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After the loss of his wife, Edward was left with a beautiful baby boy. Soon loneliness grew and he longed for love once more... Que Bella, a shy woman who he ran into 'quite litteraly' and it was an instant connection.

Chapter 1

Edward's POV

6 month, 6 months since Tanya died during childbirth giving birth to our son. My mom had said she always thought it had been because Tanya was not supposed to be able to have children and our son was such a surprise to everybody but I did not think so at the time. I gave up on my son….my son, Carter Logan Masen. Carter had been a surprise for my family and me but at first, I could not stand it.

When Tanya died in labor from giving birth to our son I had thought, thought so much about adoption for him but after a while, I could not even stand to think of giving him up for adoption. My father was happy to see me trying, trying so hard to find, to find a way to take care of Carter. It hurts a lot to look at my son every day, since he looks a lot like her minus my eyes.

Even at 6 months old, Carter already almost has a full head of blonde hair. The blonde hair obviously comes from Tanya since I have bronze hair and my family (well minus my father) mostly all have darker hair. Alice (my twin sister) has black hair, and she is so….energetic and im not which makes us so different but so alike at the same time. We share our eyes and now Carter shares them to, the emerald green was always so rare in our family until Alice and I were born and now my son at the age of 6 months shares them.

My younger brother Emmett has brown hair and brown eyes, which he got from our grandfather. He's 2 years younger than alice and I and at the age of 25 he's already ahead of Alice and I. he's married to Rosalie Hale-Masen and they have 2 daughters together, twin girls at the age of 1 ½ years. Rosalie has a brother and he happens to be my twin's sister's boyfriend. At the age of 28, Jasper has been married and divorced from a bad past.

As Alice and his relationship progress it makes me so….lonely. I know one of these days I am going to have to get my mind off of Tanya because I know she is never coming back.

"She's not coming back" Emmett shot at me earlier that day

"I know Em," I said

"I don't think you do know bro, Carter is obviously going to ask about her sometime," he said

"He can't even walk yet Emmett, don't push me about talking," I said

"He will be soon though," he said

"Don't push it Em," I said

He smirked at me looking down at his girls as they played with the toys they had brought making me look over at Carter in his playpen. He was sleeping on his back but I had a feeling he would wake up anytime from the girls playing

"Girls are quieter please, Carter is still a baby," Em said

"What that mean dada?" Michelle asked

"He needs to sleep a lot Mickey, he's still really little and sleeps all day," he said

"and night?' she asked

I scoffed; I wished Carter slept through the night and having no help does not help one bit with Carter getting up every night. Tanya had planned to breast feed our son so when we came home I forget all about having to feed him formula….and let us just say I was fucked that night. The first few months were hard, hard as hell but after 2 months or so, I got into Carter's routine.

He woke up every night at midnight, wanting a bottle, and then at two in the morning he would wake up for a change. At four he would wake up just so I could hold him, hold him close to me. At six, he would wake up wanting another bottle and at eight he would wake up needing, a change and the day started there. The days were tiring but as he got older and older, his routine changed so so much.

Emmett has told me so many times that when he gets older he's going to be changing so much everyday but I just want to cherish him now. He is growing up, and I know one of these times everything is going to go by so fast and he will be older and want nothing to do with me or want to know everything about Tanya….or anything. It scares the shit out of me, thinking that he could hate me over the years.

It makes everything horrible, horrible to think I am in this alone no matter what my family says about helping me do everything. It makes life so….boring. It also makes life so lonely at times and I know some time I will have to move on from Tanya. Just thinking of taking off my wedding ring and moving on from my wife, hurts me. It hurts to think even though Tanya is gone; I feel so much like meeting another woman would be cheating on her.

Though the loneliness would grow so much over the years, I am too scared to get back to dating, and now having Carter, it is going to be even harder. I remember when I met Tanya; we had been high school sweethearts. I still remember the first day we met first year.


It was my first day as a freshman, at Forks High School and I was already late for class. I ran to my locker throwing my book bag in the locker and trying so hard to get it open.

"God open up already," I mumbled

Opening up my book bag, I pulled out a folder, notebook and some mechanical pencils. Since I was rushing to get all my stuff out the book bag came off the hook spilling everywhere.

"Fuck!" I said bending down to grab my stuff

After half picking up my stuff someone bent down to help me, making me look up. Whom I saw was a nice blonde girl with the nicest blue eyes.

