you happy?"

"I don't want to be happy… I wanted entertainment" with that said he went straight to the door and stared with wide eyes as his body stood behind the door meaning.. Shizuo was there all the time?

"Shi..Shizuo?!" Shinra squeaked as he looked at the two men expecting anything to fly he was surprised when Izaya walked pass the other male. Shizuo stared at his retreating form and sighed as shinra rushed towards him.


"I guess I heard enough, the flea is still loud even inside my body" with that said he started walking away and sighed as he looked around the crowd. When he heard izaya rant he was tempted to break the door not caring about the damage of the flea's body but then he was glued on his spot as he heard his own yelling voice because everything Izaya said was true.. what he said is the same words that would cross his mind.

humans are all selfish and cruel, they think about themselves alone…

Shizuo groaned and stopped leaning on the wall as he rubbed his temples, he was sure he didn't thought about that but he clearly heard the flea's voice on his mind..

why is a family so important? friends? Lovers? It was still the same they are just humans anyway.. selfish and arrogant…

"Godamnit!" he growled and clutched the raven locks as his mind was invaded with thoughts that he never thought about.

selfish arrogant bastards that hides from fantasy and did nothing but to trouble other people and that what makes them interesting!

Humans are creatures needed to be observed and discovered!

What would they do in different situations, what would they do if they were troubled!

If they were being unaccepted in the society in their family and to the person they loved!

That would be fun!

so much fun!

I can't stop myself from exploring them!

I love them so much!

I love them!

I love-


Shizuo's eyes snapped open as the thoughts on his head stopped all at once the voice was gone as well as the head ache, he stared at the ground and then blinked as he heard the source of his distraction.

"hey Iza-nii!" Mairu smirked as he looked at his brother. "jeezz you look so pathetic! Ne Kuru-nee?" she laughed and looked at the other girl beside her.

"you (you look) .. pity (pitiful)"

"what are you two doing here?" he asked as he stood straight and looked at the girls who also looked each other.

"ne? no insulting remarks now Iza-nii? that's really weird!"

"strange.. (its strange)"
they both looked at their older brother and blinked as if investigating him. "just answer my question brat"

"oho~ so impatient" Mairu dug something on his bag and handed their 'older brother' an invitation and smiled at him as Shizuo took it and started to inspect the white envelope.

"this is?"

"we knew you won't come as always but well you should really try and see them too you know"

"been (its been) long (too long)"

"yup Kuru-nee is right its been too long and we really want you to come this time"
Shizuo stared at the invitation and as he read it his eyes widen, in the invitation was a family dinner of the Orihara two days from now.."
by the way if any invitation is given to you don't go no matter what izaya's instruction raked his body and he stared at the envelope he should decline but then.. izaya had disobeyed him right? He went to that dinner even though he said he don't want too because he didn't know what trouble would izaya cause his family now and this.. invitation, he looked at the twins and started walking away.

"I'll think about it"

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