Hector was still annoyed when I got back. Nothing anyone could say would calm him down. Understandable, as we had just met our "enemy" a young girl with Aphrodite's looks, Artemis's skill, Athena's wisdom and eyes of emeralds. How could Hector hate such a beautiful; lonely; sad child? Even father liked her, then again he probably just pitied her situation. I found Hector in one of the many gardens in the place of Troy. Cassandra was sat nearby looking out towards the city, something she did daily. Sitting down next to Hector I looked towards the city, like Cassandra. Not breaking my contact with the view I spoke to Hector, trying to find the cause of his anger,

"A beautiful evening, a lovely end to a strange day." One could feel the tension around us, it crackled in the nightly air.

"Indeed. Never had such a day happened in Troys or Greek history." Hector seemed calm but I knew that inside he was still mad. Trying to seem indifferent I asked what he meant by that,

"The Greek king is a proud man, he wants is what he thinks will tell the rest of the world that he is the greatest ruler who ever lived. That is why no son of Troy will bend to his ways. This war was not caused by your actions, it was caused by him giving in to his greed." That was not the answer I had expected or wanted. Reading my face like a unrolled scroll, Hector continued;

" I always wondered weather he was put on this earth as a example to others, how not to live their lives. Intriguing..." He trailed off and sighed. I wish Leena really was my sister, then she could tell me what Hector meant by this. Not knowing what he meant I answered with caution,

"We may never know the reason why he lives but when he falls the Greeks will surly leave. With their king gone what need is their for war?" Hector smiled and looked at me with a look that only meant that his wrath had been tamed.

"We may never now but, there are lessons to be learnt on both sides. You will make a fine king one day." With those words he left. I looked out towards the Greek camp and hoped that I may meet Leena again, I could not explain why I felt drawn towards her, but maybe that was to be a test? Could I learn to look past the masks and learn about the true being inside?

"Your both marked."

"What?" I turned towards Cassandra, who had remained silent throughout the evening.

"You and the Greek girl we met today, your both marked. Hectors right there are lessons to be learnt throughout this war. She needs to learn that the Goddess she knows is not what she seems. Her lover needs to learn that jealousy and hate could rip a man apart."

"And you, my brother need to learn that love can be a force that can make or break anyone, this you have learnt but the gods have one more heart break for you. This heart break will ether ruin or save Troy." With that she left. I had never heard such possible words from Cassandra. But, surly the gods did not want my already broken heart to be completely shattered? Surly they had already taken the most important thing in my life?


The sea was cold, very cold. But I had to refill the waterskin that I use for sea water. The salt dissolved in the water is something I use to heal cuts, salt cleans the wound before infection sets in. Up to my shins in clear water wearing a little blue dress, I must look like a sea goddess or nymph. Bresies, the priestess who I guessed was no longer a priestess, was watching me from the shore. Achilles, Patroclus and Eudores were at a meeting with the kings and warlords, ether discussing their "absence" from battle or just a long rather boring meeting. It was a good thing that Achilles got her back as I dread to think what would happen to her if the "king of kings" had claimed her. The very thought made me shudder.

"Leena, some guards have arrived, seems your presence is required at the meeting." Bresies called out to me. Putting the top on the waterskin I slowly walked back towards shore. Why was my presence needed at a strategic meeting? I was, after all, sixteen years old? Only one way to find out why I was needed...


"YOU GAVE THE TROJANS SEVEN DAYS OF PEACE, AFTER I TOLD YOU THAT WE WERE GOING TO GIVE THEM FOUR!" Agamemnon roared. My presence was only to tell the "council" what happened when I went to Troy that morning. It was true, I lied to them, giving them seven instead of four days for Helen's funeral games the time was dear to them. I rolled my eyes and answered, giving the same warmth as I was given;

"They let us collect our dead, why should they not be shown the same kindness as they have given us. Helen was as bigger part of Troy then she was in Greece, why should she not have a descent amount of time for her funeral games?" There was a unnerving silence that filled the shelter. No one, other then Achilles, dared talk that way to the king of Greece. I given some stunned and some amused looks. Agamemnon stood from his throne and quicker then what I deemed possible for the man, had his hands around my throat choking me. I gasped for air but refused to give in to the darkness that threatened to take control over me.

"You will talk to your king with respect, girl. Do not forget that I can have you killed where you stand."

"Your not my king. And you never will be." I whispered. Agamemnon snarled and threw me across the deck of his ship. My head hit something wooden, possibly the mast, then the rest of my body slumped to the floor, hair cascading down across my face. I could feel the eyes of everyone present on my face, it was a uncomfortable feeling. Peaking through the gaps in my hair I could see Patroclus being held back by Achilles and Eudores. Agamemnon jeered at my embarrassment,

"Your nothing, just because you are a Healer and a Seer doesn't mean that you are any different to the rest of the women of Greece. And people wounder why no one is EVER going to marry you! You are a worthless whore!"He was trying to make me appear weak and worthless, of course I didn't listen but the last sentence hurt. It wasn't true, I kept telling myself, Paris loves you, Achilles, Bresies, Eudores, Thetis... Patroclus. No matter how many times I told myself I still couldn't believe what I was saying to myself. Patroclus broke out of the hold Achilles and Eudores had and ran towards me. Gently lifting me into his arms he carried me to our tent. Before we left he turned to the "council" and growled at them,

"She is more then just a Healer and a Seer you son of a bitch! Unlike you she saves lives, not end them in a pointless self-centered war." With these words he left the meeting. Bresies ran to meet us when we reached our camp.

"What happened!?"

"Agamemnon strangled her then throw her into the mast of his ship." Patroclus answered. It seemed so simple when you say it that way. If looks could kill then many people would be dead from the glare that Bresies gave. I noticed that Patroclus growled a bit when he said the Mycenaean king's name. Bresies offered to take our places at the meeting but I declined, gods now what could happen to her even with Achilles and Eudores there. Patroclus carried me all the way back to our tent and lay me on the furs I slept on.

"Don't listen to him," He said "Don't believe a word he says. The whole of Greece knows who you are and they know that you are the only maiden of the Underworld, Agamemnon only said those things to make you seem weak but inside hes afraid."

"Afraid? He has all the armies of Greece at his call. What were to happen if he turns on us? We are fifty strong at least not including myself or Bresies, if he were to attack we'd all be dead!" I exclaimed. It was true, me and Bresies could ride to Troy but the royal family would not get involved, not even for their cousin. Patroclus did not seemed shaken by what I had said but serious, older more mature in some way.

"Then we would all do our best to make sure that you two would be as far from that pig as possible. So long as we all live no Greek or Trojan will touch either of you. You should not be afraid of him or anyone." His words brought tears to my eye.

"I'm not afraid of them, I'm afraid of what could happen if they make you fight. I'm afraid of watching you go out knowing you'll never come back." My eyes fell to the floor, when I felt a hand cup my chin and lifted it up so I could stare into those clear blue eyes.

"If I'm forced to go out and fight... If I don't return... Then there is one thing that I need to do," With these words he brushed my hair away from my face , behind my ear. The world then stopped when he touched his lips to mine...

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