"Thank you," I said

"It's not a problem, I'm Tanya Reed," she said

"Edward Masen" I said

Her eyes lit up

"You're Edward Masen? Elizabeth's Masen's son?" she asked

"Yes I am, and you're Sasha Reed's daughter," I said

She grinned and I stood up making her stand up also and I saw she was a few inches shorter than I was.

"I guess things spread really fast around here?" she asked

I laughed at her, and she looked confused

"Ya things spread very quickly around here," I said

I looked down at my watch seeing I was 10 minutes late for class,

"Crap I have to get to class," I said

"What do you have? I have Algebra," she said

I looked down at my schedule seeing I had History, making me sigh

"I've got History….wanna compare schedules?" I asked

Her eyes lit up as she handed fifth, seventh, and me her paper, and I noticed we had second, third together.

"We have 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th together," I said

Her eyes lit up again

"That's awesome…..well I have to get going, see you in second?" she asked

"See ya," I said grinning at her

She grabbed her notebook from the floor and made her way to Algebra and I grinned closing my locker and walking to history happier then hell.

End of Flashback

Tanya and I's friendship grew so much over the years but I remember what happened junior year, and this happens to be before we got together.


"Edward" Lauren said from behind me

I turned around to look at her and she grinned, walking up to me as I stopped in my footprints. Lauren happens to be Tanya's best friend, so I have to like her….I guess.

"What's up Lauren?" I asked

"Tanya needs you" she said

"Do you know why?" I asked as she frowned now

"I don't know, she was crying when she said she needed you," she said

I was confused, why didn't she just ask for Jake or something?

"Where's Jake?" I asked

She scoffed, shaking her head

"Who knows where that idiot is, Tanya wants you Edward not him?" she said

"Where is she?" I asked

"Janitors closet by your locker," she said

I rushed off the field going to the janitor's closet near my locker. I looked around to see if anyone was around and saw no one before I opened the door and saw a bawling Tanya,

"Tanya" I said

Her eyes flashed to mine, and I noticed the tears streaming down her face and how red they were. I closed the door and sat on the floor next to her making her bury her face in my shirt crying, but I let her do so stroking her hair.

"Tanya what happened? Was it Jake?" I asked

She nodded through her tears,

"What did he do Tanya? Did he break up with you?" I asked

"No" she chocked out

"What did he do Tanya?" I asked

"He….he…." she said

"What Tanya? Tell me, I can't help you if you don't…" I said

"He raped me," she whispered

I took a deep breath,

"Jake wouldn't do that to you Tanya….." I said

"He did!" she cried

"I've known Jake since the 1st grade Tanya….he wouldn't…." I said

She bawled her eyes out and took her head away from me curling up in a little ball

"Tanya…." I said touching her arm

"Get away from me!" she yelled flinching away from me

I backed away from her, but she pulled me closer to her laying her head back on my chest.

"I'm sorry for snapping….don't leave me," she said

"I won't leave….I promise," I said

End of flashback

Let's just say I beat that person to a pulp when I figured out he did rape Tanya. He got in more trouble than I did when he got his ass in jail while I was just suspended for a week or so. My mom was pissed at me for being suspended but when I told her I beat him up because he raped Tanya she got it because she always knew I liked Tanya. Tanya and I's relationship grew a lot afterwards and after junior year was over, we were officially together finally.

Tanya and I both went to Dartmouth and then after 3 years, she got pregnant and we were overjoyed flying and moving back to Forks as soon as possible. Her pregnancy went on normally as every other women's would, but her contractions got so bad at 7 ½ months we rushed her to the hospital. She insisted she give birth and not have a C-section but her actually doing so killed her.

Tanya said Carter once and held him once whispering his name, telling me she loved me and to protect our son before she started to slip away from me. I was rushed out of her hospital room and they rushed her to emergency surgery and trying to get her heart to start again but it never happened. The doctor tried to explain to me she didn't make it but I didn't listen to him not wanting to hear the words 'she didn't make it'.

The nurse handed me my son a few minutes later and I already saw it with his hair, having Tanya's hair and it hurt me so so much to think she wouldn't be able to see him grow up. Who knew it could still hurt over so much time? Now I just need to find someone else to love and welcome her to the family and we will be set.

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