This little story started out as a series of birthday drabbles for the lovely les16. I had fun with it and decided to write a bit more ... and then I kept going until it felt done, lol :)

There are three parts to the story. I'll post three drabbles at a time (or two or four to keep things even) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Jules1000 and Alice's White Rabbit did the beta work - they're fab. Falling Stars made a loooovely banner that I've linked on my profile.

This is a slash story told in 100-word bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy.

One Summer Night

part 1

"Your boy's late," Emmett said with a teasing smile.

"Alec's not my boy. We've been on a few dates; it's no big thing." Edward scanned the hotel lobby for a head of dark hair and a familiar pair of broad shoulders before he glanced at his watch. "He is late though."

Emmett's blue eyes were apologetic when they met his friend's. "Sorry, babe. We've got to go; they need us upstairs. You're on in ten minutes."

"I know," Edward said with a sigh as they turned toward the bank of elevators. "Bridezilla Alice won't care that I got stood up."


"Stop looking at me like that," Edward said as they rode the elevator upstairs to the function rooms.

"I wasn't looking at you," Emmett protested, laughing when Edward glared at him.

"You were, Em. With the Bambi eyes."

"Okay, I was looking. I want to make sure you don't freak out."

"I'm fine." Edward sighed. "Sure, it sucks that Alec ditched me, but I'm a big boy; I'll manage."

Emmett tilted his head, eyeing his friend skeptically. "You're okay going stag to your sister's wedding?"

"Oh, sure." Edward straightened his bow tie with long, steady fingers. "I'm cool like lemonade."


"Besides, you should thank me. Now you're not the only single guy at this shindig." Edward winked.

Emmett hummed in agreement as the two men walked off the elevator. Part of him wanted Edward's date to show; clearly, his friend's feelings were slightly dented at being stood up on such an important evening. A darker, secret corner of Emmett's heart was glad that Alec had gone AWOL, though; Emmett had always suspected that a jackass lurked under Alec's handsome face. He felt a smug satisfaction that Alec had finally shown his true colors … until dejection flashed in Edward's eyes.



I suspect that Emmett is correct about Alec.

Thanks for reading. See you Wednesday!