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I know we just wrote a few days ago, and I know you're probably very busy getting integrated back into school, but we thought we'd write again concerning something we're very excited about that's coming up soon - Quidditch tryouts!

I know we haven't worked with you much on Quidditch - Dad's constantly at the shop and I'm pretty busy with my own Quidditch schedule - but we can tell you'll be a natural. And if you have any questions, there's always Fred. I know you might think he doesn't want to talk to you at school because you're his 'lame little sister' or some rubbish (did he really say that?), but he is very good at his position.

Of course, I hope you'll try out for chaser, and your father is rooting for beater, but do whatever feels right to you. You're built quite small, so even seeker would work.

I sent you a parcel with my old Quidditch broom (it's not too outdated, and it should get you through tryouts) which should be arriving sometime around when you read this.

Good Luck, and as ever, we love you,

Mum and Dad

Roxanne tore open the package next to her, revealing the faded broom. It looked better than what some people had, and she knew that if she was anyone else, she'd most likely be excited, but she wasn't.

Quidditch was a part of family life. Fred, her older brother, was a beater on the Gryffindor house team. James and his girlfriend (who was practically family) were both chasers, Lily was a seeker, and she had a smattering of other cousins all over the Quidditch field.

The game had just never held much allure to her. She loved watching her cousins play it, but she lacked the athletic ability to properly play. Roxanne supposed she wasn't bad, but she definitely wasn't good enough to beat out the other hopefuls.

In fact, if there was anything she'd like to be doing tomorrow morning, it was most definitely not trying out for Quidditch. She wanted to write back to her parents, telling them she wouldn't be trying out, but then she'd be lying, because she knew she would. How much ever she wanted to do something for herself for once, she'd always please others.

This particular character trait had been a topic of many a discussion between her and her brother. He had sat her down and told her that she needed to stand up for herself more than a few times, and she had always resolved she would, only to put others' wants and needs before hers a day later.

It wasn't that Roxanne particularly liked constantly pleasing others, it was just that she was too afraid to not. She didn't want to have to hear the disappointment in her parents' voice if she told them she wasn't going to try out; there would be enough of that when she didn't make it.

"Why don't you just say you tried out and didn't make it and then sleep in?" Danielle Pemberly suggested, reading Roxanne's letter. "They won't know the difference."

"They will, trust me," Roxanne replied, flopping back onto her bed. "Fred's on the team so he'll be there for tryouts, James' captain, and Lily's on the team too. One of them will tell Mum and Dad."

"So, tell them not to."

"Lily might listen, and James will too just because we've never been really close anyway so he wouldn't care either way, but Fred would definitely tell them. He's all about the 'do what's best for you' and he think it's stupid that I'm just trying out because our parents want us to."

"I think it's stupid too," Danielle stated. "You're not going to gain anything out of it. Just write back and say that Quidditch doesn't interest you and that you'd much rather be in the choir."

"They'd laugh."

"No they wouldn't, Roxanne!" Danielle jumped off her bed, throwing her hands up into the air. "You have this weird - and quite frankly, stupid - notion that you know what everyone will think of you if you do - or don't do - something. You don't know that they'll be disappointed! Have you ever thought that maybe they're pushing this so hard because they think that you're interested in Quidditch because you're too much of a spineless coward to tell them otherwise?"

Roxanne narrowed her eyes. "That was quite rude."

"It's the truth, and best friends are supposed to tell you the truth."

"I'm not spineless."

"Are you sure about that? Are you absolutely sure?" Danielle spun around and stomped out of the dormroom, leaving Roxanne by herself.

"It's the truth," Roxanne mimicked. She'd show Danielle. She wouldn't go try out, and when her parents wrote back talking about how disappointed they were, Danielle would see.

Gritting her teeth, Roxanne heaved the broom off her bed and threw it against the opposite wall, making a loud thump. It split into two, the wood cracking messily down the middle.

A broken broomstick and a broken friendship. Roxanne hated her parents.

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