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Claire shuddered slightly at the chilly night air, and wrapped her long coat around her slim body tighter. She stood, leaning onto the car she and Chris had rented, and waited in the parking lot of Burger King for him to return with her favorite 'Royal Chicken' sandwich. Her stomach grumbled at the thought, and she stared out at the road in front of her.

She wondered how the people of New Zealand could be so calm and laid back with Umbrella still in business and with all that's happened to Raccoon City. She envied them silently, remembering the days when she also, went on with her life without a worry in the world. But they didn't know. And they would continue to go on living their lives happily until the evilness of Umbrella caught up to them too, giving them the bitter taste of a life without a soul. An undead life that you would be haunted to live until some random living person with a shotgun came along and put you out of your misery with one shot to the head.

Claire's stomach tightened as she remembered Steve's dying face. Her only living friend during the horrors of Rockfort Island was also taken victim by the insanity of Umbrella and it's higher employers. It had only been three days since she and Chris landed in an open field somewhere in the outskirts of Christchurch.

'He loves me,' she thought to herself as she fought the tears from springing into her dry eyes. 'I can't believe it........Damn you Steve! Damn you for saying those words and damn you for dying!'

"Hey Claire, come grab your stuff will ya?" said Chris, interrupting Claire from her haunting thoughts. He was a few feet away from her holding two big bags full of their food and looking awkward as he tried to balance it with the two large cokes he was holding with his other hand. She rushed over to him and grabbed her coke and paper bag.

"You'd better have gotten me TWO sandwiches, cause I am starved!" exclaimed Claire digging into her paper Burger King bag, grabbing a handful of fries and stuffing them into her mouth hungrily.

"You're such a pig, you know that?" said Chris looking at Claire and grinning.

"Sha-up, I'm hungry ok," she answered with her mouth still full.

"Oh, swallow before you speak, please!" he said in mock disgust. This only encouraged Claire to open her mouth wide and show Chris just how lovely food looked after the hell had been chewed out of it. "Claire, that's sick!"

"It's funny you say that actually. A man such as your self, who has had to blow up zombie brains all over the place, and seen dead mutilated people lying in every corner, thinks my mouth full of food is SICK? Oh the irony is unbearable!" exclaimed Claire dramatically, and then gave a loud laugh.

"I was about to start eating Claire. How could you mention all that to me?!" Answered Chris, looking as though he had lost his appetite.

"You've gotta be joking me...." muttered Claire, trying to keep a straight face. The fact Chris got sick every time she mentioned something like blood would never cease to amuse her. Especially after all he's been through; she'd thought he'd be over it by now.

"Anyways, it's freezing out here. I wanna get back to the motel as soon as possible," said Chris jumping into the driver's seat, which is actually the passenger seat if you were to drive in America.

"Don't try and kill us again, by driving on the wrong side of the road okay," joked Claire as she got in beside him.

"Haha," replied Chris dryly, but chuckled nonetheless.

"Hey Chris, you done with the bathroom yet? I really need to go for a crap man!!" called Claire from her bed as she flicked the channels and decided to be content watching a music clip by some Maori band called 'Che Fu'.

"I did not need to know that!" he said as he walked out of the bathroom, with a towel around his waist. If that was Jill in Claire's place, she would have probably fainted, but Claire rolled her eyes and ran in to the bathroom, but not before she told Chris to put some clothes on before he shed all over the place.

"Hey Chris, don't you think it's about time we called Leon?" Asked Claire, realizing just then that they had completely forgotten to contact Leon to tell him everything was fine.

"Well I'm sure Leon will be very flattered to hear that you're only likely to remember him while sitting on the toilet," said Chris jokingly as he slipped on a black shirt.

"Aha ha," came Claire's lethargic reply, followed by the flushing of the toilet. "I just think it's about time we call him and tell him everything's alright," she continued as she washed her hands.

"Well I don't know if it's safe to call anyone yet. They could be bugging the phone lines or something. We could get Leon in trouble if we contact him anytime soon," he answered as he watched Claire walk out dressed in a casual long shirt and boxer shorts.

"Oh please, like they even know we're still alive. The only person that would know anything is Wesker and he's probably dead."

"Well you're in for a surprise. That guy NEVER dies," said Chris, grimacing at the thought of Wesker hiding somewhere, and plotting the different violent ways in which he could get rid of him.

Claire frowned and jumped on to her bed. "But......you said yourself that the place was breaking down and both your heads and that Wesker was trapped. I don't see how he could've 'flown' out of there and survived. Unless he could literally fly, as in flap his arms and take off," at this, Claire rolled her eyes and chuckled at her own lame joke.

"I dunno Claire, I just think we have to be extra careful. After all we've been through I feel like anything's possible and we can't dive into even the simplest things without thinking them over thoroughly," he answered rubbing his chin in thought as he sat at the end of Claire's bed.

