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"I know." Emmett buried his face in Edward's neck, his breaths coming quick and hot as Edward ran a hand over Emmett's short hair, reluctantly slowing things down.

"Did you give the driver your address because your apartment is closer?" Edward murmured, chuckling when his friend smiled against his throat.

"Maybe. I didn't want to chance any visits from dickhead, sort-of boyfriends, either." Emmett sat up straight with a sigh, though he slid his hands lower and around Edward's waist.

"Clever man. I like the way you think, McCarty." Edward grinned, leaning to press his lips once more to Emmett's.


A plaintive ringtone cut through the cab, making Edward jerk backward, one hand patting at his jacket pockets. "Speak of the devil and he shall call," he muttered, trying to apologize with a glance as he pulled out his phone and cut the sound.

Emmett frowned, his eyes flicking from the device in Edward's hand and back to Edward's face. "Alec?"

Edward nodded. "Yeah. If I know him at all, he's calling to say he got called out of town for the day."

Emmett's easy smile didn't quite reach his eyes. "I guess you're up on all his tricks, hm?"


"Afraid so," Edward said, swiping the screen again with his thumb while Emmett cocked his head in question. "I wouldn't worry about Alec turning up."

Edward's dry tone made Emmett smile. "Oh? Why's that?"

Shifting slightly to use both hands, Edward winked, his thumbs moving swiftly to pick out a one-line text before he hit Send. "Because I just told Alec to lose my number."

Emmett raised his brows before pulling Edward close again, not caring that they were still in the cab and just blocks from his apartment. He could not, would not, wait another second for another kiss.



Yeah, I can't wait either, Em. Because damn.

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