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"Reporting to chopper delta.we have located the escapees. They are now heading towards the east of Pennant Hills and are approximately 21 miles away from Pennant forest."

"Roger that soldier."


"Man I feel as if my legs can't carry me for another second!" Leon groaned as he dragged his feet along the rocky ground.

"Oh quit your complaining Kennedy, we should be in Pennant Hills in less than an hour." Claire answered as she confidently walked in front of Leon and Sherry.

"Hey, you'd be complaining too with a heavy 12 year old on your back!"

"I'm not heavy!" Sherry shouted as if it were the biggest insult in the world.

"Yeah so how much do you weigh then?" Leon asked, mostly just to annoy the little girl, which he would surely find amusing.

"85 pounds and a half." Said Sherry proudly.

"Wow, BIG girl! You see what I have to carry Claire?" Leon said smiling.

"Claire tell Leon to stop calling me fat!" Sherry pouted.

Claire sighed, "Leon stop calling Sherry fat."

"I never called her fat."

"Yeah but you were hinting it!"

"Was not." "Was too!" "Was not." "WAS TOO!!" "WAS NOT INFINITY, HA!"

Claire slaps herself on the head, "my God Leon, a person would think you're younger than Sherry!"

Leon gives Claire a goofy grin and says, "yeah well I was raised with a lot of kids and I've got way too many baby cousins so it kinda rubs off on ya. Besides you know me. I'm a family man." He winks.

Claire and Sherry at the same time: "riiiiight."

Claire shakes her head in amusement and chuckles to herself. Although she had only been with Leon and Sherry for a week, she feels attached to them both in a way she can't quite describe. Maybe it was because they all went through the same horrifying ordeal of having to survive Raccoon City, but then again it could be because even after all they've been through, they could still have the courage to joke and smile and get along just great.That is when Leon wasn't trying to piss the hell out of Sherry.

They walked in silence for another 10 minutes and Claire couldn't help but notice the sadness in Leon and Sherry's eyes. It was always like this. When they weren't talking or doing something, they would always stare far off into the distance with sad, grieving eyes. Claire knew that Sherry was still mourning her parent's deaths silently, which is why she loved it when Leon did try to joke with her and annoy her like an older brother. Mainly to take her mind off the pain and to let her know that there are others who will always be there for her. But Leon was different. Claire did not find the courage in her to ask him what happened to the Chinese girl he was with, because she sensed that it was the reason for his sadness. As if on cue, Sherry broke the silence.

"umm.So Leon. What happened to that girl in the red dress?"

Leon swallowed hard then said, "she.didn't make it."

Sherry thought for a moment, "poor girl. Although I never really liked her. She tried to take away my pendant and she seemed a little evil, right Claire?"

Leon frowned and did not say a word. "Sweetie that's enough ok." Claire said and then put a comforting hand on Leon's shoulder. He looked at her and she smiled. He smiled back weakly looking deep into her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat and she was surprised by this reaction. Maybe it was because she never noticed up until now how beautiful Leon's eyes really were, besides Leon was an attractive man so it was normal, right?

Claire realized that she was still staring at him and looked away quickly, slightly blushing. "Sherry, maybe you should get off Leon's back for a while so he can rest a bit."

"Aawww do I have to?" Sherry whined.

Claire laughed, "come on Sherry stop being a baby, if you were able to out run freaky mutant dogs and walking dead people then I'm sure you can walk on your own now."

"Eww don't remind me," Sherry says with a shudder. "I like being pampered like this. I am an only child you know."

"Well will her highness kindly consider getting off my back for it cannot stand any more of this royal pain and Honour."

"Your request shall be granted oh lowly peasant. Only because Princess Claire has come to your aid with her kindness."

Leon scrunches his nose up, "lowly peasant? Couldn't you think of something better like charming, noble, brave, oh so handsome knight? One that can slay the largest of dragons with his piercing glare and save the most beautiful damsels in distress who will then fall madly in love with him."

Claire and Sherry looked at Leon play the role of the heroic knight and burst into laughter.

"hahaha.Oh dear it is the oh so handsome, charming knight that can kill millions with his eyes!" Claire said in between giggles.

"and shoot bolts of lighting from his arse!" Sherry joined in and they both lost themselves in another fit of laughter.

Leon couldn't help but laugh too, "See I told you, you couldn't handle my charm."

"hehe, you sure did Leon. But enough play now we'd better get going."

Sherry looked a little disappointed that her game had ended so quickly and said, "we know we know.we're off to find your brother right?"

Claire nodded, "yup that's right. So lets not waste anymore time."

Leon walked over in between Claire and Sherry, "so shall I escort you my ladies?" Claire smiled linking arms with Leon, "yes you shall."

Suddenly a chopper was seen in the distance and it seemed to be getting closer to the 3 Raccoon City survivors. Leon instantly saw the Umbrella sign on the side of the helicopter and quickened his pace.

"Leon what's wrong?" Claire asked with a frown of concern.

Leon grabbed Sherry and Claire's hands and started running towards the forest. "It's Umbrella, I think they've found us!" he shouted looking back at the chopper to see how far away it was from them. Claire looked back and started to run on her own but stopped when she saw that Leon and Sherry where getting slower and looked extremely tired.

"You guys come on! They're getting closer!" Claire shouted to them with a look of worry and fright at what might happen if they were caught.

"Leave us alone."

Claire Redfield couldn't believe Leon's words. Leon continued, "you're looking for your brother, right? Just go!"

Claire knew that Leon and Sherry needed immediate medical attention but she could not waste any more time.

"I.I'll be back. I promise!" she said as she disappeared into the wilderness alone.

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