"Well I think Leon has a right to know we're alright before he does something drastic," argued Claire, giving her brother her famous pout, which she used as a kid to get her way.

"I'm starting to get the feeling that you don't wanna call him JUST to tell him we're fine and alive," said Chris giving his younger sister a knowing wink.

"What?" At this, Claire blushed deeply at what he might be suggesting, and hoped that Chris would not notice; otherwise he would surely tease her forever about it. Or worse still, embarrass her in front of Leon. "I dunno what you're trying to prove with that but Leon is my friend and he has a right to know I'm okay," she answered calmly.

Sure she missed him, especially with everything that had just happened to her. She had her brother to talk with but it just wasn't the same as Leon. She had spent many nights sitting with Leon, drinking coffee as they watched over Sherry's sleeping form and stayed alert for any signs of Umbrella agents catching up to them. In those nights she had opened up to him in ways she thought she never could, and it scared her. She only knew Leon for a few days, yet there was something about him, which made her feel protected and secure. Nothing could harm her when he was there, and she could tell him all her feelings about all that's been going on and he would just look at her and listen.

'It's his eyes,' she thought, 'icy blue, yet so warm and welcoming.......wait. How can I even THINK like this?! Why do I feel like I'm betraying Steve's memory every time I think of Leon?'

"Uh, well once you're done day dreaming of your man Leon, maybe you could wake me up."

Claire blinked twice, as if out of a trance then looked back at Chris questioningly. "Huh?"

Chris shook his head, "nothing. You should get some sleep. We should try and contact the others tomorrow. Once we find out the latest news, I'll be flying back to Paris, and I'll drop you off at Aunt Susan's on the way."

"Aunt Susan? But she's in Florida!" protested Claire, suddenly looking much more awake and alarmed.

"That's exactly my point. I don't want you near Umbrella ever again."

"Oh don't you fuckin tell me that Chris! I've been through just as much as you, if not more. I have as much right as you to go to Paris and put an end to all this shit!" she shouted.

"Watch your language Claire," said Chris narrowing his eyes. He hated hearing his little sister use such vulgar words, forgetting that she was almost twenty.

"Oh shut the hell up! I'm telling you, you're not doing this to me Chris. I will NOT go to Florida! Besides, aunt Susan has fifty bazillion cats taking over her house anyway, and she always forces me to eat those horrid dog biscuit tasting things and-"

"Claire, I'm not gonna get you involved in all this! That's final!" shouted Chris back, also losing his temper.

"Excuuuse me? I'm already involved you idiot! Maybe if you had been a better brother and told me where the hell you were instead of disappearing on me for months, MAYBE then I wouldn't have gotten into all this crap!"

Chris was slightly taken aback by Claire's harsh words. She was right in many ways. It had been his fault that she got involved with the horrors of Umbrella. It has been his fault that his little sister had to suffer losing Steve, and fighting the world's most gruesome creatures, and getting used as bait by Albert Wesker. She truly loved him, and went through all this to find him and he was trying to push her away again. He slowly got off the bed, feeling his eyes tingle in anger at himself.

"Shit," muttered Claire, letting out an exasperated sigh. She quickly got out of bed and stood behind Chris. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that at all. If it weren't for you, I'd probably be dead......No I WOULD be dead, and I've already been away from the only family I've known for too long, and who knows what'll happen with Umbrella, so I just couldn't just let you go and then regret not fighting with you. What if something happens to you? I don't want the next couple of days to be the last time I see you!" Claire then stopped fighting the urge to cry and broke down. She had held it for way too long, and suddenly the severity of all the situations hit her all at once like a hard slap on the face.

Chris immediately turned around and embraced his sister, fighting his own urges to shed a few stored tears. He would be strong for her sake atleast. "Claire you have nothing to be sorry about. You're right, I've been pretty damn lousy in the big bro category, I should've called you and told you I was alright, but I was so caught up in things I couldn't even think straight. And if it weren't for me you wouldn't even have BEEN in danger to begin with!"

"No Chris, this was meant to happen. I was meant to know about Umbrella, and I know everything happens for a reason. So please, don't take away my opportunity of doing the one best thing in my life," she looked up at him looking determined. "I'm almost twenty years old Chris. I'm not the little girl who used to play with your J.I Joes anymore, and you need to respect my decision."

Chris's chest swelled with pride at the bravery of his younger sister. She was right. She was no longer a little girl, but a mature and intelligent young woman. Claire had always been stubborn, but he was afraid this time he would not be able to stop her. Finally, after taking in a deep breath, Chris came to the conclusion.


Claire let out a happy yelp and kissed Chris's cheek. "Woohooo, we are so gonna kick Umbrella's ass! I mean that's what you get for messin with the Redfield's man. Hell yeah!" and with that, she did a little victory dance and jumped triumphantly on to her bed.

Chris laughed at his sister's reaction. 'Ok, maybe she didn't REALLY mature fully yet, but it's all good,' he thought.
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