The Beginning

Long ago in ancient Greece Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, had united all the kingdoms into a lose alliance. Menelaus king of Sparta had gotten tired of war. he sought to make peace with Troy, the most powerful kingdom in the Aegean sea. King Priam of Troy sent two of his most beloved sons to Sparta, Hector the crown prince, and Paris the youngest. Paris fell in love with Helen the wife of Menelaus, and queen of Sparta. Helen was unhappy in her marriage and agreed to go with Paris to Troy, for she had fallen in love with the young prince as well.

When Menelaus found out that his wife had left with the Trojans, the very same he had just made peace with, he set sail to Mycenae to visit his older brother, Agamemnon. when ask if he would go to war to get Helen back, Agamemnon agreed, he had wanted to take control of Troy for many years, he now had the excuse he needed. Nestor his adviser told him that Troy had never lost in battle. Agamemnon was not worried. For he had the greatest warlord whoever lived on his side. The legendary Achilles and his Myrmidons.