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So, a girl? -SH

Yep, we're thinking about a name. -JW

For what? -SH

The name. -JW

Oh. How about Shirley? That's a pretty name I always thought it was a pretty name. -SH

No. -JW

Willow? Willa? Scotti? Scottia? -SH

No, Sherlock. -JW

Fine, whatever. -SH


We've decided on a name. -JW

Great. -SH

Her name is Locke. Mary thought it was lovely. And it's after you so... -JW
Sherlock? -JW
Hello? -JW
Oh God did you freeze again? -JW
Do I need to go over there? -JW
Sherlock! -JW

No, no I'm here. -SH

Good. You okay? -JW

Yeah, just... -SH
Thank you. -SH

Would it really have been any other way? -JW

Not a really good name though, is it? Locke Watson? Middle name? -SH

Uh, Locke Harriet Watson. -JW

Oh my god, John, that's absolutely horrid! Think of poor Locke! -SH

We could always just name her Rachel Harriet Watson. -JW

No, no, Locke is good. -SH

Thought so. -JW

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